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The Story of Friendship: Cradle Song
Release Date March 27th, 2012
Chapter 8
Volume Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Volume 2
Chapter Guide
The Story of Brothers: Lucky Day
The Story of the Master and his Servant: Unbalanced Flower

The Story of Friendship: Cradle Song is the fourth story in Pandora Hearts ~Caucus Race~ Volume 2 . It focuses on Sharon and Break.


A Side Story of Cradle SongEdit

Sharon wakes up to find Break sleeping beside her. She becomes hysterical, asking why Break was in her room and in her bed. She remembers not being able to fall asleep last night, so Break had visited her room, and then what? Sharon's heart beats rapidly, Break groans and moves around in the bed. Sharon notes how long it had been since she'd seen Break's 'sleeping face', noticing how suprisingly long Break's eyelashes were. Sharon then questions what she was doing as she mustn't do anything inappropriate, like attacking him, while he slept. Sharon reaches for Break's eyelashes before gasing and stopping herself. She questions whether or not she was thinking about it too much, deciding that she'd just touch his eyelashes. Sharon then realizes that if she does that he'll wake up right away and with probably tease her or something, calling her a pervert. Sharon would think that it would be really embarrassing. Sharon then questions whether or not Break touched her hair while she was sleeping, before falling off the bed and questioning what she should do.Break lies there thinking to himself about how he had picked the completely wrong time to get up, and how if he woke now he'd recieve an attack from Sharon and her harisen, meaning that he's up, but can't get up.




  • A part of the Plot of Cradle Song reveals a lullaby that Shelly Rainsworth sang to Sharon when she was younger, called "A Blissful Tomorrow."


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