Title Truth
Song Type Solo
Character Gilbert Nightray
Seiyuu Toriumi Kousuke
Album Pandora Radio Special CD Vol.3
Release Date September 23, 2009

Truth is the character song of Gilbert Nightray. The song is featured in the Pandora Radio Special CD Vol.3.

Lyrics Edit

Gogo no hikari Madoromu omaeno yokogao
Nani wo kakushi Nani wo mamorou to shiterunda?
Wasurenai sa Shinjirumono wo Nakushita
Ore no kokoro wo toki hogusu Itoshii hohoemi

Itsudatte Omae ga nozomu
Anzoku wa tooku Dekuchi no nai Meiro no you

Amaeru koto wo shiranaide Yasashisa de kakushita
Sono namida Nuguu tame ni Ore no te ga aru no ni
Omae wo kizutsukeru mono subete Yurushi wa shinainosa
Ore wa zutto omae dake no tame ni Ikiterunda

Tooku hibiku Kasureta omae no tame iki
Nani wo Nakushi Nani kara nogare you to shiteru?
Oshietekure Omae no tame ni dekiru koto
Utagau koto ni narenaide rashiku ikite hoshii

Itsu no hi ga Omae ga tsuketa
Ore no mune no kizu Soresae tada itoshikute

Negaukoto sae akiramete Shiawase to iu no ka?
Sono egao Tsukurowazu ni Sunao ni nareba ii
Kanjiru... omae no Tookoku ga ore wo kiri saku no sa
Ore wa zutto nani mo kawaranaide matteru kara

"Daijoubu da." to omaega iu tabi ni
Ore no kokoro wa...

Moshimo omaega nozomu nara Taiyou sae kowasou
Sono yume ga kanau no nara Ore wa nandemo shiyou
Omae wo Kizutsukeru mono subete Yurushi wa shinai no sa
Ore wa zutto omae dake wo mamori zutsukerunda

Afternoon light shines on your sleeping face.
What are you hiding?
What are you trying to protect?
I won’t forget, I’ve lost things I believed in.

That beloved smile which soothes my heart.
The rest you wish for, is always just a maze with no way out.

You don’t know how to rely on others. You just hide behind kindness.
Even though my hands are right here to wipe away your tears.
I won’t forgive anything that hurts you.
I will forever live just for you.

Your tired sigh is resounding far away.
What have you lost?
What are you running away from? Please tell me.
hat can I do for you?

Don’t become distrustful, I want you to stay yourself.
One day even that scar you left on my chest will only be beloved.

Are you saying that being happy means giving up even your wishes?
Your smile should just become honest, don’t try to fix it.
Your sorrowful cry breaks me into pieces
because I will always stay the same and wait for you.

Whenever you said “it would be okay” my heart was…

If you want to, we can even destroy the sun itself.
If that dream can come true, I shall do anything.
I won’t forgive anything that hurts you.
I will forever continue protecting you.


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