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The Case Study of Vanitas 3 is the third volume of Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas series.

Volume CoverEdit

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Chapters ListEdit

Memoire 12: PauseEdit

12 - Vanitas Noe

Cover of Memoire 12: Pause

Admitting his own ignorance, Noé brings forth a question to Vanitas, who eagerly urges Noé to come out with what he's trying to say. Noé then looks Vanitas in the eye and asks him what on earth "love" is - shocking Vanitas as the two dance together.

An hour earlier, Noé is seated at a table with Dominique, Luca, Vanitas and Jeanne, at which he is presented with tarte tatin. While Noé is overwhelmed with joy, Dominique confirms what she had told Luca - which Luca thanks her for - though he'd never thought that Noé would be so enthusiastic about it.

A monologue opens while Noé happily devours the tarte tatin, in which he writes to The Teacher. Wishing The Teacher well, Noé reveals that he's presently at a cafe in Altus Paris with Luca, and how he'd requested an interview with Lord Ruthven in order to get more information about Curse-Bearers and Charlatan, but unfortunately Lord Ruthven had already gone. Luca had told Noé that his uncle had already left for the day and instead invited him to venture into town with them.

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Memoire 13 : GlissandEdit

MangaVan13 - titlecard

Cover of Memoire 13: Glissando

Memoire 14: CatacombesEdit

MangaVan14 - Vanitas Noe Murr Riche Dante titlecard

Cover of Memoire 14: Where The Dead Sleep

Memoire 15: ChasseursEdit

MangaVan15 - titlecard

Cover of Memoire 15: Those Who Hunt Crimson

Entr'acte: Chambre D'EnfantsEdit

MangaVan15.5 - Louis titlecard

Cover of Memoire 15.5: A Dream Of The Sound Of Rain


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