"The Barma Homeland" is a placeholder name for the country where the origins of the Barma Dukedom took root.


Very little is known about The Barma Homeland, however from a political standpoint it appears as though war had once been a major concern for the country. Prior to the Tragedy of Sablier, a war broke out as a result of an ongoing power struggle between the Barma Family and the state. When the Barmas were struck down, they were exiled from their homeland for their insubordination, pushing them into a neighboring country and its capital city, Sablier.

Immediately after relocating, the Barmas started to try and get close to a high-ranking nobility in Sablier, the Baskerville Clan, in an attempt to regain their status. As such, the heir to the Barma Family, Arthur Barma often spent a lot of his time alongside Levi, the Glen Baskerville at the time; who was rather interested in other cultures such as Arthur's. As such, Levi eventually offered to host an event in Arthur's honor to celebrate his culture. Arthur's sister, Miranda Barma, suggested that Arthur hire a musician to play the morin khuur (a popular instrument from their culture) at Levi's event in order to further the cultural experience. Seeing nothing wrong with what his sister had suggested, Arthur accepted, and Miranda organized the musician's arrival at the Baskerville estate; though Arthur remained oblivious to Miranda's true intentions.

When the Tragedy of Sablier lead to the dropping of the majority of Sablier into the Abyss, the resulting aftershock rattled The Barma Homeland with a massive earthquake that split the country in half; which the country's scholars proclaimed was caused by numerous natural disasters occurring simultaneously.

Though the Barma Family had been exiled, a branch of their family tree was allowed to remain in The Barma Homeland. Thus The Yuras rose to power sometime after the Tragedy and became the highest ranking noblemen in the country; though unfortunately the current state of the country while under the command of the father to Isla Yura remains unknown.

Characters From The Barma HomelandEdit

The following characters either used to reside in The Barma Homeland or are descendants to those who have.


  • The Barma Homeland has never once been provided with a name, similar to how the main location of Pandora Hearts is always referred to as "the world" rather than "Earth", having only ever been alluded to as "that country".
  • Despite it's lack of identity however, the Barma culture seems to hint that their family may have originated from a country similar to Mongolia in the fictional universe of Pandora Hearts.

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