Sharon Rainsworth was born into the Rainsworth Dukedom to Shelly Rainsworth and an unnamed father-figure. As such, Sharon was taught to respect others and to always be cheerful and dignified even when things seemed to be the darkest.

Sharon was present when a valet of the Barma Dukedom visited the Rainsworth estate to deliver letters to her grandmother, Duchess Sheryl Rainsworth, from Duke Rufus Barma himself. Sharon watched as She

Sharon and Reim's first encounter

ryl looked through the letters, only to throw them in the nearby fireplace once she'd finished. This distressed Reim, who was told not to return to the Barma estate without a response from Sheryl. As such, Sheryl extended an invitation to Reim to remain with them until she decides to make her response, to which Sharon was overjoyed about.


Sharon shows Reim the man she found

One day, while playing in the lower levels of the Rainsworth estate, Sharon happened to come across someone laying before the Rainsworths' Door to the Abyss. Upon further examination, Sharon found that this person was covered in blood and immediately went to find Reim. She lead Reim down to the man she'd found, though Reim repeatedly advised Sharon to keep her distance. The man awoke soon after, finding a horrified Sharon and Reim hovering over top of him, only to be taken away and tended to by Rainsworth valets.

This man came to be known as "Xerxes Break", an aloof man who was burdened by his past. One day, Reim saw Break scratching the bandages over his empty eye socket and attempted to tell Break to stop, or else risk an infection. Instead, Break lashed out at Reim, pushed him to the ground and ordered Reim not to so much as look at him. At this point, Shelly entered the room and asked Break if he wanted to die and if he thought that would bring him peace. Rather, Shelly assumed that Break wanted to be saved instead, telling him that he should embrace his mission and hold onto the life ahead of him. Sharon came in behind her mother thereafter with a bouquet of flowers she had picked. She delivered this bouquet to Break, which brought a smile to his face and warmed his cold heart.

From here on, Shelly would invite Break to join herself and Sharon when they spent time together outside on sunny days, eventually making Break open up and learn how to enjoy himself again. Not only that, but Break would come to treat Sharon like a younger sister to him, and so Sharon eventually took to addressing Break as her elder brother.


Coming of Age Ceremony ArcEdit

With the Coming of Age Ceremony of heir to the Vessalius Dukedom, Oz Vessalius, fast approaching, the
Ep02 - sharon pretty flowers

Sharon's first appearance.

Rainsworths are meant to oversee the ceremony. However, Shelly falls seriously ill and can't attend, forcing Sheryl to also decline her attendance so that she can take care of her daughter in her time of need. In their place, Sheryl sends Sharon to extend their apology to the Vessaliuses personally.
Oz meets Sharon

Sharon offers Oz some surprising advice

Upon his arrival at the ceremony, Oz is introduced to Sharon by his uncle, Duke Oscar Vessalius, and Oz is immediately struck by Sharon's beauty. Oz asks if Sharon's attending the ceremony, though Sharon denies it and explain the situation with her mother to Oz. Sharon does admit her wanting to attend Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony, though she can't because she is only thirteen herself, suggesting that Oz dance with her in two years as consolation, which Oz graciously accepts.

Sharon regretfully states that she has to leave, as the Coming of Age Ceremony is about to begin, congratulating Oz on his fifteenth birthday and his new found freedom to attend society functions. However, Sharon does warn Oz that many people will attempt to approach him because of this freedom and some because of his wealth and others for the power of the Vessalius Dukedom, but everyone will see his father in him. As such, Sharon asks that Oz not forget the people who've always stood by his side and offered their support, because with them in mind Oz can never lose himself. Sharon then curtsies to Oz and leaves alongside Break before Oz can react.

Outside, Break asks what Sharon thinks of Oz while they're driving back to the Rainsworth estate, mentioning that Oz is just the kind of young boy that suits Sharon so they're well matched. Sharon lashes back at Break, but regains her composure to claim that because Oz is an heir of the Vessalius Dukedom he's destined to come over to "their side" eventually. This being said, Sharon notes how this will make Oz more involved with Break than herself, which Break agrees with before commenting on the brewing storm outside.

Later, Sharon learns of the disaster that struck at Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony, where Oz was cast into the Abyss by the Baskervilles, and so she and Break set to work on manipulating Oz's valet, Gilbert into working alongside them. The two take a carriage to the Vessalius estate, only to discover that young Gilbert has run away because no one would believe him that Oz's father, Xai Vessalius, was in fact helping the Baskervilles. Sharon remains in the carriage while Break goes to persuade Gilbert to help him by helping himself. Once Break is successful and manages to convince Gil to return to the Vessalius estate and let himself be adopted by the Nightray Dukedom to obtain Raven and save Oz from the Abyss, Break returns to the carriage where Sharon has been awaiting his return. Inside, Break teases that Gil is just young enough for Sharon's liking; though Sharon insists that Break should refrain from making such pointless comments. Rather than relish in Sharon's frustration, Break simply looks out the window and notes how both Oz and Gil share a sense of darkness within their hearts; making them easy targets for teasing.

A few days pass, and Break manages to inform Duke Bernard Nightray about Gil, the child young Vincent Nightray has been searching for. Bernard takes action without a second thought, asking the Rainsworths to act as mediators for the procedure. As such, Sharon journeys to the Vessalius estate in order to speak privately with Oscar over tea

Oscar and Sharon discuss

so that she can update Oscar on what's going on. Oscar is shocked to learn that the Nightrays intend on adopting Gil, but Sharon claims that they must be very serious about it since they'd asked the Rainsworths to mediate. With Oscar simply refusing to understand the situation, Sharon asks if Oscar knows of Vincent Nightray. Sharon explains
Ep11 - sharon tells about vincent

Sharon tells Oscar about Vincent, Gil's younger brother

that Vincent was also adopted by the Nightrays five years ago, having been found collapsed and wounded before the Nightrays' Door to the Abyss. Oscar realizes the similarity between Vincent and Gilbert, and so Sharon continues that Vincent has been searching for the brother that he was separated from ever since, his brother Gilbert. Accepting this, Oscar has no choice but to go along with Gilbert's adoption. Unfortunately for Sharon however, sometime after Gilbert became a Nightray, Shelly's sickly condition worsens. Much to Sharon's despair, her mother soon dies, prompting Sharon to officially join Pandora and form a Legal Contract with the Chain, Equus.

Break - 2

Break shields Sharon as Oz escapes the Abyss

Ten years pass by, with Sharon hearing throughout Pandora that Gil had finally managed to form a successful Legal Contract with Raven. Mere days later, Break guides both Sharon and Gil to some abandoned church ruins, where the ritual to rescue Oz from the Abyss using Raven will take place. When Sharon sees that Break has set up a small tea party for himself while he takes in his surroundings, she accuses Break of being imprudent and asks that he finish with his teatime soon. Break argues that it's fine because The Path won't open for a while yet, offering Gil some candy to relax. Though Gil denies Break's offer, Break reminds him that if he's too tense their attempt to rescue Oz won't go as smoothly as they'd like, and since it's a mission known only by the Rainsworths they can't afford to make mistakes. Gil assures Break that he has no intention of making mistakes, prompting Sharon to suggest that they get started with the preparations to save Oz.

Break comes over to join Gil and Sharon, only to sense something coming from behind him. Immediately grabbing Sharon, Break shields her from the danger as The Path opens in an explosion of power. As the smoke clears, Break sees Oz laying unconscious before him and voices his surprise that Oz managed to escape the Abyss by himself. Gil runs to Oz and cradles him in his arms, attempting to deny what lies before him, though Break coolly says that things worked out for them in the end anyway. Agreeing, Sharon states that they've finally attained the "Key to Pandora" and that there's no turning back now. Before they can all leave, Oz starts to writhe in pain because of the Illegal Contract he had to make to escape the Abyss. As such, Break has Gil put a seal on Oz's Chain's power using Raven so that it won't kill him. Afterwards, Sharon, Break and Gil bring Oz to the Rainsworth estate in order to keep Oz's return from the Abyss from the public.

Sharon, Break and Gil remain in the room with Oz to watch over him while he sleeps (though Sharon falls asleep herself). Eventually waking up, Oz is tended to by Break - who provides Oz clothing to change into and provides an explanation for what happened after Oz's disastrous Coming of Age Ceremony. Once Sharon awakes herself, Break suggests that they all sit down so they can discuss Oz's adventures in the Abyss over a spot of tea. Once Oz explains his formation of a Contract with B-Rabbit to Sharon, Break and Gil, Break and his doll, Emily, laugh over their inability to intervene. Break can't help but wonder where B-Rabbit is now, though Oz claims not to know since she was nowhere to be found when he awoke, revealing that B-Rabbit was apparently drawn to him by the sound of his pocket watch. Both Sharon and Break voice their delight over Oz's safety, but Break regrets to tell Oz that they now have to arrest him because he's an Illegal Contractor.

Sharon Oz

Alice threatens Sharon

Sharon objects, telling Break that Oz only became an Illegal Contractor to escape the Abyss and their goal is the same as his. Before Break can rebut, Oz grabs a nearby knife and Sharon, threatening to kill her. Break admits to having anticipated that B-Rabbit would take control of Oz if her vessel was put in danger, an since B-Rabbit's caused Pandora trouble in the past Break wanted to talk with her just once. This confuses B-Rabbit, and so Break questions what she intends on doing now that she has her vessel. Insisting that she doesn't have to tell Break anything, Rabbit orders Break to get out of her way, which Break won't allow since they can't have a Chain as dangerous as B-Rabbit roaming around freely. B-Rabbit asks if Break truly doesn't care what happens to Sharon, with Sharon instructing Break to ignore her. Break just smiles and claims that he can't do that, slamming his cane into the ground to activate the restraining formation he'd drawn prior to Oz's awakening. B-Rabbit is forced to the ground, allowing Sharon to escape, where Break proceeds to push her out of Oz's body with his cane; revealing a young woman (whom Oz calls Alice) rather than a giant black rabbit.

Sharon simply bears witness to Break's interrogation of Alice, where she reveals that she came to their world to search for her lost memories. Alice then attacks Break with her knife again, but Break easily disarms her and goes to strike her with his cane, only to have Oz intervene. Oz claims that if Break continues to hurt the person who'd saved him from the Abyss, he wouldn't cooperate with them; having figured out from their conversations that they'd intended on saving him from the Abyss themselves. Break, knowing that being considered Oz's enemy would complicate his plans, and so he withdraws and suggests that they all smooth things over calmly with more tea.

Before they can do so, The Path opens through the pocket watch Oz had found, releasing a Cards in the mansion. Break shields Sharon once again and asks that Gil remove Raven's seal on Alice's powers so that he can see them in-full for himself. With her full powers returned to her, Alice slaughters the Card easily while Sharon watches from afar. Just then, Oz attempts to retrieve the pocket watch, only to release one of Alice's memories, sending Sharon, Oz, Alice, Gil and Break to the floor as they experience it first hand. After coming out of the memory, Sharon asks Break if what they saw really was one of Alice's memories, which Break confirms - wondering if Alice is another one of the "Keys to Pandora" they've been searching for.

After all has settled, Alice demands to know what Break, Sharon and Gil plan on doing with them. Break explains that he wants both Oz and Alice to work for Pandora under his command to help them search for the Baskervilles; elaborating that they'd tried to save Oz from the Abyss so they could discover Oz's connection to them. Also, Break adds that if Oz stays with the Rainsworths then he'll be safe from the Baskervilles and that he won't have to involve the Vessaliuses again. As for Alice, Break assumes that since The Path opened because of the presence of her memory, then maybe she'd find more of her memories if she helps them. Though when Oz and Alice want more information, Sharon steps forward and tells them that all they can say for now is that their intentions are the same. Alice and Oz agree to cooperate with Sharon, Break and Gil, beginning their campaign for Pandora.

Working With Pandora ArcEdit

With everything ironed out about Oz's return to their world, Break immediately assigns Oz to his first mission as a member of Pandora: to arrest the Illegal Contractor who's been committing mass murders throughout Nosambria. When Alice objects to taking a detour when they should be searching for her memories, Sharon reminds her that it's possible that he memories could be in Nosambria; as the memory she's already retrieved was tied to the Chain that emerged from The Path opened by the pocket watch Oz had found. Therefore, Alice's memories could very well be where Chains appear. Finally accepting this, Alice leaves for Nosambria with Oz and Gil, with Sharon secretly placing Equus in Gil's shadow so that she can watch Oz's movements and intervene should the need arise.

Later, when Sharon is looking through the file for the case Break had assigned Oz to, she comes across something she can't ignore. Grabbing it, Sharon confronts Break and tells him that it was really horrible for him to intentionally neglect to give Oz the photo of the Flower Girl that clearly showed that her Incuse was nearly complete. Break justifies that Gil would've worried about Oz too much if he'd known how far the Incuse had progressed. Sharon takes a seat nearby while Break mentions how the Flower Girl's time is nearly up and that it's meant to show Oz that he has three options available to him. Oz's could either let the darkness of the Incuse consume him as time passes, continue to search for the truth and discover a way to save himself, or if he finds the answer to what his "sin" is, then Break may just have to kill Oz himself. Sharon is disappointed that such measure may have to be taken against Oz, though she chooses not to argue with Break because she's aware that it may be what's best for Pandora.

The next day, Sharon enjoys some tea alongside Break and Oscar while they watch Oz's movements through Equus as he journeys to the mansion where his Coming of Age Ceremony was held. Though they'd anticipated that the Baskervilles would attem

Break's observing Oz, Alice and Gil

pt something against Oz, Sharon found herself surprised when the Intention of the Abyss would intervene in Oz's affairs so soon. Collectively though, Sharon, Break and Oscar are pleased to see that Oz is safe (albeit unconscious after his encounter with the Intention) and that everything is proceeding according to plan so far. Ultimately, Break decides that it's time they return to Pandora, though he and Sharon decide to reunite with Gil, Alice and Oz beforehand.

After parting ways with Oscar, Sharon and Break take a carriage to the mansion where Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony was held. Here, Gil is furious over Break using Oz as bait to draw out the Baskervilles, wondering what Break intended on doing if something happened to Oz. Sharon then emerges from the carriage, telling Gil that his worries are unnecessary because she would've intervened in the case of an emergency. Gil is confused, but Sharon reveals to having placed Equus in Gil's shadow to watch over them. To prove her point, Sharon reminds Gil of what he said to Oz after Noise revealed that Gil wasn't actually a stranger to Oz named "Raven": that he still wants to be Oz's valet. Break and Sharon enjoy Gil's embarrassment, as they'd apparently made a bet about how Oz would find out about Gil's identity - which Break won. Afterwards, Break and Sharon decide to go their separate ways for the time being, planning to reunite later so that they can interrogate the Illegal Contractor that Pandora caught mere days before about the Head Hunter; Sharon returning to the Rainsworth estate while Break goes to check-in on Gil, Oz and Alice.

Upon her return to the estate, Sharon discovers that Reim's there, and so the two sit down for a spot of tea to discuss the dilemma that has recently struck Pandora. It doesn't take long for Break to return as well, crawling out from underneath the table where Sharon and Reim are having tea. Reim explains that earlier in the day, William West and his Illegally Contracted Chain, Grim, broke free of Pandora's custody and killed six guards before escaping. Sharon simply sits by while Break toys with Reim, though when she's had her fill of Break's nonsense she tells Reim to just ignore Break and carry on with his explanation. Reim does as directed, explaining that Pandora is already searching for William and Grim but have yet to find anything. Break adds that it's likely that they're already in Reveil, turning to Sharon and playing with her hair as he says that things are going to get very interesting with Oz, Alice and Gil in Reveil.

That night, Sharon is awoken when Oz, Alice, Gil, Vincent and Echo come to the mansion, soaking wet. Sharon has everyone sit while she retrieves some towels, with Vincent apologizing for their late visit (since Gil didn't want to return to the Nightray estate they had nowhere else to go). Sharon assures Vincent that it's really no trouble at all, though Vincent decides that it's time he and Echo leave. Initially Sharon is surprised by the briefness of Vincent's visit, but Vincent admits to having business to take care of regarding the incident also noting how he doesn't seem to be as welcome as Gil, as Break comes in behind him. Sharon collects the towels as Vincent and Echo are guided out of the estate by Break, only to notice a rather sullen Gil. Gil voices how it's meant to be his job to protect Oz, yet he's always putting himself in dangerous situations so willingly. Sympathizing Gil, Sharon uses one of the towels to dry Gil's hair while she explains that if Oz is lacking something, then Gil's supposed to help him get it back. Even so, Sharon urges Gil to tell Oz about what's happened over the last ten years before he tries to help Oz regain himself, leaving Gil to decide his own course of action.

Cheshire's Dimension ArcEdit

The following morning, Gil drags Alice and Oz back into the heart of Reveil in order to search for his hat, which had gone missing sometime during their confrontation with William West and Grim. Soon after their departure, Oscar returns to the Rainsworth estate to reunite with Oz - finding Sharon and Break enjoying their morning over tea. Break agrees to escort Oscar to Oz, Gil and Alice in Reveil, having formulated a plot to draw out Cheshire; with Sharon prepared to act as a guide for Oz when the time comes.

Later, Oz, Gil and Oscar return to the Rainsworth estate after having lost track of Alice and Break in Reveil. Upon their return, Sharon explains how Break had intended on using Alice as bait to draw out Cheshire so that he could tag along with Alice when Cheshire kidnapped her and took her to his dimension. Gil questions when Break will have finally had enough of using the people around him for his own personal gain, though Oz's thoughts remain on Break's intentions. Oz asks Sharon if he's right to assume that Break wouldn't rush head-long into enemy territory without some sort of plan, which must mean he has some escape route planned. While unsure of what this plan may be, Oz asks Sharon if they could use Break's means of escape in order to reach Cheshire's Dimension as well.

Sharon 15

Sharon opens a path to Cheshire's Dimension

Smiling, Sharon confirms Oz's assumption, standing and calling on Equus to open a path to Cheshire's Dimension; explaining that Equus is currently inside Break's shadow, so if they want to reach Alice and Break all they have to do is step into Equus' portal. Gil is hesitant because they don't know about the dangers that may lie ahead of them in Cheshire's Dimension. Oz argues that he's worried about Alice and refuses to let Gil go alone because he's Alice's Contractor. Oz justifies that Break's likely counting on his appearance anyway, having likely left Emily behind as a clue so that Oz would come ask Sharon about the current situation. When Oz asks Sharon's opinion on his opinions, Sharon claims to never really understand what Break's thinking either - sending Gil and Oz on their way. Once alone, Sharon can't help but laugh about how similar Break and Oz are to one-another.

After arriving in Cheshire's Dimension, Oz questions if Cheshire really dwells there, which Sharon confirms by communicating to Oz through Equus. Having not expected Sharon's voice to be coming from his shadow, Oz jumps with sudden surprise. Gil asks why Equus is in Oz's shadow instead of Break's, and so Sharon explains that Equus has lost sight of Break's shadow - so something must've happened to him. Elaborating, Sharon explains that Equus connects shadows and creates paths between them, however since Equus lost sight of Break she was worried that Gil and Oz may have been transported somewhere else, though that doesn't seem to be the case. Even so, Sharon knows that Break won't die easily, and so she suggests that Gil and Oz look for Alice first.

Without warning Cheshire attacks Gil and Oz, with the two just barely evading his attacks. Cheshire questions how Gil and Oz managed to reach his dimension, though Sharon interjects and insists that they'll be the ones asking the questions, asking what Cheshire did with Break and Alice. Cheshire reveals that Break is trapped in a deep sleep by the arms of his past, prompting Oz to wonder why Cheshire would target Break and Alice. Cheshire claims that it's obvious, since both of them are enemies of the Intention of the Abyss - and while he didn't anticipate Break, Oz and Gil following Alice, nothing will change so long as he kills them.

Duldee, Noise Sharon

Noise takes control of Sharon

As Cheshire attacks, Equus projects himself from Oz's shadow, with Sharon stating that she'll take on Cheshire herself and sending Gil and Oz on their way to search for Break and Alice. Equus charges at Cheshire and manages to stab Cheshire's left arm with his horn, with Sharon explaining that even Equus' main purposes are transportation and intelligence gathering, it doesn't mean that he lacks strength in battle. Cheshire attempts to flee, but Sharon has Equus trail after him so that she can ask Cheshire about the Intention of the Abyss. Cheshire questions why Sharon and Break both want to know about the Intention so badly, and so Sharon explains that they both want to ascertain the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier. Cheshire calls Sharon noisy and teleports away, however before Sharon can object she notices that someone is standing right behind her. Unable to turn around in time, Sharon is hit over the back of the head by Echo, who apologizes to Sharon before allowing Noise to take control of their body. Noise then summons Duldee and has her plant Duldum in Sharon's subconscious, allowing Noise to have complete control over Sharon's mind and body.

As ordered by Vincent, Noise kidnaps Sharon and brings her to the Nightray estate, where she then uses Duldum to control Equus through Sharon, having Sharon save Oz and Alice from Cheshire's Dimension as it's destroyed, but leaving Gil and Break. Then, Duldum had Sharon use Equus to drop Oz and Alice in the middle of a meeting between the Four Great Dukes - knowing that Gil would have to use Raven to save himself and Break from dying in Cheshire's Dimension. This removes Raven's seal on Alice's powers and reverts her to her B-Rabbit form as she and Oz are dropped in the meeting between the Four Great Dukes. Panic ensues at Pandora, and for the next stage of his plan Vincent administers a rare poison to both Noise and Sharon. Duldum has Sharon send then sends Vincent to Pandora through Equus so that he could await Break's arrival, trading places with Echo once again.

Vincent is soon confronted by Break, who demands to be taken to Sharon. Vincent complies without argument, revealing that Sharon is struggling to stay alive because of the poison Vincent administered, Vincent claiming that it was so the two of them could come to an understanding as quickly as possible. Vincent then reveals Echo, who's condition is the same as Sharon's - making Break wonder why Vincent would poison Echo as well as Sharon. Not hesitating even slightly, Vincent takes out the antidote to the poison, knowing well that Break wouldn't have listened to anything he says unless he knew the antidote worked. Once Vincent's administered the antidote to Echo, he barters with Break by threatening to drop the antidote off of a balcony unless Break uses Mad Hatter's power to destroy Cheshire's Bell that he received from Cheshire's Dimension; which contains some of Alice's memories and the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier.

Having listened to the entire conversation, Sharon immediately jumps up and covers Cheshire's Bell, insisting that she won't let Break destroy the very thing that he's been searching for since his release from the Abyss. Sharon attempts to convince Break that she's perfectly fine, meaning that he wouldn't have to do as Vincent commands, because she knows how precious the truth of the Tragedy is to Break. Break simply embraces Sharon and assures her that it's okay, summoning Mad Hatter and destroying Cheshire's Bell once and for all. However, rather than honor their agreement, Vincent drops the antidote over the balcony anyway, knowing that Break wouldn't be able to reach it in time. Luckily, Echo defies Vincent and saves the antidote herself, delivering it to Break so that he could leave with Sharon and still prevent her death.

Break administers the antidote the Sharon and then lays her down in her room so that she can rest and recover. The next morning, Break visits Sharon alongside Oz and Reim, unintentionally waking Sharon soon after their arrival. Rushing over to her, Break asks if she's all better now and that she not push herself too much. At first, Sharon seems happy to see Break, but this is quickly proven to be a facade as she slaps him and calls him a fool. Sharon then throws a pillow at Break and asks how he could say that everything is okay so casually, when in fact the entire ordeal happened because she wasn't able to protect herself without him by her side. Therefore, Sharon believes that the fault lies within her own weakness, and even so Break did something terrible for her sake. Drawing a harisen, Sharon beats on Break and orders him to keep his "hero complex" in check.

This makes Break laugh, telling Sharon not to be so conceited, explaining that he didn't sacrifice his desires for her sake, rather for his own, as Shelly would've killed him if anything happened to her. Claiming that it's not fair because she's there to be of use to Break, yet he so easily proves that she hinders him instead, collapsing into Break's arms and crying hysterically over he feeling of uselessness. Once Sharon manages to calm down, Break asks if she'd seen Cheshire's face when she battled him with Equus, revealing to her that Cheshire's eye was actually the left eye that the Intention of the Abyss had stolen from him long ago. Sharon is shocked, but before she can say anything, Break states that it's because of Cheshire that he was able to remember so many things about his past - showing that he's decidedly somewhat greatful towards Chesire.

Lutwidge Academy ArcEdit

A week after their confrontation with Cheshire, Oscar takes Oz, Alice and Gil to Lutwidge Academy in order to visit Ada and confront her about a letter she sent to Oscar. In the meantime, Sharon and Break sit down together to have tea, where Break updates Sharon on the current situation with Oz and the others. This decidedly makes Sharon think that Oscar is too nice for his own good, but Break assures her that the Ada confrontation is just an excuse to give Oz, Alice and Gil a change of pace. Reminiscing about how Oz and Alice have had nothing but interrogations since their forced revelation at Pandora, Sharon can’t help but sympathize. Though Break adds that he truly wanted to keep Oz a secret from Pandora and have him all to himself, he notes how the only thing that’s actually wearing down Oz is the reactions of the people around him who marvel at him for housing the soul of Jack Vessalius.

After Oz, Alice and Gil return to the Rainsworth estate, Sharon and Break can’t help but notice the gloomy atmosphere surrounding them. Break mentions that they’ve been that way ever since their return – believing that it’s because of their surprise encounter with the Baskervilles. Sharon however knows different, and corrects Break by explaining how their gloominess is brought on by their encounter with Elliot Nightray at Lutwidge Academy, who helped rescue Oz from the Baskervilles alongside Leo. Sharon mentions that in the end Oz and Gil couldn't explain themselves to Elliot and Gil was outright spurned by Elliot for turning his back on the Nightray Dukedom. Turning to Oz, who's grinding his teeth on a pillow, Sharon mentions how she's never seen Oz lose himself like this before.

Finally, Sharon and Break direct their attention to Alice, who's sitting alone in the corner feverishly eating food, with Break asking why she's so sullen. Alice simply tells Break to shut up because she's acting like her usual self. Break can't help but agree with her, since according to him Alice is nothing more than a useless glutton anyway; prompting Sharon to smack Break and assure Alice that she can tell her if there's anything wrong. Initially, Alice tries to deny once again that something's wrong, but Sharon's persistence manages to break through her mental barriers and so she explains that Oz isn't paying attention to her so much anymore. This both confuses and concerns Sharon and Break, but Alice elaborates that she'd only meant that Oz isn't paying attention to his role as her servant lately. Alice reveals her jealousy toward Break and Ada, both of whom Oz left her to spend time with, unsure of what's happening because even though Oz belongs to her he's constantly paying attention to other people.

Touched by Alice's emotional state, Sharon pushes Break out of the way and relishes in how adorable Alice being as she reveals what jealousy is to her. When Alice asks what jealousy is, Sharon claims that it's an emotion that is genuinely "sweet and sour", making Alice think that it's something edible, denying that she likes anything sour. Sharon corrects herself by explaining that the "sweet and sour" aspect is a must for romance, something else which Alice is oblivious to. Noticing that Sharon has completely lost herself in her femininity, Break attempts to leave, only to be stopped by Sharon so that they can both do everything possible to help Alice. Once again Alice tries to deny Sharon's help, but Sharon just notes how Alice never addresses her by name; therefore Sharon grips Alice's hands and asks that she begin addressing her as "Sharon-oneesama" from now on. Sharon intimidates Alice into doing as she says, bursting with excitement afterwards, as she feels as though she's been granted her own little sister. Break teases Sharon by saying that no matter how you look at it, Sharon resembles a middle-aged woman wanting to toy with a little girl. Once again, Sharon beats Break with her harisen and drags Alice alongside her to study the art of romance.

Showing Alice her collection of romance novels, Sharon reads Alice an excerpt from one volume of "Sylvie and the Mongrels" that Alice connects with directly. Overwhelmed with the similarity, Alice takes the romance novel and insists that Sharon tell her what the character did after identifying her prince as her property. Sharon reveals that Sylvie used all of her influence to win the prince's heart, defeating all her rivals and eventually ending with a kiss between Sylvie and her prince. Seeing the picture of Sylvie kissing her prince, Sharon shuts the book, thinking that such subject matter may be too much for Alice too soon - though Alice claims to have already gone that far with Oz. Outraged, Sharon storms away and beats Oz with her harisen, calling him a "wolf in sheep's clothing". Afterwards, Oz reveals that his kiss with Alice was a result of their forming of an Illegal Contract. Break admits that even though the Contractor does have to ingest the Chain's blood for the completion of the Contract, there's no reason for it to be done through a kiss. Apologizing to Oz, Sharon voices how she wishes Oz would've told her about the Contract before her attack.

Retrace 28 Sharon intoxicated

An intoxicated Sharon shows her true colors

Just then Oscar enters the room, happy to see everyone together as he reveals that he'd brought juice and sweets for them all to enjoy, all to celebrate their safe return from Lutwidge Academy. Sharon, Break, Gil, Alice and Oz all take part in Oscar's little celebration, only to discover that the juice Oscar provided was actually alcohol. As a result of her intoxication, Alice starts taking off her clothes when she gets overwhelmingly warm, with Oz feverishly asking Sharon to say something to Alice to stop her. Instead, Sharon teasingly notes that Oz wants to ask something of her, ordering him to get down on his knees and beg for it, surprising Oz with her dominant personality taken on because of the alcohol. Eventually, Sharon falls asleep alongside Oscar, Gil and Alice, leaving Break and Oz to themselves.

Chain Invasion ArcEdit

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Sablier ArcEdit

The morning after the St. Bridget’s Day celebration in downtown Reveille, Sharon and Break go to greet Oz. However, the two find that Oz is feeling rather helpless as he fails to get through to Gil as he attempts to justify himself. Curious, Sharon questions what’s brought on such a refreshing distance between Oz and Gil, suggesting that they sit down for tea while Oz explains what’s going on. Oz reveals to Sharon and Break that his Incuse had progressed since their confrontation within Cheshire's Dimension, as well as during the St. Bridget's Day festival, and that he had yet to tell either Gil or Alice. Even so, when Gil came back from the Nightray estate after the St. Bridget's Day festival, he knew about the Incuse, and so Oz can't help but worry about what's troubling Gil. Together, Sharon and Break suggest that, while it's nice that Oz worries for other people, he should worry about himself from time-to-time as well, asking what Oz intends on doing next. Oz simply claims that he wants to encounter the Baskervilles again to try and uncover why he was dropped in the Abyss.

Later, while walking through the halls of Pandora's Headquarters with Sharon and Break, Oz decides that it may be best for him to go to Sablier, since it seems to be where everything ties back to. Sharon voices how she's never set foot in Sablier before, but it would make sense that some of Alice's memories would dwell within the ruins of Sablier. Then, Reim accidentally runs into Oz, not being able to see around the stack of documents he's carrying. Break teases Reim about how he seems to be covering for someone refusing to do their work again; though when Reim tries to make Break feel guilty for doing so, Break jabs Reim in the side so that he drops the documents, then picking up Sharon and running off in order to evade Oz's questions about Sablier.

Later, Sharon takes note of the strange behavior between Break and Reim, thinking that they're sneaking around behind her back, though when she goes to investigate, she finds that Break is no where to be found (as are Oz, Alice and Gil). Sharon, frustrated with Break for not reporting back to her before he disappeared, forces Reim to divulge the true purpose of Sablier and its significance to Pandora by confronting him with her harisen. Reim explains that Sablier has been used as a large research site for Pandora and its experiments regarding the Abyss, and that power from the Abyss that flows out from The Hole, and so Pandora takes advantage of those who come to Sablier and make contact with this power. Reim justifies that he only lied because he's unsure of how much of the rumors are true and he didn't want to put Oz in danger by telling him unreliable information, though Break did so in order to keep such dark secrets from Sharon. Frustrated, Sharon accepts that there's nothing she can do about Break while he's in Sablier, Sharon is force to work alone. However, Sharon can't help but have her gaze be drawn outside as the sky darkens and rain begins to fall - being the same time that Oz removes Raven's seal on B-Rabbit's powers after encountering Xai.

42 - Sharon upset

Sharon holds back her tears as she confronts Break

Once Oz, Alice, Gil and Break return, Sharon learns that they'd all traveled to Sablier and that during their venture Break lost consciousness as a result of using Mad Hatter's power extensively. Sharon allows Break to rest, but as soon as Reim goes to check on Break three days later, finding him awake, Sharon enters with her harisen and beats Break for disappearing without so much as a word on where he was going. Sharon also points out that Break deservingly got himself hurt after deciding to act on his own, as he always does because he constantly decides it'd be best for him to run head-long into a dangerous situation without any support. Being brought to tears, Sharon explains that she'd called out for Break many times and though he still wouldn't  wake up, scaring her beyond belief.

Soon after, Oz, Alice and Gil arrive and alongside Sharon, Break and Reim, they review their findings from Sablier over tea; This included The House of Fianna, a woman named Lacie (whose name was originally on the tombstone Oz found before his Coming of Age Ceremony), Oz's encounter with Glen Baskerville's remnant, Phillipe West's presence in Sablier and Alice's encounter with Jack's remnant. After everyone's shared their experiences, Sharon asks Gil if he'd seen anything while in Sablier after noticing that he's been mum on the subject the entire time. Though he denies it, Sharon and Reim both agree that he's hiding something. After Oz asks Break why he really followed them to Sablier, Break rushes everyone out of his room so he can "get his rest". Though this was a clear cover up, Sharon didn't ask any questions and simply follows out alongside Gil, Alice and Oz while Reim stays behind.

Sharon guides Oz, Alice and Gil out onto a balcony, where she reveals to them the information she forced out of Reim after Break's disappearance. Continuing, Sharon explains how there have always been rumors about Pandora forcing people underground to study how the power of the Abyss affects human bodies, and since the people left in Sablier have nowhere else to go, Pandora would thereby have an endless supply of test subjects for their human experiments. Alice questions if these dark secrets of Pandora were the reason Break and Reim were being so secretive, which Sharon confirms. Although, Sharon is stuck on how hurt she is by Break for always treats her like a child, when all she wants to do is walk alongside him as an equal.

Re Emergence of the Head Hunter ArcEdit

Sharon ventures back into the Rainsworth estate, asking the Rainsworth valets to take good care of Break as she trails after Oz, Alice and Gil as they confront Reim and ask him to set up a meeting with them and Rufus. Insisting that she's coming along with them, Sharon claims that she's come to realize that merely standing by Break's side isn't enough anymore, and that she has to move forward on her own. As such, Sharon immediately leads Oz, Alice, Gil and Reim to two awaiting carriages outside the mansion, riding alongside Reim and Alice to the Barma estate.

Once at the Barma estate, Sharon, Oz, Alice, Gil and Reim find Rufus looking over scrolls of text, having apparently not expected them to arrive so soon. Rufus uses Dodo's power to dispose of the valets he'd created through illusion. Sharon simply sits by as Oz asks Rufus to reveal to them what the Four Great Dukes spoke after their return from Sablier, and what the earthquake that shook the ruined city meant. Rufus agrees to provide the information without cost, explaining how in Arthur Barma's Memoirs, Arthur Barma divulged how he and four other mages used severed pieces of Jack's body to bind the soul of Glen Baskerville in five Sealing Stones, the destruction of the first Seal being what likely caused the earthquake in Sablier. Rufus also mentions that he has already located the second Sealing Stone in the Carillon District, and so he wants Oz to locate the Seal for Pandora in return for his information.

Retrace 43 - Sharon + Dodo

Dodo attacks Sharon in a flurry of feathers

Hearing this sickens Sharon, who asks why Rufus hasn't told Bernard, Sheryl and Oscar about the Sealing Stones yet, despite how important they are. Rufus argues that it'd be stupid for him to reveal his trump card, and that he's already provided all the information that the Dukes need to force them into action. Outraged that Rufus would risk everyone's safety by withholding such important information, Sharon asks if Rufus simply considers everyone else to be nothing more than his pawns. Finding Sharon's statement stupid, Rufus states that he finds humans either useful or not useful, and so he'll use what's necessary in order to benefit himself, asking Sharon if Break is not the same way. Being such a tender subject, Sharon explodes with anger, demanding that Rufus not compare himself to Break, as Break doesn't forget that people exist and doesn't throw people aside as if they lacked wills of their own like Rufus does. Caught off guard, Rufus silences Sharon and summons Dodo. Rufus decides that, even though Sharon's a child of nobility, it seems as though she's been raised without the knowledge of how to address her superiors, and so he intends on teaching her himself, attacking Sharon with Dodo. However, before Dodo can do harm to Sharon, Gil steps in front of her and uses Raven's own power to suppress Dodo and force him back into Rufus' body. Rufus accepts his defeat and sends Sharon off with Oz, Alice and Gil to meet Grüner, his valet stationed in Toll, in order to be lead to the location of the second Sealing Stone.

After meeting Grüner in Toll, Grüner leads Sharon (who refused to be left behind in Toll), Oz, Alice and Gil through the forests of the Carillon District, to the mansion where the second Sealing Stone is said to be located. Soon enough the group arrives at the mansion, and Sharon asks if the two Pandora members who Rufus sent to obtain the second Sealing Stone never returned, which Grüner confirms - saying that the two were both Contractors and so only the worst can be assumed. Sharon then reminds Oz that because of Equus, he'd better not even consider leaving her to wait outside alone while he, Gil, Alice and Grüner search for the Sealing Stone. Just then, the doors to the mansion seemingly open by themselves, and so the group enters together, where they're confronted by a young woman named Marie.

Retrace 44 - Sharon + Marie

Marie rushes Sharon when Equus fails her

Marie asks if the group were friends of the two "little birds" that wandered into the mansion earlier, revealing that she's already returned them to the forest. Decidedly Marie brands the group as the wolves who came to hunt those two "little birds" and draws forth a bloody hack saw, attacking immediately. Marie is able to move throughout the room within a matter of seconds, successfully slicing open Gil's arm; explaining that she's meant to kill anyone who approaches the mansion, with only one exception. As Marie targets her, Sharon stomps her foot on the floor and attempts to summon Equus, though Equus never appears. As Sharon is stunned with fear and confusion, Grüner is forced to jump in front of her and takes Marie's attack across his left shoulder. Realizing that Sharon is a Contractor, Marie relishes in the fact that no matter how many times Sharon calls Equus, he won't come because of the Sealing Stone.

Retrace 44 - Sharon + Marie 2

Marie accuses Sharon of boasting Equus' power as her own

Oz soon realizes that Marie is tricking them with mirrors, however Marie isn't phased - revealing that the two "little birds" were just like the rest of them, standing all high and mighty in the beginning only to cower with fear when they realized that they couldn't summon their Chains. Directly confronting Sharon as she tends to Grüner's wounds, Marie tells Sharon that she's no different from the two before her, assuming that her Chain's power is her own, but instead she's nothing more than a weak little girl without her Chain. Gil shoots at Marie in order to push her away from Sharon, but in the mean time, Oz is feeling pressure from the Sealing Stone - understanding that it's located beneath them and unlocking B-Rabbit's power in order to destroy Marie's hacksaw. Oz summons B-Rabbit's scythe and nearly beheads Marie, only to be stopped by Alice just in time.

Marie's master, Rytas, emerges just then, apologizing for Marie's behavious and leading them to the second Sealing Stone. After Rytas provides a clue to the location of the third Sealing Stone and reveals more of the story behind the creation of the Sealing Stones (as told to him by his mother, who was one of the mages who aided Arthur in their creation), Grüner suggests that the group heads back to Toll to contact Rufus, since there is no possible way that they can take the Sealing Stone back to Pandora given its size. Only, shortly after their departure, a massive earthquakes rumbles through the Carillon District, prompting Sharon, Oz, Alice and Gil to rush back to Rytas' mansion. Here the group finds that Rytas, Marie and Grüner have all been decapitated and that the second Sealing Stone has been destroyed by none other than the Head Hunter.

After the group returns to Pandora, Reim comes to Sharon and tells her that her grandmother would like to speak with her. Reim brings Sharon to Sheryl's office, where she asks what Sheryl wanted to speak with her about. Sheryl claims innocence and states that she only wants to see how Sharon's doing after having accompanied Oz to the Carillon District, where she encountered many things first-hand, none of which was fun and games. Sharon can't help but be reminded of what Marie said to her during their confrontation, and so she explains that even though it was the first time she's ever seen such a gruesome scene and she does feel guilty for being unable to help them when the Head Hunter came, it did help Sharon discover something about her.

Sheryl is surprised to find out that Sharon feels she's powerless, and although Sharon calims to not envy anyone's power, being called weak she's finally realized that she's always unconsciously boasting about Equus's powers as if they were her own. Additionally, Sharon feels as though she's been running around in circles by being too desperate, which Sheryl agrees with but claims that Sharon should always be cheerful, graceful and beautiful no matter what's going on, as a Rainsworth woman. Assuring her grandaughter that there's no need for her to rush, since looking at the same thing and then deliberating isn't the only way to walk together, because even if two people are walking on different paths they will always be linked together. Accepting this, Sharon thanks her grandmother for the words of advice before leaving happily. Sharon later joins the rest of Pandora when Oscar hosts an "Unbirthday Party", taking part in a group photo taken by Oscar alongside Oz, Alice, Gil, Elliot, Leo, Ada, Echo and Reim.

The Feast ArcEdit

The clues given to Pandora by Rytas point toward the next Sealing Stone through the symbol of a small religious cult lead by a relative of Rufus Barma's, Isla Yura. As such, Pandora calls upon Yura to act as a witness - which thereby lead Oz to manipulate Yura into hosting a second Coming of Age Ceremony, which would allow Pandora to search the grounds of Yura's mansion for the third Sealing Stone without triggering a war between Pandora's country and Yura's and Rufus' homeland. As a result, Sharon attends the ceremony and socializes with the fellow noble women attending, which is something she's not always able to do because of her unaged appearance thanks to her Contract with Equus.

Soon after, Sharon returns to Break's side and explains that she'd like to take in the evening breeze - asking Break to accompany her. Together, Sharon and Break head to the balcony, though Sharon comminucates with Oz through Equus on her way there, telling him that Reim and the rest of the Pandora members attending the ceremony have already began their search for the third Sealing Stone. Accepting this, Oz is unsure of whether it's wise to have Equus in his shadow rather than Reim's, though Sharon justifies that Equus is there for added protection since Yura's interests appear to be Oz. Sharon continues by explaining that in dimensions where the power of the Abyss is strong, she can use Equus on a much larger range, though in their dimension where the Abyssal power is weak, Equus can only travel between another individual's shadow and her own. Thus, even though Equus is able to connect people's shadows, she herself cannot move within them, proving to Oz that it's a complex process. Oz still can't help but be worried for Reim though, thinking that he's not a Contractor, only to be corrected by Sharon, who also adds that someone as ordinary as Reim is perfect for the mission since he doesn't stand out.

After her conversation with Oz is done, Sharon simply observes the event from the balcony with Break in silence. Though Break asks Sharon if she'd like to go and dance, she claims that she can't because she has to focus in order to ensure Oz's safety. Break questions why Sharon doesn't just sneak Equus into Yura's shadow - and though Sharon's considered it there's always the possibility that Yura would notice Equus as he entered his shadow, and as such all they can do is wait for Reim to report back to them. Seeing Sharon's longing eyes as she watches the guests freely enjoying themselves, Break asks if Sharon regrets forming her Contract with Equus; though Sharon merely claims that there was more gained from the Contract than lost.


Break tells Sharon that he's blind

Having changed her mind, Sharon asks how Break would feel about dancing on the balcony with her, though Break claims that he has no talent for dancing. Decidedly, Sharon hides behind the entrance wall, telling Break that they'll have to observe the other guests in order for them to learn how to dance properly. It's at this moment that Break tells Sharon that he's gone blind. Hearing this strikes Sharon's heart, but she does manage to hold back her tears and tell Break that they now have no choice; offering her hand to him in order to teach him how to dance step-by-step.
Sharon's dress

Sharon holds back her tears, extending her hand to dance with Break

Afterwards, Sharon and Break rejoin the party inside, only to hear the chaos from back out on the balcony as Elliot and Leo fight. After the two go their separate ways, Break instructs Oz to speak with Leo, while Gilbert goes to speak with Elliot in an attempt to calm them down, leaving Sharon with Alice while Break keeps an eye on Yura. Not long after everyone separates however, Sharon receives word through Equus that Oz and Leo have discovered a headless corpse. Sharon wastes no time and runs to Break to update him, though Break notes how Yura's valets seem to be updating him on a different matter. Ultimately Break decides that it's best for him to continue watching Yura, while Sharon watches Oz's movements through Equus. Sharon objects, thinking that it'd be best to just bring Oz back to the grand ballroom at once - only for Break to remind her that Oz is too stubborn to comply, suggesting that they instead use Oz as bait to attract the real killer.

Reluctantly agreeing with Break, Sharon goes off to find Alice, seeing that Oz is attempting to find the murderer on his own. Sharon manages to find Alice as soon as Oz comes across someone in a crimson cloak, immediately sending Alice through Oz where she tackles the figure to the ground as he makes a move toward Oz, revealing him to be Phillipe West. Sharon requests that Oz stop trying to do everything by himself and says that she's going to send Gil to his location as soon as she locates him. At that moment, Sharon stops dead in her tracks as the guests in the ballroom begin murmuring to one-another with concern. Pushing through the crowd, Sharon sees that two children in crimson robes have entered the ballroom alongside an adult in the same attire, being members of Isla Yura's Cult. As one of Yura's valets goes to question the children and their apparent guardians, his head is cut off, sending the guests into a state of hysteria as The Feast, which Yura had planned, begins.

As the guests run to save themselves from the Cult members as they begin a massacre of intended sacrifices, Gil, Elliot and Ada return and Sharon updates them on what's happened. It's at that moment that Gil realizes one of the Cult members has come up behind Sharon with the intent of stabbing her, and Gil narrowly manages to save her life. Gil grabs onto Sharon and begs her to tell him what happened to Oz, but before she can do so, the Cult members begin setting the mansion on fire and blocking all the exits. Hurriedly, Gil asks Sharon again what's going on, only for Sharon to tell him that she can't send him to Oz and that it's because Equus won't obey her orders because something ripped Equus from Oz's shadow, being the same sort of power that they experienced with the second Sealing Stone; meaning that he's found the third Seal.

Soon after, Sharon is racing through the mansion alongside Ada, guiding her to safety, when Ada asks if Sharon knows whether or not Vincent's alive and well, showing reluctance to leaving Vincent. Even so, Sharon assures Ada that Vincent's fine and that she should concern herself more with getting out of the mansion and to safety. Ada reluctantly agrees with Sharon, explaining to her that even though it's natural for someone to be disturbed by the massacre, Vincent was acting as though he was seeing something completely different when the massacre began. Though Ada's statement worries Sharon, Sharon carries on with her duties and uses Equus to transport Ada to safety, as well as placing Equus is Ada's shadow and getting herself and several others out of Isla Yura's mansion safely

As soon as she gets outside, Sharon takes note of the battle between Break, Gil, Fang and Lily, rushing toward the scene as Lottie arrives riding on Leon to retrieve Lily after Break kills Fang. Sharon follows Break as he wanders over to Reim, who lays in the forest nearby extremely weakened, learning of how Reim had used March Hare to fake his death to avoid being killed by Lily. Sharon suggests that since Equus is in Ada's shadow and Ada's in a safe location that they transport Reim through Equus to safety, summoning Equus and quickly doing so. Sharon then stays by Break's side as he recooperates from the battle, returning inside the mansion once Break's capable of doing so himself. Once inside, Sharon supports Break as they walk toward Yura's underground temple dedicated to the Sealing Stone, informing all the survivors that the entirety of the mansion above them is engulfed in flames and that they all should escape through Equus immediately. Suddenly, Leo's screams echo throughout the temple, leading the group to discover that Elliot had died during the ceremony. Unable to waste any time, Leo is torn from Elliot's corpse and transported through Equus to safety outside of the mansion alongside the rest of the survivors.

Back in Reveille, Break and Reim are layed down to rest after the injuries they'd received during Yura's Feast. After the third day, Sharon decides to check on the conditions of Break and Reim, hoping that they'd be well enough to regain consciousness. Once she's satisfied, Sharon leaves, only to run into Gil on her way out and update him on Break and Reim's current conditions; Sharon admitting that she's happy to see Break willfully resting and recovering after how often he collapses from the burden of his Contract with Mad Hatter. Ultimately, Sharon attributes Break's survival to Gil's immediate medical treatment, whereas she's rather confused as to how Reim managed to escape without any fatal wounds; wondering if Reim was truly lucky or if Lily just didn't have the intention of killing him. Sharon then asks if Gilbert would like to have tea with her to discuss what their next move should be, which Gil initially declines, only to have Sharon pressure him into joining her.

Over tea, Gil attempts to take his leave to rejoin Oz, though Sharon notices Gil's stressed expression, and argues that if Gil returns to Oz in such a distressed state Oz will only worry more, assuming that Gil's hardley slept lately and that he's pushing himself too hard, especially after Pandora learned of Elliot's identity as the Head Hunter and Bernard and Vincent's ties to the Baskervilles. Additionally, Sharon claims that Gil is meant to grieve when the time is right or risk breaking down later, meaning that he has to allow himself to cry. Gil however denies such a concept, saying that he can't cry because Oz hasn't even cried yet. Knowing that she can't change Gil's mind, Sharon simply sits in silence with Gil - not knowing how else support him and help him mourn his broken family.

Jack's Intention ArcEdit

A couple days after speaking with Gil over tea, Pandora members retrieve Sharon and bring her to Sheryl's office where she finds that Oz, Gil and Alice have also been gathered. Here, Sheryl and Rufus reveal to the group that Duke Bernard Nightray, alongside the two personal valets he'd fled Pandora alongside, were all found beheaded in the secret chamber of Bernard's private villa. As well, since the assassination was recent, Elliot couldn't have been behind the assassination. Unsure, Gil wondered if this meant that Elliot wasn't the Head Hunter, though Rufus corrects him by reminding the group that the Head Hunter was an Illegal Contractor who decapitated members of the Nightray Dukedom; thereby making anyone fitting said description the Head Hunter. Rufus even suggests that Humpty Dumpty was only acting as a copycat of the true Head Hunter, whom killed Bernard.

Suddenly, a Rainsworth valet bangs on the door and informs Sheryl that Vincent Nightray had kidnapped Leo and decapitated all the Pandora members who stood in is way. With the chaotic uproar throughout Pandora, Sheryl and Rufus take immediate action and use the locations of the first three Sealing Stones to locate the final two, which are within Pandora's Headquarters and the domain of Count Airy. Rufus also takes the time to mention how Pandora likely has numerous hidden passageways, just like Lutwidge Academy. From there, the group is free to go, as Sheryl and Oscar's concern over the amount of strain being put on them because of the Sealing Stones prompts Rufus to give them all a day off. In reality though, Rufus intends on using Oz as bait to draw out Vincent and Leo, and so he has Sharon place Equus in Oz's shadow in order to keep an eye on the situation.

The next morning, Sharon is informed that Break has finally woken up, and so she rushes feverishly to his room, only to find that his bed is empty. Looking around, Sharon finds Break wrapped in his covers on the floor next to his bed and asks him if he's fully healed. Break claims that he's fine, but Sharon doesn't buy it because he was unconscious for more than a week; urging Break to take things slowly for a while. Changing the subject, Break asks Sharon how Reim's doing, and Sharon assures him that even though Reim's still unconscious, his condition is stable and there's no need to worry.

Noticing Break's sullen mood, Sharon asks what's wrong, learning that Break feels ashamed after what happened at Isla Yura's condition because he was chastised by herself, Reim and Gilbert. Sharon's amazed that Break took so long to realize such things, explaining to him that he's not an "all-powerful man capable of doing everything and anything by himself". In reality, Sharon says that Break's nothing more than a delusional middle-aged man who's always looking down on people, acting omniscient yet still keeping the information to himself, incapable of learning new skills (like dancing) and pretending to be an adult when he's really more comparable to a child; none of which are attributes to be proud of. Sharon's stand against Break makes him burst into a fit of laughter, as he leans his head on Sharon's shoulder and comes to terms with his hopelessness.

Over the next little while, Sharon explains Pandora's current situation to Break, including Leo's connection to Glen Baskerville, Vincent being the original Head Hunter and his assassination of Bernard. Soon enough, Sharon learns through Equus that Leo, Vincent and Echo have made contact with Oz, Alice and Gil in Reveille. Realizing the urgency of the situation, Break hurriedly gets dressed and races through Pandora. When Sharon asks what's going on, Break explains that he has to make sure that he fulfills the wish of the Intention of the Abyss by destroying her and thereby rescuing her and saving Alice. Hearing this, Sharon is caught off-guard and has to ask Break to repeat himself, boiling over with frustration as she demands to know how Break could keep something so important to himself until now. Break justifies that he didn't have a choice, since Pandora wants to obtain the Intention of the Abyss and he wants to help her by destroying her - he's going against Pandora and would likely be sentenced to death as a result. Sharon understands, but can't comprehend why Break would tell her his objective all of a sudden; with Break using Sharon's rant against her and claiming that it's time he asked for help.

Break then asks for an update on the situation between Leo and Oz, and so Sharon accesses Equus and tells Break that the two are having a casual conversation for the time being; likely not even aware that Pandora operatives have been tailing them for quite some time now. Sharon adds that Oz asked her to stay uninvolved until her intervention is absolutely necessary, so she intends on bringing everyone back to Pandora in the case of an emergency. Noticing that someone is watching them, Break agrees with Sharon and pivots, though the person escapes in time, leading Sharon to question his actions. As such, Break asks if Sharon hadn't noticed that someone's been following them for quite some time now - likely being one of Rufus' valets. Break voices that he has a bad feeling, though Sharon reminds him that they need to focus on finding Sheryl right now, as she wanted them to provide updates on the situation with Oz, only she's been missing for a long time now. Sharon and Break continue to search Pandora, only for a loud crashing to echo through the halls. Sharon and Break make their way outside to Pandora's flower garden, finding Sheryl lying in the middle of a crater, broken and bleeding and surrounded by black feathers. Sharon races to Sheryl's side alongside Break, her grandmother apologizing for having let down her guard and allowing Rufus to take the Rainsworths' Key to the Abyss. Sheryl then gives Sharon a thread woven by Owl that can only be seen by its holder, explaining that the thread connects directly to Rufus and will lead them to him. Also, Sharon mentions that Rufus likely knew the location of the fourth Sealing Stone long before he shared the information and then made a deal with the Baskervilles to lead them to it. Break leaves immediately in pursuit of revenge, while Sharon contacts Oz through Equus and orders him to return to Pandora immediately, informing him of Rufus' alliance with the Baskervilles and his attack against Sheryl, sending Equus as Oz realizes that Leo, Vincent and Echo were meant to just be distractions.

Once Oz, Gil and Alice have returned to Pandora, Oz asks Sharon how Sheryl's doing. Sharon explains that Sheryl's all right and that all her vital organs were missed, but just barely, unable to believe that Rufus would do something so horrible to her grandmother. Sharon explains that it's likely that Rufus and the Baskervilles have already started making their way toward the fourth Sealing Stone, giving Oz Owl's thread connecting to Rufus, informing him that Rufus has the Rainsworths' Key. Out of nowhere, Jabberwock appears over Pandora and attacks, dropping off Leo, Vincent and Echo in the process. Oz gives Gil Owl's thread and orders him to go to the Sealing Stone and stop the Baskervilles. Once the two part ways, Sharon rejoins the many members of Pandora, helping oversee the organization of Pandora's defenses. Later, while Sharon tends to a Pandora member who'd taken a blow to the head, a loud booming noise echoes through the area, as Jack uses the power of B-Rabbit to cut down a tree and revert it to dust in order to intimidate Alice, surprising and confusing Sharon.

Not long after, a deafening explosion can be heard as a blinding pilar of light extends into the sky, followed by a continuous shattering sound, as Jack successfully uses the power of B-Rabbit to sever the Chains surrounding the world that prevent it from being swallowed by the power of the Abyss. Sharon rushes to the sight of the explosion in order to offer her aid; finding that Alice has disappeared, Gil is truly a Baskerville and has shot Oz and that Break is running head-long into battle against the Baskervilles. Break orders Sharon to use Equus and get Oz out of there, and though Sharon voices her concern as she looks over to Oz's unconscious body, she begins summoning Equus and opening a portal that they can use as an escape route. However, Rufus decides that he's grown tired of the situation, throwing down Sheryl's earrings and summoning Dodo to destroy them and the Key to the Abyss which they held. Her Contract with Equus being severed, Sharon is left defenseless and cries out as a Baskerville grabs her from behind, distracting Break long enough for the Baskervilles to pin him to the ground as well.

Subsequently, Sharon is taken into custody by the Baskervilles, who've taken over control of Pandora, and she's locked in a room alongside her resting grandmother. Sharon can tell that there's something wrong and can't help but wonder what's happening outside of the room where the Baskervilles are monitering her. Sudenly, Sheryl regains consciousness, prompting Sharon to rush over to her granmother's side and ask for confirmation that her grandmother is all right. Sheryl identifies Sharon and laughs teasingly, showing that Rufus' attack has not hurt her casual personality, reminding Sharon that she needs to shed her tear in a calm and controlled manner. Realizing that the connection between herself and Owl has been severed, Sheryl infers that something horrible must have happened and insists that Sharon tells her everything that happened while she was unconscious.

Swan Song ArcEdit

After having updated Sheryl, the Baskervilles come and take both Sharon and Sheryl to the grand hall of Pandora. Soon enough, Dug and Lily bring Break to the grand hall, with Dug dropping Break on the ground and asking if everyone has been gathered - explaining that Sharon, Sheryl and Break are meant to be executed as a result of Oz's escape from Pandora. During Dug's explanation, Sharon goes to Break's side and begs him to pull himself together, though Break remains barely conscious. Lily takes this opportunity to kneel beside Sharon and ask who Shelly is and whether or not she's someone who's important to Break - as he'd mentioned her earlier. Sharon is too shocked to answer and simply stares at Lily with a hurt sense of disbelief, prompting Sheryl to confirm Lily's question by explaining that Shelly was her daughter, Sharon's mother and someone Break held very dear to his heart; unfortunately though, Shelly died long ago.


Sharon gets slapped by a Baskerville while defending Break

Without warning, one of the Baskervilles punches Break in the head, sending him to the ground and claiming that they should just kill Break now because he's too dangerous to be left alive, reminding his comrades of how Break's killed several Baskervilles already with Mad Hatter's power; including Fang. Another Baskerville kicks Break in the stomach, making Break breathe heavily and uncontrollably and prompting Sharon to beg the Baskervilles to stop beating Break. Sharon's begging goes unheeded, as a Baskerville raises Break to eye level and questions why a Chain like Mad Hatter even exists, punching Break once again. Three Baskervilles now surround Break, intent on killing Break, though Sharon's decided that she's had enough and manages to break free from her confines and run infront of Break in order to defend him. However, her efforts prove to be useless, as the Baskerville leading the assault slaps Sharon out of the way; forcing her to the ground as he orders her to get out of the way. This proves to be the last straw for Break, who summons Mad Hatter and uses his power to kill the Baskerville that slapped Sharon and sever the arm of another Baskerville. Break offers Sharon support as they stand together, surprised by Rufus' actions as he figures out what Rufus did. Sharon asks Break what's going on and why he can suddenly use Mad Hatter again, so he explains that Rufus seems to have planned something on his own without considering their well-being, grabbing the sword of the Baskerville he'd killed and rushing into battle against the Baskervilles.


Sharon sends Equus to untervene

Break successfully manages to kill several Baskervilles and an Unnamed Bird Chain with Mad Hatter, though the Baskervilles grow wise to Mad Hatter's abilities and stop summoning their Chains in order to attack Break head-on. Observing the battle, Sharon watches as Break holds his own against the masses, only to realize that Dug is joining the battle as well, warning Break with urgency. Though Break manages to evade Dug's mace, Sharon can see that Break may not be able to handle Dug in the state he's in, as he takes cover behind a nearby pillar. As Break jumps out from behind the pillar with the intent of finishing Dug off, Sharon summons Equus in front of Break, who charges at Dug and catches him off guard, while she wraps her arms around Break from behind and begs him not to use anymore of Mad Hatter's power; as his body can't handle the strain. Turning to her, Break touches Sharon's face and asks where the Baskerville had hit her. Confused at first, while Break attempts to comfort her Sharon tells him that the Baskerville had hit her on the head, prompting Break to look back toward the battle and say that he's not done with the Baskervilles yet.

Sheryl then summons Owl and has her layer the grand hall with her black haze, taking away the Baskervilles' ability to see and hear and offering Break an opening. Break wounds nearly every Baskerville while they attempt to traverse the black haze in confusion. Though Sheryl claims that she may have been pushing it a little with that attack, Sharon and Break assure her that they can now take care of the now greatly weakened Baskervilles. However, before they can do so, Noise emerges - laughing and calling Sharon, Break and Sheryl deplorable. Sharon mistakes Noise for Echo at first, but soon realizes that she's wrong as Noise drags an unconscious Ada out from beneath her robes, threatening to kill Ada if anyone attempts to attack her. This draws out Xai, which had been Noise's intention all along; using Duldee and Duldum to tether Xai and force him to summon Gryphon, grab Lottie, Dug and Lily and fly her to Sablier so she can see Vincent (who'd gone to Sablier alongside Oswald and Rufus). Just then, a massive earthquake rumbles throughout Reveille, confusing everyone with how "different" the earthquake feels when compared to the ones caused by the shattering Chains.

As Sheryl takes lead and receives an explanation of Rufus' plans from his valets, she asks Sharon to make certain "preparations" before they take action against Oswald. Complying, Sharon decides to also look for Break's belongings and asks that he rests while she's gone. Although, when she returns to the grand hall, Sharon finds that Break isn't resting, which irks her slightly, though she brushes it off and gives Break his coat and sword. Sharon also mentions that she has something else for Break, but she doesn't get the chance to reveal what it is, as Sheryl calls both Sharon and Break over to her. Sheryl asks if the preparations she'd asked of Sharon were ready, which Sharon confirms, pleasing Sheryl as she mentions that they'll have to make another stop before they travel to Sablier, stating that they'll fly there immediately, summoning Owl and confusing Sharon in the process. Unexpectedly however, Sharon turns to find that Break has collapsed as an effect from his overuse of Mad Hatter.

Owl Break Reim Sheryl Sharon

Sharon arrives in Sablier on Owl

Hurriedly, Sheryl has Owl grown into a larger version of herself while Sharon tends to Break. Once ready, Sharon helps load the unconscious Break onto Owl, alongside herself, Sheryl and one of Rufus' valets; the group immediately embarking on their journey to Lutwidge Academy. The group arrives just as Oz, Alice, Gil and Reim were about to leave for Sablier, Sharon getting off of Owl as soon as she can in order to hug Alice. Their trip to Sablier is delayed, as Sheryl decides to rest after having used Owl so much, allowing Break to rest and the Barma valet to explain things in-full to Turner, leaving Sharon to spend her time waiting for Break to wake up. Unfortunately though, Alice is anxious to see Break again in order to "choke the life out of him", and despite Sharon's attempts at stopping her, Alice manages to push her way into Break's room, with Oz and Sharon behind her. Alice's visit is short-lived however, as Gil arrives and drags her out of the room, though Alice struggles, leading Sharon to voice how she would be very upset if Alice intends on being mischievous; frightening Alice and allowing the group to leave Break (who'd recently awoken) and Reim alone. Soon after, Sharon returns to Break's room alone as he puts on his coat again, reuniting him with Emily, not having had the opportunity to do so at Pandora. Afterwards, Sharon and Break go see Sheryl, who decides that she's rested enough and since they've all exchanged their information that it's time they leave alongside Oz, Gil, Alice and Reim. As such, Sheryl summons Owl and has her grow to an immense size, the group climbing onto her back before she takes flight and starts their journey to Sablier.

90 - Sheryl + Sharon

Sharon's says goodbye to Sheryl before heading off with Oz to stop Oswald

As soon as Owl descends into Sablier, Oz, Alice and Gil rush off to defend two citizens of Sablier from a large frog-like Chain. Meanwhile, Break helps Sharon off of Owl and asks if she could give him an update on the current situation Sablier's in. Sharon explains that many openings to The Path have begun opening throughout the sky over top of Sablier, allowing hoards of Chains to spill out onto the streets of Sablier. Noting how horrible it all seems, wondering if all this chaos is a result of Jack's severing of the Chains surrounding the world, which Break thinks is likely. Soon enough, Oz, Alice and Gil return and are ordered by Sheryl to go after Oswald and do what only he can do while she stays with Reim to direct the Sablier division of Pandora. Hearing this, Sharon returns to her grandmother's side and embraces her, prompting her to tell her grandaughter that she'd rather Sharon didn't go with Oz, which Sharon had anticipated and apologizes for; as she has to follow her heart. Sheryl understands, asking Sharon to promise her one thing, that she'll come back all right. Sharon then leaves alongside Oz, Alice, Gil and Break, descending into the black city that's projected itself in The Hole, destroying any Chains that get in their way.

91 - Sharon + Equus

Sharon summons Equus for protection

Once in the black city, Sharon notes how much colder it got, agreeing with Gil when he decides that they'd better use the clock tower at the center of the city as a landmark in case the fog around them gets thick enough to separate them. When the clock tower tolls suddenly, it scares Sharon and she clings to Alice for comfort, while it puts everyone else on edge. Out of nowhere, Oz suggests that they have another tea party like the Unbirthday party Oscar held before the incident at Isla Yura's mansion when they get back. Excited, Sharon lets go of Alice and agrees that a tea party is a good idea, though she suggests that  they wait until the weather warms up again, as it'd been getting colder the last few days. Break can't help but laugh at the group's optimism, hoping that he lives long enough to join them, which leads Sharon to note how Break's been sounding like an old man a lot more lately.

Suddenly, the fog continuously gets thicker, isolating Sharon from the rest of the group. Worried about what she should do next, Sharon slaps both hands on her head to try and focus herself. Then, the clock tower tolls again, reminding Sharon of her objective as she decides that she can worry when she finally reaches the clock tower. Sharon summons Equus and draws a gun, knowing that she needs to defend herself, otherwise everything they've been striving for will have been for nothing. Both Sharon and Equus hear someone's approaching footsteps behind them, turning to find Lottie and her Chain, Leon, who relishes in the fact that she found "Break's little princess".Sharon aims her gun at Lottie and sends Equus to take on Leon, jumping right into battle against the two. Meanwhile, Lottie compliments Sharon's agility, prompting Sharon to call Equus back to her side, telling Lottie that she doesn't have time to deal with her right now, ordering Lottie to move out of the way, keeping her gun aimed at Lottie. Instead, Lottie insists that Sharon's the one that's in the way, reminding her that the world is going to be destroyed at the rate that it's going and Oswald is trying to prevent it, yet Pandora keeps trying to stop him. Lottie can't help but wonder if that means that everyone in Pandora, including Sharon, are stupid. Sharon interjects that their opposition to Oswald is obviously because they're trying to live "here and now". Sharon admits that she's fully aware that Oswald is trying to save the world, but by doing so he's sacrificing the lives that they're living. While she does want to save the world, Sharon claims that she doesn't want to lose everything that she's been through so far and thereby lose overall.

92 Reim + Sharon

Reim steps between Sharon and Bandersnatch

Lottie writes Sharon off as nothing more than a greedy little princess, but Sharon claims that she takes after her mother. At this time, Dug carries Lily into the area, where they reunite with Lottie. With the Baskervilles sidetracked, Sharon wonders what path she should take, knowing well that she can't stand alone against three Baskervilles. Suddenly, Lily stops and turns to Sharon, surprised to see her in Sablier. In reaction, Lily summons Bandersnatch and sends him after Sharon. Without warning, a voice echoes throughout the area, insisting that Lily wait as a man jumps between Sharon and Bandersnatch in order to protect Sharon. Confused, Sharon questions what Reim's doing, though Reim just turns and smiles at Sharon. Reim reveals that, since he has no fighting ability whatsoever, he would rather negotiate some things with the Baskervilles, asking them to hold off on killing him and Sharon until afterwards. Reim suggests that the Baskervilles form a temporary alliance with himself and Sharon, as the Baskervilles were trying to help Oswald change the world they know by killing Lacie in the past, while he'd come to act as a strength for Oz. Thereby, both parties have the similar goal of rushing to help their masters and friends, and so uniting in order to make it through the black city in time to help Oswald and Oz makes the most sense. Though the Baskervilles are hesitant, ultimately Reim's attempt at a temporary alliance proves to be successful, and so Sharon rushes through Sablier's dark city alongside Reim and with the protection of Lottie, Lily and Dug.

92 Break's death with Reim and Sharon

Break dies in the arms of Sharon and Reim

By the time they reach the clock tower, the group finds that a large hole had been broken through the clock tower and leading into a Courtroom Dimension. Sharon runs ahead of the group with Reim, having seen Break's withered condition from a far. Sharon and Reim manage to catch Break as he fall to the ground, where Break reveals that he doesn't want to die yet, however if he reviews his life it seems as though he's done enough for the world. Break then calls Sharon and Reim horrible, since he'd originally thought he'd be able to die alone after such a strenuous battle, reducing Sharon to tears as he starts experiencing delusions generated from his memories and speaking to Shelly. Finally, Break dies in the arms of his closest friends, as a result of Mad Hatter's strain on him, and Sharon begins screaming in agony over his dead body; Reim being unable to bring Sharon's focus back to the dire situation of the world and separate her from Break.

Sharon is both hurt and shocked by Lily's sudden request to take Break's body as retribution for him having murdered Fang, though she's still unwilling to leave Break's side. When Lily loses her temper and summons Bandersnatch to retrieve Break's body for her, Reim stands firm in front of Sharon and the body, aiming his gun at Lily and Bandersnatch. Reim is able to negotiate with Lily, allowing her to shoot him as compensation, only for Lottie to intervene and reveal how free Fang felt when he was killed by Break. Lottie makes her way over to Sharon and Break, offering a prayer to the fallen warrior - noting her regret over not being able to form an alliance with him, promising to watch over his friends until the very end, as well as hoping that when Break's soul goes through The Rule of 100 Cycles it can be guided back to their world.

94 - Sharon Break Lily and Reim

Sharon, Reim and Lily, delivered back to their dimension

Just then, Noise wanders into the crumbling Courtroom Dimension, seemingly broken, searching for Vincent. Angrily, Noise uses Duldee's threads to wreak havok throughout the dimension, destroying what little remains, ensnaring Reim and using Duldum to take control of his mind. Though Lottie and Lily narrowly manages to save Reim from shooting himself because of Noise's influence, Noise escapes through the Door to the Abyss in pursuit of Vincent. Lottie orders Lily, Reim and Sharon to stay behind while she and Dug act in their stead to save their world. Expectedly, Sharon is reluctant to accept Lottie's orders, but Lottie reminds her of Break and how she should stay by his side because of how important he was to her. Lottie and Dug race after Noise, but not before Sharon sends Equus in Lottie's shadow as added help for their cause, only to have the Courtroom Dimension shatter and explode just after Lottie and Dug manage to get through the Door to the Abyss. With the Courtroom Dimension destroyed, Sharon, Reim and Lily are delivered to their own dimension, laying unconscious infront of the clock tower, alongside Break's corpse.

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