Arthur Barma Edit

Arthur Barma is Rufus' ancestor. He passed his journal, in which he had written what he knew about the Tragedy of Sablier, down to Rufus.

Sheryl Rainsworth Edit

They are longtime friends and appeared to be on very good terms until he attacked her. It was shown in several
  • Rufus with Sheryl in manga
  • Rufus with Sheryl as appear in anime opening theme
omakes that 15 years before the current story line (around when Reim was 11) that Rufus was in love with Sheryl. At one point he asked a young Reim to deliver a love letter for him (he hastily said that it was a letter of challenge), though it was thrown in to the fire by Sheryl. Another omake has him announcing an unofficial wedding between them with Sheryl threatening to beat him up in the background. In recent chapters it is revealed that the reason for Sheryl's objections was the fact that she was already married. Rufus tries to convince her to divorce, but is once again rejected. It's during one of his proposals that he gives Sheryl her earrings, saying that they were a precious keep-sake from his mother and he only gives them to her as a sign of friendship. She gladly accepts them on the condition of a promise to always help each other out. He also reveals that his motive for siding with Pandora and being against Glen's changing of the past was to marry Sheryl, and that love was the most important thing in the world to him. 

Xerxes Break Edit

Break vs Barma

Rufus vs Break

Rufus is an antagonist to Break, as Rufus knows about Kevin Regnard, the person Break used to be. But although the two do not seem to like each other it appears like they put quite a lot of trust in one another as they're sometimes seen exchanging information with the other and discussing current events (for free on Barma's part, which is quite unusual). When Rufus wounds Sheryl, Break attacks him and says that he feels betrayed and that he did not think he would do such a thing to her, to which Barma responds that he 'thought it was because of him helping the Baskervilles' (this might state that they had some sort of alliance).

Isla YuraEdit

The two of them are somehow related, though it isn't specified how. They are also known to be from the same country.

Oz the B-RabbitEdit

Oz dislikes Rufus for his treatment of others, originally specifically Break, but they have cooperated on occasion.


Like Break, Rufus is interested in Alice's past, due to the fact that she lived one hundred years ago and her name
Ep22 - alice kicks rufus' illusion self

Mad Alice kicks Rufus' illusion

mentioned; also told in Jack's diary which inherit to Rufus. And Alice also appear to annoy Rufus in many occasions, especially seen in their first encounter.

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