is the name of a small village which lies outside of the Carillon district and acted as the hometown of Marie.


After the creation of the Sealing Stones orchestrated by Arthur Barma, one of the mages who had aided in the formation of the Sealing Stones relocated to Carillon, eventually giving birth to a child named Rytas, and teaching him of the role he would inherit as a mage meant to protect the second Sealing Stone. 

Many years later, a family from Toll brought their newborn child into the forests of Carillon and abandoned her there, where Rytas found her. Rytas, since then, adopted the child as his own and named her Marie, teaching her to act as his valet and aid him in his elderly age to protect the second Sealing Stone from everyone apart from he who wields the power of B-Rabbit.

Some time later, Rufus Barma stationed one of his valets, Grüner, in Toll for reasons unknown. Eventually, after discovering Arthur Barma's Memoirs, Rufus isolated the location of the second Sealing Stone, sending two more valets to Toll to meet Grüner so that he could lead them through Carillon to the location of the Seal. After not receiving word from his two valets, Rufus assumed the worst and waited for Oz Vessalius, Gilbert Nightray, Sharon Rainsworth and Alice to come to ask questions about the earthquake rooted in Sablier that was caused by the destruction of the first Sealing Stone.

Following this meeting, Rufus sent Oz, Alice, Gil and Sharon to Toll to meet with Grüner, who would lead them through Carillon and to the mansion of Rytas to face off against Marie in pursuit of the second Sealing Stone. After the conflict was settled, Oz, Alice, Gil and Sharon went to return to Toll to contact Rufus in order to make arrangements for Pandora's retrieval of the Seal, however after hearing an earthquake rooted in Carillon, the group returned to the mansion where they found Grüner, Rytas and Marie dead and the second Sealing Stone destroyed by the hand of the Head Hunter.




  • "Toll" is the German word for "Great".
  • However, the meaning has changed from its origin. Originally "Toll" meant "Mad".


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