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The Case Study of Vanitas 2 is the second volume of Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas series.

Volume CoverEdit

This volume covers is featuring Noé Archiviste and The Teacher.

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Chapters ListEdit

Memoire 5: Fangs That Reveal BloodEdit

Noé is sleeping in the forests of Averoigne someone approaches him, having heard that he's not drinking blood at all lately. Opening his eyes to see Louis standing overtop of him, Noé asks why it's such a big deal, as it is not as though he'll die without blood. Louis admits this much to be true, but admits that he's curious as to the reason, as he knows that Noé likes blood as much as he likes tarte tatin. Noé reasons that it is because he's an Archiviste, but before he can delve any further, Louis sits beside Noé and uses his knife to cut into the palm of his hand; offering his blood to Noé. When Noé seems wary, Louis tells him not to worry, because even if Noé drinks his blood, he won't see anything anymore. With Louis' reassurance, Noé sits up and begins to drink his friend's blood.

Noé then wakes up in a small hotel room, realizing that it was all a dream. Murr then meows loudly and smashes a vase in order to grasp Noé's attention. Suddenly, Noé hears a knocking from outside his window - seeing Vanitas hanging upside down from the outside - who's glad to see that Noé is finally awake and asks him to come out for some breakfast.

Noé and Vanitas eat their breakfast on the rooftop of Hotel Chouchou, with Noé remarking on how pretty Paris is, as he'd previously heard that it was much sootier and the air quality was bad, so he'd assumed that it wouldn't be as nice as it is. Hearing this, Vanitas tells Noé that the city used to be more like that not too long ago, but mostly everything now is run on Astermite, with tighter restrictions being placed on the use of coal in order to protect the townscape. Unlike coal, Astermite doesn't pollute the air, and it is used for everything; from powering airship lift generators and street lamps to the cars and trams that fill the streets of Paris. Vanitas remarks that as research continues, they'll likely find more uses for Astermite, calling the rock that it is derived from a real "Panacea Stone". With this in mind, Noé mentions his astonishment over how a rack was able to create a mineral that hadn't existed in the world before, further mentioning that the Babel incident was astounding as well for rewriting the principles of the world as it did. Vanitas just stares coldly at Noé before standing to stretch and suggesting that they head over to Galerie Vivienne to speak with Count Orlok.

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Memoire 6: AltusEdit

Having recovered enough, Noé sits up and fearfully states that he'd seen Charlatan, and while pulling out a notebook he explains that, while he's unsure whether or not the whole thing was a dream, he's sure that Charlatan was what warped Amelia's true name. Drawing the black figure he'd seen quickly, he hands the notebook to Vanitas, who looks at it and voices how Noé is a terrible artist. Noé insists that this is no time for jokes, stating that if that black figure is truly the manifestation of The Curse of Vanitas, he'll never forgive her.

Laughter fills the room, as Dominique de Sade barges is - much to Nox's chagrin - stating that she'd heard everything; greeting Noé in the process. After exchanging pleasantries, Dominique tells all about how she is Noé her fiancé - shocking Manet, Amelia and Vanitas; though Noé is quick to deny it. Dominique pats Noé on the shoulder and tells him that it's no fun if he just gives it away like that - horrifying Nox for believing Dominique's ruse - though Dominique simply takes Nox in her arms, asking her not to be angry, as she would ruin her adorable face.
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Memoire 7: Bal MasqueEdit

The Teacher read from a book, teaching the newly purchased Noé about The Formula Theory; elaborating that it had been proposed by the renowned alchemist Paracelsus. The Formula Theory stated that, just beyond the human realm lied a world in which everything had been replaced by "formulas"; which Paracelsus believed could be rewritten to yield desired results. Paracelsus dreamed of a world that could be freed of its misfortunes and became obsessed with his research; gathering assistance from far away lands in order to conduct an experiment on a large-scale world formula.

However, the resulting experiment would result in a calamity that would later be known as The Babel Incident; in which cataclysms rained down on the world in droves and humans turned to religion for salvation. After everything settled down, the humans noticed that Paracelsus' Formula Theory had in fact been correct, as the world was now home to things that never existed before the Babel Incident; such as blue minerals, luminescent flowers and Vampires.

The Teacher then questioned Noe's understanding, suggesting that they believe that Astermite is the product of the constitutive formula for coal being rewritten, and similarly Vampires were created when the constitutive formula for the human race was rewritten. Noé asked if this meant that he and The Teacher were also products of The Babel Incident, which The Teacher confirms - stating that most human have forgotten this fact, though they must never forget it themselves. Noé noted that The Teacher looked as though he was having fun, which The Teacher happily confirmed, explaining that because Noé had come with him he was sure that things would be much more fun from then on.
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Memoire 8: LouisEdit

Having heard Vanitas proclaim his desire to enact revenge against the Blue Moon Vampire, Noé finally feels as though he can make sense of Vanitas' actions. Vanitas, realizing the gravity of the situation, then awkwardly suggests to the Vampires in attendance that if they feel there may be a chance that they are a Curse-Bearer, they should feel free to step forward, as he is a specialist and would save them without fail. As expected, many of the Vampires are furious, with some suggesting that it's nonsense that a kin of the Blue Moon Vampire would want to save them, as Vanitas of the Blue Moon was the one to create Curse-Bearers in the first place. As the crowd continues to grow more and more uncontrollable, demanding that Vanitas be killed, Luca asks Noé what Vanitas is thinking by starting an uproar there of all places, though Vanitas' motives are a mystery to Noé.

The crowd then falls silent as someone pushes her way through the crowd, explaining that she was wondering what all the fuss was about, questioning what a human was doing in Altus - and not only a human, but a man - with the Vampire claiming that the stench of a human is so strong that her nose may just drop off. Seeing this, Dominique cries out in surprise, wondering what her sister, Veronica de Sade, was doing there, after she'd told Dominique that she wouldn't be attending the Bal Masque. Veronica then calls upon Marquis Machina - the host of the Bal Masque - demanding that he dispose of Vanitas. When Machina objects, being fascinated by Vanitas and wanting to study him further, Veronica takes it upon herself to dispose of him and readies herself for the attack.
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