The Story of the Barmas: Pink Curse

Pink Curse

Release Date March 26th, 2011
Chapter 4
Volume Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Volume 1
Chapter Guide
The Story of the Rainsworths: White Kitty
The Story of the Mutuality: Blue Rose

The Story of the Barmas: Pink Curse, is the final story of Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Volume 1. It is a fairytale-like story focusing mainly on the Barma dukedom.


Reim hadn't had a real vacation in close to nine months. It had been a busy day, and Reim Lunettes was still continuing his work. Usually, Reim doesn't only deal with affairs from Pandora, because he is a valet of the Barma family, one of the Four Great Dukedoms. He is one of Rufus Barma's valets, and so everyday he has to cope with an overwhelmingly large workload. Reim has to work efficiently under shrewd order and produce reports that are almost impeccably accurate and of well received format, however Reim is still left without reward for all his hard work. Everyday of Reim's life has been writing detailed report after detailed report. Today however, is different. After eight months and two days of hard work, Reim finally gets to have a day to himself and so he doesn't have to write another report.

Reim walks into the entrance hall of the Barma mansion, where another valet looks to him with surprised confusion. Everyone could tell when Reim was meant to be on vacation, so the valet asks why Reim is wearing his uniform and what had happened. Reim explains that Rufus called him, although Reim does not seem to be angry for his vacation's interruption. The valet questions this and Reim explains that Rufus seems to have something to tell him personally. Reim notes the valet's expression of helplessness and sympathy as he wanted Reim to have enjoyed his day off. Reim thinks of how such care for him is redundant because for him, as long as it was his job, even he would have to give up his holidays and come back in if he was needed, and so Reim was always prepared psychologically for such disappointment. Reim asks if Rufus is in his study, and the valet states that he should be. Reim then goes straight to the hall leading to the second floor. As Reim ascends, he thinks of an exquisite drafted version from the week before of his vacation itinerary, go shopping, read, these things were on the itinerary and weren't what Reim thought was important to be documented on an itinerary. Reim's decides that as it is a leisurely day, he may as well work, as that was more geared towards his own personality. Reim recalls Break telling him he was a workaholic, which makes Reim smile as he thinks of how Xerxes Break would laugh at him for what he was doing. While thinking of Break, Reim questions whether Break's mind is usually in his work or in the game.

Reaching Rufus' study, Reim knocks on the door and announces who he is. Rufus tells Reim to come in and so Reim enters and hopes to himself that he would at least not have to write another report. Entering the study, Reim bows to his master before Rufus blurts out that if he went on like this he would die of an evil curse. Reim asks what he means before the view changes to a report being written by Reim:

Reim states that Rufus seemed to be dying, Reim knew that not only the Barma family would be affected by the loss of Rufus, but all of the Four Great Dukedoms as well, and so Rufus asked Reim to take immediate action to find a solution. Reim then proceeds to record the conversation between himself and Rufus in the form of a question followed by an answer.

Q. Rufus spoke of a curse, what is this curse?

A. The Mahani Curse, Rufus does not know the specifics of said curse aside from the fact that it was meant to kill the victim within a few days. However, Rufus has not yet died, and so he wants Reim to find a way to break the curse.

Q. Does Rufus know why he has been cursed?

A. Rufus received a bottleneck vase from a distant country that someone gave to him as a gift. Rufus accepted the gift, and the giver of the gift told him that it was a Mahani Ceremonial Vessel. If the owner did not cherish the vase or broke it, then they would be killed by the Mahani Curse, meaning that if Reim doesn't break the curse in time, Rufus will die.

Q. Why would Rufus accept such a dangerous gift? Did Rufus not question the man? If not, why had he been so careless?

A. Some people wanted to give gifts to Rufus as the reigning Duke of the Barma family. The businessman was strange, however it was because of this that Rufus was so intrigued by him and so he invited the businessman as a personal guest in the mansion.

Q. Rufus needs to be more cautious with strangers. Where is the businessman now?

A. Rufus sent for him, but the valets could not locate him. Rufus is very worried that if he dies, who would help Sheryl with her wheelchair, stating that he can't allow another man to help her by pushing her wheelchair.

Q. Rufus is Reim's master, but he had to send his valets to investigate because he himself denied the truth of the situation.

A. Yes.

Q. Having said this, Rufus is the eldest member of the Four Great Dukedoms. Reim goes on to say that even though Rufus is the most knowledgeable, he had done something stupid.

A. Reim doesn't have to rub it in his face, as he already knows very well that he had been foolish

Q. When the head of the Barmas doesn't even know all the facts, then how would Reim be able to find any useful information himself? If Rufus knows any clues about how to lift the curse, please fully disclose them.

A. Rufus does know of some information that could be of use.

Q. Such as...

A. First, the curse's name is 'Mahani'...

Q. What else...

A. 'Pink'.

Q. Reim is confused and asks if it was a 'pink colour'?

A. Well...

Reim ends his conversation with Rufus following this.

Note: Reim wants the investigation to be conducted in secret, to avoid affecting the Barma family or Pandora, also Rufus asked Reim to conduct the investigation in secret.

Note: Although unnecessary, this case records personal opinions.

Even while under the Mahani Curse, Rufus would use his extensive knowledge of incantations to find a way to crack the curse because it puts him at ease to utilize his vast knowledge. However this case is different, Rufus has to give an eye-for-an-eye as well as himself as a whole, so that the curse doesn't cause him to make a mistake. However, the Mahani Curse makes Rufus less fearful of this, it is necessary to be cautious.

The Barma family has a proud collection of books comparable to a national library's own collection. Reim has been growing tired after his long search for answers, currently flipping through an incantations book. Reim sighs and repeats 'Mahani Curse', thinking of how all seemed lost. Reim immediately grabs one of the many reference books piled up beside him, remembering his conversation with Rufus and how unlike any other time they spoke together, Rufus sounded anxious and scared, something which did not suit Rufus' personality. Reim questions whether this meant the thought of his possible death troubled Rufus. Reim having never been in this kind of situation does not understand the feeling, wondering if when his time came would he worriedly react or act blankly. Reim does not want to get to that point ever, as seeing Rufus in such a state was bizarre enough.

Before now, Reim thought that nothing could scare Rufus, aside from Sheryl Rainsworth, although Reim knew Rufus was only human, and all humans have some sort of weakness. Although Reim was relieving Rufus of exerting himself more so than he should in his condition, Reim can't help but feel like he is sharing a large amount of the pressure on his own shoulders.

Reim trusts Rufus' information and resources, and so Reim decides to name the investigation after the Mahani Curse. He thinks of the word 'Mahani' and how strange it is, never before having encountered it, which makes the investigation like finding a needle in a haystack. Reim takes off his glasses, rubbing his eyes to relieve the pressure, on which the opening of his eyes, Reim sees Rufus's face before him suddenly.

Rufus opens his harisen before his face, staring at Reim curiously. Reim hastens to put on his glasses again. Rufus asks if Reim has found anything yet, though Reim denies it, fearing Rufus' response. However, when Rufus' face becomes more mischievous in expression, Reim frowns. He asks if Rufus has been restored as the threat of his life from the Mahani Curse has not yet been lifted

Rufus' expression changes to a more contemptuous look and he says that he is pretending to be Reim, asking how he could be so ignorant as to not realize this, and states that it was no wonder Reim always got bullied. Reim apologizes as Rufus stares at the large piles of reference books beside Reim. He says that if he isn't finding any information, he should try looking for further information within Pandora. Reim is confused as he doesn't believe Pandora would have anything on the curse, but Rufus explains that while it isn't Barma information, it is still of great value. Rufus tells Reim to go speak with members of Pandora, and maybe he'll come across a plentiful harvest of information, as the Four Great Dukes are well educated. Reim thinks that this makes enough sense and goes off, although he does not believe Pandora's information would offer much more of a solution. He would ask members of the other Dukedoms for gossip and information that they may have heard of about the Mahani Curse.

Reim tells Rufus that he wants to go to Pandora Headquarters, however Rufus poses a question that makes Reim think that Rufus doesn't want him to leave before he is done speaking. Reim is told that Rufus wants a report because it will help in the analyzing of the matter. Reim leaves for Pandora Headquarters, spending little time on the actual report, which is only composed of rough notes as it is not an official report. After completing his report, Reim leaves for Pandora Headquarters, although it is already night. Reim thinks that his vacation, which was a rare occurrence, may be completely consumed by this investigation. Either way, Reim enters Pandora, dedicated to his purpose, no hint of displeasure on his face.

Reim's report tells of how he could not find adequate information in the Barma Family records, however Rufus suggested that he got to search Pandora's own documents, although Reim's expectations are low. Rufus sent Reim to Pandora with meaning because the other noble families are often there as well and Rufus wanted him to question them, and so Reim could not refuse. That evening he asks the following Pandora members for guidance from each of the other three great noble families:

The Vessaliuses

  • Oz Vessalius

The Rainsworths

  • Sharon Rainsworth
  • Xerxes Break

The Nightrays

  • Gilbert Nightray
  • Vincent Nightray (in accordance with Echo)


  • Alice

Note: Reim will select several others simply because he encounters them by chance within Pandora

Reim records another Question and Answer discussion between himself and Oz. Oz appeared on Pandora's first floor, appearing in a corridor on the west side, and it seemed as though he was looking for something, suddenly looking at the walls and inside vases, but it doesn't seem urgent, almost as if finding whatever he's looking for or not doesn't matter. Although Reim wants to help Oz search for whatever he was looking for, but Reim had more pressing matters to attend. Reim then took the opportunity to talk with Oz.

Interrogation of Oz Vessalius - Time: 5:20 pm- Location : Pandora - Special Notes: Seemed to be looking for something.

Q. Did you find what you were looking for?

A. Ah...

Q. What are you looking for?

A. Alice

Q. You're looking for someone who can't hid behind a picture frame or inside a vase

A. Oz remembers how last week Alice had turned into a cute 'mini' Alice.

Q. Last week? Reim thought of how vexing that would be.

A. In Pandora, to make things even more difficult. I'm sorry.

Q. Oz-sama, you do not need to apologize as Reim didn't pay the matter any mind.

A. Thank you.

Q. There is something I'd like to asks Oz-sama.

A. What is it?

Q. Do you know what the Mahani Curse is?

A. Ah... what Oz knew of the Mahani Curse was only what he could remember having heard about the need to rely on the strength of several people that wish to break the curse.

Q. The curse and pink, what is the connection?

A. Oz didn't know, however pink was often a girl's favourite colour.

After Oz and Reim went their separate ways, meeting Alice on the second floor of Pandora's Head quarters. Alice was walking and umming a song of some sort, holding a chunk of barbequed meat, seemingly in a good mood. She doesn't seem to notice Reim as she walks by eating her meat. Reim wonders if he should tell Alice that Oz was looking for her, even though it was not an immediate issue. Oz had known about the Mahani Curse, much to Reim's suprise, so he wondered if Alice could've known something about it as well. Reim stops Alice and asks her if he could bother her for a second.

Interrogation: Alice - Time: 5:40pm - Location: Second floor of Pandora Headquarters - Special Notes: Alice had been eating big chunks of meat, Reim wondered who'd called her to Pandora.

Q. Can I bother you for a little of your time?

A. Can't you see I was enjoying happiness?

Q. Excuse me, do you know of the Mahani Curse? If you do not know, it doesn't matter.

A. Of course I know about it!

Note: A surprising answer. However the question has not shaken because Reim could see that Alice was brave, and so she was unwilling to admit that she did not understand it.

A. It was a dish of meat, and was really good to eat.

Q. I'm sorry, I'm sure that it's not a cuisine. Thank you, and good bye.

A. Stop!

Q. Eh?

A. I answered your questions, now you have to answer my question!

Q. Of course, what is the problem?

A. Eh... right, I ask you, girls and boys bite each others' cheeks and touch skin to skin, is such a thing common?

Q. Reim did not understand. How sudden Alice's questions had been

A. Alice explains that something had gone on not long before in Sharon's room (describing the events of The Story of the Rainsworths: White Kitty) although Reim deleted this portion of the recording.

After Reim and Alice went their separate ways, Reim began heading towards the library of Pandora Headquarters. Reim was a little pale from the shock that he'd felt when Alice explained the ordeal between herself and Sharon. Reim's walked with his head down, receiving odd looks from his fellow Pandora members as they pass by, as Reim regained his composure, he sees Ada Vessalius. Ada was the niece of Oscar Vessalius, the Duke of the Vessalius family. Reim suspects that Ada had been called to Pandora by her uncle to talk over something. Reim comes up behind Ada and asks if he could talk to her, although she screams and jumps back as Reim had scared her. Reim apologizes and asks why Ada was hiding in there. Ada explains that he was mistaken, which Reim didn't understand. Reim notices a large black book Ada was holding close to her chest.

Interrogation: Ada Vessalius - Time: 5:50pm- Location: Second floor of Pandora's Headquarters - Special Notes: I look very awkward with Ada.

Q. You look a little uneasy, is something wrong?

A. Nothing, it doesn't matter...

Q. Is there something in the corner?"

A. No, nothing, you're mistaken. I didn't peek at anything!

Q. By the way, you're holding a book in your hands...

A. This book? This is... a book I'm going to recommend to Vincent-sama...

Q. Recommend to Vincent-sama?

A. Oh, sorry, you really are mistaken...

Note: I ran as fast as I could from the scene, and have been unable to recover from the ordeal since, so there was no way to ask her about the Mahani Curse.

Note: Ada left the book at the scene.

Ada Vessalius quickly ran from the direction Reim came. Ada's book fell to the ground and so Reim picks it up. The book was covered in plain black leather, and the first page revealed the title to be "Even Children Can Learn- Simple Black Magic and Beginner Level Rituals" Reim had a bad feeling about Ada because she was associated with such things. Reim thought about how Ada had wanted to recommend the book to Vincent Nightray. Reim further studies the book, noting how although it was meant for a child, it contained professional content. Reim wonders if maybe Ada had confused the book for some kind of poetry. Reim decided to return the book to Ada, although when he turned the corner, he found Vincent with his valet, Echo, before him. Vincent was a member of the Nightray Dukedom as well as Pandora, however everyone knew that Vincent preferred to stay home, going out rarely. Reim remembers how Ada had said that she wanted to suggest the book to Vincent, questioning whether this was not just an attempt to misdirect himself. Reim believes so and scraps the idea of giving the book to Vincent. Reim stopped Vincent, explaining his purpose from coming to Pandora. Vincent simply smiles at Reim, although Reim felt not warmth within the smile, stroking Echo and asking if Reim had come for a stroll. Reim says yes and that he didn't have much free time. Reim remarks on how he was really afraid of Vincent.

Interrogation: Vincent Nightray (In accordance with Echo) - Time: 5:55pm- Location: Second Floor of Pandora's Headquarters - Special Notes: Echo can barely speak

Q. I would like to ask one thing of Vincent-sama.

A. What may that be?

Q. Have you heard of the word Mahani before?

A. It makes no impression on me. Echo, have you heard? ...Echo doesn't seem to know.

Q. Reim asks if he was disturbing Vincent at such a precious time, apologizing in the process.

A. I also have questions for you. Do you knew where my little brother is? I specifically came to see him...

Q. I haven't seen Gilbert-sama all day, I'm sorry.

A. Eh? Really disappointing, let's go Echo.

A (Echo). Yes, Vincent-sama.

A (Vincent). No. Oh! Echo? I told you to call me 'Daddy' didn't I?

A (Echo). ...

A (Vincent). Echo.

A (Echo). ... yes Dad...Daddy.

Note: Reim was confused, as he didn't know they were 'related'.

Vincent took Echo from Reim and left. Reim questions why Echo said 'Daddy', however the Nightray way of things is chaos. Reim tried to empty his head. He looked at Ada's book again, although Rufus' Mahani Curse was most important, returning Ada's book was also important. Reim turned around, although he didn't expect Ada to be right behind him.

Reim was shocked, while Ada anxiously waited, pointing to her book. Reim explains that he was just going to bring it back to Ada, handing it back to Ada. Ada once again grasps the book closely to her chest, looking at Reim as if she wanted to say something but was keeping it held back. Reim questions what Ada wanted, and Ada asks if Reim had read her book, hoping that Reim hadn't looked inside. Reim confirms this and so Ada's expression freezes. Reim explains that he'd thought that it was a book of sorcery that he believes Ada had mistaken for a poetry book. Reim sees that Ada becomes relieved when she hears this and so he lies to her and says that he didn't even really look. Ada thanks Reim and Reim picks up the book, giving it to Ada and telling her that if she ran, she would catch up to Vincent. Ada quickly shakes her head before running away. Reim notes how Ada's heart was really elusive. Reim then continues to search for answers on the Mahani Curse.

Stepping into Pandora's library, Reim sees Xerxes Break. Break greets Reim with a smile and waves, Reim felt suspicious of Break the minute he lays eyes on him, questioning if Break had known he'd come to the library. Break asks why Reim hadn't left Pandora's Headquarters yet. Reim says that he's running an errand for Rufus. Break explains that what he was doing was very vexing, telling Reim to take care, but Reim tells Break not to dismiss him as he had something he'd like to ask him and so Break asks what Reim wanted to ask him.

Interrogation: Xerxes Break - Time: 6:10pm - Location: Pandora's library - Special Notes: Break was wearing his usual clowny smile.

Q. Have you ever heard of the word Mahani?

A. Break was unsure.

Q. Well then, goodbye.

A. Ah, come to think of it... you said the Mahani Curse right?

Q. ... If you knew, why didn't you say it?

A. If you wear a dress and say 'please let me know', I will tell you.

Q. Reim calls it nonsense and states that he would spread Break was past embarrassing acts throughout Pandora if he didn't co-operate.

A. Break tells Reim to hold on a second, mentioning how Reim was no fun at all.

Q. Reim continues and states that he did not want to play along with Break's silly prank.

A. Ah what a shame... if the dress I wore recently was a little bigger, I think it'd look good on you.

Q. You wore a dress recently?!

A. Okay, okay, look at our many years of friendship. I'll tell you, but you have to help me message my shoulders.

Q. ... Why do you want me to massage your shoulders?

A. Or you could massage my back.

Q. That's not what I mean.

A. Does your master not often say that knowledge has a price. Quickly do it! Are you not in a hurry?

Q. Reim was growing 'hateful'. While I massage you, speak up. Hurry up!

A. Ah... ah, comfortable, really comfortable. However, I do not know a thing.

Note: At this moment, I almost want to strangle Break with my uncontrollable impulse.

A. However, as far as I know, my lady (Sharon) should know.

Reim felt hurt when he hears Break tells him this. Reim doesn't know whether to stay in the library or not to continue his investigation, however Break had told him that Sharon may know something about the Mahani Curse, and she was a member of Pandora belonging to the Rainsworth Family. Reim leaves the library temporarily and heads to the third floor of Pandora Headquarters, where Break said Sharon would be.

As Reim climbs the stairs to the third floor, Reim runs into Gilbert Nightray. Gil was leaning next to a window, staring outside. Outside, the sky had already turned dark blue and the sun was setting, tonight seeming to be a full moon. Suddenly, Reim's was reminded of a vague memory. Something that Rufus had said to him about a night in January, although he couldn't remember what Rufus said exactly. Reim greets Gil and asks if he could ask him something. However, it appeared that Gilbert was not alone...

Interrogation: Gilbert Nightray (In accordance with Dalia Garland) - Time: 7:20 pm - Location: Pandora Headquarters Staircase (platform) - Special Notes: Profound Questions are giving Reim a headache.

A I don't understand women...

Q. What's happened recently, asking if Gilbert was having some woman problems recently

A (Gilbert). Gil denies it (although making it obvious that he was) if only all women were like miss Ada, then...

Q. ...

Note: I am a bit worried, I hope Gil was all right.

A. ... as people can't really figure it out...

Q. Could I ask you one thing that is unrelated to the subject?

A. I really can't figure this out Reim...

Q Have you ever heard of the word 'Mahani'?

A. ...heard?

Q. I know, sorry to bother you.

A. (Sigh)

Reim and Gil went their separate ways, allowing Reim to continue to the third floor, finding Sharon sitting at a desk signing documents in an office. Sharon puts the pen back into its stand and looks up to see Reim. She asks Reim what she could do for him, and Reim says that he didn't want to disturb her and that he'd leave for the time being. Sharon assures Reim that it was all right as she wanted to take a break from her work.

Sharon suggested that Reim sat down with her for a cup of tea, reaching for the call bell on the table. Sharon was insistent that Reim had tea with her, and so when Reim finally accepted, a valet immediately brought Sharon some tea for herself and Reim. After tea had been served, Sharon asks Reim if there was something wrong...

Interrogation: Sharon Rainsworth - Time: 7:30 pm - Location: Pandora's Head Quarters, third floor (sixth office) - Special Notes: Nothing Special.

Q. I would like to ask you... do you know what the Mahani Curse is?

A. This question, did you ask other people before me?

Q. Yes, I asked Master Oz, Master Gilbert, Break as well as -

A. Well, well, so you can...

Q. Is there a problem?

A. Nothing. Well I shall tell you what I know on the subject.

Q. Could you.

A. First, Mahani is a meaningful word, as well as the pink.

Q. ... He'd said the same.

A. Eh? What did you say?

Q. Nothing... do you know anything else.

A. That is regrettably all I know.

Q. Is it? I understand, thank you very much, good-bye.

A. Good, take care!

Q. Miss Sharon...

A. Yes?

Q. I just heard Alice say that inside your room... a lesbian book...

A. The...

Note: This time, I was the one who came out of the haze, so that question suddenly felt out of place. The question was regrettably nosy. The outcome of the investigation was a problem, and had almost thought that Rufus was already dead. After asking Sharon the question, Reim was still shaking with fear.

A. I don't think I heard you clearly, what did you just say? Ha ha ha.

Q. No no, I said good-bye.

Everything had brought Reim back to square one. The report was finished, and Reim looks at it uneasily. Rufus had said that if he continued to drag on like this, he will be dead, as not breaking, Rufus was guaranteed certain death. Reim feels responsible to the approaching death of one of the Four Great Dukes, thinking of how it would cause a huge commotion.

Reim continued to look at the word 'Mahani', thinking of how both Rufus and Sharon had said that Mahani was meaningful. Reim thought of how he needed to find clues hidden in the word. Reim's knowledge of the word ended with him summizing that he had never seen the word before, which means that he could not uncover the solution to his master's dilemma. Reim surrenders, laying back in his chair and staring out of the window. Tonight the moon seemed more rounded than usual, allowing more moonlight to flood in from the window.

The moonlight was so bright that if there weren't any lights on, one could still see the world as it was. Reim had thought that the light of the kerosene lamp beside him had blown out, leaving the radiating heat it had spread throughout the room to be infected with a layer of blue and white moonlight. Reim moved from the desk to the window, deciding to finish with his report there.

Reim thought of how clearly he could read the words on the report because of the moonlight. Reim suddenly remembered something that Rufus had told him, that tonight the moon shines on people, the brighter the night, the more suitable it was. Reim questioned why he had suddenly remembered this, before ruling out his distractions to focus back on his report. The word Mahani attract Reim's attention over and over again, and so he watched the letters of the word begin to separate before his mind and gradually move up and place themselves as such





Reim suddenly found familiarity in this, realizing it was an anagram. Reim remembered finally what Rufus had told him about the full moon. The scene changes to a single flowering tree with pink flowers that stands in the back corner of the meadow on the Barma's estate. Reim remembers sitting under this tree with Oz, Ada, Gilbert, Sharon, Break, Rufus and Alice, with an abundance of food and alcohol. Hanami, meaning flower viewing, was what Rufus had told Reim about a culture from distant country, as told to him by a salesman who gave him alcohol made specially from a kind of rice. Hanami was to be done under the full moon, without any other kind of light source, and this night happened to be a full moon, however it was far too late to invite any guests. Reim realizes that his master had staged the entire thing, and so he returns to Rufus' office, revealing that he'd solved the riddle.

Rufus explains that Reim had arrived right on time, as if Reim was unable to decipher a bit of word play, he'd have to consider offering Reim some permanent time off. Rufus orders Reim to prepare himself for Hanami, as Rufus had sent out the invitations the day before hand.

At the Hanami, Break remarks that it was a "Sakura tree" whilst Reim admires it, specifically of the someiyoshino breed. Break pours Reim a little sake, Reim enjoys it and Break remarks on how Reim was meant to drink it in small portions at a time, however, Reim couldn't care less, as there wasn't enough of the sake, gulping down some more, although the next round, Reim drank the sake in the refined way. During the party, Rufus reveals that he had invited them all to the party on Reim's behalf, telling him of the Mahani Curse and asking them to play along (with the exception of Alice and Gil as he knew they couldn't keep a secret). Rufus believed that when Reim discovered that the party was in his honour to reward him, he wouldn't only be shocked, but choked up with tears of joy, telling Reim that he should thank him for this. Break however, explains Rufus' true intentions to Reim, as Sheryl had heard of what Rufus planned to do in order to make himself look nicer, which had almost made Rufus call off the entire thing, only deciding to go ahead with his plans because he'd know Sheryl would've said something if he didn't.

Later, Rufus is drunk and reciting poetry, and Reim remarks on how he'd looked like he was having fun, as it was something he'd always wanted to try. Break notes how Rufus had killed two birds with one stone, or rather three, which was per Barma's usual sense of strategy. Reim realizes what 'birds' Break meant, one being to make himself look good for Sheryl, another to satisfy his own desire, but was the final 'bird' really just for Reim's own well being? Reim had never before seen Sharon drunk, asking Break if she enjoyed drinking, which Break warily confirms. Reim notes how Sharon had stated that she wouldn't drink that night, Reim considers asking what Sharon's like when she's drunk, but Break hints at not wanting Reim to ask.

A strong wind blows Sakura petals into the wind, and Reim simply sits back and watches them, mesmerized. When the wind dies down, Break points out that in Reim's full cup of sake, a single Sakura petal was floating on top, reflecting the full moon elegantly. Reim looks to his smiling master before drinking the sake, the petal and the full moon all at once. Reim decides to write one final report when he got home, taking out a memo pad and writing "Sometimes this isn't so bad."

Side Episode of Pink CurseEdit

Break comes across Reim and notices his red face. Break notes how rare something like this was and asks Reim if he was drunk. Reim states that he doesn't believe that he was. Oz comes along and asks what Break and Reim were talking about. Oz then asks Reim if he enjoys drinking, despite the fact that he doesn't look like he would. Break explains that it doesn't have anything to do with Reim enjoying drinking, but more-over that he's just the type of person who was able to hold their liquor, which Reim confirms. Oz is shocked and says that he wasn't expecting something like that from Reim.Break explains that because Reim doesn't get drunk, he's always forced to take care of the drunkards and clean up the mess they leave behind afterwards, which causes Break to think of Gil and how lost he is without Oz when he's drunk. Break continues to say that since he doesn't need to worry about accidentally leaking important information when drinking, Reim uses these situations to attempt to gather information from intoxicated people instead, which Reim again confirms as it is part of his duty. Oz tells Reim that his ability to hold alcohol was an amazing quality, and that not only was he a "good glasses wearing person", but he was also the top man in Pandora to hold their liquor. Break then sarcastically comments on how Oz has a good naming sense. Break then laments on how when he's drinking with Reim, the two of them always stay sober. The text that follows then asks what the point of drinking alcohol is then.



  • This is the only story of Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Part 1 to tie in with the previous chapters.



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