Rufus Barma was born nearly thirty years after the Tragedy of Sablier rocked the country and reshaped society, into a family of foreign origins who'd been exiled from their homeland after losing a power struggle prior to the Tragedy. Rufus was the great-grandson of Duke Arthur Barma and the only known heir to the Dukedom after his own father. With his position within society, Rufus required a personal valet to tend to his needs and act as protection against any and all who sought to harm him. Eventually young Callum Lunettes of the Lunettes Earldom would be chosen to fill the position, never leaving Rufus' side as time progressed.

Being nobility, Rufus was enrolled at Lutwidge Academy alongside Callum (the two being placed in the same class despite Callum's older age) in order to further his studies among fellow nobles. With his adventurous spirit and curious nature, Rufus would often take part in late night "adventures", dragging Callum alongside despite his numerous objections. Soon another student named Turner noticed Rufus and Callum's late night expeditions, eventually gaining the courage to ask what the two of them were trying to do. Rufus simply told Turner that he and Callum were attempting to map-out the maze that was Lutwidge Academy, making Turner worry. Turner tried to warn the two that they'd be in serious trouble if they ever got caught by the Head Master, though his warnings went unheeded, with Rufus and Callum continuing their journeys through Lutwidge.

Some time later, Rufus and Callum found an old key, which lead them to discover a hidden passageway underneath a large statue that sat at the end of a dead-end hallway in Lutwidge Academy. The passageway brought the two of an abandoned study under the school, which also had a tiny tunnel in one of the walls that lead directly into Pandora's Headquarters for emergencies. Rufus immediately claimed the study as his own, having Callum help him steal furniture from elsewhere in Lutwidge Academy in order to fill the study and make it seem more homely. After having settled in their study, Rufus and Callum would often sneak away to it, not realizing that they were being followed by Turner. Although, despite his best efforts, Turner never could keep up with Rufus and Callum, and would always find himself facing a lone statue in a dead-end hallway.

Rufus + Sheryl

Rufus argues with Sheryl

Over the years, Rufus often ended up interacting with fellow heir to the Four Great Dukedoms, Sheryl Rainsworth of the Rainsworth Dukedom. The two heirs didn't get along whatsoever, constantly fighting with one-another over the most insignificant things. It was around this time that Rufus received a pair of earrings from his mother, containing rare flowers from their homeland, which Rufus was meant to give to someone he cared about deeply.

One day, after having recently fought with Sheryl, Rufus paced angrily and voiced his hatred for her to Callum. While Callum carried on with paperwork from Pandora, Rufus called Sheryl a "vixen" because of the sassy remarks she always directed at him - adding that no one thought that they were as cute as she seemed to think. Callum just laughed and told Rufus that it was really entertaining to watch Rufus get so worked up whenever Sheryl was around; silencing Rufus with surprise.

After regaining his composure, Rufus immediately denied Callum's remark, claiming that it wasn't like he was in love with Sheryl. Rufus did however show concern when thinking about the possibility of his family's foreign history making Sheryl see him differently, also noting how Sheryl smiled beautifully from time-to-time. With Rufus still rambling about Sheryl, Sheryl approached Rufus from behind and asked for his attention, prompting Rufus to turn suddenly and angrily yell at Sheryl without even thinking. When Rufus saw the mistake he'd made he was stunned, with Callum just sitting and watching the spectacle in silent amusement.

Callum + Rufus - 1

Rufus crying after learning of Sheryl's engagement

Sheryl told Rufus that she'd only come to tell him that she'd finally decided to marry, which is something she thought Rufus should've known. While Rufus' world appeared to have shattered, Sheryl turned away, laughing gleefully as she left an annoyed Callum to deal with the now distraught and crying Rufus. Rufus collapsed with defeat as tears rolled down his face, with Callum asking him if he was all right. Rufus answered that his heart hurt because he'd fallen in love with Sheryl without even realizing it, finally admitting to himself what Callum had seen all along. Attempting to calm the situation, Callum told Rufus that he was just dealing with a broken heart, and that even if he was as serious about Sheryl as he'd claimed, everything would work itself out somehow in the end. Rufus silenced Callum, insisting that he wasn't suffering from a broken heart and reminding Callum that it was his duty as a man to see his love off with a smile. Standing, Rufus vowed that until his feelings for Sheryl had completely faded from his heart, he wouldn't part with the love he felt, shocking Callum.

Callum Rufus 4

Callum takes a bullet for Rufus

At an unknown point after Sheryl's marriage announcement, Rufus and Callum were confronted by an individual who was intent on assassinating Rufus. Fortunately for Rufus, Callum took the bullet for his master, whilst Pandora stormed onto the scene and arrested the assailant, leaving Rufus was stunned after having to witness his best friend risking his life in order to save his own. As a result, Callum was critically injured, and therefore could no longer stand by Rufus' side as his valet.

When Rufus turned thirty-seven, he became the head of the Barma Dukedom and didn't hesitate to form his Legal Contract with Dodo. Alongside his new position, Rufus also received a pair of earrings from his mother, which contained rare flowers from their homeland, which Rufus was meant to give to someone he cared about deeply. In the end, Rufus decided to hide the Barma Dukedom's Key to the Abyss within his mother's earring, so that they could always be on his person.

Still holding onto his feelings for Sheryl, Rufus would often write to her, professing his feelings within them; though Sheryl would end up burning the letters once she'd read them in order to prevent her husband from coming across them. Eventually, Rufus presented a bouquet of red roses to Sheryl and proposed to her, to which Sheryl harshly declined. Rufus mentioned how blunt Sheryl always tended to be, to which Sheryl asked if Rufus ever listened to anything anyone else ever told him, reminding Rufus that she already had a husband. Rufus didn't understand what the problem was because he could arrange for Sheryl to divorce her husband, which would've been followed by their wedding immediately after. Sheryl stopped Rufus and told him to stop gawking, mentioning that she can't accept Rufus' flowers because she thought red roses were vulgar, and she also didn't want her husband to get the wrong idea about them.

Deal RainBar

Rufus and Sheryl exchange Keys

Rufus tossed away his bouquet, now seeing the pointlessness of his actions, while Sheryl sent away her valet. Rufus claimed that Sheryl was being selfish and asked if she'd rather he gave her another kind of flower instead, pulling out his mother's earrings. Rufus dropped his mother's earrings into Sheryl's hands and explained that they contained a rare type of flower from his home country, as well as their previous importance to his mother. Sheryl looked at the earrings in awe, with Rufus telling her that the earrings were meant to be representative of their friendship.

In response, Sheryl asked if Rufus had really meant everything he'd written in the letter he'd written a few days before. Rufus confirmed this and asked if Sheryl truly did read it thoroughly like she was meant to, which she confirmed. The two remained silent for quite some time while Sheryl thought about what action she should take, deciding in the end that if the earrings were meant to represent their friendship then there's no real issue with her accepting them. Sheryl put on the earrings and asked if Rufus would have been willing to forge a promise with her.

Sheryl brought up the fact that the Barma Dukedom and the Rainsworth Dukedom didn't always see eye-to-eye, and proposed that the two of them work together to ensure the prevention of another event like the Tragedy of Sablier from happening ever again. In-turn, Sheryl gave Rufus her silver pendant in exchange for Rufus' Mother's Earrings, as Sheryl's pendant also acted as a vessel for the Rainsworth Dukedom's Key to the Abyss. With the exchange of each others Keys, Rufus and Sheryl could ensure that neither of them could betray the other. Rufus and Sheryl then parted ways, having formed a powerful bond between the two of them.

Furthermore, Rufus spent a lot more time with Sheryl a few years after Sheryl gave birth to her daughter, Shelly Rainsworth. Shelly was very sickly since the very beginning, and so when Shelly collapsed in front of Sheryl one day, Rufus rushed to Sheryl's side and acted as support in his friend's time of need; for which Sheryl was immeasurably grateful. 

Soon after, Callum's son, Earl Lunettes, had a second son named Reim Lunettes. Rufus accepted Reim to take Callum's place as his valet, to which Reim's elder brother believed was because Reim had a striking resemblance to Callum. When Reim was eleven, Rufus sent Reim on what he claimed was an important mission: to directly deliver letters he had written to Sheryl and to not return until he had received a response. Due to his fear of Rufus' wrath, Reim ended up living with the Rainsworths for two years, as Sheryl had burned Rufus' letters after she was finished with them and refused to offer her response until then.

As the years passed, Rufus dealt with individuals through the manipulation of information, using information similarly to a form of currency. Rufus eventually grew to have a reputation by which he's known by, being the oldest and the wisest of The Four Great Dukes. Soon, Rufus began using Dodo's power to generate illusions to create an full-bodied illusion of himself when he was in public with Sheryl so that he could pose as Sheryl's valet. Although Rufus' reasoning for doing so was for better protection of Sheryl, in reality, Rufus was posing as Sheryl's valet so that he could spend more time alone with Sheryl.


Cheshire's Dimension ArcEdit

Oz Vessalius was dropped in the middle of a meeting between the four great Dukes with Alice in her B-Rabbit form because Vincent Nightray had Noise kidnap Sharon Rainsworth and control her into using Equus into retrieving Oz and Alice from Cheshire's Dimension, leaving Gilbert and Break as Vincent knew Gilbert would have to use Raven to escape the crumb

Rufus, alongside with Sheryl, Oscar and all of Pandora shocked with Oz and Alice the B-Rabbit arrival in their meeting.

ling dimension, thereby releasing the seal Raven had on Alice's power and reverting her to her B-Rabbit form.

Rufus immediately jumped in front of Duchess Sheryl Rainsworth, as Rufus was posing as Sheryl's valet, in case B-Rabbit attacked. After B-Rabbit flees through Pandora with Oz, Rufus wheels Sheryl out of the briefing room where she talks with Reim Lunettes, saying that she'd thought that they'd be able to continue with the meeting now that she was finally feeling better, but there seemed to be some trouble about all of a sudden. Reim notes how Sheryl seems rather content with this rather than upset, though Sheryl tells him that he's just imagining that. Duke Oscar Vessalius then pulls Reim aside to talk and Sheryl notes how the two of them seem to be having fun before she and Rufus continue to exit Pandora's Headquarters.

Rufus Barma ArcEdit

Oz requests to have an audience with Duke Rufus Barma in order to uncover something about the Tragedy of Sablier,
Ep21 - reim in barma dukedom

Reim greets Oz and co. to meet Rufus.

though he was rather nervous because he'd heard that Rufus was a bit of a weirdo. At any rate, Rufus accepts Oz's request and asks to meet with not only Oz, but Alice, Gilbert and Break as well, which surprises Oz. The four of them arrive at an opera house where they are greeted by Reim Lunettes who tells Oz that he'd be leading him to Reim's master, Rufus.

Although Alice runs off and Oz becomes side tracked and walks into a wall, thanks to Reim and Break everyone reunites and Reim leads them to a room where he is surprised to see Sheryl and her 'valet'. Reim asks Sheryl what she was doing there, and she explains that she had been invited by Rufus as well. Sheryl notes that it was the first time she'd been formally introduced to Oz, and Oz says that it's an honor to meet her before giving her a rose in place of a formal offering, making Sheryl compare Oz's personality with Oscar's. Meanwhile Break ventures out onto the balcony that overlooks the opera below, on observation, Break asks what kind of farse they were being put through. Inside Oz mentions to Sheryl that Oscar had suggested to Oz to ask Rufus about the Tragedy of Sablier because he was the oldest of the Dukes and so he would have information that no book could have.

Oz asks if Sheryl was close with Rufus based on her calling Rufus "Ru-kun", which Sheryl confirms,saying that she and Rufus were old friends. Oz asks her where Rufus was, and Sheryl states that he was right there with him, asking if Oz hadn't yet noticed, as he had been there all along. Oz is shocked when he sees that Rufus has an odd appearance and that he's walking on the ceiling. Oz goes to say that it was an honor to meet Rufus, but Rufus interrupts him by calling Oz boring and tiresome as it was customary for people to become flustered at the sight of him, yet Oz's reaction wasn't amusing at all. Oz apologizes and goes to say something, but Rufus once again interrupts Oz to say that he already knew what Oz was going to say, that Oz had a talent for accepting such things and so that was why Oz satisfied himself by telling himself that this was just the way Rufus must have been. Oz is surprised that Rufus knew what he was going to say and says that Rufus was well informed. Rufus then explains that knowledge is power. Gil comes up and tells Rufus that they understood what Rufus was getting at, and as such, Gil asks if Rufus would share some of his information with Oz.

Ep22-ketahuan gagal berhenti merokok

"You tried to quit smoking in eight times, but you're always failed." said Rufus to Gilbert

Rufus then states that Gilbert had tried to quit smoking eight times in the past and failed every time, Gil asks how Rufus knew that and Rufus explains that there was nothing he didn't know, and that was why if they wanted information, they had to pay the proper price for it. Rufus then proceeds to take off the top of his hat, revealing it to be a tea cup filled with tea, which he then continues to drink. Rufus then states that Oz must want to know what the sin the Baskervilles had cast him into the Abyss for was, and questions what Oz would do when he finally knew what his sin was. Oz explains that he used to be afraid of hurting others, but that more recently he'd been able to focus more on himself and as such he was going to try and do things that he could manage himself for the sake of the people he cares about. Rufus suspected that Oz would say such a thing. Rufus then becomes rather hysterical because his plan was not going as he'd expected. When Gil approaches Rufus, Rufus flees the balcony, flying over the opera stating that he couldn't accept his plan going awry. Oz and Alice chase after Rufus, who had gone to another balcony. Oz questions why no one at the opera had noticed Rufus, and Rufus tells him that what people can't understand summons fear, before the people watching the opera start attacking Oz with their chairs. Rufus appears behind Alice and tells her that he knew that she had no
Ep22 - rufus' illusion self intimidates alice

Rufus appears behind Alice.

memories of her past, and so he asks if it would really do for her to remember them and why she'd forgotten them in the first place, perhaps because she needed to forget them, and so to remember them again could bring her greater despair. Rufus then asks if Alice was aware that accepting her memories again
Ep22 - alice kicks rufus' illusion self

... And mad Alice kicks Rufus' illusion

may lead her to long for death. Alice kicks Rufus off of the balcony after explaining to him that she'd already known all that he'd told her from Cheshire's dimension, and that she still wanted to know why she was there, and if that brought on fear, so be it, because that's who she was as Alice the B-Rabbit. Alice and Oz then go down to the main level of the opera house after Rufus.

Rufus is rolling on the floor panicking and Break comes up to him and tells him that it serves him right.

Break notes that the shows almost over, so he asks Rufus if his real target was him rather than Oz, as Rufus had always turned down Break's requests to meet with him, and all of a sudden he'd invited Break along with Oz and the others. Break then notes that the only one with information that would peak Rufus' interest was Break himself, Break then asks Rufus if he'd looked into his past. Rufus smiles and says that he'd
Ftop - break slashing rufus' illusion self

Break destroys Rufus' illusion.

finally found the red-eyed specter, Kevin Legnard. Oz and Alice come running from behind Rufus in time to see Break cut through Rufus with his sword and slam his cane into the ground. Break uses Mad Hatter's power to destroy Rufus and the people at the opera, who had been nothing more then illusions all along.

The real Rufus emerges, revealing himself after dropping his guise of Sheryl's valet, he notes that Break had such an interesting power, one which had destroyed the illusions he'd put his heart and soul into making.

Break begins coughing up blood, which Rufus calls unsightly, explaining that it was because Break had recklessly

Reim protects Break from Rufus

used his power. Break throws a candy at Rufus, though Rufus catches it before it can hit his face. Break tells Rufus that illusions are nothing more than a trick to fool children, but Rufus argues that his illusions can make his opponents die of fright, whereas Break's Mad Hatter had no effect on humans, only beings from the Abyss. Rufus states that he did want Break's information, though he'd first like to see the evidence to prove that Break was indeed Kevin Legnard. Rufus and Break fight, but soon Reim steps in front of Break and takes a hit from Rufus' fan. Rufus tells Reim to get out of
Reim-oz-alice-gil shocked

Everybody shocked.

the way, but Reim says that Break's body was on it's last legs as an effect of his contract. Rufus asks Reim if he really believed that, Rufus explains that this is not the case. Rufus lunges at Break again, explaining that it was really due to the fact that Break's contract with Mad Hatter was his second contract. Rufus cuts through Break's shirt with his fan and reveals a completed Incuse of an Illegal Contractor. Break loses consciousness and is caught by Reim. Rufus asks Reim if he'd known that Break had been an Illegal Contractor, which Reim denies, but Rufus knows that Reim knew who Kevin Legnard was. Rufus explains that Kevin Legnard was an Illegal Contractor
Rufus shows the truth

Rufus shows the truth with his power.

who'd sacrificed 116 people to his Chain. Rufus explains that despite having sacrificed so many people to his Chain, Kevin was still dragged into the Abyss, and Rufus questions whether or not Break had met the Intention of the Abyss when he was dragged down into the Abyss. Break wakes up and understands that he'd come to see Rufus, who he call the bird-brained Duke. Rufus suddenly

Rufus arrives behind Break

appears behind Break and asks who he thinks he's referring to. Break corrects himself by saying that Rufus more of the bird-headed Duke. Reim and Gil return to find that Break's awake. Break notes that Reim now has bandages on his head because of the hit he took for Break from Rufus. Reim tells Break not to use his power so recklessly and to not make him worry so much. Break notices that his Incuse is showing and sees that they have all already learned about his past, which Rufus takes credit for, also asking Break to continue to explain what happened after he was dragged into the Abyss. Break reminds Rufus about the information that he owes the group, though Rufus tells him not to worry, as it is customary for him to deliver the sought after information once the correct payment for it has been made by delivering information to Rufus. Break explains his meeting with the Intention of the Abyss, as well as with Vincent, while in the Abyss. Upon hearing that the Intentions name was Alice, Rufus recalls a text that included Alice's name, Jack's memoirs, which had been passed through the Barma family after being entrusted to the Duke of the Barmas three generations ago. In it was the explanation that a girl named Alice was kept prisoner on the Baskerville estate, and that Jack eventually learned that Alice shared her body with her twin, who was revealed to be the Intention of the Abyss thanks to Break's explanation. Rufus recalls how Jack had before said that it was Glen Baskerville's goal to obtain the Intention of the Abyss, and since there was

"We need this girl!"

a girl named Alice on the Baskerville estate, Rufus deduces that in order to obtain the Intention, one would have to use her twin sister Alice, the very same Alice Oz had brought with him to meet with Rufus. Rufus then apprehends Alice and proposes to perform a full investigation into Alice's true identity as well as her connection to the Intention. Rufus also explains that if he were to reveal Break's identity as Kevin Legnard to Pandora, Break would surely be sentenced to death. Rufus then attempts to apprehend Break as well, but Oz steps in front of Break, blocking Rufus' access to him. Rufus orders Oz to get out of the way, but Oz refuses. Rufus questions why Oz would want to protect the villain that Break was, it seemed quite unexpected for Oz to be so taken with Break. Oz tells Rufus that he

Reim shocked expression when he hears Oz mocking at Rufus

wouldn't put it that way, rather Oz saw Rufus as a person who was 50 times more annoying than Break was. Oz notes how Pandora would be up in arms if they found out Break was Kevin Legnard, and how Rufus would likely warp the information in his favor, but Oz could do the same by using Jack's name in order to protect Break. Rufus asks if Oz planned on abusing the name of Jack Vessalius, also calling Oz a despicable rascal. Oz confirms that he was a brat, but since he was nothing more than a powerless child with his wits as his only weapon, he'd use whatever he had at his disposal in order to protect something.

Rufus goes to strikes Oz.

Rufus raises his fan to strike Oz, but before he can, another fan is thrown and lodged in one of the stone pillars of the opera house. It was the real Sheryl Rainsworth who had done this. Sheryl notes how it seems that Rufus had been a bad boy, bullying a child of her household, Break then tells Sheryl that Rufus had also made an illusion of her. Sheryl notes how she had told Rufus many times before not to do so, Sheryl then asks Rufus if his brain had stopped maturing with his body when he formed his contract. Rufus tries to explain, but Sheryl uses the excuse that she has become hard of hearing lately, she then proceeds to beat Rufus with her fan as punishment. Oz, Alice, Gil and Break leave the opera house while Sheryl took care of Rufus.

Sablier ArcEdit

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter ArcEdit

Once Oz, Alice, Gilbert and Break had returned from Sablier, a meeting between the four Dukes was held, which Rufus attended.

Sometime after his return, Oz decides that he wants to go and see Rufus Barma to ask him some questions. Oz trips Reim after he'd met with Break privately and requests that Reim takes him, Alice and Gilbert to see Rufus. Sharon then insists on going along too, as she realizes that just standing by helplessly isn't enough anymore.

Reim and more of Rufus' servants guide Oz, Alice, Gil and Sharon to Rufus, who's studying Arthur Barma's journal in the Barma library. Rufus states that Oz came sooner than he'd anticipated, also telling his other servants to leave them to speak in private. Rufus tells Oz that he knows that he was there to ask about more details regarding the Four Great Dukedoms. Oz then adds that he also wanted to know what the earthquake in Sablier was all about. Rufus asks Oz if it wouldn't be easier to just ask the Vessaliuses, and Oz explains that his uncle believed that might expose Oz's survival, and that Rufus was different because he doesn't care about what happens to Oz, and so he could tell Oz anything he wanted to as long as Oz provided some information in exchange. Rufus smiles and asks Oz what information he could have to offer Rufus. Oz tells Rufus that he's annoying and bluntly asks if Rufus was going to answer his questions or not. Rufus notes the change in Oz's personality since the last time they'd met, before explaining that this time there was no need for compensation because Rufus had intended on telling Oz a long time ago. Rufus questions where to begin before explaining about Jack and Arthur Barma's creation of the Sealing Stones that bound Glen Baskerville's soul. Rufus adds how he believes that the earthquake Oz had felt in Sablier was likely from the destruction of one of the Sealing Stones. Rufus explains that there was once a time that the Barmas were so hungry for information that they practiced alchemy and magic, and so the Sealing Stones as well as other incidents regarding the Barma's supernatural influence were recorded by Duke Arthur Barma 100 years ago. Rufus explains that Pandora had been attempting to locate the Sealing Stones before the Baskervilles could begin breaking them, which was what had been discussed at the previous meeting between the four Dukes.

Oz notes how so far the Baskervilles have been ahead of Pandora, though Rufus explains that this had been true until only recently, as Barnard, Sheryl and Oscar did not know what Rufus was about to tell the group, that he had located one of the sorcerers who was meant to be guarding one of the remaining Sealing Stones. Rufus tells Oz that the sorcerer was the descendant of one of the sorcerer's who'd helped Arthur seal Jack's body in the first place, and that he was living in a mansion in the county, Carillon. Rufus goes to see a lorikeet in a cage within the library, telling the group in the process that the price of his information this time would be for them to go and ask the sorcerer the location of the Sealing Stone.

Sharon asks Rufus why he would keep such important information from the other three Dukes, and Rufus tells her that it's simple, as doing so would be like throwing away his valuable trump card, and so he would tell the other Dukes if it was necessary. Sharon asks if Rufus sees them all as just tools at his disposal to use as he pleases, which Rufus states is a stupid question as he saw humans as either beneficial or un-beneficial, using anything useful for his own sake only. Rufus smiles and notes that this was something that Break had also said himself before, this infuriates Sharon, who demands that Rufus stops comparing himself to Break, as Break would never forget about 'humans' and that he was nothing like Rufus in the way that Rufus uses people's consciousnesses as if they were disposable objects, finishing by telling Rufus to stop speaking such nonsense.

Rufus simply tells Sharon to watch her words. Suddenly, a darkness appears under Sharon and black feathers whirl around her. Rufus states that even though Sharon was a lady, she hadn't shown respect when talking to her elders, and so Rufus would be the one to teach her this respect, summoning his Chain, Dodo. Dodo sends bursts of darkness at Sharon, and Oz runs to Sharon's aid, but before he can get there, Gil jumps out in front of Sharon and uses Raven's power to negate Dodo's power, shocking Rufus. Rufus notes how Gil had stopped Dodo's attack so easily, however he'd returned from Sablier depressed, something that Rufus had thought about using against Gil. Rufus asks Gil if he had solved his problems yet, and Gil snaps at Rufus, telling him that it's none of his business. Rufus smiles and states that he'd ask for the details the next time they met, dismissing the group after explaining that they needed to go to the town of Toll within the Carillion county and find Gruner, A subordinate of Rufus' who'd lead them to the sorcerer's mansion.

After the group leaves, Rufus goes back to his lorikeet, who had been knocked to the floor by Dodo's power. Rufus asks himself if Oz would become a useful tool, or would it turn out that he would be better off dead, like the two members of Pandora Rufus had sent after the Sealing Stone already.

Once word got back to Pandora that the Sealing Stone had been broken by the Head Hunter, whom had assassinated the sorcerer protecting the Sealing Stone, his servant, as well as Rufus's own subordinate. A few days later, Rufus attends a meeting between the four Dukes regarding the Sealing Stone's destruction. Oz passed the contents of the box that Rytas had given him to point Oz in the right direction of a Sealing Stone, 27 encrypted scraps of paper. When the real Rufus got his hands on a piece of paper with a symbol on it, he recognized it, but he did not explain what it meant before Oz was excused from the meeting for feeling ill.

The Feast ArcEdit

Isla Yura was summoned to Pandora from his own country as a witness, because the symbol that had appeared on the paper was the symbol representing his religious Cult. Rufus organized a meeting with Yura a few days after his arrival in their country.

Rufus had planned Oz's arrival with his friends, as Yura is obsessed with Jack Vessalius and knows about Oz being the supposed reincarnation, and that Yura would permit them to go to his estate for a Second Coming of Age Ceremony as the first was interrupted by the Baskervilles. Yura accepted the opportunity and left, though Barma wasn't sure that Yura believed their ruse as Yura is more of the master planner than most people would think.

Though Yura may know about Barma's ruse, Rufus was now allowed to do what he had planned as he knows that Yura has one of the three remaining seals, so the real mission was to send Pandora members to search for the seal. He planned everything and even knew that the Baskervilles would once again appear at the Coming of Age Ceremony though this time looking for the seal. Barma himself could not come to the Coming of Age Ceremony. When the Seal broke at the second Coming of Age Ceremony, Rufus felt the earthquake from the power that had been released back in his mansion.

Jack's Intention ArcEdit

Three days have passed since the second Coming of Age Ceremony, during which Bernard, Vincent and Echo had all seemingly fled from Pandora. Rufus sits alone in his study, tired, when suddenly a valet enters the study, delivering a package to Rufus from Isla Yura.

Rufus brings the package to Sheryl in her office, the two going over the contents of the letter written by Yura and the information regarding the Abyss which had been included in the package. Rufus reads Yura's letter to Sheryl, which explains that Yura had sent the package with the thought of possibly not living through the second Coming of Age Ceremony in mind. Rufus goes on to explain how Yura had come across the mansion he lived in before his death completely by chance, being drawn to the rumors which stated that it was haunted. Yura had found the Sealing Stone soon after, alongside the information concerning the Abyss, this is what compelled Yura to approach the Four Great Dukedoms. Rufus and Sheryl then discuss how Yura had used Bernice as a foothold by offering her a place in his Abyss Worshiping Cult in order to "help" her cope with the deaths of her three eldest sons and her younger brother. Yura manipulated Bernard when he reached Pandora, thus the two stuck a deal which would involve Yura's funding of the House of Fianna.

Suddenly, one of Sheryl's valets interrupts the meeting between the two, telling Rufus that they had looked in Bernard's safe house in Reveil and found the secret room as Rufus had explained, however when they got there the found Bernard and his two most trusted valets decapitated. Rufus and Sheryl immediately summon Oz, Gilbert, Sharon and Alice and tell them of what had happened. Rufus explains that because Bernard's death is only recent, Elliot could not have been responsible for his father's death, meaning that there is another Head Hunter. Rufus summizes that it seems as though Humpty Dumpty was imitating the true Head Hunter, the Queen of Hearts. Not long after, Sheryl's valet interrupts once more, telling Sheryl of how Vincent had interrupted the interrogation of Leo, killing four members of Pandora using the Queen of Hearts (Demios) and leaving one Pandora member alive as a witness.

Rufus and Sheryl then narrow down the locations of the final two Sealing Stones using the locations of the first three Sealing Stones. Once again, Gilbert, Oz and Alice are brought forth so that Rufus can show them the locations of the final Seals, revealing that the fourth Sealing Stone is located somewhere within Pandora's Headquarters. Rufus explains how such a thing is not very surprising because many of Pandora's current facilities were previously property of the Baskervilles. Oz questions if this includes Lutwidge Academy as well because he had heard from Lottie that many underground passageways were built within Lutwidge by some influential nobles, and so he wonders if the Baskervilles were involved somehow. Rufus confirms this before revealing the location of the fifth and final Sealing Stone, which is in Count Eyrie's territory. Rufus orders them to give up on the final Seal because of the fact that the Nightrays have almost been completely wiped out, the Nightrays' Key to the Abyss is missing, and Pandora's offensive is spread thinly as it is, and so they can't afford to send anyone after the final Sealing Stone.

After completing their meeting, Oscar and Sheryl both take the time to state their concerns about Oz, Alice, Gilbert and Sharon because of all the work that Rufus has them doing. For this reason, Rufus calls Oz, Alice and Gil to his study in order to tell them that the following day would be their one day off from hunting for the Sealing Stones. After this, Rufus  finally completes his decoding of the encryption in Arthur's Memoirs, uncovering some rather disturbing information. Rufus contacts the Baskerville Clan and strikes up a deal with them involving the Baskervilles recognizing the Barma family as their allies in return  for Rufus giving them the locations of the final two Sealing Stones and offering to help the Baskervilles infiltrate Pandora and leading them to the fourth Sealing Stone while some other Baskervilles travel to the location of the fifth Sealing Stone in order to destroy it. However, the Baskervilles create another condition to Rufus' agreement, one which Rufus is reluctant to follow through with.

The next day, Rufus takes Sheryl through Pandora's flower garden, the two discussing recent events. Rufus adds that there's a festival of sorts in Reveil during this time of year, so Oz, Alice and Gil won't get a chance to be bored. Sheryl mentions that she hopes that they enjoy themselves at the festival, and so Rufus states that Sheryl's sentimentality was a weakness of her's. Rufus finally says that Break had finally woken up after a week, although Sheryl's not surprised that Rufus is the first to find out about Break's awakening. Sheryl asks Rufus what he's scheming this time, however Rufus asks he what she means. Sheryl understands and rewords her question, instead asking Rufus what's troubling him. With Rufus unable to give Sheryl a straight answer, Sheryl asks if Rufus remembers the promise that the two of them had made when they were younger, which involved them working together to ensure that another event such as the Tragedy of Sablier did not occur even if the views of their families differ. Sheryl then mentions that she hopes that if the threat of a conspiracy would loom over Pandora that they would discuss it together.

Suddenly, the Baskervilles swarm the two of them, with Lottie telling Rufus to stop wasting time and reminding him of the conditions they have for recognizing the Barmas as their allies. Sheryl turns to Rufus in surprise as he raises his bladed fan. Rufus brings up the promise they'd made, and states that it was the reason Rufus had said that Sheryl's sentimentality was a weakness of hers. Using the concentrated power of Dodo in his fan, Rufus slices through Sheryl's body in order to steal back His Mother's Earrings. Rufus then leads the Baskervilles into Pandora and towards the location of the fourth Sealing Stone, knowing the truth of the Sealing Stones already and the inevitable truth that if he had not lead the Baskervilles into Pandora, they would have infiltrated it on their own and caused more chaos.

Break vs Barma
Rufus leads the Baskervilles to the location of the fourth Sealing Stone, unaware that he's been trailed by Break, who had been following a thread woven by Owl and that was connected to Rufus allowing anyone to be lead directly to him. As a Baskerville locates the entrance to the chamber holding the Sealing Stone, Break yells a battle cry of sorts, launching himself into the air and attacking Rufus with his sword, however Rufus defends himself using his bladed fan. Break states that he's disappointed in Rufus because he never thought that Rufus would dare to raise a hand against Sheryl. Rufus is surprised that Break's only angry about that, expecting that Break would've been angry about Rufus aligning himself with the Baskervilles. Rufus justifies that with Pandora destined to capitulate, and so he's only doing what's necessary to save the Barma family's position of power by following the stronger party. While Pandora arrives and follows the Baskervilles into the chamber of the Sealing Stone, Rufus and Break continue to fight, resulting in Break stealing back Rufus' Mother's Earrings.

Following the destruction of the Sealing Stone, Break disarms Rufus and pins him against a nearby tree. Rufus, hearing Gilbert's screaming, summizes that the head that was inside the Sealing Stone actually was Glen's instead of Jack's. This confuses Break, who asks what Rufus means because he had thought that Jack's body was used to create the Sealing Stones. Break then orders Rufus to tell him what he knows about it all. Rufus' smirk fades as he explains to Break that he had finally finished decoding Arthur's Memoirs, discovering that the final chapter had been comprised of Arthur's confession and the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier. Break rushes to the  location of the Sealing Stone after learning from Rufus the truth of the Tragedy. Break sees many Pandora members dead by the hands of the Baskervilles, as well as Gilbert clutching Glen's head in his arms, questioning Gil on where Oz is. Break is horrified to learn that Oz isn't with Gil, but before he has time to react, Rufus summons Dodo and has Dodo pin Break to the ground.

Rufus states that it's time for Break to pay for the information which Rufus had provided for him. Rufus stomps on Break's torso to force Break to drop Rufus' Mother's Earrings, but as Rufus retrieves them, he sees Glen's head and takes on a darker persona. Rufus raises his fan to grab the attention of everyone still alive, explaining that, as they can see, Jack's body wasn't used to create the Sealing Stones and it was all just a lie that he created in order to protect his reputation as the hero of the Tragedy of Sablier, when in fact Jack had been the instigator of the Tragedy all along. Lottie questions if Rufus actually knew that the Sealing Stones weren't forged with Jack's body, and so Rufus explains that he had only discovered the truth a few days before, however he did not wish to reveal said information because he had no solid evidence. Rufus goes on to explain that Jack had forced Arthur to write his Memoirs in a way which would best serve his purposes, and that without knowing this Rufus had thought he'd gotten his hands on the truth, however he finally realized in the end that the actual truth was included in the final chapter as well, hidden under double and triple encryption, as if Arthur had never intended to reveal Jack's true actions at all. 

Hearing Rufus' explanation of how Jack had manipulated both the Intention into creating a Chain that had the power to destroy the world and Vincent into opening the Door to the Abyss, Vincent stands and furiously accuses Rufus of being a liar, claiming that Jack would never have done something like that to him. Through further explanation, Vincent slowly begins to come to terms with the fact that Jack had betrayed his trust.

Suddenly, an explosion is heard and a large pillar of light can be seen shooting into the sky coupled with the sounds of shattering Chains. Break, seeing this uses Mad Hatter's power against Dodo, forcing his leg up to allow Break to escape. Following this, Rufus sits down and states that he hadn't finished talking with Break yet.

83 - 4

Rufus has Dodo destroy the Barma Key

Afterwards, when the majority of Pandora and the Baskervilles have exited the Chamber of the Sealing Stone, Rufus follows. Rufus appears before Break, and the two commence fighting once again. Sharon calls out for Break as she runs towards him. Break tells Sharon to hurry and use Equus to get Oz to safety, however Sharon voices concern as she sees Oz lying unconscious (as Gilbert had recently shot Oz) while she has Equus begin to open a portal. Rufus grows tired of the situation and throw down his Mother's Earrings. Break asks what Rufus is doing, but rather than answer Rufus summons Dodo and has him destroy his Mother's Earrings. Although, in reality, Rufus had destroyed the Barma Key - Rufus had also intentionally cracked Sheryl's Necklace, thus temporarily taking away the power of Break, Sharon and Sheryl's Chains and allowing them to be captured by the Baskervilles. This fools the Baskervilles into believing that they have the upper hand, even though Break, Sharon and Sheryl would soon be able to access their Chains again, with only Rufus knowing of his plan in entirety (although Sheryl pieced it together soon enough as well)
78 - 3

Rufus reads Arthur's Memoirs to Oswald

Later, Rufus sits down with Oswald (who has possessed Leo's body) and reads from Arthur's Memoirs in order  to explain what had happened in Oswald's 100 year absence. Rufus starts with the explanation of how after being exposed to so much Abyssal energy from the interaction between himself, The Core of the Abyss and the two Alices, Jack had been rejected by the Abyss once Sablier was swallowed by the Abyss. Rufus explains how after he had been identified as the only survivor of the Tragedy of Sablier, jack set to work immediately, blaming the Baskervilles for the instigation of the Tragedy of Sablier and stealing four of the five Keys to the Abyss in order to obtain their respective Doors to the Abyss and form the Abyss-researching organization known as Pandora, which Jack had ensured was overseen by the newly instated Four Great Dukedoms, which Jack hand picked himself. 

Oswald questions why Jack would have picked the three other families which comprise the Four Great Dukedoms, more specifically Oswald's interested in knowing why Jack would've chosen the Nightrays as one of the families. Rufus explains that Jack had chosen the Nightrays for a place among the Four Great Dukedoms because of the Nightrays' closeness to the Baskervilles, and their new position of power would allow Jack to be able to keep an eye on the enemy more easily. As well, Jack knew that with Gilbert having made a connection with Raven during his first Succession Ceremony, that no one else would ever be able to form a contract with Raven because Gilbert was in the Abyss, thus Jack gave the Nightrays the Door guarded by Raven. Jack had also chosen the Rainsworths, who were uninvolved in the Tragedy in order to have an impartial third party should conflict arise and Jack needed the support of another family. Finally, the Barmas had been chosen to join the Four Great Dukedoms because of Arthur and Miranda's role in the Tragedy as Jack's allies.

Arthur had admired jack even more after being recognized as the hero of the Tragedy, complying with Jack's orders when composing his memoirs and helping to bind Oswald's soul. However, this all changed when Jack approached Arthur and requested that he spread the rumor of Jack's demise because he had been constantly growing younger. Jack then told Arthur of the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier, and Arthur had no choice but to continue to chronicle fake events of the Tragedy because of Miranda's role in the Tragedy, which would surely destroy the reputation of the Barmas.

Rufus finishes by telling Oswald that shortly after he had finished his memoirs, Arthur had died. Oswald tells Rufus that he thinks he understands, and so Rufus asks if Oswald would then be so kind as to explain to him why Jack's body would have been growing younger. Oswald explains that Jack's soul was likely broken because of the confrontation between B-Rabbit and the Core of the Abyss which he had been caught in the middle of. This warped Jack's soul, and so Jack's soul became something unrecognizable to the Abyss, being rejected as a result. Oswald sums up his explanation by stating that Jack's soul had been excluded from the rule of 100 cycles which states that  a soul can return to Earth after 100 years. Oswald goes more in depth by saying that Jack's body had grown younger until it reached the form of a newborn, following this Jack would start to age regularly once more until he reached the age of 23 (which had been when Jack's soul "shattered") when Jack would start to grow younger once more, resulting in Jack living for more than 100 years. 

Oswald tells Rufus that Jack's soul had followed a different path however, pieces of it being captured by Alice's memories, which had been shredded in the interaction between B-Rabbit and the Core. The few pieces of his soul that remained in Jack's body would fade slowly with each cycle where Jack grew younger, until they finally flickered out of existence, leaving only the small number of fragments clinging to Alice's memories to remain whilst Oz the B-Rabbit fell into a deep sleep within Jack's body without his powers or memories.

Suddenly, a large crash can be heard echoing throughout the country alongside an earthquake. Rufus expresses his surprise that it had taken so long for the Baskervilles that had traveled to Count Eyrie's territory to destroy the final Sealing Stone. Oswald stands and Rufus asks if he had finally obtained his full consciousness and memories now that his soul had been set free. Oswald tells Rufus that he had, and that now he finally knows what needs to be done in order to eliminate the distortion that caused the destruction of the world's Chains, by traveling back in time and killing Lacie before Levi can impregnate her and thereby create the Intention of the Abyss, whom Oswald sees as the distortion causing the destruction of the Chains, creating a future where Alice, the Intention and Oz the B-Rabbit are never born.

Rufus travels to Pandora alongside Oswald, attending the execution of Oz the B-Rabbit which Oswald has organized. Rufus stands out of sight behind a pillar, watching from a distance as Oswald has Oz brought before him. As Oswald goes to impale Oz with Elliot's sword, Gilbert interrupts the ceremony by shooting Oswald in the arm and summoning Raven in order to fend off the Baskervilles and allow himself and Oz to escape with their lives. As Oswald orders his subordinates to follow Gilbert and Oz, Rufus emerges and excitedly states how spectacular Gilbert and Oz's exit was. Lottie questions where Rufus had been this whole time, and Rufus explains that he'd been hiding and calls her an idiot for thinking that he'd be doing anything else. Rufus explains that Dodo's wounds from Mad Hatter had been more severe than he'd anticipated, and so it was best if he doesn't summon Dodo for a while, attempting to justify his missing place in the fight with Raven. 

Lottie tells Rufus that he had gotten what he deserved for taking on Break with his Chain-killing Mad Hatter head-on, sympathizing for Dodo. Rufus tells Lottie to shut up, as Oswald puts Elliot's sword in its sheath, thus drawing Rufus' attention. Rufus states that because Gilbert had only destroyed his pledge made to Oswald 100 years before alongside his left arm, and thus Oswald should be able to use Elliot's sword (which is also the Nightrays' Key to the Abyss) to access the Nightrays' Door to the Abyss and stop the flow of power to Raven that's entering through Gilbert's Carcere. Rufus sneers at Oswald's sudden silence, understanding that Oswald had already tried this and it hadn't worked. Rufus states that this must mean that Gilbert had severed his Legal Contract with Raven by destroying his Carcere and forming an Illegal Contract with him instead.

Falling - 4
Oswald grows tired of Rufus and suddenly explains that because of the Baskervilles' existence as messengers of the Abyss, forming a Contract with a Chain was a right which was reserved merely for the Baskervilles. This is why Baskervilles' Incuses bear no hand, whilst other Contractors have the Incuse hand in order to set a limit on their time remaining on Earth so that order may be maintained. Oswald unsheathes Elliot's sword once again and holds it to Rufus' throat, explaining that Pandora had to go and forge the Carcere and declare that the Baskervilles' way of forming Contracts is "Illegal", when in reality their Contracts are the only legitimate Legal Contracts in existence. Thus, Gilbert had decided to form a proper Contract with Raven. Oswald releases Rufus following this, in order to command his subordinates to find and kill Oz and Gilbert.

Swan Song ArcEdit

After the attack on him by numerous Pandora member who were unable to accept Jack's supposed malicious intent, Oswald calls upon Rufus and Vincent and orders them to go with him. Rufus, who'd apparently felt the end of his life upon him during the confrontation, mockingly asks where it is Oswald will be taking him; only to be answered as Oswald summons forth Jabberwock and proclaims that their destination is Sablier.

Upon arriving in Sablier, the three journey into The Hole, where they face numerous Residents of The Hole during their decent. Eventually, Rufus decides to rest, dreaming of the time he gave his mother's earrings to Sheryl, only to be awoken by sudden drops of water falling on his head. At this moment, Vincent warns Rufus that if he continues to rest there, he'll surely die as The Hole is very unstable in design. Oswald, who has just finished killing the last Resident of The Hole, asks what Rufus and Vincent think they're doing, urging them to keep moving. However, Rufus tries to justify that they need rest, as he'd not slept in a long time and is continuously being forced to partake in strenuous activities; which included clinging for life on Jabberwock's back on the way to Sablier and the sudden attack of the Residents of The Hole. Knowing that there's no time to waste, Oswald denies Rufus his period of repose, saying that surely Rufus and Vincent must hear the shattering of the Chains as well. Reminding Rufus that the world is on the verge of collapse, Oswald insists that he needs to go and that they carry on down The Hole.

Trickster 4

Rufus, beaten by rubble

Reluctantly, Rufus complies, following in suite behind Oswald and Vincent as they descending into The Hole. Suddenly, illusions form around Rufus generated from the memories scribed into the Abyss that flows into The Hole. Though initially distracted, Rufus reminds himself that if he doesn't ignore them, the memories of the Abyss would overwhelm and capture him. Once the illusions have subsided, Rufus asks Oswald what the reason he brought him and Vincent to Sablier was. Suddenly, The Hole vibrates violently as a result of the breaking Chains, causing boulders from above to break off and tumble toward Rufus. Rufus is beaten by the boulders, though rather than receiving a helping hand from his colleagues, Oswald draws his sword and attacks Rufus. Quickly jumping to his feet, Rufus manages to dodge Oswald's attack and draw his bladed fan, prompting Oswald to ask why Rufus didn't use Dodo, as he could've protected himself from the boulders using Dodo. As Oswald continues to pursue, Rufus reminds him that Dodo had been attacked by Mad Hatter, but Oswald noted how Rufus took the trouble of putting Dodo up against the Chain killer as if he wanted everyone to bear witness. With that, Oswald reveals that the reason he brought Rufus with him to Sablier was in order to learn Rufus' motives because he felt that Rufus was too dangerous to leave behind at Pandora. Just then, Oswald manages to outmaneuver Rufus, slicing through both of his forearms; thereby disarming him.
Trickster 5

Rufus battles Oswald in Sablier

Once Rufus has fallen to the ground, Oswald puts his sword under Rufus' chin and raises his head. Oswald states that he's going to ask Rufus the same question which Rufus had asked him earlier: "What are you scheming?" Scoffing, Rufus correct Oswald by saying that "scheming" isn't really the right word, as what he's doing is making a wager. The cliff Rufus is kneeling on then breaks from underneath him, sending Rufus falling down to a lower cliff while Oswald scrambles to safety. Rushing to the set of cliffs below, Oswald isolates Rufus and asks if he finally feels like talking, demanding that Rufus answer his question and explain his intentions. Oswald reveals that he's figured out that Rufus hasn't chosen not to use Dodo, rather he can't use Dodo because the Key to the Abyss he destroyed was the Barma Key, not the Rainsworth Key. Smiling, Rufus confirms Oswald's assumption, explaining that he and Sheryl exchanged Keys many years ago to ensure that neither of them could betray the other, though he'd never imagined that he would retrieve the Barma Key in such a manner. Oswald demands that Rufus tell him where the Rainsworth Key is, but Rufus claims not to know; having always had it on his person until very recently. However, Rufus does add that, if he's fortunate enough, the Rainsworth Key is now in the possession of his subordinate.

With Rufus' revelation, Oswald realizes that Break and Sharon only lost the use of their Chains because Rufus used the Rainsworth Key to suppress their powers. Having used his Chain in order to divert suspicion, Rufus made it so no one would ask questions when he wasn't able to summon Dodo anymore, having even choreographed the destruction of another Key to deceive the Baskervilles, though Oswald can't understand why Rufus would go to such lengths to stop him from killing the Rainsworths. Honestly, Rufus states that what happens to the Rainsworths is of little consequence, but he had no choice because he has to keep the promise that he made to the woman he loves; having offered the members of the Rainsworth Dukedom only a slightly open seam and a small opportunity for survival. Oswald wonders what Rufus hopes to gain from his actions with the world on the verge of oblivion, asking if Rufus truly believes that his actions will actually change anything. Ultimately, Rufus only explains that the resigned manner that Oswald speaks in irks him, as he already mentioned mere moments ago that what he's done is made a wager.

In order to expand, Rufus asks Oswald what he believes the most precious and beautiful thing in the world is. Even so, Oswald doesn't understand what Rufus is talking about, so Rufus explains that, to him, knowledge is more of a weapon for living rather than a goal in life. It's this fact that makes him different from Isla Yura, and so Rufus believes that the thing that's most precious and beautiful is also the absolute that he would wager his entire life for, which is love. Vincent immediately objects, and Oswald asks if "love" is meant to be the answer to his question, which Rufus confirms. All-in-all, Rufus has had one wish for the last fifty years, which is to marry Sheryl, and if Oswald alters the past then the Four Great Dukedoms will never come to exist. More importantly, this would mean that Rufus and Sheryl would never meet one-another; something which mortifies Rufus, as he believes he's very close to winning Sheryl over.

Suddenly, Oswald breaks out into uncontrollable laughter, noting the similarity between Rufus and Jack. Not bothered by this, Rufus points out that he and Jack are in fact only ordinary humans, and to humans the world consists of only themselves; which was why he acted to keep his world alive. Frustrated, Oswald writes Rufus off as a nuisance, but Rufus adds that Oswald is foolish as well and asks if Oswald really believes that his selfish desires are part of his own actions. After having observed Oswald, Rufus states that Oswald is only hell-bent on changing the past because he wants to erase the mistake he made the day he decided to trust Jack and is using the world's destruction as a mere cover for that. In the end, Rufus writes Oswald off as nothing more than a child who is pretending to be the world's savior, despite not being able to realize his own motives; directly telling Oswald that it's unwise to act so arrogantly. Furious, Oswald rushes Rufus with the intent to kill, and since Rufus still can't use his right hand (though his left has healed enough for use) and realizes that there's no way to win against Oswald, Rufus falls back off of the cliff and into the gorge behind him as a last resort. On the way down, Rufus sees Oswald glaring at him and states that he adores Oswald's expression, as Oswald is besmirched with desire, which is something so very human of him, before tumbling down into the dark abyss below.

As Pandora continued to try and subdue their enemies Sheryl was worried at how things were becomin when and a enemy prepared to attack her. But before it reached her, something attacked and Rufus suddenly appeared, wounded and dirtied, but very much alive. He angrily yelled at the enemy to: "Stay away from my woman!" while unning towards a shocked Sheryl. He asked her if she was alright and she responded quite frankly that she was surprised tonsee him alive, he responded somewhat sadly in turn before the two began to cooperate once more. After the battle, Rufus is seen resting his head onto Sheryl's lap and apologizing to her. While she admitted to still feeling mad when he attacked her, Sheryl complimented Rufus and told him that she forgave his actions and wanted to become friends again. Filled with happiness, Rufus proposed to Sheryl, who politely declined.

Rufus is next seen resting in
Mangafinal - sheryl di makam rufus

Sheryl visits Rufus' grave.

his bed at his manor, heavily bandaged but very happy with Sheryl next to his side. Three years later at the age of seventy, Rufus died of natural causes and Sheryl visits his grave to speak to him and have tea.