This article is about the character, Shelly Rainsworth. You may be looking for her daughter, Sharon Rainsworth or her mother, Sheryl Rainsworth.
Shelly Rainsworth
Manga | Anime
Name Shelly Rainsworth
Kanji シェリー レインズワース
Romaji Sherrī Reinzuwāsu
Race Human
Age Unknown
Gender Female Female
Eyes Unknown
Hair Caramel Brown
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Pandora
Rainsworth Family
Previous Occupation Heir to the Rainsworth Dukedom
Base of Operations Rainsworth Estate
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Sheryl Rainsworth (Mother)
Sharon Rainsworth (Daughter)
Current None
First Appearance
Manga Debut Retrace XVIII:Hollow eye socket
Anime Debut Episode 14:Hollow eye socket
Japanese Voice None

Shelly Rainsworth was the only daughter of the current head of the Rainsworth Dukedom, Duchess Sheryl Rainsworth, making Shelly the next-in-line for the position. Shelly also managed to produce a daughter, Sharon Rainsworth, and get through to Xerxes Break prior to her death.



Upon first glance, Shelly bears an uncanny resemblance to her daughter. Shelly had long light caramel-colored hair, having kept some of her hair in a ponytail at the back that was tied in place using a braid that was often decorated with roses. Shelly's remaining hair fell down alongside the frame of her face, reaching about shoulder level, while her bangs were cut somewhat straight line across the bottom of her forehead - also covering her eyebrows. Much like other characters, in the Anime, Shelly's hair has blue highlights added to it for more depth in the detailing and her eyes are the same light-pink color as Sharon's, with Shelly's facial structure also remaining similar to Sharon's, albeit slightly more developed due to her age. Shelly was shown to wear a purple dress adorned with dark purple ribbons, as well as a purple choker with a green gem in it, implying that Sharon's style of clothing is inspired by her mother's own wardrobe.


Shelly's overall personality was much like Sheryl's, coming across as very motherly. Shelly's serene kindness is what molded Break into the person that he is presently, teaching him to smile once again. Shelly's thought to have a rather threatening demeanor, much like her mother and daughter, as Break had mentioned how if anything happened to Sharon on his watch, Shelly would kill him, which had been why he was willing to have Mad Hatter destroy Cheshire's bell in order to save Sharon. Any further information regarding Shelly's personality is unknown as of yet.


Shelly Rainsworth was born into the Rainsworth Dukedom to Sheryl Rainsworth and her unnamed husband. Shelly had been born with a weak constitution however, and as such Shelly often was stricken with aggressive illnesses. In response, Sheryl prepared herself for what she believed was Shelly's inescapable fate - an early death.

Eventually, Shelly grew into adulthood, meeting and marrying an unnamed suiter of her own. Nine months after being impregnated, on April 13th, Shelly gave birth to a little baby girl, whom she named Sharon Rainsworth.

Shelly watched as Sharon grew before her eyes, finding herself shocked when Sharon found a young man before the Rainsworth
Ep17 - shelly in reimemory

Shelly Rainsworth holds Reim's glasses in the past as Reim tells Oz about he and Break's past

s' Door to the Abyss. Shelly welcomed Xerxes Break with open arms, however Break wasn't ready to return the gesture. One day, a young valet of the Barma Dukedom who had been living with the Rainsworths, named Reim Lunettes, approached Break. Break responded by lashing out at Reim and pushing him to the ground because Reim had tried to get Break to stop scratching the bandages covering his empty eye socket. Shelly had arrived at this time, entering the room and kneeling down to pick up Reim's glasses and put them on his face.

Shelly saw something in Break that no one else could, and so she invited Break out to spend time with her and Sharon. Most days, Break would simply distance himself from Shelly and Sharon and sullenly watch them, however Shelly's hospitality and happiness eventually managed to warm Break's cold heart and Break eventually opened up to Shelly to spend time with her and Sharon. Break even met with Shelly privately soon after, kneeling before her and telling Shelly that he needed a reason to carry on living. Break then asked Shelly if she would allow him to seek out the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier for her, a request which Shelly happily confirmed.


Coming of Age Ceremony ArcEdit

Originally, Sheryl was meant to attend the Coming of Age Ceremony of the heir to the Vessalius Dukedom, Oz Vessalius, but instead Shelly falls ill rather spontaneously, collapsing from fatigue in front of Sheryl. Sheryl is forced to remain behind, sending Sharon and a large shipment of flowers in her place to extend her deepest apologies whilst she tends to Shelly.

Break visits Shelly whilst she attempts to recover, with Shelly encouraging Break to make sure he lives his life rather than keep himself reserved. Sometime later, Shelly dies because she's no longer able to hold onto her life.

Abilities and PowersEdit

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  • "If you alone have been entrusted with someone's feelings, don't let them go to waste. You must struggle and keep fighting and one day this path you are walking will lead you to someone. Because you're you, you will recognize... You carry their feelings with you."
  • "Hey, Xerxes, promise me... You will go on living until the end. If you alone have been enstrusted with her wish... Don't cast it aside... Go on living day after day... And sooner or later... You will..."



(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.


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