After my some spelling mistakes in this place, now I want you all to check my grammar... Is my grammar enough good or less? Please read my story which I wrote below for example :

There was a woman colleger named Avi. Her father bought her a cat for her 21th birthday a months ago. Avi very cared with her new cat. One day, her older brother, Tama, visited her and wanted to eat together in someplace with her. But before he say his will, Avi asked him to buy the lunch at a stall, among others : "Brother, please buy 3 packs of cat-rice (nasi kucing, a type of cuisine in Indonesia which popular among the colleger), lontong sayur and many fried-catfish for our lunch."

Avi gave Tama some moneys and denied Tama's confused face. "Buy at Kang Nana's stall as usual." Avi said again. Finally, Tama went to the supposed place. Later, Avi waiting for his coming back. And she grew impatient. Tama was too long gone. Avi began pacing around the home.

Then, Avi found Tama at the back terrace. Avi immediately pummels his shoulders from back and grumbling, "Why are you went so long? Where's our lunch?" Tama laughing. "You said to me to bought cat-rice, lontong sayur and fried-catfish as it lunch, yes? All of three packs, the lunch was I gave to your beloved cat."

Avi exclaims when she seeing her cat is eating all of the lunch. Avi punchs Tama's shoulder again.

"I meant the lunch is just not for that cat, but also you and me!"

Please give your comments to fix my English skill..... Thanks

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