Young Break (Kevin)

Kevin Legnard in his youth

Kevin Legnard was born as a Child of Ill Omen close to ten years after the Tragedy of Sablier shook the country to its core, into a family of knights that had been dedicated to serving the Sinclair Family for centuries. As such, Kevin began serving under Lord Roman Sinclair at a very young age. Roman and the rest of his family absolutely abhorred The Four Great Dukedoms and the unconventional diplomatic immunity that they received from the state after the Tragedy; as did many other noble families at the time. This feeling of envy escalated as time went by, eventually transforming society into more of a battlefield as the noble families fought viciously to gain prominence.

Kevin was twenty-four, and decidedly took Roman's youngest daughter out for the day to spend some time away from the family. Unfortunately, when Kevin returned with Roman's daughter, the two of them found that the entirety of the Sinclair Family had been slaughtered in their absence. Rumors circulated that thieves or an opposing noble family were behind the murder, but Kevin didn't care because he could only see how he'd failed to protect his master.

Ep22 - albus manipulated kevin

Albus approaches Kevin.

While Roman's youngest daughter mourned the loss of her entire family, Kevin tried to figure out what action he should take. Still riddled with guilt, Kevin decided to visit Roman's grave site even though Roman's daughter begged him not to leave her, as she had nothing left without him. The guilt that surrounded Kevin while he visited Roman's grave soon attracted the attention of a Chain, Albus the White Knight. Albus accessed The Way and tore open the sky above Kevin, asking if Kevin wished to change the past. Albus manipulated Kevin's weakness and convinced him to form a Illegal Contract with him so they could work together to meet the Intention of the Abyss and ask her to change the past and prevent Kevin's mistake. Kevin complied, unaware of the consequence that came with his Illegal Contract with Albus.

Every night after the formation of their Contract, Kevin and Albus would skulk through the streets of Reveil, attacking anyone they came across so that Albus could consume them and generate more power. Soon, Kevin and Albus would come to be known collectively as "The Red-Eyed Specter", because of Albus' red eyes that glowed in the shadows. This garnered the attention of the Head of the Barma Dukedom (Rufus Barma's Grandfather), who then lead a campaign against Kevin's murderous rampage. Despite his best efforts, Duke Barma failed in his c
Ep22 - break jatuh ke dalam abyss

Kevin dragged into the Abyss.

ampaign and was implied to have fallen to the blade of The Red-Eyed Specter during his pursuit of justice. As time dragged on, Kevin successfully managed to sacrifice one-hundred and sixteen souls to Albus before his Illegal Contractor's Incuse made its full revolution. The instant the Incuse was completed, Kevin was forcibly dragged with Albus into the depths of the Abyss, causing him to lose consciousness.
Break meets the Will of the Abyss

Break meets the Intention of the Abyss

When Kevin regained consciousness, he found himself laying on the floor of a room where he was being examined by a blind humanoid cat named Cheshire. Cheshire's close proximity startled Kevin, who immediately drew his short-sword and attempted to stab Cheshire. Cheshire

Kevin meets Cheshire

successfully managed to evade Kevin's attack, fleeing soon after, thus awakening the Intention of the Abyss' Dolls throughout the room. The Dolls laughed over Cheshire's jealousy of humans, though they were soon silenced when a girl clad in white entered and claimed that the Chains were scaring their guest; introducing herself as Alice in the process.

Albus, unable to contain his excitement, summoned himself upon Alice's arrival, greeting her as the Intention of the Abyss and revealing that he'd been longing to meet her and that he'd only used Kevin to fulfill his own desires. Kevin was shocked and confused greatly to learn that the girl before him was the Intention of the Abyss, while the Intention thanked Albus for bringing Kevin to her. The Intention then clung to Albus' sword, viewing his memories and taunting Kevin in the process for being so naive.

Ep22 - kevin attacks the intention

Break attacks the Intention of the Abyss

For her cruelty, Kevin once again drew his short-sword to tackle the Intention to the ground, commanding her to shut up. Teasingly the Intention asked if Kevin's guilt wasn't his reasoning for seeking her out, revealing that everyone who came to the Abyss was the same; desperate to get something back, only to lose themselves before they accomplish their goal. However, the Intention noted how something about Kevin made him different from the others, because he didn't lose himself in the end. The Intention quoted what Kevin had said about wanting to turn back time in order to save his master, purposefully grabbing onto Kevin's sword and cutting her hand. The Intention reviewed how Kevin had killed so many people, as she drank her own blood, calling Kevin a fool for having done so.
Ep21 - albuslammedkevinanime

Albus attacked Kevin.

Just then, Albus slammed into Kevin's side, throwing him off of the Intention and telling his Contractor that he'd never be able to forgive anyone who hurt the Intention of the Abyss. Meanwhile the Intention stood, frustrated with Albus and demanding to know why he would interfere with her conversation with Kevin. This burst of rage fueled the Intention's power, making Albus' body explode in
Ep21 - kevin dalam hujan darah

Kevin under Albus' blood rain.

retaliation. Kevin found himself shocked by the Intention's power, with the Intention's Dolls laughing hysterically as they explained to Kevin how the Intention destroys troublesome Chains.

The Intention marveled at the beauty of the scene, as Albus' blood poured down over top of her, motivating her to dance through Albus' blood with Cheshire. Kevin questioned the madness that lay in front of him, before being struck by an extreme blast of pain and slumping to the ground. Several of the Intention's Dolls swirled around Kevin, telling him that the pain he was feeling was due to the power of the Abyss being strongest in the heart of the Abyss, and that power was flowing into him and would soon make him into a Chain, just like them.

Kevin didn't understand what the Dolls were saying, finding the concept of a human becoming a Chain to be preposterous. Hearing this prompted the Intention to stop dancing with Cheshire in order to twirl around Kevin so that she could ask if he truly didn't know the extent of the Abyss' power. While Kevin attempted to defend himself with his short-sword, the Intention continued to twirl and explain that the power of the Abyss transformed humans into Chains,

The Intention honestly told to Kevin about her dislikes to Glen (Oswald at that time.)

gave life to inanimate objects and connected to all existing flows of time. Quoting Oswald (calling him Glen Baskerville), the Intention elaborated that the Abyss acted as a sort of microcosm of the world. Recognizing the name of Glen Baskerville from the legends of the Tragedy, Kevin found himself confused even more, but rather than receive an explanation, Kevin learned of how much the Intention hated Oswald, Gilbert and Vincent because they tried to get close to Jack Vessalius and take him away from her.
Ep22 - the intention took kevin's left eye anime

The Intention took Kevin's left eye

Witnessing Kevin feel the greater effects from the power of the Abyss reminded the Intention of what she wanted to use Kevin for in the first place. The Intention then reached her fingers into Kevin's left eye socket, ripping out the eye and explaining how she planned on taking both of Kevin's eyes for Cheshire before Kevin mutated into a Chain. While dealing with the excruciating pain, Kevin thought back to Roman's youngest daughter and how he'd failed Roman, motivating him to slice through two of the Intention's Dolls before the Intention could take his right eye.

The Intention enjoyed Kevin's will to fight back, but before she could make her move to take Kevin's right eye, an earthquake rumbled through the Abyss, sending the Intention to the floor writhing in pain. Kevin kept his distance as the Intention's Dolls asked what was happening, leading the Intention to voice how something large was falling into the Abyss, and that something was Sablier. Kevin began to understand that the Tragedy of Sablier was happening at that moment, and that he'd been brought back in time almost fifty years through one of the flows of time of the Abyss.

Kevin could hear something approaching the heart of the Abyss. He looked to see a child babbling about how he'd done as he'd been told by opening the Door to the Abyss, though it'd only made everyone fall into the Abyss. This child supported another child on his shoulder, and as he looked up he greeted the Intention, re

The Intention's anger with Vincent's arrival in her room

cognizing her as Alice. Cheshire tended to the Intention when Vincent entered her domain, while she stared hatefully at the child, identifying him as Vincent. Vincent collapsed to the ground, mumbling about how Alice looked odd with her white hair, only to realize that Alice couldn't be there because he'd seen her die during the Tragedy. Angrily, the Intention demanded to know why Vincent was there, with Cheshire throwing Vincent across the room. Kevin could only watch with confusion, while the Intention's Dolls urged her to forget about Vincent and take Kevin's right eye for Cheshire. As she looked to Kevin, the Intention was confused because she didn't remember who Kevin was.

A clock in the room tolled, distracting the Intention as she realized that it was time for tea. A tea set chaotically burst out into the room as the Intention, Cheshire and the Intention's Dolls sat down for tea. Observing with disbelief, Kevin assessed that everyone there was mad, while Vincent rambled on about how the Alice in front of him wasn't the one he knew. This made Vincent wonder if this new Alice was his fault as well, before he decided to blame Alice for all the misfortune that had occurred.

Having ignored h
Ep22 - kevin looks ata vince rev

Kevin stunned at Vincent in mess.

er surroundings, the Intention wondered if Jack still hadn't arrived, which made Vincent burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. Standing, Vincent told the Intention that Jack wouldn't be coming because he'd seen Jack and Oswald fighting during the Tragedy, and Jack was soaked in blood. The Intention outright denied Vincent's claims, but Vincent continued to taunt her, saying that Jack was dead and that both his death and the Tragedy were all Alice's fault. This made the Intention break down with misery as she insisted that Vincent was lying.

The Intention confused to granting Kevin's wish

The Intention's breakdown shattered the Intention's domain, with the debris being lifted elsewhere in the Abyss. Kevin managed to avoid being dragged away by stabbing his short-sword into the floor, calling out to the Intention afterward when only he, the Intention and Cheshire remained. Kevin offered the Intention his right eye, an arm, a leg, anything she desired , as long as she used her power to change the past for him. Initially, the Intention hadn't been paying attention to Kevin, instead allowing Cheshire to console her, but when Kevin addressed her as "Alice", he
Ep22 - kevin keluar dari abyss

Break ejected from the Abyss.

managed to grasp her focus. Finding Kevin's offer peculiar, the Intention drifted over to Kevin and asked if he would truly grant her wish for her. When Kevin confirmed that he would, the Intention explained to him that she didn't want to be the Intention of the Abyss anymore, asking Kevin to free her from her bonds and save Alice. After receiving the Intention's wish, Kevin was pulled away from her, subsequently being ejected from the Abyss.

Kevin was ejected from the Abyss through the Rainsworth Dukedom's Door to the Abyss, and was lying unconscious when a young Sharon Rainsworth discovered him. Kevin dreamed of how he could never forgive the Intention of the Abyss and how he would kill her with his own hands, whilst Sharon rushed to get help, finding Reim Lunettes and bringing him down to see the man she had found. Sharon rushed over top of Kevin, urging Reim to hurry so he could look at the man she'd found unconscious covered in blood. Reim begged Sharon to wait, reminding her that Kevin could be dangerous. Just then, Kevin regained partial consciousness, and he was tended to by valets of the Rainsworth Dukedom, learning from the conversation around him that he had been brought to a time that was more than thirty years after his own.

One Kevin was well enough, he met with the head of the Rainsworth Dukedom, Sheryl Rainsworth, asking her how the Sinclair Family was fairing in society in recent year. Kevin's question caught Sheryl off-guard, and she explained to him that the Sinclair Family had been wiped out long ago. Elaborating, Sheryl explained that a rival noble family was thought to have been behind the assassination of Roman's eldest daughter. Afterward, Roman's youngest daughter took a dark path in an act of grief, becoming an Illegal Contractor and sacrificing every member of the Sinclair Family to her Chain until her Incuse had completed its revolution and she was dragged into the Abyss. Kevin clenched his fists until they bled, taking to searching through the Rainsworth archives to confirm what Sheryl had told him. Kevin was relieved to learn that the murder of Roman and his family he'd failed to prevent never occurred and the Sinclair Family lived an additional four years, but his guilt outweighed his relief as he considered how Roman's youngest daughter was lost because of his interference.

Kevin fell into a state of remorse, losing his will to live and taking on the pseudonym of Xerxes Break to cover up his dark past. Break isolated himself outside on a snowy day, crying over what he'd done, only to be approached from behind by a child, who asked why he was crying. Turning, Break recognized Vincent from his time in the Abyss, though Vincent didn't appear to recognize Break. Instead, Vincent noted how Break had a crimson eye, calling Break a Child of Ill Omen just like him. Break was confused, and so Vincent explained that close to one-hundred years ago, people who were born with crimson eyes were called Children of Ill Omen because crimson eyes were thought to attract disaster, and so Children of Ill Omen were forced to endure horrible mistreatment; even though all they were doing was existing. Break simply stared at Vincent with a mix of interest and confusion, leading Vincent to teasingly remark on how fortunate they were to have been born in the current age.

Then a woman called for Vincent, running and tending to him before the two started walking away. However, Vincent stopped and turned to Break, introducing himself as Vincent Nightray, telling Break that he was looking for his elder brother, and that if Break found a child with black hair and golden eyes named Gilbert to inform the Nightray Dukedom right away. Vincent bid farewell to his "Ill Omened Big Brother", making Break wonder if there was a point to both himself and Vincent being taken in by the Four Great Dukedoms. Ultimately Break decided that because the Intention entrusted him with her wish, he can't die yet. Break then returned to the Rainsworth estate after being found by Sharon and Reim.

Ep17 - distressed break pushed reim

Reim approaches lonely Break.

One day, Kevin sat alone by a window in the Rainsworth estate, with Reim observing him from afar. Reim had also been eavesdropping on a conversation between two Rainsworth valets, who questioned why the Rainsworths would accept Break as a guest in their midst, when he's not an aristocrat. Reim took notice to Break scratching at his healing eye socket, running up to Break and
grabbing his arm, telling him to stop because he'd only make it worse if he continued to scratch. Break simply pushed Reim to the ground and told him to shut up, commanding Reim not to pay him any mind and not to come near him, or even look at him. Having seen Break's coldness towards Reim, Shelly Rainsworth
Ep17 - shelly in reimemory

Shelly Rainsworth entered the room and hold Reim's glassess.

entered the room and picked up Reim's glasses (which had been knocked off when Reim hit the ground) and returned them to Reim. Shelly then approached Break and asked him if he wanted to die, and whether he thought he'd actually be at peace if he was dead or not. Shelly instead assumed that Break just wanted to be saved, shocking and confusing Break with her forward and cheerful attitude. Shelly told Break that instead of pursuing death, he should embrace his mission and hold on to the life ahead of him. Then, Sharon entered the room behind Shelly, carrying a bouquet of flowers meant for Break - finally bringing a smile back to Break's face. From here on, Shelly would invite Break to join herself and Sharon when they spent time together, eventually making Break open up and learn how to enjoy himself again.

Having somewhat freed his soul from the heavy bounds of guilt, Break approached Shelly, kneeling before her and explaining that he needed a reason to continue living. Break suggested that Shelly allow him to pursue the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier, a request which Shelly happily allowed, showing relief that Break was moving on from his dark past. Eventually, Shelly also allowed Break to form a Legal Contract with the Chain, Mad Hatter - a Chain which could negate and terminate all forms of energy that originated from the Abyss, all while slowly deteriorating the strength in Break's body.

Sometime after Break had gained high standing in Pandora as a powerful member, he was approached by a young Elliot Nightray. Elliot drew his sword and demanded that Break fight him for real, immediately. Unfortunately for Elliot, Break was in an extremely bad mood, and so Break used his cane to beat Elliot to a pulp in mere seconds. At an unknown point after his first encounter with Elliot, Break also obtained a doll that he named Emily, with Emily never leaving his side from that moment on. Despite his first encounter with Break, Elliot still had not learned his lesson - confronting Break a total of twenty-six times over the next few years, being completely defeated each-and-every time.

Shortly after Reim formed his Legal Contract with March Hare, Reim was feeling miserable about how weak he seemed because of March Hare. When Break heard this, he told Reim that a Chain that's weaker than Cards suits him perfectly. Reim took offense to this, but Break assures his old friend that he was providing a compliment, as Reim doesn't attract hostile Chains because he chooses not to fight with violence as his weapon. Break said he admired Reim for his ability to avoid a fight, encouraging Reim to do his best and aim for the highest levels of "paper-pushing".


The Coming of Age Ceremony Arc

Ep02 - sharon and break after meet with oz

Break at Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony

When the time finally comes for the heir to the Vessalius Dukedom, Oz Vessalius, to be formally introduced into society through a traditional Coming of Age Ceremony, the Rainsworths are selected to oversee the ceremony. Shelly was originally meant to attend, but unfortunately she grew severely ill due to her weak constitution. This forced Sheryl to miss out on the ceremony as well so that she could take care of her daughter, and so Sheryl sent Sharon in her place instead, with Break attending alongside her. As compensation for her absence, Shelly has numerous bouquets of flowers sent with Sharon in her place in the form of an apology to Oz.

Upon arrival, Break remains in the shadows, watching from a distance as Oz, Oscar Vessalius and Ada Vessalius arrive to greet Sharon. After Oz awkwardly attempts to impress Sharon through their initial introduction, he asks if Sharon is attending his Coming of Age Ceremony as well. Sharon crushes Oz's hopes however, revealing that it would be forbidden for her to remain at the ceremony because she has yet to turn fifteen, though she has Oz promise to dance with her when she turns fifteen in a year, which Oz graciously accepts.

Announcing her departure, Sharon clutches Oz's hand and congratulates him on his coming into society, mentioning that many people will approach Oz because of his new-found freedom, either for his wealth or position of power. Sharon adds that people will begin to see Xai Vessalius in Oz more and more, but so long as he doesn't forget the people who stood by him since the beginning, he won't lose himself in the process. Sharon then makes her way toward Break, as he emerges from the shadows, with Break bowing slightly to Oz before following Sharon out.

Once in their carriage, Break speaks Oz's full name, which prompts Sharon to ask what he thought of Oz. Taking the opportunity at hand, Break teases Sharon that he thinks Oz is exactly the type of young man that Sharon would like and that they'd be perfect for one-another. Sharon angrily asks what Break's getting at, mentioning that because Oz is a Vessalius heir it's inevitable that he'll be drawn to Pandora soon, which would involve him more-so with Break than herself. Break scoffs and agrees with Sharon, taking notice of the rain and wondering if it means that there's a storm coming.

Ep11 - first encounter of gil and break anime

Gil meets Break.

A few days later, the news that Oz had been cast into the Abyss by the Baskerville Clan during his Coming of Age Ceremony has spread throughout Pandora. Oz's valet, Gilbert had told Oscar that Xai had helped the Baskervilles cast Oz into the Abyss - but Oscar's following investigation lead him to Bernard Nightray who offered Xai a fake alibi (as both were allies of the Baskervilles). Feeling like he had no other choice after failing his master, Gilbert runs away from the Vessalius estate on a rainy day, only to be found by Break. Break creeps up behind Gilbert after he falls to the ground, telling the young valet that he'll catch a cold if he stays out in the rain.

Before Gil can ask any questions, Break introduces himself and wastes no time explaining to Gil that his long-lost brother is currently living as a member of the Nightray Dukedom and that he would like Gil to be adopted as a Nightray as well. Break pulls out a box of candy while Gilbert takes in the information he'd been provided, saying that Gilbert should feel honored because it meant he'd be an aristocrat as well. Instead, Gilbert lashes out at Break, reminding him that the Nightrays are the sworn enemies of the Vessalius Dukedom because they killed Oz's mother, Rachel Cecile. Break points out that it was never proven that the Nightrays actually murdered Rachel, but Gilbert states that it doesn't matter because he could never betray the Vessalius Dukedom like that, and especially not at such a delicate time, telling Break that he's being imprudent. After discovering that his box of candy was empty, Break claimed that it was a shame, walking away and asking Emily if she too thought it was a wasted opportunity. Emily agrees with Break, because if Gilbert could obtain the power of the Abyss that the Nightrays held, then he might possibly be able to save Oz from the Abyss himself.

Hearing this sparks Gilbert's attention, and so he turns around to stop Break, only to find that he's already gone.
Break and Gilbert

Break teasing a young Gilbert.

Instead, Break appears behind Gil, happy to see that he managed to grasp Gil's attention, making Gilbert scurry away in fear while Break carries on that by indulging in sentiment and clinging to uncertain information - he's only going to overlook the truth. Break claims that if Gil wants to save Oz, then he needs to take advantage of every opportunity made available to him. Suddenly, Gil curls into a ball, wincing in pain from the injury he'd received from Oz's sword at the Coming of Age Ceremony. Kneeling down, Break tells Gil that he seems to have put too much strain on himself when he's not yet healed fully from his injuries. Break then reminds Gil that if his masters find out that he's run away he'll surely be punished, so he suggests that they return to the Vessalius estate for the time being, even offering to carry Gil despite the bother it is toward Break. Gil doesn't asks that Break doesn't take him back to the Vessalius estate, pushing Break away from him in the
Ep11 - break and youngil 2

Break asks Gilbert as his "precious left eye"

process. While Break falls back though, his hair moves and reveals to Gil that he's missing his left eye, prompting Gil to cry out in surprise. Apologizing, Break questions if Gil saw his hollow eye socket as he covers it back up with his hair, though Gil can only ramble about how Break's eye is gone. Break happily tells Gilbert that his eye was taken from him once upon a time.

Continuing with his justification, Break tells Gil that he thinks that Oz's casting into the Abyss is the prelude to an oncoming major event, all while making a dove and candy appear out of his hat. Break wants to know what sort of major even this will be, but claims that surveying everything around him isn't possible with only one eye. Offering Gil a candy, Break asks if he understands what he's getting at, because he needs Gilbert's cooperation. Break makes sure to add how with the power of Raven, Gil may be able to save Oz from the Abyss, offering to help Gil accomplish such a feat as long as he provides his assistance. Though wary, Gil accepts and wonders what it is Break will have him do. Smiling, Break looks Gil in the eye and explains how he wants Gil to spy on the Nightray Dukedom for him by acting as his precious left eye. Gil asks if he can trust Break and if he'll truly be able to save Oz with Raven, though Break states that Gil doesn't have to trust him, just use him - since that's what he's trying to do with Gil.

Gil agrees to help Break in order to help himself, taking Break's hat as a symbol of their partnership. Break carries Gil back to the Vessalius estate, explaining in the meantime how the Vessalius and Nightray Dukedoms share a contrasting relationship comparable to light and dark. This is because, while the Vessalius Dukedom are always praised as the heroes of the Tragedy of Sablier, the Nightray Dukedom are often accused of being traitors and having helped hoards of rebels escape Sablier during the Tragedy when they were attempting to overthrow the government; thus forcing the Nightrays into the shadows. Break hypothesizes that this is why the Nightrays are always assigned tasks involving the social underworld rather than working "on the surface". Break also makes note of how if Gil allows himself to be adopted by the Nightrays, he too will be accused of the dark stigma that follows the Nightrays.

After delivering Gil back to the Vessalius estate, Break returns to a nearby Rainsworth carriage, where Sharon has been awaiting his return. Inside, Break teases that Gil is just young enough for Sharon's liking; though Sharon insists that Break should refrain from making such pointless comments. Rather than relish in Sharon's frustration, Break simply looks out the window and notes how both Oz and Gil share a sense of darkness within their hearts; making them easy targets for teasing.

Soon after, Shelly's sickly condition worsens. Break visits Shelly while she struggles persevere, with Shelly asking Break to keep holding on to his life and never squander it through emotional reservation. Agreeing, Break also vows to ensure Sharon's safety and carry on his campaigning for the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier. Shelly also made sure to tell Break that if he has feelings for someone that only he knew about, he wasn't to let them go to waste. Instead, Break was to struggle continuously which would surely lead him to connecting with someone along the way, because he was himself - and would therefore be able to notice when his feelings for someone are there. Ultimately, Break accepts Shelly's orders and allows Shelly to meet her end shortly thereafter, bringing Break much misery - though he remains lighthearted because it's what Shelly wanted of him.

The years proceed, and ten years have gone by since Oz's casting into the Abyss. Break hears whispers of Raven having finally formed a successful Legal Contract with Gil from numerous members of Pandora; who question what will become of the succession conflict now that an illegitimate Nightray has formed the Contract. Soon, Break goes to a nearby park to meet with Gil, commenting on Gil's mopey glare upon arrival and whether or not he should call Gil "Raven" like many in Pandora have come to do. Annoyed, Gil notes how even after ten years Break hasn't changed, which Break claims is because the pure of heart don't age. Break relishes in Gil's frustration and admits to him that he'd never thought that Gil would be able to form a Contract with Raven; viewing him as nothing more than a pawn. Instead, Gil has become more useful to him - which Break is happy to see.

Ep11 - break gil ravens feather

Gil leaves Break.

Break then reveals that for their attempt to save Oz from the Abyss, he's found some old church ruins they can use, though Gil seems to be more saddened than overjoyed when reminded of his master. Intrigued, Break claims to have always wanted to ask how Gil can be so devoted to Oz, because it borders on abnormal obsession rather than regular loyalty. Gil just tells Break to believe whatever he wants, and so Break offers Gil some advice: be wary, as his loyalty will eventually become a blade that will piece the heart of those he cares for. Gil stands and claims to have no idea what Break is talking about, before storming off back to the Nightray estate.
Break - 2

Break shields Sharon as Oz returns from the Abyss

Some days later, Break, Sharon and Gil assemble in the church ruins, where Break sets up a
Ep02 - break sharaven

Break offers Gil some candy to relax.

table and takes in his surroundings while sipping on a cup of tea. Sharon accuses Break of being imprudent and asks that he finish his teatime soon. Break argues that it's fine because The Path won't open for a while yet, offering Gil some candy to relax. Though Gil denies Break's offer, Break reminds him that if he's too tense their attempt to rescue Oz won't go as smoothly as they'd like, and since it's a mission known only by the Rainsworths they can't afford to make mistakes. Gil assures Break that he has no intention of making mistakes, prompting Sharon to suggest that they get started with the preparations to save Oz.

Break comes over to join Gil and Sharon, only to sense something coming from behind him. Immediately grabbing Sharon, Break shields her from the danger as The Path opens in an explosion of power. As the smoke clears, Break sees Oz laying unconscious before him and voices his surprise that Oz managed to escape the Abyss by himself. Gil runs to Oz and cradles him in his arms, attempting to deny what lies before him, though Break coolly says that things worked out for them in the end anyway. Agreeing, Sharon states that they've finally attained the "Key to Pandora" and that there's no turning back now. Suddenly, Oz begins writing in pain, which Break figures is because of the power of the Chain Oz had formed an Illegal Contract with in order to escape the Abyss. Knowing that Oz would die soon if nothing was done, Break has Gil use Raven to form a seal over Oz's Chain's power to prevent it from flowing so freely into Oz's body. Afterwards, Break, Sharon and Gil bring Oz to the Rainsworth estate to rest in order to make sure word of his return doesn't go public.

Break, Sharon and Gil stay to watch over Oz until he awakes, with Gil tending to Oz's injuries that were inflicted during his time in the Abyss. Soon, Oz wakes and grabs onto Gil's sleeve, prompting Gil to retrieve his coat and alert Break to Oz's consciousness. Break bids Oz a good morning, though Oz is just confused and asks where he is. Break explains that they're presently in one of the Rainsworth Dukedom's estates and that when Oz appeared they happened to be in the area and decided to take him in under their care. As Oz is still rather spacey, Break assures him that he's back in his own world. After providing some clothes for Oz to change into, Break formally introduces himself and Emily to Oz.

Having Oz sit down, Break explains that Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony was a true disaster and that he'd heard about it in detail from Gilbert. This shocks Oz, but before he can get worked up about it Break assures him that Gil, Oscar and Ada are safe. However, Break admits that what they really want to know is what happened after the Coming of Age Ceremony, requesting that Oz tell them in detail over tea. Oz does as directed, making Break and Emily laugh when he reveals that he escaped the Abyss using the power of B-Rabbit (with Emily slightly perturbed that they couldn't do anything to intervene). This makes Break wonder where B-Rabbit is now, though Oz claims not to know since she was nowhere to be found when he awoke, revealing that B-Rabbit was apparently drawn to him by the sound of his pocket watch. Both Sharon and Break voice their delight over Oz's safety, but Break regrets to tell Oz that they now have to arrest him.

Although Oz is confused, Break reveals that he, Sharon and "Raven" are members of Pandora and that they're meant to arrest Oz because he's an Illegal Contractor. Sharon objects, telling Break that Oz only became an Illegal Contractor to escape the Abyss and their goal is the same as his. Before Break can rebut, Oz grabs a nearby knife and Sharon, threatening to kill her. Break admits to having anticipated that B-Rabbit would take control of Oz if her vessel was put in danger, an since B-Rabbit's caused Pandora trouble in the past Break wanted to talk with her just once. This confuses B-Rabbit, and so Break questions what she intends on doing now that she has her vessel. Insisting that she doesn't have to tell Break anything, Rabbit orders Break to get out of her way, which Break won't allow since they can't have a Chain as dangerous as B-Rabbit roaming around freely.

Break and Alice

Break forces Alice out of Oz's body

B-Rabbit asks if Break truly doesn't care what happens to Sharon, with Sharon instructing Break to ignore her. Break just smiles and claims that he can't do that, slamming his cane into the ground to activate the restraining formation he'd drawn prior to Oz's awakening. B-Rabbit is forced to the ground, allowing Sharon to escape, where Break proceeds to push her out of Oz's body with his cane. Break is surprised to see a young woman, whom Oz calls Alice, appear even though Pandora reports B-Rabbit being a giant black rabbit. Asking Alice if she took that form to conserve energy, Break says that it's okay to release her powers, only to reveal to her the seal put on her powers using Raven's power. Break tells Oz that Alice differs from other Chains because she has her own personality and can take on a human form, and so if he delivers her to Pandora, they would be ecstatic.

When Alice shows defiance, Break presses his cane into her chest and reminds her that he's in control, asking once again what her purpose is in their world. Alice regrettably reveals that she's there to retrieve her memories, since she awoke in the Abyss only aware of her name and that she'd lost her memories. Following her explanation, Alice grabs her knife and attempts to attack Break, but Break disarms her easily. When Break goes to strike her again, Oz steps in front of her and tells Break that if he continues to hurt Alice, he won't cooperate with them. Break questions why Oz would think that would make any difference to them, and so Oz reveals that from paying attention to their conversations he's figured out that they intended on saving him from the Abyss and didn't just find him as they'd claimed.

Oz finishes by telling Break that if he intends on hurting the person who saved his life, that makes Break the same as his enemy. Break complies and withdraws his cane, knowing that his plans for Oz wouldn't work out if Oz was his enemy. Admitting that he may have overdid it a little, Break withdraws his restraining formation offers to make tea as an apology and to tell Oz about their intentions as well. Break mentions how he thought that he'd have the upper hand if he threatened Oz, but Oz is smarter than he appears, complimenting Gil because Oz is exactly as he'd reported. Gil senses something, turning suddenly and telling Break that The Path is opening through the pocket watch Oz found.

Break is in disbelief, but when a Card pushes through The Path, Break encourages Gil to remove the seal on Alice's power so he can see B-Rabbit's powers in-full for himself. Gil does as Break says, allowing Alice to kill the Card with ease. After witnessing Alice's power, Break admits that she'll be a very formidable asset to him. Without warning, one of Alice's memories shows itself to Oz, Alice, Break, Sharon and Gil as Oz reaches for the pocket watch - which makes Break wonder if Alice is another one of the "keys" they've been looking for.

After all has settled, Alice demands to know what Break plans on doing with them. Break draws his Pandora pendant and explains that he wants both Oz and Alice to work for Pandora under his command to help them search for the Baskervilles. Break elaborates that they'd tried to save Oz from the Abyss so they could discover Oz's connection to, also mentioning that if Oz stays with the Rainsworths then he'll be safe from the Baskervilles and that he won't have to involve the Vessaliuses once again. As for Alice, Break assumes that since The Path opened because of the presence of her memory, then maybe she'd find more of her memories if she helps them. Alice and Oz agree to cooperate with Break, beginning their campaign for Pandora.

Working With Pandora Arc

Oz approaches Break and asks him if he can return to the mansion where his Coming of Age Ceremony was held, as he found the pocket watch there so it's possible that they can figure something else out about Alice's memories there as well. Break confirms Oz's request, rather confused about why Oz thought that he would say no. Oz explains that he thought Break would take him directly to Pandora because he wants him to work for Pandora. Break tells Oz that he'd love to take Oz to Pandora, but the preparations beforehand would be too taxing. At any rate, Break digs through some of his files and pulls out a case that he wants Oz to look into, as an Illegal Contractor has been committing numerous murders in the town of Nosambria - offering a jar of candy as a going away gift.

Alice, who had been sitting behind a nearby chair, asks why they have to take a detour when looking for her memories is supposed to be their top priority. Break attempts to calm Alice, but instead she demands that Break gets away from her; leading Break to ask Oz if Alice doesn't like him, but Oz states that Alice is only acting that way to hide her embarrassment. Oz turns to Alice and explains to her that because a Chain emerged when Alice's memory presented itself, it's likely that her memories are in places where Chains are. Once Alice's opinion has been swayed, Break tells Oz that he shouldn't trust Alice too much, because she's likely still hiding something. Oz, in-turn, shocks Break by implying his lack of trust toward Break and Sharon because of what they're hiding. Break sends Gil to Nosambria alongside Oz and Alice, seeing them off alongside Sharon.

Much later, Break is looking out a window when Sharon confronts him. Sharon tells Break that what he did to Oz, Alice and Gilbert was cruel, having purposefully neglected to give them the photo of the Illegal Contractor - who's Incuse has almost made a complete revolution. Break admits that he only did so because he knew Gil wouldn't have accepted the job if he knew, as he'd be too worried about Oz's safety. Break looks out the window once again and claims that the 'endgame' is fast approaching; also wondering if Oz and Gil have found Alice yet - apparently being fully aware of what's happening in Nosambria. Break claims that this is his way of being nice, by showing Oz the inevitable future that he'll one day have to face. Break muses that Oz has three choices; allow the Incuse's darkness to consume him as time goes on, continue searching for the truth and potentially discover a way to save himself or find the answer to what his sin is.

Break and Sharon meet with Oscar, all while continuing to keep an eye on Oz, Alice and Gil by placing Equus within Gil's shadow. Using binoculars, Break laughs when he sees the three unconscious after their encounter with the Intention, stating that he didn't think that the Intention would intervene so quickly, but things are still proceeding according to his plans for now. Break then asks Sharon and Oscar if it was time they returned to Pandora.

Break and Sharon travel to the mansion to intercept Gil, Oz and Alice, Break congratulating Gil because he allowed Break to confirm numerous things - telling Gil to leave the rest to them and return home to await further orders. Gil is outraged that Break would let the Baskervilles attack Oz like that, asking what Break would've done if something had happened to Oz. Before Break can answer, Sharon steps out of their carriage, telling Gil that he had nothing to worry about because she planned to intervene using Equus if things got out of hand. Sharon even brings up Gil's claims of "still wanting to be Oz's valet", taunting Gil about it with Break, before Gil returned home with an unconscious Oz and Alice. Not long after, Break approaches Oscar and asks him to look into the scenery that Gil, Oz and Alice saw at the mansion where the Coming of Age Ceremony was held; wanting to know if what they saw was a glimpse of the past or not.

Sometime afterwards, Oz and Alice regain consciousness and find themselves in Gil's apartment in Reveil, and Break slides out from underneath Alice's bed, greeting her. Alice asks what Break thinks he's doing, the commotion sparking Gil and Oz's interest. The two come in to find Alice's room destroyed, with Break telling Alice that she's so cruel, and after he'd taken the trouble of coming to see how Oz and Alice were doing. Break orders Gil to get them all some refreshments - so that he can have some time to talk alone with Oz. Break reads Oz's expression and knows that he wants to know why he and Sharon haven't aged despite the fact that ten years had gone by. Break explains that the reason for this is because the two of them are Legal Contractors, meaning that they lack an Incuse, but the Carceres they do possess sometimes make Legal Contractor's stop aging physically, though their bodies will eventually wear out. Break adds that even though he can't speak for Sharon, it's likely that he won't last another year - though there is still much he has to do before he dies.

Oz asks if one of the things Break still has to do is obtain the Intention of the Abyss, since Gil told him that both the Baskervilles and Pandora have that goal. Break instead asks what the Abyss looked like to Oz, whether it was the fabled prison in legends or more like a broken toy box. Break elaborates that Pandora believes that the Abyss is like a womb that gives birth to Chains, which is why they want the Intention, because she is the centerpiece that is creating the dimension that is the Abyss; and the being that is essential for obtaining the Intention is none other then Oz. Since both the Baskervilles and the Intention appeared because of Oz, Break is positive now that Oz is the key to obtaining the Intention of the Abyss

Gil wonders what Break means by Oz being "the key to obtaining the Intention of the Abyss", to which Break says to try and picture the Abyss as a central hub of immense power, a kind of power which is currently affecting their world. All-in-all, the right kind of 'key' is needed in order for such a machine to function properly, and Oz is just the sort of being that can act as that 'key' - Break summarizing that Oz has the potential to control the Abyss as a whole. Oz asks why he would have such a power, but Break denies knowing the reason, suggesting instead that Oz's 'sin' has something to do with it.

Break watches Oz from afar, as Oz acts depressed by this revelation, only to reveal that he was faking his reaction, explaining that even with the current situation as it is, as long as he has Gil and Alice by his side, he knows everything will work out. This shocks Break, as Break had expected Oz to be saddened by the burden he's been presented with - telling Oz that he's "one freaky kid" as a result. The room is cast in silence by Break's remark, Break standing and explaining that he's interested in knowing why Oz has been warped in such a way, but that it doesn't seem as if Oz knows that himself just yet. Break, having walked up to Oz, lifts Oz's chin to look closer at Oz, asking where in the world he is.

Oz doesn't answer Break, but Alice starts laughing hysterically, mentioning that it seems as though Break's eyes have finally rotted out of their sockets, grabbing Oz and saying that Oz is obviously right there in front of him. Break decides not to react to Alice, instead claiming that he'll leave it at that and that it's time for him to leave, opening a nearby desk and disappearing. In reality, Break makes his way outside Gil's apartment, standing on a rooftop of a nearby house. Suddenly, he senses Oz's Incuse make its first progression; pondering the situation briefly, before asking himself whether he or Oz will be the first to have their time run out.


Break intrudes

Break makes his way back to the Rainsworth estate, entering from underneath the table that Sharon is seated at, drinking tea with none other than Reim. Reim tells Break that, he hasn't changed a bit; asking why Break can't simply use the door like regular people. Break retorts that Reim is just as much of a square as ever, mocking Reim joyfully before assessing that Reim's presence at the Rainsworth estate must mean that something's happened at Pandora. Break wagers that it likely has something to do with the Illegal Contractor of Grim that had been captured mere days before; explaining that he and Sharon had planned on visiting William West tomorrow - as William is an important component in the case of the Head Hunter, intriguing Break. Just then, Reim cuts in and explains that William escaped around two o'clock that day after killing his six guards, as well as the fact that Pandora still has no leads on William's whereabouts.

Break smiles and teases that Reim's incredibly useless, adding that William and Grim escaped despite the fact that William was wounded. Break's teasing starts to get to Reim, prompting Sharon to encourage Reim to pretend Break's not even there, asking Reim to continue. Reim complies, mentioning that Pandora is currently searching for William and Grim, however Break interjects that they've likely already made their way into Reveil, laughing as he turns to Sharon and claims that he believes things are about to get very interesting, Break knowing well that Gil, Alice and Oz are currently in Reveil.

Later, Gil brings Alice and Oz back to the Rainsworth estate alongside Vincent and Echo, explaining to Sharon their confrontation with William and Grim that lead to Vincent shooting William in order to 'save' Oz. Break waits outside the door, glaring at Vincent until Vincent voices that he and Echo must leave in order for him to take care of some business relating to the Grim incident; Break then offering to see Vincent and Echo to the door. On their way out, Vincent notices that Break has changed into his Pandora uniform, asking if Break's returning to Pandora. Break confirms this, as there's something that he wants to investigate at Pandora; to which Vincent wonders what it could be that Break's investigating.

Break reveals that he believes someone in Pandora helped William escape, and that they were afraid of information leaking through William, that way William would escape without any obvious clues that he had help from within, and then the traitor could eliminate William quietly by faking an incident. Break even goes as far as to quote Vincent's earlier claims that he'd killed William to save Oz, implying his speculation that Vincent was the traitor within Pandora. Vincent merely brushes this off, claiming that the thought of Pandora having a double-agent was frightening. Break tells Vincent that there's nothing to worry about, because if such a person did exist in Pandora, he'd track them down no matter who they are; to which Vincent says that he looks forward to it.

On his way back into the mansion, Break sees Oscar peering through a door at a sleeping Oz and Alice after Gil had explained how he ended up as a member of the Nightray Dukedom. Break asks if Oscar shouldn't just go in and talk to them, but Oscar says that he doesn't want to wake them at such a late hour. Hearing this, Break suggests that they instead 'drink the night away' because they haven't done so in a while. Oscar admits that it's a good idea, but hands a folder to Break - revealing that the scenery Break had him look into actually did exist one-hundred years ago. Break smiles as he gains the confirmation he'd sought, stating that all the dots are beginning to connect and will soon converge to reveal the lost memories of one-hundred years ago.

Cheshire's Dimension Arc

Early the next morning, Oscar returns to the Rainsworth estate, only to find out from Break and Sharon that Oz, Alice and Gil went back into Reveil because they'd lost Gil's hat the day before. Oscar is disappointed that he didn't get a chance to talk with Oz for the first time in ten years, and so Sharon suggests that Oscar go with Break; as Break is heading into Reveil soon anyway. Oscar asks what it is that Break's scheming this time, which Break carefully avoids by stating that his prey had taken the bait quite nicely.

Once the two travel into Reveil, Oscar and Break go their separate ways, with Break shadowing Alice when she separates herself from Gil and Oz. Alice eventually notices Break hiding underneath a cover in order to blend in with the alley wall; Break playfully complimenting Alice on her ability to see through his 'ninjutsu' as he comes out of hiding. Alice tells Break that he doesn't need to reveal himself, as she'll just destroy him along with the wall, but Break just laughs. Break admits that he's glad to see that Alice is okay, but that Alice would've done better to pay closer attention to her surroundings, as Cheshire has been following Alice all along. Break immediately pulls Alice close against him, telling her not to stray from him, otherwise Cheshire will make her lose her way. Break and Alice are then subsequently kidnapped by Cheshire and brought to his dimension, with Break purposefully leaving Emily behind as a clue for Oz.

Ep12 - break merajut

Break beside awake Alice at Cheshire's Dimension

As soon as they're left alone by Cheshire, Break starts knitting Alice a scarf, allowing Alice to rest after she'd lost consciousness during the dimensional transition. While she sleeps, Alice begins experiencing small pieces of her memories, reaching out and asking a man she sees not to leave her. At this time, Alice is freed from her memories and finds herself reaching out for Break; who claims that he's not going anywhere. Alice reacts violently, but Break shows Alice the scarf he'd just finished knitting her, though Alice's attention is drawn towards the setting of the dimension around her.
Ep12 - break slicing the dolls

Break saves Alice.

As they navigate through Cheshire's dimension, Break explains that they're in a place that doesn't belong to either the Abyss or the human world - and as such Break hasn't been able to touch Cheshire, revealing that he'd used Cheshire's interest in Alice so that he could finally approach Cheshire. Alice attempts to lash out at Break, but Break saves Alice from a falling chandelier instead. Break mentions that Cheshire did not bring them to his dimension to be friendly, as Cheshire is likely going to try and kill them both in his own territory. Without warning, three Chains attack Break and Alice, with Alice asking why she'd be a target for Cheshire. Break kills the Chains with relative ease, revealing that Alice is likely a target because the Intention of the Abyss despises her, and Cheshire is fully devoted to the Intention.

Break wraps his scarf around Alice's neck, stating that he's made it a medium for a protective charm. More Chains begin to gather around Alice and Break, and so Break decides that fighting all of them would be too tiring, leading him to pick up Alice and carry her through Cheshire's dimension in search of a safer area. Alice initially argues, but finds herself stricken with a familiar sensation; gripping Break more tightly as she tells Break that some of her memories are in Cheshire's dimension.

Once they've found a safer area to rest in, Alice recalls Break stating that she and Cheshire are special kinds of Chain, and demands to know what Break knows about her. Break explains that Alice doesn't devour humans like other Illegally Contracted Chains do, and that he'd originally thought that this was because she could control her hunger; however he now knows that the reason for this is because Alice doesn't need to devour humans. Break carries on up a staircase, leaving a trail of candy behind as he ascends and explaining how Cheshire is special because he doesn't need a Contractor - as he has no need to leave his dimension. Thus, both Alice and Cheshire are special kinds of Chains because they exist for reasons that differ from regular Chains, which is why both of them have close connections to the Intention of the Abyss. Alice figures out on her own that Break's goal is to obtain information from Cheshire about the Intention, but Break states that there are other things he'd like to ask of Cheshire too.

Ep12 - break and memory's mirror

Break is seized by his memories

Break and Alice enter a hall of mirrors, when Alice is attacked by her memories and finds herself frozen in fear. Break tries to garner Alice's attention, but to no avail, as Alice flees in fear. Break tries to chase after Alice, but finds himself caught on something. Turning, Break finds a younger version of holding onto his wrist through one of the mirrors, only to pull Break through the mirror as well. In reality, Break had allowed himself to be captured, playing along with Cheshire and allowing his memories envelop him whilst he pretends to sleep - only to use Mad Hatter's power to distort the mirror he's trapped in. This distortion cracks the mirror and draws Cheshi
Ep13 - break in the magic mirror

Break trapped in the magic mirror

re's attention, forcing Cheshire to approach Break himself in order to eliminate the threat that is Xerxes Break.

With his plan proceeding smoothly, Break continues to pretend to be asleep until Cheshire makes his first strike against him. Break concentrates Mad Hatter's power in his sword and severs Cheshire's left arm, confusing Cheshire - as he hadn't anticipated Break's carefully crafted plan. When Cheshire attempts to flee, Break stops him by slamming down on Cheshire's left ribbon and cutting it off; with the momentum sending Cheshire flying backwards to the ground, where Break then pins the Chain down using his foot. Here, Break tells Cheshire that he has horrible manners for leaving his guest unattended for so long, offering to teach Cheshire his place by carving it directly into his flesh; summoning Mad Hatter in his full glory in order to do so.

Just then, the entirety of Cheshire's dimension begins to shatter; Break, knowing that the power that's responsible for the destruction is from B-Rabbit, assumes that Oz's Incuse has made another progression. The mirror shatters and both Break and Cheshire manage to escape - Break showing surprise to see that Cheshire still has enough energy to move around after feeling Mad Hatter's power. Cheshire insists that he doesn't have time to play with Break anymore, as he must kill Oz before he manages to destroy the dimension. While Break notes the similarities between B-Rabbit's power and Mad Hatter's, Cheshire vows to kill Break, Oz, Alice and Gil, all for the sake of the Intention of the Abyss. Cheshire goes to kill Break once again, but Break evades Cheshire easily; noting how Cheshire's claims of doing things for someone else's sake make him sound like Vincent. Break unsheathes his cane-sword, revealing to Cheshire his absolute hatred of people who claim to be driven by the wills of another person.

Break manages to sever Cheshire's right arm, leg and ribbon using Mad Hatter's concentrated power, but the strain it puts on his body starts making Break cough up blood, as it does every time he uses Mad Hatter. A few feet away from Break, Cheshire shifts slightly, prompting Break to tell Cheshire that he would do well not to move too much, or risk complete destr

Break fights Cheshire

uction just like the rest of his dimension. Cheshire shows his determination, but Break only tells Cheshire that soon enough he'll realize that he can't win against the power of Mad Hatter. Even so, Cheshire refuses to retreat, something which Break isn't phased about, as he'd finally gotten what he came for, Alice's memories from one-hundred years ago; the power source of the dimension that Cheshire had guarded so closely.
Break beats Cheshire

Cheshire's final stand

As a last resort, Cheshire abandons his human-form and takes on the appearance of a cat-like behemoth. Cheshire abandons his fight with Break and instead goes after Gil, Alice and Oz, while his dimension crumbles around him. Break doesn't allow this, however, kicking Cheshire back from Gil, Alice and Oz. Cheshire knows what is to come, and starts crying while he vows to destroy anything that makes Alice sad - beginning his final attempt to destroy his enemies alongside himself and the dimension. Break jumps through the rubble of the dimension in order to stop Cheshire, stabbing his cane-sword through Cheshire's head and using Mad Hatter's concentrated power to offer the final blow. Unexpectedly, Equus appears and takes only Oz and Alice back to their dimension, leaving Break and Gil to die alongside Cheshire and his dimension. Having no other alternative, Break has Gil summon Raven and create a portal to bring them back to their own dimension, just as Cheshire's dimension collapses once-and-for-all.

Break pulled Reim into the room

Once in Pandora, Break notes the chaos that's ensued. Break looks out into the hall, grabbing Reim as he runs by, quieting Reim down while he explains that he had Gil 'overdo it'. Reim notes Gil's fatigue and the black feathers that are scattered throughout the room, surprised when he figures that Gil used Raven, though Break explains that it was the only way they could escape Cheshire's dimension. Reim then notices that Break is covered in blood, though Break writes it off as nothing to worry about - instead asking Reim to update him on everything that's happened since he left. Reim reveals that Sharon has seemingly been kidnapped, as Sharon was last been seen two days before when she locked herself, Gil and Oz in her room - although the matter isn't public yet, Sheryl is currently investigating the matter. Reim elaborates that Sheryl faked an illness in order to initiate her investigation over a meeting between the Four Great Dukes; with the rescheduled meeting meant to have been held that day, only Oz and B-Rabbit were dropped in the middle of the meeting.

Break knows that Oz would've been sent to the meeting on purpose, figuring out that it must be a diversion of some sort. Break storms off to his room in Pandora's Headquarters, opening the door to find the room in disarray, with black roses everywhere and a black knight from a chess set sitting on a table in the center of the room. Break figures that the knight is meant to symbolize Equus, voicing how he knows that Vincent is behind the entire plot even without the extravagant set-up. Break immediately changes into his Pandora uniform and seeks out Vincent in Pandora's rose garden.

Upon Break's arrival, Vincent shows that he's impressed by how quickly Break arrived, admitting that it's the only place in Pandora where black roses bloom. After Break and Vincent exchange 'pleasantries', Break notes how it is good that all of Pandora is focused on Oz currently - ordering Vincent to return Sharon to him at once. Vincent tells Break to be calm, as it's not like he killed her, admitting that there's something that he's been dying to obtain recently. Break states that there's nothing he could have that would interest Vincent, but Vincent calls Break out as a liar, rolling up Break's sleeve to reveal Cheshire's bell tied around his wrist. With Alice's memories from one-hundred years ago being what Vincent desires most, and Break's own desire to ensure Sharon's safety, Vincent suggests that the two of them make a trade.

Vincent leads Break back to the Nightray Dukedom, Break reiterating that he hopes Sharon is well. Vincent reminds
Ep17 - vince standing

Vincent explains about Cheshire's Bell to Break

Break that he'd already said as much, opening the doors to a room to reveal Sharon under intense physical strain. Break runs to Sharon's side while Vincent opens the doors to the balcony and explains that he's set a time-limit so that they can come to an understanding rather quickly. Break sees on the balcony that Echo is under the same kind of physical strain as Sharon, with Vincent explaining that he has a friend that has a hobby of collecting poisons, and so Vincent thought he'd test the rare sample his friend gave him with Sharon and Echo.
Ep17 - break destroys cheshire's bell anime

Break destroys Cheshire's bell to save Sharon.

Break doesn't understand why Vincent would poison Echo too, leading Vincent to reveal the antidote. Vincent explains that he knew Break wouldn't listen to him unless he knew the antidote worked, quickly administering the antidote to Echo before suggesting that they make a deal. Vincent dangles the antidote over the balcony and orders Break to use Mad Hatter to destroy Cheshire's bell - as he doesn't believe anyone needs to know the truth of what happened one-hundred years ago. Sharon suddenly jumps up and covers Cheshire's bell, telling Break that she won't let him destroy Cheshire's bell for her sake, claiming that she's fine and that she knows how important Cheshire's bell is to him. Break tells Sharon that everything is going to be okay, summoning Mad Hatter and destroying Cheshire's bell as Vincent directed.

Break questions if Vincent's satisfied, which Vincent confirms before complimenting Break on how much of a good
Ep17 - echo's reflect

Echo caught Vincent's antidote

person he is and dropping the antidote over the balcony. Break runs to save the antidote, but rather than save it himself, Echo leans over the balcony and saves the antidote instead. Vincent goes to slap Echo for her disobedience, but Break takes Echo in his arms instead and protects both Echo and th
Ep17 - vincent dislikes to break

Vincent dislikes to Break

e antidote. Break notes how similar Vincent is to Gil when he glares at him, resulting in a frustrated Vincent ordering Break to leave, now that they're business is done. Break does as Vincent says, taking Sharon and returning back to the Rainsworth estate. Soon after leaving the Nightray estate, Break administers the antidote to Sharon, later preparing her room for her at the Rainsworth estate so that she can rest while her body heals fully. Break waits until Oz has awoken (as Oz lost consciousness after being possessed by Jack Vessalius), tapping on the window to Oz's room and inviting him to tea immediately afterward. Oz borrows a coat from the Rainsworths and goes to meet with Break, only to find himself surprised when Break apologizes for
Funpic-oz bingung dengan break

Oz confused with Break's manner after their escaped from Cheshire's Dimension

dragging him into the ordeal with Cheshire. Oz initially questions if something is wrong with Break, encouraging Break not to worry about it because he's always dragging them into things anyway. Break mentions that this time things are different, as he can't forgive himself for losing what it was that he was seeking all along in the end. Oz doesn't understand at first, but asks what Break wanted with Cheshire in the first place. Break explains that through Cheshire he could have obtained the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier, though when Break says this Oz remembers something from Cheshire's dimension and begins choking on his tea. Break is amused by this, assuming that Oz did in fact see something relating to the Tragedy while they were in Cheshire's dimension - saying that Oz should know by now that he hadn't been invited to tea just for casual reasons, with Break suggesting that they trade information.

Break stacks plates while Oz explains his encounters in Cheshire's dimension, being rather surprised to hear that Jack had saved Oz from a fatal blow by Cheshire and that Oz found himself in the middle of the Tragedy through the reverberated memories of the dimension. Break also shows interest in the fact that Alice died during the Tragedy, but is less shocked to hear about Vincent's presence. Oz mentions that none of it makes any sense to him, reminding Break of the deal he'd made with Oz and prompting him to offer any answers to questions Oz may have. Oz hesitates before asking why Break wants to know the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier so badly, but Break tells Oz that he's not going to tell him - admitting that he'd said he'd provide an answer, not necessarily a straight answer though.

Oz is perturbed by this, but Break explains that even though he won't tell Oz a straight answer, he won't lie to him either because he's relying on Oz, in a way. Oz, in-turn, asks what it was that Cheshire want to protect, shocking Break with his forwardness. Break explains that Cheshire was a devotee to the Intention of the Abyss - only considering Alice to be an eyesore because of the Intention's own opinion of her; which was the reason why he'd kidnapped Alice and attempted to kill her. Thinking of this, Oz claims that Cheshire's words didn't make sense; deciding that Cheshire should have wanted to protect the Intention of the Abyss rather than Alice's memories, and additionally he was calling out for Cheshire in his final moments as if she was someone dear to him.

This makes Break laugh, Break then bringing up how Pandora was buzzing about Jack's app
Funpic-senyuman break untuk oz

"That's it.."

earance through Oz while Oz was unconscious. Oz asks if he believes what Jack said, but Break says that he can't comment on it himself because of his absence during the situation. Break instead says that the word "reincarnation" sounds cheap, and that Oz shouldn't concern himself with what the idiots throughout Pandora say; instead reminding Oz that he is himself, and not to let what other people say change who he is. Break notices that the fog has lifted, telling Oz that they'll
Funpic-break geram dengan vincent

Break's irritation with Vincent

continue their conversation later. However, before he departs Break utters a word of caution to Oz about Vincent, as Vincent is likely someone involved with the Tragedy of Sablier. Oz asks if Vincent is at Pandora now, but Break reveals that Vincent had to leave instead to meet some "friends" of his.

Oz tags along with Break as he reenters the Rainsworth mansion, with Break deciding to help find Break some better-fitting clothing. During this time, Break reveals to Oz that Vincent had kidnapped Sharon - telling Oz to keep the information quiet so that the information doesn't go public. Break assures Oz that Sharon's safe, and how he had to exchange Cheshire's bell for her safety, which also acted as a conduit for Alice's memories and the secrets of the Tragedy of Sablier - the very thing he has always sought after.

Reim kicks open the door, having apparently been searching for Break for quite some time, and frantically begins asking Break how he could've left him to deal with Oz and Pandora as well as Sharon's condition. Oz recognizes Reim from the incident at Pandora when Jack spoke through him, leading Break to introduce Reim as his close friend and another member of Pandora. From there, Break decides to lead Reim and Oz to Sharon - as he was going to explain what happened to Oz anyway; explaining Sharon's kidnapping up until when Vincent dropped the antidote over the balcony. At this moment, Break, Reim and Oz enter Sharon's room - where Reim and Oz are relieved to see that Sharon's all right; leading Break to explain how Echo was the one to save the antidote for Sharon. Break also mentions that Sheryl doesn't intend on making the ordeal public, which Oz doesn't understand, but Break elaborates that they would rather not cause strife between the Four Great Dukedoms, and how if an in-depth investigation was undergone, the Rainsworths would be scrutinized because they're not completely innocent either.

Sharon sits up suddenly, making Break rush to her side and ask her not to push herself too much. Instead, Sharon slaps Break and repeatedly beats him with a pillow for destroying Cheshire's bell, finding guilt within herself for being unable to protect herself. Sharon then beats Break back into a table with her harisen, knocking a vase of flowers over on top of him and telling him that he needs to keep his "hero-complex" in check. Break laughs as he wipes the water from the vase off his face, telling Sharon not to be so conceited - as he'd saved her because if Shelly was still alive, she would've killed him had anything happened to Sharon. This brings Sharon to tears as she falls into Break's arms and explains that she wants to be of some use to Break. Break eventually manages to calm Sharon down, asking Sharon if she'd seen Cheshire's face through Equus. Break reveals to Sharon how Cheshire's eye was his left eye that the Intention of the Abyss had taken from him long ago; admitting that he was able to remember a lot of his past because of his encounter with Cheshire.

Lutwidge Academy Arc

After a week, Sharon has fully recovered, and Oscar frantically arrives at the Rainsworth estate with claims of having "an important mission" for Oz, Alice and Gil. Oscar provides uniforms for the three and they immediately leave for the Lutwidge Academy, allowing Break to laugh to himself shortly before seeing them all off.

Later, Break is looking through files with Sharon at the Rainsworth estate when he says that Oscar is too nice for his own good. Sharon doesn't really understand what Break means by this, and so Break explains that Oscar's mission to Lutwidge Academy was only an excuse to give Oz, Gil and Alice a nice change of pace. It's been a week, and day after day Oz and Alice have had to endure constant interrogations from Pandora - which was one of the reasons Break had wanted to keep Oz's return a secret for as long as possible. Even so, Break tells Sharon that the only part that really takes a toll on Oz in the reactions of everyone around him; remembering how Oz once told him that he doesn't mind the way people look at him now. because they're looking at Jack rather than himself. Break admits that he doesn't find Oz "cute" like so many others, but what he considers to be a real nuisance is that Gilbert seems to be completely oblivious to Oz's mental state.

After Oz, Alice, Gilbert and Oscar have returned from Lutwidge Academy, both Sharon and Break notice the absolute gloom hovering over Gil and Oz. Break voices that the two have been stuck like this since their return, thinking that it may have been because of their encounter with the Baskervilles. Sharon, however, corrects Break, because the real cause for the gloom was their encounter with Elliot and Leo, rather than the Baskervilles. The two note how it's the first time they've really seen Oz lose himself, and Gilbert's like that because Elliot outright spurned him, while Alice appears to be rather sullen as well. After some urging, Break and Sharon get Alice to share her side of the story, both being rather surprised when Alice says that Oz isn't recognizing his duties as her servant lately. Following this, Sharon takes over looking after Alice while Break preoccupies himself with other things (such as making card-towers).

Soon enough, Oscar arrives in order to offer some release of tension through celebration of their safety, bringing wine (which he calls "juice") and sweets with him to do so. Break partakes in Oscar's "juice", being the only one to seemingly be unaffected by the alcohol in the end, despite still trying to pretend to be drunk. Break and Oz sit out on the balcony after Sharon, Oscar, Gil and Alice had all lost consciousness, where Oz reveals that he knows Break's only been pretending to be drunk and asks why - to which Break admits that he'd done it to maintain the atmosphere of Oscar's party. Oz voices that being able to hold your alcohol is pretty cool in his opinion, but Break shuts Oz down by saying that it's not all it's cracked up to be. Break elaborates that he can't get drunk no matter how much he'd like to sometimes, which he attributes to the fact that he's always thinking of how he can't die yet. Oz is surprised by this, but soon enough the tension eases as a drunk Gil stumbles out onto the balcony to speak with Oz. This leads to the closure Gil sought with Oz, but when Break tries to "celebrate" Gil's mind at ease after Oz leaves, he notices that Gil isn't as at-ease as he thought; the reason being Elliot.

Break's Past Arc

Not long after the ordeal at Lutwidge Academy, Oz requests to meet with Duke Rufus Barma, as Rufus is the eldest of the Four Great Dukes and may know something about the Tragedy of Sablier and the Baskervilles. In return, Rufus extends an invitation not only to Oz, but to Gilbert, Alice and Break as well, to join him at an opera house in Reveil.

Break immediately senses that something is not right about the situation, though he still proceeds to the opera house alongside the rest of the group. Here, the group encounters Reim, who leads them through the opera house; that is until Alice wanders off on her own. Break follows behind Oz while he thinks to himself, informing Oz when he returns to his senses that Reim and Gil had gone to search for Alice. Break tells Oz that it's good for him to be focusing on himself, however he still needs to make sure he doesn't forget Alice in the process, reminding Oz that he still hasn't told Alice about what he saw in Cheshire's dimension.

Reim and Gil return with Alice and Reim continues on to the booth where Rufus, shocked when he sees Sheryl enjoying some tea with Rufus. Sheryl explains to Reim that she'd been invited to the opera by Rufus as well, though Break doesn't concern himself with Oz's encounter with Sheryl, instead walking out to the balcony and examining the opera below him. Gil follows close behind Break, finding Break as he asks aloud what kind of farce Rufus is putting on, easily being able to see through Dodo's power of illusion that generated everyone else in the opera house.

Despite knowing about the game Rufus is putting on, he decides to play along for the time being, remaining on the balcony until after Rufus has a 'breakdown' of sorts because of Oz and flies out over top of the audience. Once Oz and Alice leave to chase Rufus down, Break asks Gil if it troubles him him how Oz is changing, and how his young master doesn't need to rely on him so much anymore. Gil doesn't answer, instead following close behind Oz and Alice, with Break also making his way down to the main level of the opera house.

Here, Break finds R
Ep21 - breakevin2

Break found Rufus.

ufus rolling around on the floor, refusing to accept that his plans had been confounded. Break tells Rufus that it serves him right - stating that the performance is nearly finished and asking if he's right to say that Rufus' true target was himself rather than Oz. Break notes how in the past, Rufus had always declined his requests to meet with him, while now Rufus so willingly invited him to the opera alongside Oz, Gil and Alice. Break reminds Rufus of how he'd said that his information comes with a cost, and the only information that Break possesses that would interest Rufus would be from his past. Rufus grins maliciously, relishing at the fact that he'd finally found Kevin Legnard, the Red-Eyed Specter. However, upon hearing his old title uttered by Rufus, Break lets his anger bubble over,
Ftop - break slashing rufus' illusion self

Break destroys Rufus' illusion.

concentrating Mad Hatter's power to his cane-sword and slashing it through Rufus's body - revealing it to be an illusion itself. Break then slams his cane against the floor, asking Rufus if he didn't think it was about time he showed his true self; subsequently destroying the entire audience and Sheryl illusions in the process. Rufus reveals himself finally, pretending to be disappointed that Break destroyed the illusions he had put his heart and soul into, and commenting that Mad Hatter's power is quite annoying in that way.

At this moment, Break starts coughing up blood, to which Rufus says is because Break had used Mad Hatter's power so recklessly. In response, Break throws one of his candies at Rufus, though Rufus catches it before it can hit his face. Break tells Rufus that Dodo's power of illusion is annoying in its own right, as it can't actually affect anything with a true existence - comparing it to a simple parlor trick that can only fool children. Rufus drops Break's candy and draws his bladed fan, defending Dodo by claiming that his illusions can make a person die of shock, whereas Mad Hatter is useless against anything not from the Abyss. Break says nothing, and so Rufus reminds Break that he desires the information he possesses. Though, rather than initiate an interrogation, Rufus draws closer to Break, wanting to see Break's proof himself. Break defends against Rufus' attacks, soon enough finding himself being protected by Reim. Reim asks Rufus to stop attacking Break, but instead takes a blow to the head from Rufus' fan. Rufus orders his valet to withdraw, but Reim doesn't - telling his master that Break's body can't take much more strain because of his Contract with Mad Hatter.

Break's Illegal contractor mark is shown

Rufus reveals Break's Incuse

Rufus scoffs and asks if Reim truly believes what he'd said, confusing Reim. Rufus takes it upon himself to reveal the truth to Reim, quickly slashing through Break's suit to reveal Break's completed Incuse and stating that his strain is because his Contract with Mad Hatter is one that came after his initial Illegal Contract. Rufus stands back as the room fills with shock, observing what a completed Incuse looks like and claiming that something so warped and ugly suits the kind of dark sinner that Break is. Break laughs as he becomes weary, stating that he doesn't need Rufus to tell him what he already knows himself, falling unconscious into Reim's arms hereafter. After being tended to by Oz and Reim, Break regains consciousness, taking a few seconds to r

Rufus suddenly appears behind Break

emember that he'd come to meet with Rufus; who he calls the "Bird-Brained Duke". Rufus, having been sitting behind Break, asks who he's calling the "Bird-Brained Duke", prompting Break to correct himself by calling Rufus the "Bird-Headed Duke" instead. Reim and Gil reenter the room, Reim telling Break to not make him worry so much by recklessly using his powers. This catches Break off-guard, but he soon realizes that Rufus has already explained his past to everyone. Rufus tells Break that he should feel grateful for his explanation, then telling Break to explain to them all what happened after his decent into the Abyss.

Oz tries to say that if it'll hurt Break to delve into his past, then he doesn't have to divulge the information, but Break simply tells Oz that he knows Oz is dying to know and that "a brat should be bratty". Before getting started, Break tells Oz, Alice and Gil that what he's about to say involves all of them partially, telling them that what they decide to do after hearing it is up to them, but if the information brings them regret sometime in the future, then they'd do well to just resent him for it. Break turns to Rufus and says that he still expects the information which Rufus possesses. However, Rufus tells Break not to worry and that he'll trade information once the proper price has been paid in-full, proceeding to ask if Break saw the Intention of the Abyss while in the depths of the Abyss.

Break reveals his encounters with the Intention, Cheshire, Vincent and Gilbert while in the Abyss, and how the Intention goes by the name Alice. This point especially piques Rufus' interest, reminding Rufus of how the name 'Alice' had appeared in some of the documents passed down from Arthur Barma, being Jack's personal memoirs. Rufus recites a piece of Jack's memoirs involving Alice, revealing that Alice is the twin sister of the Intention of the Abyss, both having been bred in a human womb and born in the Abyss. Rufus states that the subject on Alice almost makes sense, but still has holes in the information. In response, Break asks if there was anymore information about Alice in Jack's memoirs, which Rufus denies. Jack had apparently only written of his feelings of regret and how the Baskervilles wanted the Intention of the Abyss and had a girl named Alice locked in a tower on the Baskerville estate. Rufus then seizes Alice, stating that Alice is a vital component to acquiring the Intention. Rufus also says that he intends on apprehending Break for Pandora as well because of his past crimes - mentioning that he's aware Break still has yet to reveal all the information he possesses. Break asks if Rufus isn't the same, having not yet divulged the information he promised.

Rufus moves to apprehend Break, but Oz steps between the two - Oz threatening to use Jack in o

Rufus goes to strike Oz.

rder to help protect Break from an execution because of the Kevin Legnard incident. Rufus is annoyed by Oz's attempt to use Jack for his own gain, though Oz claims that he'll do whatever necessary to protect something. Rufus goes to strike Oz with his fan for his defiance, but a harisen is thrown between the two and embedded in a nearby pillar, with the true Sheryl having arrived to aid the group. Rufus is reprimanded by Sheryl once Break reveals to her that Rufus created an illusion of her once again, allowing the group to leave without difficulty. Upon taking their leave however, Oz thanks Break for sharing his past with them, but Break tells Oz that there's no need; as he still hasn't revealed the story in its entirety yet.

Oz objects that Break's history was likely something that he didn't want to talk about. Although Break tries to interject by saying that he was an Illegal Contractor, but Oz stops him and reminds Break that he said that their relationship was them using each other. Alice sits up and says that using each other means that they're kindred spirits - something which Break doesn't understand, and so Alice explains clearer that it means that they're friends.

During the carriage ride home, Break continues his story about his past; more specifically about the time he lived in and the situation he'd found himself in when he found the entire Sinclair Family murdered, in order to piece together his full background. Oz wonders aloud about how after everything Break didn't manage to change the past, yet Chains still pursue such power alongside their Contractors. However, Break corrects Oz and explains that he did indeed change the past, but because he did, Roman Sinclair's youngest daughter became an Illegal Contractor and was lost as well - something which would never have come to pass if he'd left history alone.

Break voices his guilt for Roman's youngest daughter's apparent death, but Oz objects that there's no way Break could actually know that. Although Break agrees with Oz, he admits that he knows he should never have interfered with history. Gil, in-turn, asks if Break hates the Intention, which Break confirms that he originally did, but that he soon realized that he's the one at fault for having the Intention alter the past in the first place, the group returning to the Rainsworth estate shortly afterward.

The Intention's Pain Arc

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Sablier Arc

A few days following the St. Bridget's Day Festival, Break is with Sharon when they find Oz and Gilbert torn apart by emotional tension. Sharon and Break take Oz out for tea to talk with him exclusively, where they discover that Oz hadn't told Gil that his Incuse progressed yet, he'd just suddenly known after the St. Bridget's Day Festival. Oz continues rambling about how he is the one to blame for Gil's distancing, knowing that he should have been better prepared for that. Break is quick to tell Oz that it's very nice that he cares for other people, but that he needs to remember to care for himself every once-in-a-while, and that Oz should really be working more on trying to figure out what his next move will be. Oz figures that it'd be best for him if he encounters the Baskervilles again, so that he can ask the Baskervilles why he was cast into the Abyss straightforward. Break doesn't object, though his does remind Oz that the Baskervilles could've been following someone else's order; however Oz is still persistent - eventually leading him to realize that he needs to travel to where it all started, Sablier.

Upon hearing this, Sharon and Break stop dead in their tracks. Break remains silent, while Sharon mentions that she's never been to Sablier herself, but that it is possible that some of Alice's memories could be there. Reim then bumps into Oz, having been carrying a large stack of books and documents through the halls of Pandora. Break teases Reim (as Reim is covering his paperwork, as well as Break's) eventually poking a pressure point on Reim to make him drop everything he was carrying, allowing Break himself to run off freely with Sharon and leave Oz to talk with Reim about Sablier.

The two cross paths once again, only Break finds Reim in a shriveled and lifeless state. Break asks Reim if it was Oz that "did him in", but Reim claims not to know; only remembering Oz whispering something terrifying in his ear. Break's main concern is shown to be whether or not Reim accidentally told Oz something about Sablier, though he doesn't manage to get a solid answer from Reim. With no other option left, Break decides that he has to travel to Sablier to make sure Oz, Gil and Alice don't get into too much trouble.

Zwei 8

Break impales Noise

Upon arriving in The Hole of Sablier, Break comes across Lottie and Noise holding Elliot and Leo captive using Duldum and the Residents of The Hole. Break intervenes when Lottie attempts to feed Elliot and Leo to the Residents of The Hole, decapitating the surrounding Residents of The Hole, freeing Elliot from Lottie's hold and severing Duldum's threads that are attached to Leo. With hysteria on his side, Break kicks Lottie into the wall of a nearby cliff, stabbing Noise through her stomach with his sword and thereby allowing Elliot and Leo to escape with their lives. Break commends the two on their hasty escape, dropping Noise in the process. Noise attempts to crawl away, vowing to kill Break, but only leading Break to stab his sword through Noise's right hand. With Noise out of commission, Lottie stands in order to fight Break, who simply states that he has several things he'd like to ask the Baskervilles and that he'll try not to kill them in the process.

Break is shown to have made short work of Lottie, having avoided her throwing knives and rendered her too weak to fight back. Instead, Break sits back and eats candy, saying that he'd always found it somewhat curious that the Baskervilles think Oz is the key to obtaining that Intention of the Abyss, yet they continually drop him into the Abyss, wondering if this isn't a contradiction. Lottie calls Break an annoying talkative man, laughing and explaining that the Baskervilles want the Intention's power rather than the Intention herself. Meanwhile, Oz is the key for people other than the Baskervilles to approach the Intention, which is why he must be dropped into the Abyss. Break wonders if Oz is such a pest to the Baskervilles, why they don't just kill him, as it would defeat the purpose of casting Oz into the Abyss. Lottie reveals that Oz is meant to be the vessel to hide the existence that is Jack Vessalius, quoting Xai when she explains that Jack's soul will come to light if Oz is destroyed, and since the Intention wants Jack above anything else, she'd likely interfere more irregularly in their world. By dropping Oz in the Abyss, his existence will be destroyed for the Baskervilles before the Intention can seek out Jack.

Break Lottie

Break goes to offer a deal to Lottie

Accepting this, Break approaches Lottie, assuring her that there's nothing more she has to fear from him. Lottie's skeptical, but Break voices that he had to go so far by attacking them in order to garner her attention, saying that with Noise it was rather necessary (feeling guilty because Echo had in fact saved the antidote for Sharon during the Cheshire incident, but she still needs to be punished for doing as she pleases with Sharon). Lottie doesn't have any idea what Break is talking about, but Break simply slams his palm into the wall of the cliff behind her, telling her that Pandora is likely going to respond soon and that they'll have to get right to business. Break offers Lottie a candy and asks her if she would like to "be his friend", though Lottie doesn't answer, and Pandora starts flooding into The Hole before the conversation can progress any further.
Othe black abyss pandora hearts vol10 ch40 19

Break separates Xai and Gil with Mad Hatter

Break hurries to find Oz, Gil and Alice, only to find that they separated once again when Gil chased Xai further into The Hole after he had come to retrieve Elliot and Leo. The confrontation leads to Xai summoning Gryphon to face off against Gil with his gun aimed at Xai and about to summon Raven. Break summons Mad Hatter between the two in order to stop the battle before it starts. Meanwhile, Break grabs Gil from behind and holds him in place with his cane. Gil demands that Break let him go, mentioning that Xai is the man who originally cast Oz into the Abyss and that he needs to be killed. Break is surprised to see that Gil actually did retain his memories from the Coming of Age Ceremony, not understanding why Gil would stay quiet about the ordeal. Gil admits to Break that he did tell Oscar as soon as the Ceremony ended, but no one would believe him that Xai had cast Oz into the Abyss because Bernard claimed that Xai was with him the night of the Coming of Age Ceremony.

Break is able to absorb all that Gil tells him, but doesn't quite understand why Gil would try to kill him so suddenly - thinking that Gil would've tried it on his own sometime before at the very least. This prompts a revelation from Gil that he had tried to kill Xai before, but wasn't able to follow through. Break questions why this was, knowing that he's slowly getting through to Gil as Gil states that he didn't want the world Oz came back to, not to have Xai in it. Gil knows that he only caught a brief glimpse of Xai's face and Gryphon, but there's no way he'd mistake Xai for any other. That's why Gil decided to stay mum about the truth, because he knew that Oz wouldn't want Xai to be killed, and that revealing the truth after the fact would only hurt Oz further.

Break tries asking if killing Xai now wouldn't hurt Oz the same way it would have ten years ago, but Gil insists that it's different this time because Xai is the enemy, and he must eliminate his master's enemies. Break recognizes that such thinking isn't Gil's own will, wondering who planted that in his head. However, when Gil refuses to listen to him, Break tells Gil that he should kill him too because he's the one who's using Oz and doing the real harm to Gil's beloved master. Realizing this, Gil draws his gun and aims at Break's head, only to find that Break already has his sword resting on Gil's shoulder. With Gil finding himself in shock, Break take advantage of the situation and asks if the one Gil really needs is Oz. Finding himself unable to answer Break, Break jabs the end of his cane-sword into Gil's ribs for pointing his gun at him. Break finishes by telling Gil that it really is about time he got over acting like such a spoiled brat, or risk hurting the one he cares about most.

Rain starts falling over Sablier, Break starts coughing up blood violently and finds himself unable to stand because of the strain brought on by Mad Hatter. Gil picks Break up and carries him back over to Oz, Alice, Elliot and Leo - where he voices how humiliating it is to have to be carried by Gilbert. Although, Gil soon leaves to tend to Oz (who's covered in blood), leaving Break to tend to himself and collapse from exhaustion where he stands.

The next time Break regains consciousness, he finds that his sight is deteriorating and that he's in a bed of some sort. Reim enters and notices that Break's awake, only to have Break ask him if they're still in Sablier or not. Reim is rather confused by this, telling Break that he's in the Rainsworth estate, while not being able to stop Sharon from entering the room. Sharon beats on Break with her harisen for disappearing to Sablier without warning, causing her to worry. Sharon eventually breaks down in tears as Oz, Alice and Gil make their ways into Break's room as well. After discussing what happened after Break lost consciousness, Break discovers that he was unconscious for three days and that after he fell unconscious there was a strange earthquake that shook Sablier giving Oz a bad feeling, before they were forced out of The Hole by Pandora.

Through further elaboration, Break also learns of Oz's encounter with the memory of Glen Baskerville, Alice's encounter with Jack and that the tomb Oz found ten years before belongs to a woman named Lacie. Break remarks on how no matter what, Oz always manages to find himself in the center of something eventful, but this leads Oz to ask why Break was in Sablier in the first place. Even though Break initially tries to say that he'd gone to Sablier in order to save Oz, he reveals his true intention was to observe Oz's reactions while in Sablier and to encounter the Baskervilles; though he refuses to reveal what he meant to do when he met them. While watching Break's actions during tea, Oz notices Break's deteriorated vision, however Break makes him vow to secrecy before forcing Oz, Alice, Gil, Sharon and Reim out of his room so he can "rest".

Reim turns around after everyone else has left, Break noting his surprise that Reim figured out that he's losing his sight as well (having expected as much from Oz). Reim stands before Break, making faces as he's unable to believe that Break really is going blind. In response, Break kicks Reim to the ground and reveals that he can still sense when someone is standing in front of him. Reim is baffled by how cool Break is taking his blindness, but Break accepts that it was inevitable because of Mad Hatter's power, and that soon enough he'll be able to hide his sight in a few days and act just as he always does. Although Break is at ease, he does have a flicker of concern for how Sharon will react to the news, while Reim takes over all of Break's paperwork from Pandora, storming out in frustration to let Break rest and adapt to his new vision.

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter Arc

Sometime after accepting his oncoming blindness, Sheryl requests that Break look into Oz's origins. Break does as directed, only to discover that the doctors and nurses present at the birth of Xai's firstborn had all disappeared. Finding this odd, Break seeks out Oscar for an explanation. Oscar sits down privately with Break and agrees to tell him everything he knows, but only on the condition that the information be kept from the public. After receiving the information he sought, Break goes to brief Sheryl; also mentioning to Sheryl that he's slowly losing his sight as a result of Mad Hatter's power.

However, before he can explain what Oscar told him to Sheryl, Break's attention is shifted to Sharon, who had been attacked by both Rufus and Marie prior to the destruction of the second Sealing Stone. To put Break's mind at ease, Sheryl has Reim bring Sharon to her office in the Rainsworth estate, so that Sheryl can "check-in" on her grand-daughter (with Break standing by for confirmation of Sharon's safety).

Through her conversation with Sharon, Sheryl reveals to Break that Sharon is all right, and that even though she'd realized she was being powerless and arrogant by claiming Equus' power as her own - she's still just as strong. Break apologizes for troubling Sheryl needlessly, but rather than seeming annoyed Sheryl laughs and tells Break that he's always treating Sharon like a child. Break denies this and claims that he's only concerned about Sharon because she's like a daughter to him; though Sheryl states that she's always seen Break more as Sharon's elder brother. Instead, Sheryl insists that Break needs to tell Sharon about his eyes, assuring him that she'll be able to handle the news.

Following this, Sheryl urges Break to carry on with his explanation of Oz's origins. After reminding Sheryl that Xai Vessalius and Rachel Cecile accepted their firstborn into the world twenty-five years ago, Break explains that Xai took his child from Rachel whilst she slept and stormed off into the stormy winter night. Break reveals to Sheryl that Xai's explanation for taking Oz was that he wanted to celebrate Oz's christening by himself - though no one knows if this is true or not. Break, admits that he doesn't like thinking about it as a possibility, but poses a question to Sheryl of whether or not Oz Vessalius is really the true firstborn of Xai Vessalius and Rachel Cecile.

Days pass, and news of the re-emergence of the Head Hunter spreads alongside the news of the destruction of the second Sealing Stone. After hearing a racket coming from outside Pandora, Break and Sharon go out to find out what's going on - only to discover an unbirthday party that's being hosted by Oscar. During the unbirthday party, Break stands by while Reim yells at him, not paying attention as his gaze locks with Echo's, stunning Echo with fear because of what happened in Sablier. Subsequently afterward, Break gets dragged into joining a group photo alongside Oz, Alice, Gil, Elliot, Leo, Oscar, Reim, Ada and Echo, taking with Oscar's prized camera in order to immortalize their time together as a group, forever.

The Feast Arc

As Rytas provided clues to point Pandora in the direction of the third Sealing Stone, Pandora extends an invitation to a foreign dignitary, and relative of the Barma Dukedom. One of the clues Rytas sent included the symbol of a small religious cult, led by the son of the man holding the most power in the Barma Dukedom's homeland, Isla Yura. Break meets Isla Yura a few days after Yura's arrival, having been summoned by Pandora as a witness, considering Yura to be quite intriguing - thinking that Yura does know something, based on his aura.

Break knows that Pandora can't make a move toward Yura without risking a war between Pandora's and Yura's countries. Thus, Break sends Gilbert to retrieve Rufus' schedule from Reim; knowing that Rufus and Yura would meet with one-another during Yura's visit in Pandora's country. Meanwhile, Break explains the situation to Oz whilst sparring with him; easily defeating Oz numerous times (making Oz question if Break truly is blind). Gil storms onto the scene, questioning what Break had done to Oz prior to tending to him, also delivering Rufus' schedule to Break after having stolen it from Reim's datebook when he was otherwise occupied. Break agrees to sneak into Rufus' villa alongside Oz, Alice and Gil, however Break knows that Rufus has set up another "game" of sorts for his own entertainment, something which Break refuses to comply with. Oz realizes Rufus' plan as well, but he agrees to disguise himself alongside Gil and Alice, while Break goes off on his own because he claims to be poor at "dancing"; Oz agreeing to dance for Break in his place.

Without Oz and Gil knowing, Alice follows Break - wanting to keep an eye on him herself. The two end up in a storage room of Rufus', only for Rufus to enter himself later and ask if it wasn't time they showed themselves as well (as Yura had already discovered Oz because of Rufus), voicing his disappointment that Break didn't don a disguise after he'd gone to the trouble of putting one out. Break simply states that he doesn't have the patience to "dance" along to Rufus' plans, revealing to Rufus that he was well aware it was all an act based on how easily they infiltrated Rufus' villa and how easily Gil obtained the schedule from Reim's datebook. Rufus asks Alice if she shouldn't return to Oz's side, and although she's reluctant at first, Break tells her that Oz is likely in trouble, prompting a hasty exit by Alice. Rufus finds Break's urging unnecessary - as Yura's an avid fanatic of Jack Vessalius, so Oz wouldn't be in danger.

In reality, Rufus had wanted Alice to leave so that he could speak alone with Break; revealing that he has information regarding the Head Hunter and a curious Chain being researched by the Nightray Dukedom, Humpty Dumpty. Break asks what Humpty Dumpty is, Rufus only asking if Break is aware of The House of Fianna - revealing that the orphanage is likely being used for Chain research, with the orphans themselves acting as lures for the Chains. Rufus admits that both the Barmas and the Rainsworths are doing similar experiments, but the Nightrays are using a certain "charm" to differentiate. Break doesn't initially understand, but Rufus explains that it's a "charm" that banishes all painful memories when it's recited after drinking a "certain liquid". Break realizes that the process is the same as forming an Illegal Contract; however what truly interests Rufus is the fact that all of the orphans are made to recite the same "charm" - meaning that all the orphans have Illegal Contracts with the same Chain.

Furthermore, Rufus reveals that he's recently discovered Arthur Barma's Memoirs, in which it states that the Baskervilles held a Chain called Humpty Dumpty can make numerous Illegal Contracts in order to slow progression of the Incuse. Additionally, Rufus reveals to Break that he's of the belief that the Head Hunter is actually the Chain known as Humpty Dumpty. Break doesn't understand why Rufus is telling him about Humpty Dumpty, but Rufus reveals that if Break finds the main Contractor and uses Mad Hatter against them, then the flow of power to the secondary Contractors would cease. Rufus wants Break to act against Humpty Dumpty because of the Nightrays, as their movements have become unreadable since Yura's arrival and he can't afford to lose his network of information, and to finally bring down the Head Hunter. Break agrees to Rufus' mission, with the two deciding that it's time they intervened between Oz, Gil, Alice and Yura.


Break (and Emily) at Oz's second Coming of Age Ceremony.

Break remains alone in the corner after everything calms down, allowing Oz to speak directly with Yura. Yura questions if Oz truly has the soul of Jack Vessalius within himself, knowing fully about Oz's troubled relationship with Xai and noting how it could've all been an act in order to obtain Xai's attention. Yura notes how if Oz can truly prove that he has the remnants of Jack's soul within him, then he'd like to invite Oz to his mansion. Using this to his advantage, Oz puts on an act by pretending to draw Jack out when he goes to stab himself with a nearby dagger, with added help from Rufus, providing an opportunity for Oz to get to Yura's mansion and search for the third Sealing Stone. Later, Oz claims to be unable to go to Yura's estate because of the failure of his Coming of Age Ceremony; and so instead, Yura invites Oz to his estate to hold an official second Coming of Age Ceremony - allowing Oz to invite as many guests from Pandora as he wants and preventing Xai's interference.

Break travels to Yura's country of origin in order to attend Oz's second Coming of Age Ceremony, alongside numerous other members of Pandora, in order to act as protection for Oz and to help search for the third Sealing Stone that Yura is rumored to possess. After he's given Oz a white feather to show he recognizes Oz's entry into society, all the guests have arrived, and Yura's attention is occupied by Oz, Reim and Break part from the crowd, with Break mentioning that he thought it would be more difficult to assemble a guest list is such a short amount of time, and that he'd thought Yura would be slightly more restricting about who he allowed into his mansion. Reim agrees, but admits that the difficult part still lies ahead - as they have to confirm Yura's possession of the third Seal while he's still occupied. Hearing this, Break tells Reim that he's incapable of reading Yura - wondering why Yura wanted to invite Oz to his estate in the first place. Rather than add an opinion, Reim asks where Sharon is, with Break explaining that Sharon's enjoying her time in society because she hasn't attended one in a long time, noting how Sharon can't attend events like this too often because her Contract has stopped her body from aging.

In turn, Reim insists that Break tell Sharon that he's losing his sight, though Break avoids the question by mentioning that Reim's last name is the French word for "Glasses". Reim demands that Break listen to him, but Break doesn't understand why he's bringing the subject up now, as even Reim had said he's against making Sharon cry. Break feels guilty, but admits that he can't tell Sharon because he can't handle the sight of her crying, not knowing what to do whenever he sees a child cry. Hearing this, Reim punches Break in the back of the head and tells him that he's a fool and that he's beginning his search for the Sealing Stone; reminding Break to stay true to his duties of protecting Oz.

Just then, Sharon finds Break and asks him to join her out on the balcony so that she can take in the evening breeze. When out on the balcony, Break asks if Sharon would like to dance, but Sharon just tells him not to be foolish, as she has to concentrate in-full so that they can ensure Oz's safety. Break questions why Sharon just doesn't sneak Equus into Yura's shadow rather than Oz's, but Sharon claims that Yura could realize Equus' presence if she's not careful, and so all they can do now is wait for Reim to report back to them. Sharon looks back into the grand hall longingly, with Break asking if she regrets forming her Contract with Equus. Sharon denies her regret, as she wanted Equus, and so she believes she's gained more than she's lost from her Contract. Break is caught off-guard by this, allowing Sharon to ask if Break would like to dance with her out on the balcony rather than in the grand hall, but Break reminds Sharon that he has no talent for dancing. Contrary to Break's objections, Sharon suggests that they use the other guests as models and practice Break's dancing and asking if it isn't embarrassing being a valet of the Four Great Dukedoms who's unable to dance. Break instead thinks of Sheryl and Reim's words about Sharon, deciding finally to tell Sharon that he's blind. Sharon's eyes begin to water, but she maintains her strength through-an-through, telling Break that they have no choice then, insisting that Break take her hand so she can teach him to dance. Break does as directed, happy to see that Sharon has grown into a strong young woman right before his eyes.

Later, Sharon and Break reunite alongside Yura, Oz, Alice and Gil, witnessing Elliot and Leo getting into a heated argument because Elliot questions Leo's connection to Isla Yura, and Leo ends up smashing a nearby vase and throws a table and chair at Elliot in frustration. After Elliot and Leo storm off in separate directions, Break tells Oz to go after Leo while he watches Yura; as he's concerned with how Leo and Yura know one-another, and Oz will have better luck than he will at getting information out of Leo. Oz agrees, but tells Break that he's doing it because he's Leo's friend, though Break reminds Oz not to forget their reasoning for being at Yura's estate. As soon as Oz leaves, Yura asks Break where Oz has gone to, though Break only smiles; not leaving Yura's side for any reason as the night carries on.

Soon enough, Sharon comes running toward Break with an urgent message, while one of Yura's valets does the same. Break asks Sharon what's wrong and if she's feeling unwell; with Sharon denying it as she whispers to Break that Oz and Leo found a headless corpse elsewhere in the mansion. Break notes how something else seems to be going on with Yura's valets, deciding to continue watching Yura whilst Sharon uses Equus to watch Oz. Sharon questions if they shouldn't bring Oz back immediately, but Break reminds Sharon that Oz isn't the kind of person who'd come quietly; as he's likely searching for clues of the murderer as they speak. Rather, Break states that they'd do better to use Oz as bait and capture the assailant when they strike.

Break and Lottie

Break confronts Lottie

Break continues to shadow Yura, Yura going with several of his valets to investigate the corpses of the Pandora members found murdered by a Chain. Soon enough, a young woman approaches Yura and demands that he take her to the third Sealing Stone. This woman is none other than Lottie, who summons Leon to knock Yura's valets unconscious. Yura responds in a fit of excitement because both Jack Vessalius and the Baskervilles are in his estate; confirming to Lottie that he does possess the Seal, but he can't simply hand it over to her because his Cult needs it for "The Feast". Lottie has Leon knock Yura unconscious seconds after he challenges her, though when she kneels down to investigate Yura, Break emerges from the shadows and holds his cane-sword to her neck.

Break reminds Lottie that they met last in Sablier, though Lottie isn't phased by Break's appearance, as reveals that she knew Break would show up eventually; asking Break to explain what he meant when he said they should be friends in Sablier. Break admits that he's glad they can communicate with one another so freely, elaborating that he thinks he and the Baskervilles should work together, as both of them have similar goals. Break's request confuses Lottie greatly, Break admitting that there's much he'd like to tell her if there's time, before telling Lottie that he knows one of the Baskervilles killed the Pandora members Yura was investigating, and that there was one other (Reim) with them. Break unsheathes his sword and declares that he may have to reconsider their friendship and rip Lottie apart depending on what happened to Reim.

Dug attacks Break

Dug attacks Break

Suddenly, Lottie and Break are surrounded by people who's identities are shrouded by crimson robes similar to the Baskervilles. Break asks if they're meant to be friends of Lottie's, but rather Lottie doesn't recognize any of the impostors around her. From his place on the ground Isla Yura smiles wickedly and states that it's about time they get The Feast underway; revealing the impostors to be members of Isla Yura's Cult. As the Cult attacks, Lottie, Leon and Break kill them all with ease, though Lottie voices her outrage as she wonders why they Cult is mimicking the Baskervilles. Break takes notice of something behind him just as Dug storms onto the scene. Dug attempts to strike Break with his mace as he grabs Lottie and asks if she's all right. Lottie confirms her condition, but warns Dug not to face Break because he can't win against him - instead Dug carries Lottie elsewhere in the mansion so that the Baskervilles can regroup.

Break shows disappointment that he didn't get the opportunity to finish his conversation with Lottie, before noticing that Yura managed to run off when the Cult attacked. Break thinks back to when Lottie questioned why the Cult was wearing the same crimson robes as the Baskervilles, regrettably thinking of how he can't distinguish colors any more. Break grits his teeth in frustration before storming off to the grand hall in order to make sure Sharon is safe.

Break Elliot 52

Break accuses Elliot of being the Head Hunter

Break doesn't manage to make it to the grand hall however, instead coming to a staircase in time to sense Vanessa Nightray's headless body topple down the stairs in front of Elliot. Seeing no other explanation, Break seizes Elliot's right arm, telling him that he'd better not resist for his own sake as he accuses Elliot of being the Head Hunter. Elliot finds the concept outrageous and asks if Break's implying he killed his own sister, which Break claims seems to be how it is - explaining that he sensed only one presence when he rushed in, which was Elliot's. As a result, Break pins both of Elliot's arms behind his back, asking Gilbert to confirm that Elliot's the Head Hunter by revealing his Incuse. Gil hesitates, prompting Break to remind him that while he holds Elliot's arms behind his back like that - neither Elliot or the orphans from the House of Fianna can use Humpty Dumpty's power. Break does admit that he'd read the situation wrong, as he'd never thought the orphans would all appear as well, and if he had known he would've told Oz immediately.

Despite Elliot's objections, Break still urges Gil to check for an Incuse on Elliot's chest, but Gil just demands that Break let Elliot go. Frustrated, Gil insists that Elliot would never become an Illegal Contractor, with Break saying that Gil should check for the Incuse then if he's so sure Elliot's not the Head Hunter. Not able to hold it back anymore, Gil starts yelling at Break as he asks why Break wants him to look for the Incuse so badly, claiming that something's not right with Break and that even though he's worried about Reim he can't do something like this to Elliot. Break simply tells Gil not to talk like he knows anything about him; leading Elliot to say that he'll look for the Incuse himself, because Break and Gil shouldn't fight at such a treacherous time.

Then, a frightened guest approaches the railing above Break, Gil and Elliot, begging them to help him as he's fleeing from someone who'd started decapitating people. Someone confronts the man from behind and cuts off his head, surprising Break as the man's head hits the stairs in front of him (as Break couldn't see the man). As the Head Hunter runs away, Break pushes Elliot down and chases after the assailant, accepting that he may have made a mistake.

Break Gil 53

Gil punches Break

Break finds the Head Hunter to be long-gone, deciding instead to investigate the body. Gil approaches Break from behind, having followed him to remind Break that he'd said Humpty Dumpty's power can't be used if he was holding Elliot that way, thus making it impossible for Elliot to be the Head Hunter. Gil then asks what it is that Break's scheming now, thinking that there has to be a reason why Break accused Elliot of being the Head Hunter and demanding that Break explain things to him; claiming that if Break would just talk to him, he may be able to help with whatever Break's dealing with. This makes Break laugh sarcastically, asking if Gil really thinks that he can be of help to him; as he sees Gil as nothing more than a spoiled brat who can't accomplish anything without Oz. In response, Gil runs up to Break and punches him in the head, finding himself surprised when Break doesn't defend himself against his punch. After massaging his head, Break beats Gil with his cane - telling Gil that he's going after the Head Hunter, while Gil should continue looking for Oz and Alice; running off before Gil can object.

When Break runs out into the hallway, he hears someone's footsteps nearby, making him wonder if he's being intentionally lead by the Head Hunter. Break decides that he'll play along with the Head Hunter's game, eventually finding that he's been lead into the darker catacombs of Yura's mansion. Here, Break hears Lily telling Reim that it's time he woke up again so that they can keep playing together. However, when Bandersnatch rushes toward Reim, Fang steps in front of him and blocks Bandersnatch with his sword, leaning downs and checks Reim's vitals, telling Lily that Reim's already dead. Having heard everything Fang said, Break slams his palm into the door frame in shock and begs Reim to answer him. Fang hadn't expected to see Break, but tells him that there's nothing he can do and asking if Break can't tell by looking at Reim that he's already died. Break slumps back on a nearby wall, summoning Mad Hatter and drawing his sword. As Break points his sword at Lily as she cries, telling Lily that he'll act as her playmate in Reim's place, beckoning Lily to him.

Immediately, Fang grabs Lily and flees, leaving Yura's mansion with Break close behind him. Lily questions why they're running away, though Fang denies that they're running away - as they're only moving somewhere that would benefit them more in battle. Break blasts onto the scene and strikes against Fang, with Fang managing to draw his sword and defend himself before any damage can be done. While locked in combat, Fang admits that he's honored, as he's always wanted to cross swords with Break in battle at least once, the two pushing off shortly after ward. Lily cries out with concern for Fang, but Fang just tells Lily to keep her distance and reminding Lily of how dangerous Mad Hatter's powers are to them. Fang rushes at Break and attempts to cut down his opponent, though Break only smiles and commends Fang on his blood lust and determination, dodging Fang's attack at the last second and embedding Fang's blade in the ground. Break slashes his sword through Fang's torso, telling Fang that he's still too slow.

Break doesn't expect Fang to retaliate, confusion setting in as Fang attacks once more. Break figures that (as his attack was most definitely fatal) this means that the Baskervilles are either tremendous healers or immortal. Bandersnatch attempts to pounce on Break from behind, but Break senses this and kicks Bandersnatch into Fang, sending both of them to collide with a nearby tree. Lily urges Fang to take time to rest, as he doesn't heal as fast as she does, turning to Break and telling him that they are going to beat the hell out of Mad Hatter and Break. Break smile, reluctantly summoning Mad Hatter in-full once again as he wonders whether he or the Baskervilles will die first. Although, Fang stops Mad Hatter by summoning Tove and having him burrow through the ground and attack Break from underground, with Tove slashing his claws through Fang's side. Fang attacks Break himself once again, having further regrouped, feverishly dodging attacks from Mad Hatter in the process. Break accepts that he's going to die, but vows to take down both Fang and Lily in the process, regretting that he couldn't grant the Intention's wish like he promised as he starts coughing up blood.

Out of nowhere, Gil kicks Break to the ground from behind, calling him an idiot for carrying on with Mad Hatter. Gil turns to the Baskervilles, shooting Lily twice, before telling Break that Oz ordered him to return to his side in ten minutes, so they need to finish with the Baskervilles quickly. Lily asks who Gil is as she cries out in pain from the bullets, with Gil claiming that he's Break's "left eye" as he summons Raven to take Mad Hatter's place in the battle against the Baskervilles.

Raven spews forth his blue flames at Fang and Lily, with Fang grabbing Lily and Tove and hurriedly running for safety, knowing that the blue flames are a danger to them. Meanwhile, Gil crafts a tourniquet for Break's wound, asking if Break's a complete idiot. Break doesn't understand how he's the idiot, as he told Gil to go to Oz, but Gil says that he doesn't have to listen to Break, reiterating that Break's an idiot by pointing out Break's physical condition. Break says that he had to fight the Baskervilles, as they're Pandora's enemies, but that's apparently not what Gil meant, as Gil was talking about how Break wasn't depending on anyone, he just fought alone and gave up. Instead of thinking about giving up, Break should be thinking about how the people he should be asking for help. Gil starts feeling exhasperated because of the strain Raven causes, only to have Break smack him with his cane for wasting the majority of his power; revealing to Gil that the Baskervilles are seemingly closer to Chains than humans, meaning that Mad Hatter will be far more effective against them than Raven. Gil tries to object, but Break states that he won't use Mad Hatter recklessly, instead planning to concentrate Mad Hatter's power to his sword so he can kill the Baskervilles with a single strike and with Gil's help.

Break Fang 56

Break kills Fang

Gil accepts, having Raven retreat into his body, although Break explains that Sharon calls him "Mr. One-Man-Show", so he doesn't know how to fight with another person, so he may end up accidentally attacking Gil instead. Gil admits that he never expected Break to fight alongside him anyway, telling Break that he'll cover his back and let Break follow his own regime. Break and Gil pursue the Baskervilles immediately afterward, with Break storming onto the scene slashing his sword at Lily and Fang, though the two manage to dodge Break's attack; leaving Lily to realize that Break's back is vulnerable. At this moment, Break is joined in battle by Gil, who covers Break's back by shooting at both Lily and Bandersnatch and isolating Fang from Lily by creating a wall of Raven's fire between the two. Break goes to finish off Lily, but before he can, Break starts coughing up blood again and giving an opportunity to Lily, who pulls out Reim's gun and aims at Break.

Unexpectedly, someone calls out to Lily from some nearby bushes, distracting Lily long enough for Break to go in for the kill. Instead, Fang strives through Raven's fire and pushes Lily out of the way, taking Break's sword through his stomach. Break and Gil watch as Fang's body starts to crumble from the effect of Mad Hatter, allowing Lottie to ride in on Leon and retrieve Lily while Sharon and representatives from Pandora approach. Break's focus is instead drawn to Reim, who had distracted Lily and saved Break's life, asking why Reim's alive. Reim, barely conscious, laughs at the fact that he could fool even Break, explaining to his friend that March Hare allows him to enter a state of hibernation that makes him appear to be dead. Sharon mentions that she's placed Equus in Ada's shadow and sent her to take refuge, so she's going to do the same for Reim. As Equus' shadows surround Reim, Break tells Reim that he's glad Reim's alive. With the Baskervilles gone, Gil tells Sharon to look after Break while he returns to Oz's side. Before Gil leaves, Break calls to Gil and tells him to be wary, as it's likely that Vincent is working alongside the Baskervilles.

Sharon supports Break as the two of them continue back inside of Yura's mansion, arriving in the underground temple of the third Sealing Stone after Yura's and Humpty Dumpty's deaths. Break tells Gilbert that all the floors above them are engulfed in flames, Sharon urging the survivors to escape through Equus. Gilbert is concerned about Sharon's safety if she remains in the mansion while everyone escapes through Equus, but Break assures Gil that there has to be another escape route and that he'll stay with Sharon to keep her safe. Suddenly, Leo's screams rebound throughout the underground temple, with the group finding him crying hysterically over Elliot's corpse. With no time left, Sharon has everyone evacuate through Equus, with the survivors staring hollowly at what remains of Yura's estate.

Jack's Intention Arc

Break and Sharon

Break leans on Sharon as he accepts his hopelessness

Upon returning to their own country, Break willingly accepts the fact that he needs rest in order to recover, falling into a continuous cycle of sleep that lasts several days. When Break finally awakens, more than a week has passed and Sharon storms into the room as soon as she finds out Break's awake. Break asks Sharon if Reim is okay after his encounter with the Baskervilles, but Sharon assures Break that Reim's stable despite the fact that he's still unconscious. Sharon then notices that Break's sulking, though Break denies it he admits that he feels weak and pathetic whenever he thinks back to what happened at Isla Yura's mansion; because Sharon, Reim and Gilbert all chastised him. Sharon is shocked that Break only realized that he's graceless now, explaining that with how Break tries to act strong and independent he manages to do everything that opposes gracefulness. Hearing this, Break starts laughing uncontrollably, resting his head on Sharon's shoulder as he claims that he's hopeless, asking her if he can be a good-for-nothing a little while longer.

Suddenly, Sharon receives word through Equus that Leo, Vincent and Echo have made contact with Oz, Gil and Alice (who were being used by Rufus as bait in Reveil). After discovering through Sharon of Leo's connection to Glen Baskerville, Vincent being the Head Hunter and Bernard Nightray's assassination, Break gets dressed with a sense of urgency, rushing out through Pandora with Sharon in tow. While traversing Pandora, Break tells Sharon the wish of the Intention of the Abyss and how he wants to grant her wish by destroying her and thereby saving herself and Alice. Hearing this angers Sharon, as she doesn't understand why Break would keep his objective secret up until now; though Break explains that his objective goes against Pandora's own and would likely result in his execution if Pandora knew of it. Sharon accepts this, but wants to know why Break felt the need to tell her his objective all of a sudden. As a result, Break quotes Sharon from earlier when she was scolding him for his reckless independence, admitting that he needs help. Break also says that too much has happened while he was unconscious; asking Sharon for an update on what Leo and Oz are doing.

Sharon has Equus reveal to her that Oz and Leo are just talking casually with one another, noting how Pandora has likely already surrounded Oz, Alice and Gil while they wait to strike against Leo, Vincent and Echo. Sharon also mentions that Oz wanted her to stay out of his interactions with Leo until there's no other option but for her to intervene, stating that she'll bring Oz, Alice and Gil back to Pandora through Equus as soon as emergency strikes. Break, having known that he and Sharon are being followed, takes notice of someone watching them from around the corner, pivoting as he agrees with Sharon, in an attempt to catch the person watching himself and Sharon. The person watching Sharon and Break manages to escape before being exposed, leading Break to commend his reflexes and leaving Sharon confused as to what Break's doing. Break asks if Sharon hadn't noticed that they're being followed - assuming that it was likely one of Rufus' valets, and commenting that he's getting a bad feeling about everything that's happening. Changing the subject, Sharon tells Break that they need to find Sheryl, as they were supposed to inform her of when Oz was approached by Leo, unsure of where Sheryl could have disappeared to. Break voices that he wants to go and "play" with Oz too, but Sharon tells him that he can't; reminding Break of how she'd told him that one of the Sealing Stones is located within Pandora somewhere and that they're meant to do everything in their power to protect it. Break thinks of how it makes enough sense that Pandora should focus on the closest Sealing Stone, but doesn't know why he feels as though "alarm bells are ringing" within his head. 

A large crash echoes across Pandora, prompting Break and Sharon to rush out to the flower garden to find black feathers swirling around the air, and Sheryl lying bleeding in the center of a crater. Immediately, Break, Sharon and numerous Pandora attendants tend to Sheryl, with Sheryl apologizing for being caught off-guard, allowing herself to be attacked by Rufus and letting him steal the Rainsworths' Key. Sheryl gives Sharon a thread that was spun by Owl and leads directly to Rufus, with Break going ahead and following the thread; seeking revenge against Rufus for harming Sheryl, and betraying Pandora by aligning himself with the Baskervilles.

Break vs Barma

Break attacks Rufus

Rushing after the Baskervilles, Break draws his sword and doesn't hesitate to attack Rufus upon finding him and the Baskervilles outside of the temple of the fourth Sealing Stone, although Rufus manages to defend himself with his bladed fan. Break admits that he's incredibly disappointed with Rufus, pushing off with his sword as he explains that he'd never thought that Rufus would dare attack Sheryl. Rufus is surprised that Break isn't more enraged about the fact that he's with the Baskervilles, continuing to say that Pandora will soon collapse and so by choosing to serve the more powerful side, he's ensuring that the Barma Dukedom will live on. Break and Rufus continue to spar, while the Baskervilles continue inside the temple when Pandora manages to catch up with them.

Soon, Break manages to disarm Rufus, retrieving Sheryl's Earrings (the vessel of the Key to the Abyss) and pinning Rufus against a nearby tree, holding his sword to Rufus' throat. Suddenly, screams of agony echo throughout the temple, making Rufus laugh as he assumes that the screams belong to Gilbert, meaning that the body part that lied within the fourth Sealing Stone was Oswald's head. Break is shocked, asking what Rufus means, as Jack's body was supposed to have been used to create the Sealing Stones, asking what information Rufus is keeping to himself. Rufus is hesitant, but tells Break that he had finished decoding Arthur Barma's Memoirs a few days ago. Rufus explains that the final chapter of Arthur's Memoirs included his confession and guilt, with Rufus learning the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier and that Jack wasn't truly the hero they'd thought he was.

Hearing this, Break leaves Rufus and rushes into the temple and asks Gilbert what had happened (as numerous Pandora members are dead and the fourth Seal is destroyed) and where Oz is, having thought that Oz was with Gilbert. Without warning Rufus comes up from behind Break and puts an end to Break's attempt to find Oz, summoning Dodo and having him pin Break to the ground. Rufus tells Break that it's time for him to pay for the information he'd been given, stomping on Break's torso to force him to release Sheryl's Earrings. As Rufus reaches down for Sheryl's Earrings, he notices Oswald's head sitting on the floor, prompting him to address the Baskervilles and what remains of Pandora. Rufus tells everyone that Jack had clearly not used his body to create the Sealing Stones, that being a lie he crafted to cover up his dreadful acts, having been the one who caused the Tragedy of Sablier.

Dodo feels Mad Hatter's power

Break uses Mad Hatter to escape Dodo

Then, an explosion can be heard from outside of Pandora. Lottie asks Rufus what's going on, and if he knew that Oswald's body was used to craft the Sealing Stones. Rufus explains that he'd only discovered the truth a few days ago, but didn't disclose the information because he ad no real proof. From here, Break remains pinned under Dodo's foot as Rufus explains how Jack caused the Tragedy of Sablier and manipulated Arthur Barma into helping him cover up his sins. Though there are many objections to Jack's disloyalty, soon everyone is able to accept the truth that Jack is a traitor to the balance of the Abyss. A blast of sound and light ascends into the sky, Break knowing that he needs to take action and stop Jack from bringing about another Tragedy.

Break slams his palm into the ground, telling Dodo to get out of the way as he has Mad Hatter attack the Black Winged Chain. Reviewing everything that's happened as of late (specifically with Gilbert being a Baskerville and storming off to find Oz) Break ultimately decides that he can't let Gilbert get to Oz, rushing out of the temple in an attempt to reach Oz before it's too late. Unfortunately however, Break arrives too late, witnessing Gilbert shooting Oz as per Oswald's orders. Break intervenes immediately afterward, running past Alice when she tries to reach Oz; ordering her to take care of Oz while he keeps the Baskervilles at bay.when Alice finally reaches Oz, Oz tells her that she cannot stay by his side any longer, finally casting away her soul (as Alice has been deceased for more than 100 years and her only means of existence was clinging to Oz's power, as he is the true B-Rabbit). Suddenly, Alice's body starts to fade away into particles of light.

At this point, Rufus intervenes and battles with Break once again. As Break starts to get exhausted, Sharon comes to join Break in his fight, with Break telling Sharon to get Oz to safety using Equus. Sharon starts to summon Equus, but before Equus can appear, Rufus throws down Sheryl's Earrings and summons Dodo to destroy them, and thus destroying the Key to the Abyss they held. Immediately after the destruction of Sheryl's Earrings, Break and Sharon lose the ability to access Mad Hatter and Equus and are apprehended by the Baskervilles; leading to Break's imprisonment in Pandora's dungeons.

Three days pass, and while Break is locked in his cell, he hears an earthquake rumble across the country as a result of Count Airy's Sealing Stone finally being broken. While pondering what is going on with Pandora, Lily peaks around the corner and tells Break that it serves him right to be imprisoned. Lily adds that above them, Oz is just about to be executed, and that as soon as that's done with she's going to ask Oswald to execute Break as well. Despite Lily's claim that he's to be executed as well, Break is more fixated on the fact that Oz is going to be executed. Break calms down, telling Lily that it really is too bad, because if Oz doesn't get executed then she won't get the chance to watch his own execution. Break elaborates that even though Gilbert remembers everything, he's still ready and willing to stand by Oz's side, and so he has no further reason to worry. Soon, a thundering disruption can be heard from above, with Lily frantically asking what's going on. Break simply smiles and claims that it appears that Gilbert is causing much more of a scene than he'd anticipated.

Just then, another Baskerville approaches Break's cell, ordering Lily to hurry and join Lottie and the others, as something may have happened to Oswald during that chaotic disruption. Meanwhile, Break thinks of how he hopes Oz and Gilbert managed to escape Pandora, coughing up mass amounts of blood shortly afterwards. This sparks Lily's attention, Lily asking Break if he's dying, however, Break tells Lily not to make him laugh and assures Lily that his time hasn't come yet.

81 - 2

Vincent taking out his rage on Break

Without warning, Vincent approaches Break's cell from behind Lily after having knocked out the other Baskerville in Pandora's dungeons. Lily questions what Vincent's doing there, wondering if he's all right (as he's soaking wet), though Vincent doesn't answer. Instead, Vincent summons Demios and has her cut through the bars of Break's cell so that he can enter. Break smiles and asks what brings Vincent to Pandora's dungeons, and once again Vincent doesn't directly answer Break, but instead starts punching Break in the face. Vincent tells Break that he doesn't understand why Gil would do something so reckless or say the things Gil had said to him (Gil had Raven sever his left arm and told Vincent that he was happy to regain him memories so that he could face Vincent the way he was always meant to). Lily tries to ask Vincent what's gotten into him, but Vincent just lifts Break's head by his hair, with Break teasing Vincent and asking if Gilbert had ditched him. Vincent punches Break in the ribs and demands that he shuts up, although when he goes to continue beating on Break, Dug intervenes. Dug is surprised by Vincent's actions, telling Vincent that Oswald has summoned him and that he needs to go to Pandora grand hall immediately.

Swan Song Arc

Long after Dug has taken Vincent to Pandora's grand hall, Lily revisits Break in Pandora's dungeons. On first observation, Lily questions if Break is dead, stepping through the hole in bars Vincent had Demios create for further inspection. Unfortunately for Lily, Break was only pretending to be unconscious, leading him to kick Lily across his cell when Lily gets within range of him. Lily voices her surprised that Break is still alive, prompting Break to reveal that he was pretending to be unconscious because he had intended on retaliating against Vincent if he reappeared. Changing the subject, Lily tells Break that she'd brought something that's very important to him as she pulls Emily out from behind her back urging Break to look; though Break bluntly tells Lily that he's blind. This shocks Lily, and although she sympathizes Break's hardship, Lily accepts that she really has no other option. Lily approaches Break once more, asking if he can see Emily now, only to subsequently be kicked across the cell once again by Break.

At this moment, Dug and another Baskerville arrive outside of Break's cell. Lily runs into Dug's arms, explaining to him that Bandersnatch had gone to the trouble of picking Emily up for Break. Lily carries on about how she'd attempted to rub out all of the tooth marks left behind, because she'd heard that Emily's important to Break and so she wanted to tear Emily apart in front of Break. Dug is surprised to hear from Lily that Break is blind. Dug and his Baskerville companion release Break from his shackles, telling him that he'd better not put up a fight, though Break claims that he'd be unable to even if he wanted to.

Dug comments on how thin Break is when he throws Break over his shoulder, though Break just tells Dug to shut up and asks where he's being taken to. Dug explains that the Baskervilles are meant to round up Break, Sharon and Sheryl in the same place and then execute them one-by-one until Oz returns to Pandora. Break expected that Oz would escape, however he is absolutely stunned to hear that Oscar was killed in the process of helping Oz, Gil and Alice escape Pandora. Afterwards, Break loses consciousness, remembering his interactions with Shelly when he first joined the Rainsworth Dukedom, talking in his sleep and mentioning Shelly's name a loud, something which confuses Lily greatly.

Upon reaching the grand hall, Dug throws Break on the ground and asks his colleagues if all of the prisoners have been gathered, which is confirmed. As soon as Break hits the ground, Sharon runs over to Break's side and begs him to hold on; though Sharon is not expecting to be followed by Lily. Lily questions if Shelly is someone who's important to Break because he'd been calling out Shelly's name earlier. Sharon doesn't answer, shocked and confused that a Baskerville would bring up her mother, and so Sheryl confirms Lily's suspicions by explaining that Shelly was Sharon's mother, her daughter and that she had died long ago.

Break Sharon Mad Hatter - 87 - 3

Break regains use of Mad Hatter

Suddenly, a Baskerville runs up to Break and punches him to the ground. Dug tries to object, but the Baskerville just states that there's no reason for them to wait until the scheduled time and that it'd be best if they just execute Break now; justifying that Break has already killed numerous Baskervilles. Hearing this, Lily adds that Break is the one who killed Fang, leading the Baskerville to kick Break in the stomach. Other Baskervilles block Sharon as she tries to stop the attack, while the Baskerville leading the attack openly questions why a Chain-killing Chain like Mad Hatter even exists. This prompts Break to remember Shelly, as well as his interactions with the Intention of the Abyss, kneeling as he decides that he can't allow himself to die yet.

Sharon manages to break free from her confines and jump in front of Break as three Baskervilles surround him. However, one of the Baskervilles orders Sharon out of the way, slapping her to the ground for her defiance. This enrages Break, and suddenly he feels something change within him, as he regains the use of Mad Hatter once again (as Reim uses the Rainsworth Key to remove the suppression on the Rainsworth Chains that Rufus instated). Break immediately uses Mad Hatter's power to kill the Baskerville who slapped Sharon, standing as he summons Mad Hatter in-full. Sharon's confused by Mad Hatter's sudden appearance, Break explaining that he can only assume that it's because of something that Rufus did without considering the situations that it would put everyone else in.


Break battles an Unnamed Bird Chain

Either way, Break picks up a nearby sword and concentrates some of Mad Hatter's power in it so that he can dive into battle with the Baskervilles immediately. With his first target, Break easily manages to avoid his opponent's strikes and soon slicing through the Baskerville's torso - killing him. Another Baskerville summons their Chain, with Break severing one of the Chain’s vine-like appendages before calling upon Mad Hatter once again. Mad Hatter generates and fires black beams of energy, which hits few Baskervilles and manages to kill the Chain Break was facing off against. During the Baskervilles’ frantic attempts to escape Mad Hatter’s power, Break manages to impale and kill another Baskerville.

Yet another Baskerville attempts to kill Break with his battle axe, Break dodging the attack and allowing the battle axe to embed into the floor, where Break stomps his foot down on it to keep it in place. Afterwards, Break removes his sword from the corpse it’s in, turning and decapitating his assailant. When Break allows the headless corpse to fall, Sharon attempts to warn Break as Dug draws his mace and attacks. Break recognizes Dug from the second Coming of Age Ceremony; surprised by Dug's speed, considering his size. Break avoids Dug’s mace repeatedly, leaving Dug to destroy stone pillars throughout the room in the process. While fleeing Dug’s attacks, Break overhears Lily mention that she fears Oswald’s safety in Sablier with Rufus. Break questions what purpose Oswald and Rufus could have in Sablier, but Break’s body starts to react to his sudden use of Mad Hatter before he can consider the possibilities. 

Break Dug - 87 - 1

Break fights Dug

Equus steps in front of Break when he starts to grip his sides in pain, taking over Break’s fight with Dug while Sharon wraps her arms around Break from behind. Sharon begs Break not to use Mad Hatter’s power any more, as she’s worried that it may lead to his death. Rather than worry about himself, Break asks where Sharon was hit. Sharon points to here head in confusion, and Break examines the wound before to turning toward the Baskervilles and stating that he won’t let them get away with harming Sharon. Lottie steps forward and orders her fellow Baskervilles to stay away from Break, as if they just keep their distance he’ll wear himself out and die soon enough, leading Break to realize the dangerous situation he's in. From across the room, Sheryl asks if he’s ready, as she’s going to buy him some minimal time and asking if it will be enough for Break to make his move; which Break confirms. Sheryl summons Owl and has him release his black haze over the Baskervilles, taking away their ability to hear and see their surroundings.

Whilst the Baskervilles are blind, Break runs through the crowd and impales every Baskerville he can (missing Lottie and Lily, as Dug covers them to ensure their safety). Owl fades back into Sheryl’s body, prompting Sheryl to apologize for not being able to do anything more for Break though he’s not concerned, claiming that he and Sharon can handle the rest. Then, another Baskerville approaches Break and Sharon, calling them bastards in order to get their attentions. Seeing the Baskerville, Sharon’s confused to see Echo acting so rashly, leading to the revelation that Noise is in possession of Echo’s body. Noise orders Break not to come any closer to her, lifting Ada’s unconscious body out from under her robes and threatening to kill her if he did. Without thinking, Xai comes out of hiding, unable to contain his concern for his daughter. Unbeknownst to Xai, Noise was only using Ada to draw him out, having Duldum bind Xai with her strings. Noise admits that she’s rather surprised to see that Xai truly cares for Ada, all while summoning Gryphon using Xai. Noise forces Gryphon to carry the two of them, Ada, Lottie, Dug and Lily to Sablier, with Break not being able to reach Gryphon in time to stop their escape. Another earthquake shakes Reveil, Break noting how it differs from the earthquakes that preceded this one. 

After the remaining Baskervilles have all fled and Pandora floods into the grand hall to tend to Sheryl's needs, Break leans against a nearby wall rather than going to rest like Sharon had told him to do. Sharon returns to Break's side, peeved that he's not resting, in order to return his coat and sword to him. Although, before Break can accept his things from Sharon, Sheryl has one of Rufus' valets carry her over to Break and Sharon. Sheryl mentioning that there's somewhere they need to go before they travel to Sablier, and that they need to leave immediately. Without warning Break collapses as Sheryl summons Owl, having Owl shape shift into a more monstrous form. Sheryl, Sharon and Rufus' valet load onto Owl's back, carrying the unconscious Break with them and leaving without hesitation to Lutwidge Academy.

Reim, Sheryl, Sharon and Rufus' valet arrive at Lutwidge soon after they depart, intercepting Reim and Turner as they prepared to leave to search for Break and the others. Break's put to bed for rest as soon as they arrive, with Break dreaming that he's drowning in darkness during this time. As Break reaches forward to save himself, Reim grabs his hand and greets Break when he finally regains consciousness. Break is confused by Reim's presence and asks where he is, to which Reim reveals that they're currently at Lutwidge Academy. Reim adds that Oz, Alice, Gil, Sheryl, Sharon and himself intend on going to Sablier to stop Oswald, and that Break should get some more rest before they depart. Reim brings up Break's confrontation with the Baskervilles and is asked by Break if he was worried about him; though Reim claims that there was no need, as Break always manages to get out of trouble somehow. In-turn, Break states that they haven't talked so casually since The Feast at Isla Yura's mansion. With his hand hanging in the air, Break asks Reim if his hand is truly moving, and that since they're talking it means he can't be dead. Reim confirms Break's questions, coming to terms with the fact that Break's eyes can't see anything at all anymore.

89 - 9

Break and Emily finally reunite

Suddenly, Alice bursts through the door and relishes in Break's weakened state, despite Sharon, Oz and Gil's best efforts to stop her. Soon enough, Gil manages to drag Alice out (with additional aid from threats administered by Sharon), though Oz closes the door behind the two, noticing that Break is staring at him. Oz questions what's wrong, though Break states that he's only thinking of how wonderful youth is; revealing to Oz his complete blindness in the process. This prompts Break to stand up from his bed, and ask Oz the same question he'd asked months before: "Where in the world are you?". After hearing Oz's response, Break ruffles Oz's hair and tells him that he's become quite a 'cheeky kid' before locking Oz out of his room. With Oz gone, Break tells Reim that adults truly can't feel down with brats like Oz always around them. Break lays back in his bed and says that he can't understand why Oz's words keep echoing in his head; his eyes seeing only darkness but Oz's light still somehow managing to reach him.

Having recovered enough, Break puts on his coat in preparation for the groups trip to Sablier. At this moment, Sharon sneaks into Break's room and tells Break that she never got the chance to return something else to him at Pandora, returning Emily to him. Break is shocked and rejoices over the fact that Lily left Emily behind, returning his companion to his shoulder. Sheryl pipes up suddenly, noting how Break's regained his composure, how they have all exchanged information, and how she's finished her wonderful cup of tea - wondering if it's about time that she, Oz, Alice, Gilbert, Sharon, Break and Reim leave for Sablier; which Oz enthusiastically confirms.

92 Gil Break

Gil, angry with Break for withholding information about Zwei

Before they leave for Sablier, Break stops everyone and extends an apology to Oz and Gilbert, having always known about the connection between Echo and Noise, but he never said anything. Sheryl attempts to stop Break's "coming clean", but Break just carries on, admitting that if he'd said something sooner, Oscar might still be alive. Hearing this enrages Gil, who grabs Break by his shirt and demands to know why he stayed quiet about Echo and Noise for so long.

Sheryl has Reim bring her over to Gil so that she can explain that she's the one who ordered Break to keep the information to himself. She did this because she knew that Vincent was working apart from Pandora and she wanted to leave the matter untouched so that she could study his actions. Elaborating, Sheryl reveals that she knew that if she told them all about Echo and Noise then it would've been difficult for them to act naturally around Echo, which would've ruined her attempt to use their relationship. Thus, Sheryl states that if anyone should be blamed for Oscar's death, it's herself, because she made Break stay mum about the existence of Zwei.

Gil scoffs with outrage upon hearing Sheryl's revelation, but Oz orders him to stop. Confused, Gil asks why Oz is trying to defend the Rainsworths, because if they'd said something earlier maybe Oscar's death could've been prevented. To answer Gil's question, Oz reminds everyone of what Break said after their first encounter with Rufus at the opera house in Reveil: "There's no way of knowing", with Oz voicing his like-mindedness on the matter. With the quarreling smoothed out, Sheryl summons Owl and has her change into her larger form. Break, Sheryl, Oz, Sharon, Reim, Gil and Alice file onto Owl's back so that Owl can fly them to Sablier.

Once in Sablier, Break asks Sharon if she'd like a run-down of the situation quickly before they disembark, which Sharon agrees to. As such, Break explains that numerous openings to The Path have started opening in the sky of Sablier. With The Path opened, Chains are flooding out into the streets. As Break helps her off of Owl, Sharon notes how horrible it all seems, asking if it was because of Jack's severing of the Chains, which Break confirms.

Sheryl (being carried by Reim) interrupts Break and Sharon, asking if she can speak with Break alone briefly; sending Oz, Alice and Gil to deal with the Chain invasion to achieve her privacy. Once alone, Sheryl tells Break to make sure that he never takes his eyes off of Oz. Reim had told her that Rufus only kept Oz alive because he saw the potential of using Oz's power as B-Rabbit. Although Sheryl claims that the Rainsworths are going to attempt everything necessary in order to maintain their world, and if they need Oz's power in order to do that then they'll support him the best that they can.

However, according to Rufus Oz's powers are what nearly destroyed the world 100 years ago. As such, Sheryl orders Break to kill Oz immediately if he ever shows the inability to control his powers. Break accepts his burden simply, which confuses Sheryl at first. Break reveals to Sheryl how he'd actually intended on killing Oz since the very beginning; thinking back to the time when he said Oz had three futures laid out for him: allowing the Incuse to progress fully, search for a way to save himself or death upon finding his "truth".

90 - Break

Break is loses his sword

Sheryl sends Break on his way, now with his task in-hand, finding Oz and Gil being attacked by a Card. Break rushes in immediately and decapitates the Card with his sword, only to lose it shortly there afterward. This worries Break, picking it up as Oz comes to thank him for his assistance. Oz notices that Break had initially lost his sword, though Break assures him that there's nothing wrong and tells Oz to be more careful because anything could happen now that they're approaching the middle of the fray.

Break, Oz, Gil, Alice and Sharon continue through the black city of Sablier in The Hole, Gil noting how thick the fog is, which means that no one can stray from the group. Gil suggests that they head for the heart of the city, using the clock tower as their landmark. Without warning, the clock tower tolls, putting everyone on-edge, except for Oz. To relieve the tension, Oz perks up and suggests that they have a tea party when they get back home. Confusion spreads because of Oz's sudden suggestion, though ultimately everyone admits that it's a great idea to have another Unbirthday party as celebration when they get back home.

Gil walks up to Oz and ruffles his hair in order to comfort Oz, who is still depressed about Oscar's death (which he was reminded of when he brought up how he wants to pursue photography). Break can't help but laugh after hearing Oz's wish, making Oz defensive because he was being serious. Break just brushes it off and states that either way, that joy will allow him to live longer. Hearing this makes Sharon note how Break's been sounding like an old man a lot lately, prompting Break to jokingly ask Sharon to let him be.

90 - Break Sablier

Break enters the Courtroom Dimension

Suddenly, the black fog thickens around the ground, separating them from one-another, prompting Break to complain about how easily they were separated. Hearing the tolling of the bells from the clock tower directly above him, Break decides that he just needs to somehow decipher where he is exactly. As the tolling continues, Break starts to cough and sway warily, eventually finding himself seemingly falling down a hole that has been warped in the streets of Sablier. Break stabs his sword into the ground in order to prevent himself from losing his way.

Once things seem to have settled, Break stands and walks once again, finding himself shaky and weak. Noticing that the tolling has stopped, Break wonders if he's been taken somewhere else in Sablier again. Break questions where he is; as the atmosphere has changed and he now appears to be in some kind of wide enclosed space. Finally, Break admits that the room he's in feels similar to the chamber leading to the Rainsworth's Door to the Abyss, but it's almost like the air around him is writhing. Then, Break finds himself on a flight of stairs, face-to-face with Vincent, both extremely confused by the others' presence. Oswald approaches after noticing Break, surprised to see that Break followed them despite how close he is to death. Break finally realizes that Oswald's in front of him as well, angrily exclaiming the name Glen Baskerville as he prepares for a battle.

Break calls out to Oswald, only to realize that someone is shooting at him. Managing to evade the bullets, Break angrily blames Vincent. Vincent asks if the fact that Break moved out of the way of the bullets means that he's not an illusion created by the Abyss. With this in mind, Vincent demands that Break tell him why he's come, calling him nothing more than a nuisance. Rather than answer, Break claims that he's the one who should be asking the questions here, wondering what kind of place he's in as he notes that something about the room isn't right. At first, Vincent doesn't know what Break means, but then he remembers that Break's blind, revealing that he'd heard about Break's blindness from Rufus Barma. In the end, Vincent states that it's truly amazing and that blindness suits Break well.

Vincent decides to tell Break that they're in the chamber of the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss, though once he witnesses Break's disbelief on the matter, Vincent is forced to wonder if Break is really blind, descending a staircase as he mocks Break by saying that he was actually pretending, saying that it has nothing to do with Break either way. Just then, Oswald orders Vincent to return to his side when the other Jurors begin to arrive. For the most part, Break stands by as Jury explains how The Jurors monitor numerous worlds as "stories", each which will eventually come to their natural end and be included in their archives. The purpose of The Juror's in to create different branching points to allow different results to be produced and eventually lead to a unique ending.

In the end, Jury and her council of Jurors decide against allowing Oswald to travel into the past to save the world, as the world's destruction is its natural end. The Jurors are thrown into chaos however, when Oswald begins using Vincent's power as a Child of Ill Omen (a distortion created by the Abyss outside of the Jurors' consent) to harm Jury - as the only thing capable of doing so in her dimension.

Soon after, Break charges toward Oswald and attacks him. Though Oswald manages to fend off Break's attacks (which Break thinks is because he's using Leo's body), when Jury goes to speak again, Oswald breaks away from his fight with Break and stabs Jury in the eye with Elliot's rapier. Oswald questions why Break is getting involved, as Break had earlier said that the world should die as it's meant to. Break confirms that he'd said that before, but that it would be problematic if Oswald changes the past as he considers the world to be a place that should never be touched by human hands. As such, Break declares that he won't allow Oswald to change the past on his watch.

92 - Demios, Break, Juror

Break vs Demios and a Juror

Stepping forward, Vincent orders Break to shut up, as changing the past would save more than it would destroy; asking what part of that sounds so wrong to him. Break's rage begins to boil within him, noting his surprise as he wonders when Vincent became such a philanthropist. Break then tells Vincent that what he's saying is nothing more than an excuse, as he demands to know what it is that Vincent's really after. Vincent clenches his jaw and summons Demios to silence Break. In retaliation, Break uses Mad Hatter to defend himself, explaining that Noise took Ada and Xai as her captives as she traveled to Sablier to come and reunite with Vincent. Break can't help but wonder how all that turned out, asking if Vincent didn't actually know about Noise's rash actions. Vincent grinds his teeth and looks away, asking Break why he should know anything about that, as he has nothing to do with them.

In the meantime, The Jurors have stood from their seats and are distressed over Oswald's attack against Jury, and the fact that he has sent Jabberwock to further the chaos. Break and Vincent continue to fight one another, as well as The Juror who came between them. Oswald then orders Vincent to hold out his hand, after which Oswald takes his grasp and directs Vincent's power into Elliot's black-bladed rapier in order to break through The Juror's chains and open the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss. The Jurors become hysterical over their failure, and Vincent asks for confirmation that they'll be able to change the past after stepping through the Door to the Abyss. Oswald confirms Vincent's concern as Jury's courtroom crumbles around them and reveals the staircase to the open Door.

92 - Oswald, Break

Oswald vs Break

Bearing witness to the courtrooms destruction, Break decides that he'll have to try and keep Oswald confined to their dimension until Oz arrives and manages to stop Oswald. Aware of Break's intention, Oswald turns to Break while protecting Vincent, explaining that because Break isn't a Baskerville his power as a Child of Ill Omen is much weaker than Vincent's own, but it's the reason he over looked Break's presence. Break then engages Oswald in battle once more, while Oswald continues to explain how Break had been overlooked as a Child of Ill Omen for that very reason; asking if Break actually intends to hasten his death even more so. Just then, Oswald finds an opening and manages to push Break back into the Juror's desk behind him.

Break sighs, coughing as several of The Jurors surround him and openly apologizes to Sheryl, as he's been going against her orders all along because he couldn't kill Oz. Break remembers how Oz wanted to have another tea party after they were done dealing with Oswald, unable to understand how Oz can think of such a bright future so naturally. Even so, Break couldn't help but feel happy, because it didn't matter that they all knew that the day they planned where they would all gather together and enjoy themselves would likely never come.

92 - Break, Oswald

Break severs Leo's hand while Leo distracts Oswald in his subconscious

Break gathers some strength and rushes to stop Oswald from granting Vincent's wish by erasing his entire existence from the world. Break leaps in front of Vincent, pushing him out of the way and extending his sword to block the oncoming strike from Oswald. However, on impact Break's sword shatters and Oswald buries Elliot's black-bladed rapier into Break's left shoulder. Leo intervenes suddenly before Oswald can do too much damage to Break, pouncing on Oswald and wrapping his arms around his waist within Leo's subconscious. Leo speaks to Vincent through his body, asking how Vincent would dare die without his permission. Oswald manages to throw Leo off of him, charging back to the helm, all whilst Break regains his composure and what remains of his sword. Break charges at Oswald, having concentrated Mad Hatter's power to his blade, and slices off Leo's hand in order to stop Oswald.

With Leo preoccupying Oswald, Break laughs as he falls to the ground to cough up blood - leading Vincent to question why he would intervene in such a way. Break justifies that he was stopping Oswald, but Vincent outright denies that Break should've intervened because he believes he was meant to die instead. Hearing this, Break grabs Vincent by his shirt and headbutts him, stepping back to remind Vincent that by allowing himself to die like that he's only saving the past, while his future won't be able to proceed. Break adds that no matter how far into the past Vincent reaches out, his future won't be there, but numerous Jurors come up behind Break and distract Vincent. Oswald cuts all The Jurors down, but he ultimately decides that he's losing too much time, and so Oswald carries on through the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss, while Jabberwock covers his escape.

Vincent calls out to Oswald in an attempt to make him wait, remembering his vow to protect Leo, chasing after him through the Door into the past. Break attempts to stop Vincent, but begins coughing up more blood before he can make an impact on the situation, asking for a little more time to stop Oswald before his death. Jabberwock fades back into Oswald's body, and Break collapses to the ground in a coughing fit. Throughout the room, The Jurors speak to one-another of how they can't interfere with this "story" anymore, and how an irregularity may be being created. Together The Jurors decide that the "story" will continue way it is, and that they will have to ascertain the conclusion, with all The Jurors disappearing at once and leaving Break alone in their Courtroom Dimension.

Suddenly, Break hears someone mention how he and Sharon hadn't arrived yet; a voice which Break identifies as Oz's. Break realizes that Oz is on the other side of the wall and that he was only allowed to enter the Courtroom Dimension because of his powers as a Child of Ill Omen. As Break staggers towards the wall of the courtroom, he apologizes to the Intention of the Abyss, because he now no longer has enough energy left to grant her wish. However, Break asks that at the very least, the Intention allow him to gather what life he has left so that he can send Oz and the others on the path that they need to follow.

92 Break, Oz, Gil, Alice + Ada

Break pulls Oz, Gil, Alice and Ada into the Courtroom Dimension

Reaching through, Break uses his powers as a Child of Ill Omen to break through the wall of the Courtroom Dimension and pull Oz, Alice, Gil and Ada in. Oz, Alice, and Gil frantically ask questions of Break, though Break wastes no time and explains that Oz needs to hurry, because Oswald has used the Door to the Abyss and headed into the past with Vincent. Break orders Oz to follow Oswald and Vincent, asking if he's right to assume that he'd come to do that which only he can do. Confirming this, Oz takes action and tells Alice, Ada and Gil to hurry up and follow him so they can stop Oswald. To everyone's surprise, Break says that he's going to stay behind, justifying that he still has to search for Sharon as well as prevent anyone else from going through the Door to the Abyss. As everyone figures out what Break means, Oz clenches his fists and struggles to confirm that he understands, with Break bidding them a final farewell as they leave.

92 Break's death with Reim and Sharon

Break dies in Sharon and Reim's arms

Once alone, the courtroom continues to crumble around Break because of the hole he shattered in it; mentioning to himself that the final curtain that had been drawn for him was far more than anything he might've deserved. Break finally collapses at the foot of the staircase leading to the Door to the Abyss, opening his eyes only after hearing Lily's giggle and Sharon call out his name. Break sees Sharon, Reim, Lottie, Dug and Lily enter the courtroom and run towards him and attempts to stand, only to collapse once again.

This time Sharon and Reim manage to catch Break though, leading Break to reveal to them that he doesn't want to die yet. Break thinks to himself about how it seems as though he's done enough if he reviews his life, calling Sharon and Reim awful because he'd thought he'd be able to die alone after such a long and treacherous struggle. Break recalls some of Shelly's last words to him, vocally confirming that he'll follow her orders and concerning both Sharon (who's been reduced to tears) and Reim. Finally, Break mentally asks that no matter what lies a head for Oz, Alice, Gil and Ada, that the end of their stories be filled with a soft and gentle light of hope just like the sunny days he used to spend with Shelly, dying in Sharon and Reim's arms.