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Mad Scientist
A portrait of The Scientist from back.
Name Unknown
Race Human
Age Unknown
Gender Male Male
Eyes Unknown
Hair Unknown
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Black Roses

Red Rose

Occupation Scientist
Personal Status
Status Unknown (assumed Deceased)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Sprout V: A Jet Rose's Ridicule

The Scientist was a mad man and the person responsible for the creation of the rose mutations before his sudden disappearance five years ago. Though he loved all of his creations, he adored the Crimson Rose the most, considering her to be the perfect mutation. Having eventually lost his mind completely, he abandoned the laboratory and the Black Roses without a word. Because the Black Roses saw the Scientist as God or a Father this created a great dislike towards the Red Rose who had stolen his attention upon her creation. The Scientist also created the Death Scythe, a weapon designed to specifically kill rose mutations.


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