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Prisoner & Alichino


Maigo to Kuro-Usagi
Air Date April 16, 2009
Episode 3
Opening Song Parallel Hearts
Ending Song Maze
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Tempest of Conviction

Prisoner & Alichino is the 3rd episode of the Pandora Hearts anime. It first aired on April 16, 2009.


Oz gets pulled down into the Abyss. He explores a little bit and discovers the place is like a broken toy box. He also finds out the place looks the same no matter where he goes. Some dolls attack him before the Black Rabbit arrives
Ep03 - alice kicks oz

A girl kicks Oz strongly in their first encounter in Abyss

and saves him once again. First, he is fearful of the girl, who tells him to call her Alice; hearing her name, he feels nostalgic. He soon warms up to her and begins to eat some cookies he found in a drawer. When asked by Alice why he isn't afraid of her, he simply replies that too many unexpected incidents have happened to him already. He learned that he should remain ca
Alice with a rose

A strange girl named Alice

lm whenever strange things happen in order to stop others from being hurt.

She goes on to say that she saved him for her own purposes. She says that Oz is required to make a contract with her in order to leave the Abyss and unleash her full power. She goes on to say they should join forces since they have the same goal. 

Suddenly Sharon appears and takes Oz away. She tells him not to trust Alice. Oz eventually realizes something isn’t
Ep03 - alicexplainsabouthemelodyofpocketwatch

Alice tells Oz about the melody of the pocket watch

right, and the chain Mad Baby reveals himself. Alice rescues Oz; he wonders why she is doing this. Alice replies that she is just following her heart’s instincts. She gets caught and starts to get consumed; before she does, she tells Oz to get out. However, Oz attacks Mad Baby, wondering why he is doing this for

Alice possessing Oz's body

her. He realizes he doesn’t want to lose her; desperately he asks her to form a contract with him. Her eyes light up immediately; once she forms the contract, she enters his body and possesses him, exultant that she finally can escape the Abyss. 

Break, Sharon, and Raven are preparing to enter the Abyss. Suddenly, Break grabs Sharon and pulls her aside as Oz returns to the real world. Sharon remarks that he is the Key of the Tragedy; there is no going back, even if Oz turns out to be a Fallen Angel of Destruction.