Vanitas said that... humans and vampires were the same. He told me they were both terribly ugly, endlessly selfish creatures.

—Noé, to Lord Ruthven.

Memoire 19: Serment


Release Date Saturday July 22nd 2017
Chapter 19
Volume 4
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Memoire 18: Dos à Dos
Memoire 20: Serment Promise (Part One)

Serment is the title of the nineteenth chapter of Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas.

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At Hotel Chouchou, Amelia Ruth delivers a card to Vanitas, prompting him to leave. After his departure, Lord Ruthven invites Noé to an old cafe where the two converse.

Lord Ruthven admits that he has an interest in Noé for being a child of "The Shapeless One," Noé's teacher. As two discuss the mysteriousness of The Shapeless One, Noé notes that although the atmosphere between Lord Ruthven and his teacher are different, the former reminds him of his teacher. At this, Ruthven reveals his past work as a teacher, prior to the treaty between vampires and humans; however, his pupils were all killed.

At Noé's apology for bringing up the bad memory, Ruthven praises Noé's kindness and tells Noé that he worries about someone taking advantage of that kindness to use Noé. This leads Noé to believe Ruthven is implicating Vanitas, and he mentions Vanitas' inconsistencies and beliefs to Ruthven.

In turn, Ruthven questions Noé's beliefs regarding humans and vampires and whether he is friend or foe to vampire kind. Noé responds that he could not accept someone as an enemy simply for being a vampire or human and that he likes those of both races. This causes Ruthven to dismiss and assault him. He bites Noé and casts a curse, forcing Noé to swear to obey him for once only, at a time of his choosing.

Afterwards, Monsieur Spider demands to know why Ruthven decided to spare Noé instead of killing him as originally planned. Ruthven reveals that he has high hopes for Noé and that it would be better to keep him as a pawn, since it is unknown why Noé's teacher was keeping him at hand.

Elsewhere, Vanitas meets with Jeanne who demands he date her.

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(*) - Denotes that the character did not appear physically, but as a part of another character's memories.

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  • Alternate Title: Spell-Bound
  • The title of this chapter, "Serment", is a French word meaning "Oath".

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