7 - Babel

The Babel Incident was an experimental disaster from Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas which rewrote various formulas of the world.

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7 - Paracelsus

Paracelsus studies the World Formula Theory

Renowned alchemist, Paracelsus, proposed The World Formula Theory, which stated that just beyond the human realm there was a world in which everything had been replaced by formulas. Paracelsus was of the belief that the constitutive formulas of the world could be rewritten at will, which would then make possible the idea of ridding the human world of its plagues against humanity and help guide the humans to a blissful happiness. Paracelsus became a man obsessed and gathered as much support as he could in order to proceed with his research; ultimately building toward an experiment involving the attempted rewriting of a large-scale formula.

The failure of the experiment caused an explosion that wrought a number of cataclysmic events upon the world, and in a time of need the humans turned to religion for comfort. When the smoke cleared, the humans were disturbed to discover that The Babel Incident had created a number of things that had never before existed in the world. The formula that constituted coal was altered to become the blue mineral, Astermite, from which power could be produced without almost any environmental pollution, a flora formula was altered to create bioluminescent flowers, and most importantly, the human formula had been altered and given way to the existence of Vampires.

In addition to creating Vampires traditionally born on the night of the Crimson Moon, The Babel Incident also created Borders, which act as passageways between the human realm and Altus, however only Vampires could make use of them due to having also been created by The Babel Incident.

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  • The world in which everything had been replaced by formulas seems to have been Altus.

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