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Nine months after the head of the Baskerville Clan, Levi, had impregnated Child of Ill Omen, Lacie, she was cast into the Abyss by Levi's successor for her sin of being for with the red eyes of ill omen. The Chains of Condemnation dragged Lacie into the darkness of the Abyss, where it began to destroy Lacie's existence, however not before she gave birth to twins. The twins, not entwined in the Chains of Condemnation, were left alive in the darkness of the Abyss, where The Core of the Abyss grabbed and cradled the two of them, being an 'old friend' of sorts to Lacie. The twins then accelerated in age spontaneously, growing to the approximate age of thirteen in a matter of seconds. The
Manga - lucunya ada dua alice

Oz realized there are two 'Alice's : a Black Alice on the Earth and a White Alice in the Abyss.

Core took one of the twins as its bodily vessel, while the other was free to leave the Abyss. Together, the twins were known as 'Alice', however because of one of the Alice's housing the Core of the Abyss within her, her father coined a new name for Alice, the Intention of the Abyss. The moment that the Core of the Abyss took Alice as its vessel, the golden paradise known as the Abyss was shattered into a dark twisted prison.

Alice had taken one of the two black rabbit dolls in the Abyss with her before she left, and so the Intention noted how the rabbit, named Oz by Alice, could travel between the two bodies to Earth from the Abyss as he pleased. The Intention followed Oz's example and used a junction between Alice's and her own joined souls, which allowed the two of them to switch places from time to time. Through her short exposure to Earth, the Intention developed an extreme dislike for her father and her uncle.

One day, through Alice, the Intention heard a mans voice. The Core recognized the voice and hurried to retrieve the only remaining piece of Lacie that had been tainted by the darkness of the Abyss. It was Lacie's thoughts and feelings towards Jack Vessalius, and so without any other choice, the Core spoke though the Intention and asked Oz to take the piece of Lacie into his body to deliver to Jack, even though it would destroy his body on Earth. Oz did so as a thank you to Lacie, because she had given him life, and so Oz took Lacie's thoughts and feelings into his body, delivering it to Jack before his body crumbled to dust, however this gave Jack false hope that Lacie was one with the Abyss rather than destroyed completely, and so Jack began to plot the world's destruction by severing the Chains that Levi had told him about.

Jack came to see the Intention while she was in possession of Alice's body, telling her that he was unaware of such a tower existing on the Baskerville estate (which was a lie as Jack had known Lacie resided in the tower before Alice). The Intention explained that she wasn't sure either, but that she was sure everyone hated her, but Jack assured her that this wasn't so. Jack then suggested that he take Alice to the Vessalius mansion sometime in order to visit the Vessalius rose garden. The Intention objects to this, saying that Oswald would never allow such a thing, however Jack tells the Intention that they just wouldn't tell Oswald.

Over the course of the next month, Jack taught the Intention how to braid Alice's hair, creating her two s
Alice and Intention

Alice reveals a truth : That there are two Alice, the one is Black Alice and the another one is White Alice... or Intention of the Abyss, to Jack

ignature twin braids for her, as well as about music using a piano in her tower and ballroom dancing. The Intention later copied what Jack had taught her to do with Alice's hair using her own body in the Abyss. Jack noticed that the cat Oswald had given Alice, Cheshire, despised Alice some days, but could never be close enough to her the next day. He also noticed Alice's favourite things changing to their mirror opposite randomly, and so he approached Alice about this, who revealed to Jack how she and the Intention switched bodies from time to time.

One day, Jack approached the Intention and asked her if she could destroy the Chains that prevented the world from falling into the Abyss. The Intention questioned why Jack would want to do something like that, and Jack explained that he wanted to come and meet the Intention face-to-face, as she could only come to Earth through Alice rather than physically herself. Jack had lied however, as he only cared about being reunited with Lacie, and so he was willing to manipulate the Intention to do so. The Intention was overjoyed, but suddenly she took on a serious tone and told Jack that such a thing wouldn't be possible. The Core of the Abyss had taken control of Alice's body to tell Jack that its mere presence in Alice's body was causing harm as it was, and so it wouldn't destroy the Chains as such a thing would have destroyed Alice, which was the body that Lacie had left behind. When Jack clued in that he was speaking with the Core of the Abyss, Jack was shocked, and so the Core allowed the Intention to take control of Alice's body again.

The Intention was confused as to what had happened, as was Jack, and so Jack asked if instead she could create a Chain for him that had the power to destroy the Chains. The Intention told Jack that if he wanted a Chain, she had the perfect one for him, drawing a picture of Oz to show him. Jack recalled how Lacie had a rabbit-like Chain and so he told the Intention that it would be an honor to have a Chain like Lacie's. The Intention took time to explain to Jack that while regular Chains could come to Earth using distortions in the power of the Abyss to create paths, Oz would need a much bigger path. Jack then left to think of a solution to his dilemma, while in the Abyss the Intention used her power to transform Oz's remaining body into the Chain Oz the B-Rabbit.

At some point during their time together, Jack took the Intention to a tomb dedicated to her mother on the estate of a mansion that would later be used only for Coming of Age Ceremonies. Jack played a melody from a pocketwatch while at the grave, and so the Intention asked if Jack always played that when visiting the grave. Jack explained that it was like a ritual, something which he did in Oswald's place. The Intention placed flowers at the base of Lacie's grave before asking what the title of the melody the pocketwatch played was. Jack told the Intention that the melody was called 'Lacie', and the Intention realized that it was the same as the name on the tombstone. The Intention asked who Lacie was, and Jack explained to her that Lacie was someone very important to Oswald, often singing the melody merrily, but Lacie had become a sacrifice to the Abyss and was now gone forever.

Jack had saved two children from the streets of Sablier a month after meeting Alice, whom Oswald discovered where meant to become Oswald's successor and a Lacie's successor (as a Child of Ill Omen). Jack brought the two, Gilbert and Vincent, of them to Alice's tower to meet her because they were around the same age as Alice, however the Intention was in possession of Alice's body for the day. The Intention immediately identified Vincent as a a Child of Ill Omen and asked if she was right that the red eye of ill omen really heralded misery. The Intention asked what it felt like, asking if Vincent's eye could allow him to preform magic, urging Vincent to try a spell for her, before she asked how many disasters Vincent had caused with his eye. Gilbert ran up to the Intention and pulled her hair for saying such things to Vincent, as his existence as a Child of Ill Omen had been the reason for their hardship while they lived on the street. The Intention ran crying into Jack's arms, which made Vincent hate her for making Gilbert so angry and Jack so disappointed.

Ep22 - cheshire's death anime

Cheshire's death.

For this, Vincent took Cheshire from the Intention one day, later returning him to her in her tower, having cut out

The Intention witnessed with Cheshire's dead on Vincent's hand

Cheshire's eyes and killed him. The Intention was traumatized and cried a great deal over the death of her cat. Sometime after this, the Intention created a Chain from the soul of her cat. She provided Cheshire with a human-like form, which he had desired desperately, but unfortunately, Cheshire had no eyes. The Intention wrapped bandages around Cheshire's head to cover his empty eye sockets until she could get him a pair of his own eyes.

Not long after, Gilbert's first Succession Ceremony where he'd inherit Raven from Oswald was fast approaching, and Jack had learned from Miranda Barma that a larger path to the Abyss was the Doors to the Abyss, one of which was in the basement of the Baskerville mansion, and would be left unguarded for a short time during Gilbert's Succession Ceremony while the Nightrays took over the Baskervilles' guard duties. Jack had also learned from Levi that Children of Ill Omen had ties to the Abyss, and so Jack devised a plan to manipulate Vincent into opening the Door to the Abyss so that Oz the B-Rabbit could get to Earth.

Jack looked sad purposefully during one of his visits to the Intention, who asked him what was wrong. Jack told the Intention that Oswald had taken Gilbert to be his next vessel, and that after Oswald transferred Raven, Owl, Dodo, Gryphon and Jabberwock into Gilbert, Gilbert would die as Oswald's soul overtook his body. Jack had in fact lied about the ceremony, as Oswald's soul would fade into Gilbert's subconscious as he became head of the Baskerville Clan. At any rate, the Intention found Vincent playing in the woods outside of her tower soon after, gloating to Vincent about Gilbert's supposed death.

Vincent left to cry alone on the Baskerville estate, just as Jack had planned, and so he was approached by Miranda and manipulated into opening the Door to the Abyss during Gilbert's first Succession Ceremony in order to stop Gil and Raven from being able to form a contract. This allowed Jack to form an Illegal Contract with Oz the B-Rabbit as he emerged. Jack then had Oz cut the Chains of the world before picking up Vincent and leaving the scene. Jack came out of the basement to find bloodied corpses everywhere and Oswald's Black Winged Chains flying throughout Sablier, mending the broken Chains. While Sablier could not be saved, Oswald had prevented Jack from plunging the entire world into the Abyss. Oz didn't have enough power to sever the Chains once again, and so he ran to Alice's tower after confronting Oswald and the Baskervilles, in hope that the Intention of the Abyss would give Oz more power.

Jack was shocked to find that Alice had put on one of the Intention's dresses and pretended to be her in order to get information about Oz from Jack, as her sister wouldn't answer her. Jack slammed Alice to the ground after he realized that Oz was suffering from all the damage he'd done, ordering Alice to switch places with the Intention. After calling for her repeatedly, the Intention came to Alice through their junction, telling Alice to move a
Alice kill herself

Alice stabbing herself with the scissors.

side and let her take control of her body. Alice refused, and so the Intention prepared to force Alice from her body with her power so that she could grant Jack's wish. In an act of desperation, Alice committed suicide by stabbing herself with a nearby pair of scissors, thereby stopping Jack from accessing the Intention to complete his plans.

In their junction, the Intention screamed in agony as she ran to the side of her sister's soul. She apologized to Alice for what had happened, and Alice simply stated that she was glad to have her sister acting like herself again. The Intention explained that lately she'd been unable to see what she had been doing and now she was suddenly losing everything she cared about. Alice told her sister that it was okay soon, as she would disappear from the junction soon, but the Intention insisted that it wasn't okay, because Jack can still get to her, for whatever he asked, the Intention would be forced to grant his wish. The Intention the suggested that they had Oz destroy her memories so that she couldn't grant anymore of Jack's wishes, because the Core of the Abyss would never allow her to do so herself. Alice began to object, however the Intention had already began pursuing her goal.

The Intention possessed Alice's body and used it to grab Jack's arm, making a connection to him and allowing her to project herself in an ethereal form to get to Oz through Jack. Jack addressed the Intention, happy that she'd finally emerged, and so she froze. Suddenly, Alice projected herself as well, getting a head of her sister and saying that she wouldn't let Oz destroy anything else anymore. Alice then dove into Oz's body in her ethereal form, using his power to maintain an existence. Oz morphed into Alice, and Alice declared herself to be Alice the B-Rabbit.

Ep21 - sang ratu putih

The Intention introduced herself to Kevin as 'Alice'.

While the Tragedy carried on, the Intention, alongside her dolls and Cheshire, had come into contact with a Child of Ill Omen named Kevin Legnard. Kevin came from a time about 50 years after the Tragedy of Sablier, however he had been sent back in time to before it occurred because of the Abyss' time manipulation abilities. The Inten

The Intention teased Kevin when she knew about the death of Sinclair Family

tion greeted Kevin and introduced herself, when suddenly his Chain, Albus the White Knight, emerged from Kevin's body, greeting the Intention and explaining that he had longed to meet her for so long. The Intention approached Albus and touched his sword, viewing Albus' memories of Kevin. The Intention teased Kevin about how he couldn't protect his master and his family, which lead Kevin to draw his sword and pin the Intention to the ground in an act of rage. The Intention questioned what was wrong, because what he had come for was to save the Sinclair family that he had failed to protect. The Intention explained that Kevin was the same as everyone else dragged into the Abyss once their Incuses had made a full revolution, always wanting something but never able to obtain it because they lose their sense of self along the way. Kevin was different in this way, and the Intention grabbed Kevin's sword, cutting her hand intentionally and licking the blood as she explained that Kevin's determination helped him keep his composure, however the Intention told him he was a fool for killing so many in pursuit of saving those he cared most about.

Suddenly, Albus attacked Kevin, throwing him off of the Intention. Albus stated that he could never forgive anyone who hurt the Intention of the Abyss, however he did not realize his mistake until it was too late. The Intention sat up and looked to Albus, asking why he interfered and making him explode with her rage. The Intention then joined hands with Cheshire, and danced in Albus' blood as it rained over them.

Kevin suddenly feels a great deal of pain, and so the Intention's dolls explain to him that the power of the Abyss was strongest where they were, and so a lot of the Abyss' power would soak into Kevin until the time when he changed into a Chain. Kevin questioned how a human could turn into a Chain, and so the Intention floated ove

The Intention explains more detail about Abyss to Kevin

r him and asked if he really didn't know. She explained to Kevin, as she danced around him, that the Abyss changed humans into Chains and gives life and a sense of self to those who never before had it. As the Abyss was a dimension with links to all flows of time, it could rule over Chains, which made the Abyss like a microcosm of the world. The Intention explained that Oswald (calling him Glen) had said that before, and upon hearing the name Glen Baskerville, Kevin was surprised as well as confused. The Intention finished as she stated that she loathed Oswald, Gilbert and Vincent for trying to take Jack away from her. The Intention then realized that she had become distracted, reaching over to Kevin and digging into his eye socket, saying that sh

The Intention explains why she took Kevin's left eye to her dolls

e had to pluck out Kevin's eyes before he turned into a Chain. Kevin screamed in agony as the Intention explained to her dolls that she was going to give Kevin's eyes to Cheshire, as Vincent had cut his eyes out. The Intention then licked the blood off of Kevin's eye, claiming that it was time to take the other one finally. Kevin thought of the only living Sinclair, Roman's youngest daughter, was left alone, which lead him to slash through the Intention's dolls as they approached him, nearly injuring the Intention herself. An earthquake rumbles through the Abyss, causing the Intention to fall to the floor in agony. Sablier had finally fallen into the Abyss. Then, two boys arrive in the Intention's room, one carrying the other's unconscious body. This was Gilbert and Vincent. Vincent asked why Alice was all white, falling to the ground from exhaustion

The Intention anger with Vincent's arrival in her room

, before correcting himself by asking what she was doing there in the first place because he was sure he'd seen her dead body. The Intention angrily asked why Vincent was there, having Cheshire attack him. She began losing her mind as she questioned why Vincent was there, breaking down in tears and asking herself why Vincent was always so mean to her. The Intention's dolls tell her that it was okay, while Cheshire's eyes were gone, but that is why Kevin was there, and so they urged the Intention to take Kevin's second eye. The Intention looked to Kevin and questioned who he was.

Suddenly chaos erupted, as the Intention realized that it was already tea time. Tea pots, cookies, roses, ribbons and many other materials emerged as the Intention sat down for tea with Cheshire. Vincent looked at the mess and called it all mad, questioning if it was his fault again, before realizing that it was all Alice's fault because she had made everyone go mad, even Gil. The Intention politely asked when Jack would arrive, this confused Vincent, and so the Intention went on to say that Jack had told her that he was going to take her to his house to pick roses, and then after that the two of them could go to the forest and pick flowers there.

Vincent bursted into a fit of laughter, telling the Intention (whom he still identified as Alice) that she was a simpleton, revealing that Jack wouldn't be coming because he was already dead. Jack had been soaked with blood after his fight with Oswald, and so Vincent deduced that Jack must be dead. The Intention told Vincent to stop lying because Jack would never just up and die on her. Vincent laughed and said that Jack would never be coming because he had died trying to save Alice and that it was Alice's fault for not only the fall of Sablier, but the death of Jack as well.

The Intention broke down crying as her room began to destroy itself. Vincent and Gilbert fly up into the sky alongside the Intention's dolls and belongings. Kevin stabbed his sword into the ground so he would not do the same, telling the Intention that if she wanted his right eye, she could have it and anything she wanted, so long as she granted his wish and turned back time. This surprised the Intention, who went over to Kevin to ask if he really would grant her wish. The Intention explained that she wanted to stop being the Intention of the Abyss and that she wanted Kevin to save Alice. This confused Kevin and so he flew into the sky alongside the Intention and Cheshire as the Intention's room crumbled.


The Coming of Age Ceremony ArcEdit

White Alice

Twisted memories

When Oz and Gilbert find Lacie's grave accidentally and Oz removes the pocket watch he suddenly finds himself in an illusion that resembles a tower. There he meets the illusion of the memories of the The Intention of the Abyss who mistook him for Jack Vessalius. She then states that she will make him suffer and then slowly kill him. (Though it hasn't been proved that it was the Will of the Abyss as it could have been the Alice from the past; although the Alice seen in the tower wore a light-colored dress; something that The Will of Abyss did; even when she and Alice were human.)

Working With Pandora ArcEdit

Later on, when Oz returns from the Abyss, he decides to go back to the place where his Coming-of-Age ceremony was held. While they were looking for any clues one of Alice's memories suddenly appears. There we see Jack Vessalius telling Oz and Gil that they are being watched by The Intention of the Abyss. Then suddenly the memory
Ep07 - oz sensing the intention's presence

"Please... my beloved."

shatters and we see Oz, Gil and Alice in some kind of illusion where The Intention of the Abyss was in her rabbit form. She appeared only to see Oz and to question him why he was with Alice. When Oz tells her that he wanted to be with Alice the Intention of the Abyss started to attack him and Gil tried to stop her. She shoved him aside telling him it was none of his concern before being shot by Oz. The illusion disappears and The Intention of the Abyss can be heard telling Oz that he would resent picking the Black Rabbit over her.

During one of Break's flashback's right after the events of the Tragedy of Sablier, the Intention asks Break to save Alice and that she no longer wishes to be the Intention of the Abyss anymore and wants to save Alice.

Jack's Intention ArcEdit

Once again reunited with her sister, within the junction where their souls meet, the Intention is initially confused by Alice's bewilderment of there being a 'white version' of herself, soon realizing that her twin hadn't retained any of her previous memories. Alice begins to shout for Oz, upset at him for sending her away, but the Intention claims his intentions were for her own good and explains to her that she is unable to take her sister back to him despite the other's pleas. Instead she declares that she would make Alice remember their beginning and everything else Alice had given up her life to protect. She explains to her sister that her memories were fine, as it was the Intention's who were torn up and scattered, offering her hand and subsequently transferring her memories to Alice.

Having fallen to the ground after the shocking revelation the Intention asks Alice if she truly remembered everything now, and the later only cries in response. This prompts the Intention to ask her if remembering everything was painful and continues to explain that she didn't understand any of it at the time because it was just a big mess inside of her head. Afterwards she apologizes to Alice for having accidentally made her lose her memories as well. While the two talk their conversation leans towards the Core of the Abyss and it's need to protect them, and finally onto Oz and the fact that Alice's sealed power was to protect her, prompting Alice to inquire as to whether or not he was okay and what was going out there. Not too long afterwards Oz's light spirals through the darkness of the junction leading the Intention to question if Alice really was going to go. She confirms this because Oz is calling her and disappears into the light leaving her alone once again.

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