The World Formula is a concept from Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. Said to provide structure for
Belief the world formula theory

Depiction of the world formula.

everything in existence, The World Formula can affect the sanctity of the world if tampered with, while also capable of being channeled to produce various forms of magic.

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The World Formula was said to be a formula that provided structure for everything in existence. A human alchemist by the name of Paracelsus ultimately came up with The World Formula Theory - which stated that there was a world beyond the human realm in which everything was controlled by the manipulation of formulae. Thus, if proven successful, by altering The World Formula, Paracelsus could rid the world of the plagues against humanity. Paracelsus set to work
Belief What changes after Babel incident

Presence of new things in the world after Babel Incident, including Vampires

creating an experiment to alter the large scale World Formula - but when undertaken, the experiment proved to be a failure. An explosion triggered numerous cataclysmic events in what would later be called The Babel Incident, while also altering numerous formulae within the human realm, creating Astermite, a non polluting source of energy created from the formula for coal, bioluminescent flowers, and most importantly a race of beings with a penchant for blood and red eyes that could alter The World Formula - strengthening their bodies and producing magic as a result - called Vampires.

Magic Edit

By altering The World Formula, Vampires are capable of producing magic in various forms.

  • Strength Enhancement: A staple of all Vampires is the ability to alter The World Formula in order to produce an inhuman enhancement of their strength, commonly used in combat.
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to naturally produce and control black flames, thus far this type of magic has only been produced by Lord Ruthven and Luca.
  • Cryokinesis: The ability to naturally produce and control ice, thus far this type of magic has only been produced by Veronica de Sade.
  • Gravitokinesis: The ability to naturally control gravity, allowing one to walk on any surface, thus far this type of magic has only been produced by The Teacher and Noé Archiviste.

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  • Members of the Archiviste Clan is capable of looking through an individual's memories simply by drinking their blood, however this has proven to be involuntary, thus is not likely a form of magic produced by altering The World Formula.

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