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Xerxes BreakEdit

Break is Reim's best friend and companion, although he doesn't like to show it. Reim is constantly irritated by Break,

Break teasing Reim about Rufus. (Anime only, episode 23)

mostly because he leaves all of his paperwork to him and that Break

Reim protects Break from Rufus

has a habit of always teasing him, but (Reim) also worries about him a lot. During the Isla Yura arc they have to separate, Break to protect Sharon and Reim to search for the mansion's Sealing Stone. He cares about him enough, when he found out Break could no longer see, he rearranged for himself to take over all of his paperwork for him. When Reim was severly injured by the Baskerville, Lily, the first thing he thinks of is that he cannot die because Break needs him. Break later finds him "dead" on the floor in front of Lily and Fang, he attacks them in pure fury.

When Reim finds Breaks dead body along with Sharon, he cries out in dismay at loosing his closest friend.

Sharon RainsworthEdit

Reim is Sharon's childhood friend and former servant. They share a close relation and, just like Break, Reim is very protective of Sharon and worries about her. When Break makes Sharon worry or cry, Reim will yell at him. When everything was over, he married Sharon one of reasons being they both understood Break and their loss for him.

Sheryl RainsworthEdit

Reim respects and fears Sheryl like many other characters do. As shown in omakes, Rufus had him deliver love letters to her (including a threat to not return unless he had an answer while drawing a thumb over his throat), and while Reim waited for her to reply after reading them, he becomes shocked when she happily tosses the letters into the fireplace.

Rufus BarmaEdit


Reim shocked expression when he hears Oz mocking at Rufus

Reim is Rufus Barma's loyal servant due to the fact that the Lunettes family had been serving the Barma family for many years before. However, Rufus annoys Reim greatly, never giving him a break from his work and always acting like he was better than him.

Oz the B-RabbitEdit

He shares a good bond with Oz, respectfully calling him as "Oz-sama" and considers him a friend,

Gilbert NightrayEdit

Reim greatly respects Gilbert for his kindness and skill at minor things and is shocked and unnerved upon finding out that Gilbert respects him as well. Other than respecting each other, Reim and Gilbert's relationship isn't really described.