Veronica de Sade
11 - veronica
Name Veronica de Sade
Race Vampire
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Hair White
Professional Status
Affiliation The De Sade Family
Occupation Heir to the De Sade Family
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives *
First Appearance
Manga Debut Memoire 8: Louis

Veronica de Sade (ヴェロニカ・ド・サド, Vu~eronika do Sado) is a Vampire of the Crimson Moon from Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. Veronica is the eldest child of Count de Sade, making her the elder sister to both Louis de Sade and Dominique de Sade. In addition to this, Veronica serves The Queen as a Beastia - or an enforcer to The Queen - a result of her ability to alter formulae slightly which she can use to produce ice.

Recently, Veronica attended Marquis Machina's bal masque in secret - where she laid witness to a human named Vanitas declare his hatred for Vanitas of the Blue Moon and reveal his intention to tarnish the Blue Moon Vampire's reputation. As a result, Veronica attempted to dispose of Vanitas personally - only for him to be saved by Jeanne; resulting in her initiation of a human hunt. Upon tracking down Vanitas and Noé Archiviste - Veronica took matters into her own hands and nearly killed the two, though she was thwarted by Lord Ruthven; who intervened and placed the two under his protection to prevent Veronica from killing them.

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In her debut, Veronica dons a black fox mask decorated with flower petals and a wicked grin, tied in place with a thin rope in a bow adorned with a flower, in order to disguise her face. Meanwhile, Veronica's long white hair has been squared at the sides to outline her face, while most of her hair drapes down her back; save for two strands on either side of her head, which she drapes over her shoulders.

Veronica's outfit appears to be a layered kimono that drapes around her chest, leaving her shoulders bare, and tied together with a large bow made from two ribbons in the middle; one being black with a white vine pattern ending in short tassels at the bottom, while the other is simply while and also ends in short tassels. trickster spirit commonly appearing as a nine-tailed fox. The fabric of the kimono's sleeves from the elbow to the wrist drapes down to the floor and appears to depict a shaded pattern of reeds and clouds. This pattern also reappears lower down on the kimono, albeit without the reeds. Additionally, a length of black velvet-like fabric drapes down the front of the kimono, reaching down toward its base, which appears to have been made from the same fabric. Furthermore, at the back of the kimono, Veronica also wears nine short fur tails. To complete her outfit, Veronica also wears a black choker and possesses a hand-fan bearing fabric that is woven tightly together.

Personality Edit

Veronica appears to have an extreme misandry, hating men in a general sense and often speaking of them in disgust. Even more, Veronica also appears to hate humans, having found the fact that Vanitas was a male and a human utterly detestable. In terms of personality, Veronica seems to have a particular liking toward torture, which is evident by the collar Dominique had obtained from her and the iron maiden and wheel of death present among numerous other torture devices in the De Sade booth at the Machina estate. This, alongside her intent to kill without a second thought, suggests that Veronica is a rather cold and malicious individual.

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Bal Masque Arc Edit

Having attended Marquis Machina's Bal Masque, Veronica de Sade suddenly hears the party turn into an uproar as the Vampires in attendance demand the head of Vanitas. The crowd then falls silent as Veronica pushes her way through the crowd, explaining that she was wondering what all the fuss was about, questioning what a human was doing in Altus - and not only a human, but a man - with Veronica claiming that the stench of a human is so strong that her nose may just drop off.

Veronica then calls upon Marquis Machina - the host of the Bal Masque - demanding that he dispose of Vanitas. When Machina objects, being fascinated by Vanitas and wanting to study him further, Veronica takes it upon herself to dispose of him and readies herself for the attack. Unexpectedly, a sword flies through the air and cuts through the cord holding up the chandelier, sending it and Vanitas plummeting to the ground. However, upon impact the Vampires find that Vanitas has disappeared. Veronica asks Machina about what she'd just seen, with Machina confirming that someone had snatched Vanitas away in the blink of an eye. Intrigued, Veronica rallies the Vampires together, noting that Vanitas is still lurking somewhere and initializing a human hunt in order to make like their predecessors and destroy the human that would otherwise do them harm; much to Marquis Machina's chagrin.

As Veronica organizes the hunting party, a vile and eerie arrangement of music begins to resound throughout the ballroom, making many of the Vampires in attendance fall ill within moments of hearing the melody. Just then, all the unwell Vampires become violent and begin attacking the other Vampires in attendance, revealing themselves to be Curse-Bearers; much to Veronica's surprise. In the meantime, Veronica and Marquis Machina leave the scene - with Veronica asking if the Curse-Bearers' voices had something to do with this, while Machina reviews how troublesome the situation has become.

Veronica later comes across Dominique fighting alongside Vanitas and Noé Archiviste. Upon noticing Veronica, Dominique hurries the two along to save the final Curse-Bearer before Veronica can intervene. Veronica then confronts her younger sister, asking what she was doing with "the human male", earning a casual greeting from Dominique.

Some time after, Veronica sparring with Dominique and incapacitated her, binding and hanged Dominique on the ceiling. Then, Veronica with happily found Noe and Vanitas. Blurted, Veronica attacks Noe and Vanitas with her power to conjure and control ice.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Speed, Strength and Endurance.
  • Cryokinesis - Veronica possesses the ability to alter formulae slightly, allowing her to conjure and control ice, which she is shown shaping into spiked pillars, as well as levitating blocks of ice, and freezing individuals.
  • Eyes - Veronica's eyes allow her to see using means other than her eyes, as shown when she attacks Vanitas with impressive accuracy despite having her vision obscured behind her kitsune mask.

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(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.

Trivia Edit

  • In her first appearance, Veronica dons an outfit inspired by Japanese culture through her kimono and hand-fan, however, more specifically her outfit is inspired by the kitsune - a Japanese trickster spirit often appearing as a nine-tailed fox - as evidenced by her mask and nine tails that complete her look.  
  • Veronica bears significant resemblances with The Intention of the Abyss from Jun Mochizuki's previous work, Pandora Hearts. And her relationship with her sister, Domi, suggests a similar relationship to that previously displayed between the Intention and her own sister, Alice.
  • Her and her siblings' last name, "de Sade" could be a reference to Marquis de Sade, an infamous French author known to write violent novels. In fact, the word "sadism" comes from him.

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