"Roses", or simply just "Rose", is a term given to the failed creations of The Scientist. Roses are created when a
CS manga - ilmuwan gila dan mawar hitam

The Scientist began to created Roses, from the Black Roses until the Crimson Rose.

seed from the Premier Rose is compatible with the human it is injected to, mutating their genes and bequeathing them unique abilities. However most forms of Roses are unable to survive without feeding on another's life force, and some require blood contracts as a form of defense. There are three currently known types of Roses; Black, Jet and Crimson.

Types of RosesEdit

Black RosesEdit

Black Roses are the most common type of Rose mutation, they have stronger bodies than those of humans and thus
  • Shion became a Black Rose
  • Victoria with her powers as a Black Rose
can take more damage as well as deal it. Unfortunately, Black Roses are unable to survive without feeding on human's life force and they are also filled with a poison that can turn humans into The Infected. Will die from Black Spot.
  • Abilities :
    • Enchanced durability and strength
    • Vines
    • Life leeching
    • Poison
  • Weaknessess :
    • Black Spot-illness, which made a Black Rose can't have a long live.
    • The blood of the Crimson Rose
  • Known member(s) : Victoria

Jet RosesEdit

Jet Roses are
CS manga - jet roses mark

The mark of Jet Rose.

a rarer type of Rose mutation, originally also labeled as Black Roses. However when researcher's noticed their compatability with the seed was much stronger, and their abilities also enhanced far above the others, they were renamed to 'Jet' Roses. Jet Roses have a special diamond-shapped, tri-pointed corner, rose mark upon their chest to differentiate them from lesser Black Roses and are deemed as leaders. They also have same abilities and weaknessess like Black Roses, but with more enchanced abilities.

Crimson RoseEdit

The Crimson Rose is the rarest being that there is only one known in existence. A Crimson Rose is the perfect Rose
CS - Mawar Merah satu revisi

Ruskin explains to Shion Liddell about Claudia as the Crimson Rose.

mutation and is gifted with immortality and youth, able to live without requiring the life force of others and can form a blood contract with a human and turn them into their Thorn or bodyguard. The Thorn also benefits from immortality and youth, but will die when the Rose dies. In addition, her blood is a deadly poison to the Black Roses.
  • Abilities :
    • Immortality
    • Healing
    • Vines
    • Life leeching
    • Forged a Blood Contract with her Thorn
  • Known member(s) : Claudia

Premier Rose

Premier Seeds

Premier Rose Seeds are a special component of rose mutation which alters the human's genes and gives them unusual powers. It can only be taken once it has been removed from the body by a bullet from the Death Scythe. Perfect Premier Rose Seeds are extremely rare with only one being known in existence.


  • Death Scythe - a weapon created by The Scientist to specifically kill rose mutations, the bullets are made with
    • The Death Scythe
    • The Black Spot, the Black Roses illness
    the Crimson Rose's blood and can remove the Premier Seed from the body. 
  • Black Spot - unavoidable illness both Jet and Black Roses die from.


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