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A Thorn is an individual who bonds themselves to a Rose through a Blood Contract, and as such it becomes their
  • Wilhelm as Claudia's 'Thorn'
  • Wilhelm as Claudia's 'Thorn'
duty to protect and care for the Rose. Wilhelm is the only identified Thorn within the Crimson-Shell universe, having made his contract with Claudia - The Crimson Rose. Once the Blood Contract has been made, the lives of the Thorn and the Rose become intertwined, offering immortality to the Thorn so long as their Rose shall live. However, with the death of a Rose also comes the death of their respective Thorn.

Known Thorns Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The concept of the Thorn and the Blood Contract mirrors the aspects of the relationship and ritual between a Contractor and their Chain from the Pandora Heart universe.
  • It is possible that Gerhardt Balthier forged a Blood Contract with Victoria prior to the infiltration of the Black Roses into Red Rose.

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