Statice was an original song composed by Elliot Nightray at the age of 16. Originally intended as a present for his mother, Elliot would later go on to give Statice to Leo after their fateful encounter.


With Bernice Nightray's birthday fast approaching, Elliot began his composition of Statice with the intention of presenting it to her as a gift - a tradition which he had maintained annually for quite some time. As such, Elliot named Statice, after his mother's favorite flower.

Not long after composing Statice, Elliot was brought to Sablier and The House of Fianna by his two elder brothers, Claude and Ernest Nightray. While Claude and Ernest were speaking with Mrs. Finn , Elliot wandered off on his own, only to come across a boy with shaggy hair and a snarky attitude, reading alone in The House of Fianna's library. The fact that Leo was able to shrug off Elliot's title as an heir to the Nightray Dukedom prompted Elliot to continue returning to Sablier in order to interact more with Leo. Despite their constant arguments, Elliot grew to like Leo more and more after the two connected through their mutual love of music. Leo eventually became Elliot's personal valet, though was more of an equal in his master's eyes. In the end, Elliot ultimately decided that Statice better suited Leo, and so he offered it to Leo as a gift rather than presenting it to his mother. To further their bond, Leo returned the favor by presenting his own composition, Lacie, to Elliot as a gift later on.

Unfortunately, due to his Illegal Contract with Humpty Dumpty, Elliot's memories were warped so that he forgot that he had composed Statice - instead believing that Lacie was his own composition, which he intended to give to his mother as a gift on her birthday. Though Elliot regained his memories in the end, including those in relation to Statice, his tragic ending meant that he could never again play such beautiful melodies ever again.


  • Statice is another name for the flower species Limonium, sometimes also called "Sea Lavender".


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