This article is about the 15th episode of the anime. You may be looking for the 20th chapter of the manga.
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Who killed poor Alice?


Ta ga Tame no Kotoba
Air Date July 9, 2009
Episode 15
Opening Song Parallel Hearts
Ending Song Watashi wo Mitsukete
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Who killed poor Alice? is the 15th episode of the Pandora Hearts anime. It first aired on July 9, 2009.


After seeing a murdered Alice, Oz is devastated. Because of his shock, the hand of Oz's incuse moves again, and he
Teekait - gunting bunuh diri

The scissors which were used to murder Alice.

begins to destroy Cheshire's dimension using B. Rabbit's power. During that time, Jack sends Gil to help Oz; if Gil cannot stop him, the entire dimension will be destroyed, and everyone trapped in it will disappear. Meanwhile Break and Cheshire continue their fight. Cheshire insists he has to kill Oz before he destroys this place; he lives and does everything for Alice. Break realizes that Oz is the one wielding this power and compares it to his own. Break replies that he hates those who claim that they do everything for others and act irresp
Ep15 - oz illusion about alice
onsibly. Gil catches up to Oz and is unable to make him come to his senses. Oz remembers Alice’s sad voice and her suffering. To save her, he decides to destroy everything. He justifies his actions by saying that it was for Alice and he'd take that fear away
Ep15 - gil slaps oz

Gil slaps Oz

from her, even to the point where he says that he would kill Alice, but only says these things because he's in a trance. To make him snap out of it, Gil slaps him.

Cut to scene-Vincent is seen playing chess with Echo in the background. He states everything is going according to plan.

Back in the dimension, Break overpowers Cheshire using Mad Hatter. Break takes the truth of the Tragedy of Sabrie and Alice's memories in the form of Cheshire's bell. Cheshire starts screaming and loses control over his power (abandoning his human form for a monstrous black form), destroying the dimension even more. 
Oz accepts Alice

Oz accepts Alice

Oz can’t believe what he did. After he realizes he came to Cheshire's dimension to save Alice, he and Gil find her in chains on a staircase contemplating about herself. As Oz climbs the stairs, he tells Alice that it doesn't matter if she's human or a chain, being "Alice" is fine and saves her. Alice starts crying, asking what took him so long. Oz is just grateful that she is alive. As both of them fall, they are caught by Gil.

Cheshire and Break suddenly break into the room. Break reveals that he transformed into a monster and will destroy everything to protect Alice. He orders them to escape using Eques. As Cheshire’s voice echoes after he is defeated, Alice realizes that Cheshire was once her pet cat. 

Equus suddenly appears to return the group to their world. Oz begs Sharon to stop, but she doesn’t--Break and Gil get separated fro

The episode is closed

m Oz and Alice and are left in Cheshire's dimension. Equus brings Oz and Alice back to their world, but they are transported directly into a room full of people. Oz realizes they have interrupted a Pandora meeting with Uncle Oscar involved and Alice is in her B-Rabbit form.