Name Riche
Race Dhampir
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Information Broker
Partner Dante
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Memoire 1: Vanitas
Riche is a Dhampir from Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas who acts as an Information Broker. Often partnered with fellow Dhampirs, Dante and Johann, Riche commonly works on cases in relation to Curse-Bearing Vampires. Working in a case involving Thomas Berneux, Riche volunteers to lure Berneux out so that Vanitas can utilize The Book of Vanitas to cure his Malnomen. Though she's successful, Riche would be dead had Vanitas and Noé Archiviste not intervened. Following the Berneux case, Riche joins Dante in investigating the recent disappearances of Curse-Bearers, though her recklessness results in the suspect, No. 128, escaping. Alternatively, Riche's actions allow her and Dante to discover that the Chasseurs are behind the recent disappearances, information which would later be relayed to Vanitas.

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Riche appears as a young woman with circle-lenses glasses and wears same uniform with Dante and Johann, made her appearance looks rather more masculine for her era like Dominique and reminds with working woman in modern day. Her hair is also tied back with a light ribbon.

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Parisian Excursion Arc Edit


Riche running from Berneux

Riche volunteered to tail a curse-bearer, Thomas Berneux, in an attempt to help Dante but instead was lured into an abandoned area and attacked by him until Vanitas and Noé intervened.[1] When her rescuers were attacked by Jeanne, she remained in the area to observe the battle and was later joined by Dante and Johann.[2]

Hunters of the Dark Arc Edit

While chasing down a lead on a curse-bearer who had entered Paris, Dante, Johann, and Riche found said curse-bearer in the middle of being abducted. Riche attempted to stop the kidnapper, causing Dante and Johann to be drawn into the conflict as well. The three suffered injuries but managed to snatch a button containing the crest of the Chasseurs from the kidnapper, which they gave to Vanitas.[3] In an attempt to find more information, the trio led Vanitas and Noé to the catacombs beneath Paris where Riche enthusiastically displayed a remarkable amount of knowledge to Noé, much to her later embarrassment.[4]

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Dante Edit

Although Dante treats Riche as a nuisance, he believes in her ability and trusts her to chase after suspects and to accompany him while chasing after leads. Unlike Johann, when Riche is saved from falling by Noé, Dante's primary reaction is not concern for Riche but annoyance for possibly ruining his chance at obtaining an influential customer.[4]

Johann Edit

4 worried

Johann worried about Riche.

Johann is very protective of Riche and hurries after her when he believes she may be engaged in something dangerous. This is a cause of dispute between him and Dante, due to Dante's belief that she can take care of herself clashing with Johann's overprotectivness. Johann also takes issue when Noé catches Riche in the catacombs.[4]

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