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The Tower is a location that previously existed on the Baskerville estate. Having previously acted as a residence for Lacie and Alice, it's rather unclear as to what The Tower's true purpose is meant to be - as it hasn't ever been touched upon in the series. Potentially, it seems most likely that The Tower could've acted as a residence for all the Children of Ill Omen of the Baskerville Clan, however Vincent would've be an exception to said tradition due to Alice having already taken up residence in The Tower. Alice was the last resident of The Tower, as it dropped into the Abyss alongside the majority of Sablier during the Tragedy of Sablier more than 100 years ago.


The Tower is a home for Lacie but she was soon set into the Abyss. A few times after Lacie's judgement, the child (Alice) was born and was brought into the real world. Alice now lives there; and sometimes The Intention also lives in The Tower through Alice's body, but she later killed herself using the B-Rabbit's power.


Coming of Age Ceremony ArcEdit

After Oz and Gil fall through a hole in the ground, they discover an undergound graveyard, with a golden unique pocket watch at a s
Ep1 - memori yang hilang

Oz transported into the heart of the Abyss

ide of the grave. They approach the tomb and Oz picks up the pocket watch that is on the grave, turned on a mysterious melody of the pocket watch. He winds it up but when he looks up again, Oz finds himself transported to a room filled with toys. That's room is no other than the room which Alice living in The Tower during her life as a human. In this illusion, Oz met a mysterious girl who said that she knows him and claiming he had "always come here".Oz doesn't believe her and asks what she is. At that, the girl's gentle personality quickly changes to a violent one, and the entire room catches fire. She strangles Oz, now in different clothes, and claims she will kill him. When she is about to stabs him, Gil calls out to Oz, and he suddenly realizes that maybe he had been dreaming, even though the feeling of being strangled stays with him.

However, after Oz's set into the Abyss by Baskervilles in his Coming of Age Ceremony and met a girl named Alice which identical with the mysterious girl, Alice later tells Oz that the event Oz described to her had never happened between them, making it possible that Oz met the Intention of the Abyss.

Swan Song ArcEdit

(Coming Soon!)

Known Residents of The TowerEdit

Former ResidentsEdit


  • The Tower's design bears a striking resemblance to a Rook from Chess, which acted as a central theme in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.
  • Actually, Oz also once lived in The Tower with Lacie before Lacie's judgement to the Abyss, but when he's still in rabbit-doll form. When the judgement's time closer, Lacie went to the Abyss to gave Oz to The Core. One of Oz's rabbit-doll body finally brought into real world with Alice, and so Oz lived again in The Tower with Alice (and sometimes also The Intention of the Abyss), together with the Dolls.   


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