This is a timeline based in the events related to the Pandora Hearts. This timeline is a layout of events as they happened in chronological order from the "Present Day" components of the Plot as they occurred throughout the "Arcs" of the Pandora Hearts universe.

Plot Timeline

Plot Timeline
Story Arc Events
Coming of Age Ceremony Arc
Zwei first appears

Zwei kidnaps Gilbert

The Vessalius Family (minus Xai Vessalius) moves into the 200 year old mansion used only for Coming of Age Ceremonies. Oz Vessalius neglects preparing for his Coming of Age Ceremony in favour of exploring the mansion. Oscar Vessalius allows Oz, Ada Vessalius and Gilbert to explore a little longer. Whilst exploring, Oz stumbles on a fault where the ground collapses and he and Gilbert fall down an underground staircase. The two find a tomb, but Oz focuses on a pocketwatch hanging from the tomb. Oz touches the pocket watch and is transported mentally to the Intention of the Abyss' room. Oz sees Alice, not remembering who she is. Alice stated that she had been waiting for Oz for a long time. The room catches fire and Alice chokes Oz, stating that she will never forgive him. Gilbert brings Oz back to reality, and the two leave the tomb. Oz and Ada leave Gilbert to try on his attire for the Ceremony, but Gilbert is kidnapped by Zwei in the process.
Baskerville casts Oz into the Abyss

Xai has Gryphon pass judgement on Oz

Zwei's Chain, Duldum takes Gilbert's body as her own.Oz arrives at the chapel where the Coming of Age Ceremony is being held. Oz meets Sharon Rainsworth, who came in place of Sheryl Rainsworth because Shelly Rainsworth had become ill once again and Sheryl was taking care of her. Sharon leaves with Xerxes Break because she is a year too young to attend the Ceremony. During the Ceremony, Oz makes a clock tower that had been silent for more than 100 years move forward. A path opens and Alice travels to Earth from the Abyss, telling Oz that 'they' were coming. Four Baskervilles descend on the scene. Duldum grabs Oz through Gilbert and stabs a knife into Oz's chest. The lead Baskerville, Xai, uses the power of Gryphon to open a path to the Abyss using the blood drawn by Duldum. Duldum goes to draw more of Oz's blood, driven mad by the smell of it, when Alice uses B-Rabbit's power to drive Duldum out of Gilbert's body. Alice tells the Baskervilles that she would do what she had to in order to stop them from killing what was hers. Alice comes to the realization that the Baskervilles didn't want to kill Oz, but instead send him to the Abyss. Xai draws his sword as Alice uses B-Rabbit's Chains to fend off the Baskervilles. Gilbert regains consciousness and asks the lead Baskerville what sin he thought Oz had committed. A flash of lightning reveals Xai's face to Gilbert, and as Oz goes to defend Gilbert from Xai, Gilbert steps in front of Xai and takes Oz's sword through his chest, not wanting Oz to hurt his father. Oz believes he killed Gilbert and mourns his friend. Alice laughs at the turn of events, before Xai slices through he with his sword, ordering her to return to the Abyss. Alice puts her arms around Oz once more, telling him that she'd be waiting for him. Xai then passes judgement on Oz, casting him into the Abyss using Gryphon for the sin of his existence.
0-10 years after the Coming of Age Ceremony Arc

Gilbert tells Oscar that it was Xai who cast Oz into the Abyss. Oscar investigates this, but Bernard Nightray claims that Xai was with him the entire time the Coming of Age Ceremony was going on. Gilbert feels as though he failed his master, and so he runs away from the Vessalius estate.

Young Gil and Break

Gil meets Break

Gilbert is found by Xerxes Break, who suggests that Gilbert let the Nightray Dukedom adopt him so that he could form a contract with Raven, and use Raven in order to save Oz from the Abyss, and also to spy on the Nightrays for Break. Gilbert agrees, and Vincent tells Bernard that Gilbert was connected to Raven for more than 100 years, which was why no one was able to form a contract with Raven. Because of this, Bernard agrees to adopt Gilbert and the Rainsworth Dukedom oversees the adoption process for the Nightrays.

Vincent embraces Gilbert as soon as the two reunite, however Gilbert experiences a few painful memories and is less enthusiastic about their reunion. Gilbert then requests to go see Raven.

Vincent brings Gilbert into the basement of the Nightray mansion, where Gilbert touches the Nightrays Door to the Abyss, and sees Raven. Vincent pulls Gilbert back from the Door before Raven can react to Gilbert's presence, and so Gilbert is determined to form a contract with Raven. The Nightray Uncle, Fred, Claude and Ernest Nightray are not impressed by Gilbert and Vincent's presence in the Nightray family, and so the four of them beat Gilbert and Vincent when the valets, Bernard and Bernice Nightray were not around. Elliot Nightray begins to wonder why his uncle and older brothers treat Gilbert and Vincent so harshly, and so he begins spying on his adoptive brothers playfully.

While bedridden with another sickness, Break visits Shelly. Shelly tells Break that it's okay to act independently, but that he needs to try living a little and to always move on no matter how painful things get. Break understands, because he can't abandon Sharon by dying yet. Shelly soon succumbs to her illness, and dies. (Shelly Rainsworth †).

Sharon Rainsworth forms a Legal Contract with Equus

Leo's Mother dies, having been devoured by a Chain when one appeared in the village. (Leo's Unnamed Mother †).

A Nightray valet comes to Leo's home, taking him away to the House of Fianna because of his connection to the Abyss through his mother's death. Bernard keeps Leo hidden at the House of Fianna after learning the Leo is the newest incarnation of Glen Baskerville, as a trump card over the other Dukes. Gilbert finds Xai after joining Pandora, and holds him at gunpoint because of what he had done to Oz. Gilbert was unable to shoot Xai however, because he didn't want Oz to return to a world where his father was dead.

Elliot and Leo

Ernest and Vanessa Nightray tell Elliot that he needs a valet now that he had turned 14. Ernest and Claude take Elliot with them to Sablier when they go to check in on the House of Fianna. Elliot wanders off on his own whilst Claude and Ernest speak with Mrs. Finn, finding Leo in the library alone. The two begin to fight, Claude and Ernest separate the two and the Nightrays return home. Bernard scolds Claude and Ernest for bringing Elliot to Sablier before Bernard was ready. Elliot frequently goes to Sablier with Bernard to the House of Fianna, quarreling playfully with Leo every visit, and eventually forming a friendship through their mutual love of music. Elliot asks Leo to become his valet, Leo initially turns Elliot down, but agrees because he is intrigued by the Nightray library. Elliot manages to convince Fred, Claude, Ernest and Vanessa to accept Leo, however Bernard is still completely opposed to Elliot taking a commoner as his valet. Elliot buys Leo a pair of glasses which he could hide his eyes behind, a condition of him becoming Elliot's valet.

When Gilbert turns '24' years old, he forms a Legal Contract with Raven. Bernard gives Elliot his old black-bladed rapier, which is also the Nightrays' Key to the Abyss , because Elliot was never given the chance to represent the Nightrays with Raven. 

Fred's death

Fred's assassination

The Nightray Uncle, Fred, Claude and Ernest are furious that Bernard allowed Gilbert to form a contract with Raven. Vincent follows Fred into Reveil, summoning his Chain, Demios the Executioner and decapitating Fred in an alleyway in order to keep Gilbert safe. Vincent takes on the persona of The Head Hunter. Vincent assassinates the Nightray Uncle with Demios sometime later as well. (Fred Nightray ). (Nightray Uncle ).

Eliot 2

Humpty Dumpty impales Elliot

Elliot and Leo arrive at the House of Fianna, where Mrs. Finn tells them that four orphans wandered into The Hole. Elliot decides that they can't wait around for Pandora to arrive to save the orphans, and so he and Leo go into The Hole themselves. Elliot and Leo stumble across two dead orphans, and Leo runs to Helen when he sees her. Elliot sees John on a cliff above Leo with a Chain (Humpty Dumpty) and thinks that it'll attack Leo and Helen. Elliot charges at the Chain, but Humpty Dumpty assumes that Elliot's going to attack Leo, and as Glen's protector, Humpty Dumpty impales Elliot. Leo meets with the previous Glen Baskervilles in his subconscious, where Levi and Oswald tell him to have Elliot form an Illegal Contract with Humpty Dumpty in order to save his life. Bernard arrives in The Hole after the contract is formed, intrigued by Humpty Dumpty. Leo wakes after being brought back to the House of Fianna with Elliot, Elliot telling him that he had saved the orphans who had wandered into The Hole after Elliot had slipped and hit his head, losing consciousness, and that everything Leo had thought he'd seen was nothing more that a nightmare. John dies because his body was not strong enough to support the Illegal Contract and experimentation involved with Humpty Dumpty. (John ).  

The core Humpty Dumpty migrates to his next Contractor he partnered with chronologically, Elliot. Ernest obtains poison and has Claude slip the poison to Gilbert, intending to blame the attack on the Head Hunter. Gilbert barely survives.


Claude and Ernest are attacked by Elliot

Claude and Ernest set the Nightray mansion on fire. They tell Elliot to get Bernice and leave the estate for a while so that they could kill the Head Hunter. Claude and Ernest discuss their plans to kill Gilbert, Vincent and Leo. Elliot hears this and Humpty Dumpty has Elliot attack Claude and Ernest. Elliot kills the guests in the mansion and mortally wounds Claude and Ernest. Humpty Dumpty decapitates Claude and Ernest so that the Head Hunter will be blamed for the assassination. (Claude Nightray ). (Ernest Nightray ).

The deaths of her brother, Fred, Claude and Ernest cause Bernice Nightray to go mad. Foreigner, Isla Yura coils himself around Bernice, allowing her to join his cult. Yura uses this tie to the Nightrays to get to Bernard and strike a deal with him. Yura begins funding the House of Fianna. Vincent meets Ada for the first time in winter at a social gathering. Having been tied to the Baskervilles for so long and tasked with obtaining the Keys to the Abyss owned by the Four Great Dukes, Vincent plots to defile Ada (For reminding him of Jack and for her soul's purity) and use her in order to get Oscar's Key to the Abyss. Sharon, Break and Gilbert (now commonly referred to as 'Raven') prepare to use Raven to save Oz from the Abyss, preparing the ceremony in a crumbling church of a graveyard.

Mad Baby

In the Abyss, Oz is almost killed by a Card. Alice saves Oz and attempts to form an Illegal Contract with him in order to unlock her powers. Oz is teleported away, where he finds Sharon, who had apparently come to save him. Sharon asks how Oz could have trusted Alice after she'd strangled him, but Oz hadn't told anyone this and so the Mad Baby reveals itself. Alice saves Oz from Mad Baby, allowing herself to be eaten. Oz pries open the Mad Baby's mouth and tells Alice that he'd form a contract with her. Alice destroys the Mad Baby, and forms an Illegal Contract with Oz. (Mad Baby †). Alice opens a path from the Abyss, arriving on Earth. Oz arrives on Earth before Break, Sharon and Gilbert could attempt his rescue, and so they bring him back to the Rainsworth estate.

Working With Pandora Arc Oz is formally introduced to Xerxes Break and Emily. Oz tells Break, Sharon and Gilbert what happened in the Abyss. Break tells Oz that they will have to place him under arrest. Alice takes over Oz's body and threatens Sharon with a knife. Break separates Alice from Oz using a magical seal. Alice reveals she's looking for her lost memories. Oz figures out that Break, Sharon and Gilbert need him, and uses that against them. A path to the Abyss opens through the stop watch Oz found and a Card emerges from the Abyss. Break has Gilbert unlock Alice's power, allowing her to slaughter the Card. One of Alice's memories return, and through them Oz meets Jack Vessalius. Oz and Alice join Pandora, working under Break.

Break sends Oz and Alice with Gilbert to the town of Nosambria in search of an Illegal Contractor. The Flower Girl and her Chain go after Alice in an attempt to consume her power. This attempt ultimately fails, and the Flower Girl and her Chain are dragged into the Abyss as her Incuse makes its twelfth progression.

Zwei 3

Zwei takes control of Gilbert a second time

Gilbert, Oz and Alice return to the estate where Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony was held. Inside, Gilbert kills many Pandora members who were being controlled by Zwei and Duldum. Alice and Oz run to the mansion when they hear the gunshots. Zwei uses Duldum to once again control Gilbert, revealing his identity to Oz, as well as how 10 years had gone by while Oz was in the Abyss. Zwei tries to have Gilbert kill Oz, but ultimately fails as Oz gets through to Gilbert. Gilbert shoots Zwei, and Zwei retreats in response. Gilbert tells Oz that he still wanted to be his valet. The Intention of the Abyss approaches Alice in the form of a white rabbit. Another one of Alice's memories is seen before the Intention takes Alice from Gilbert and Oz, confining her to a chair. The Intention questions why Oz wanted Alice instead of her. Oz shoots the Intention (in her rabbit form) in the head, escaping from her when given the opportunity.

Vincent kills six guards at Pandora, helping William West and Grim escape.

Echo arrives in Gilbert's apartment when Gilbert, Oz and Alice take refuge there, delivering a note and black roses. Oz's Incuse makes its first progression. Gilbert, Oz and Alice head into Reveil for supplies. Gilbert tells Alice about Xai, while Oz saves Phillipe West from bullies. Echo arrives and tries to apprehend Phillipe. Phillipe runs away in fear, and Echo chases him with Oz close behind. Echo reveals that Phillipe is an Illegal Contractor. Alice and Gilbert search for Grim. Echo catches Phillipe and tells Oz that she was mistaken, the Illegal Contract wasn't Phillipe, it was is father.


Grim and William confront Alice and Gilbert

Grim and William reveal themselves to Alice and Gilbert. Grim urges William to help him consume Alice in order to please the Intention of the Abyss. Alice and Gilbert run from Grim when they realize that without Oz they couldn't release Alice's powers. Echo arrives and cuts through Grim with her sword. Grim throws Echo into an alley, where Vincent tells her to standby and watch the fight with him. Gilbert unlocks Alice's power, and Alice begins slaughtering Grim. Oz binds Alice's power again with help from Jack, as he had promised Phillipe he'd bring his father back. After much coaxing, Oz gets through to William, but William is still shot in the head by Vincent. (William West †). Vincent and Echo escort Oz, Alice and Gilbert back to the Rainsworth estate (Gilbert leaves his hat in Reveil). Break escorts Vincent and Echo out, implying that he knew that Vincent helped William and Grim escape.

Cheshire's Dimension Arc

Gilbert, Oz and Alice return to downtown Reveil to look for Gilbert's hat. A three-member gang had taken it and challenges Gilbert, Oz and Alice to an arm-wrestling match for Gilbert's hat. Oz wins his match by whispering something to his opponent. Gilbert loses his match to Oscar Vessalius, who subs in for the woman Gilbert was meant to face. Gilbert unlocks Alice's powers so that she could beat her opponent. Oscar, Gilbert and Oz run with Gilbert's hat, leaving Alice behind. Alice is upset when she sees Gilbert, Oz and Oscar together, and finds Break spying on her. Cheshire kidnaps Alice and Break and brings them to his dimension. Gilbert and Oz find Emily (left by Break) and ask Sharon for help. Sharon uses Equus to open a path to Cheshire's Dimension for Gilbert and Oz. Break and Alice are isolated in the dimension, trapped in sleep with their memories. Gilbert and Oz get separated following a fight with Cheshire (Cheshire severely wounded Gilbert).

Cheshire Alternate

Cheshire releases his true form in order to fight Break

Sharon is kidnapped by Echo. Zwei takes over the body and uses Duldum to control Equus through Sharon. Sheryl Rainsworth pretends to be ill to postpone the meeting between the Dukes to launch a search for Sharon. Oscar and Reim Lunettes come across Vincent in Pandora, asleep by Dormouse's influence, and the three talk about the Baskervilles, the Doors to the Abyss, the Tragedy of Sablier and Oz. Jack Vessalius saves Oz from Cheshire and reunites him with Gilbert. Break uses Mad Hatter to start to destroy Cheshire. Jack sends Oz to save Alice, forcing him through memories of the Tragedy of Sablier. Oz sees Alice's death and taps into B-Rabbit's power, destroying the dimension. Oz saves Alice, and he reunites with Gilbert and Break as Cheshire reveals his true form in a last-ditch effort to destroy the group. Equus comes and brings Oz and Alice back to Earth. Break and Mad Hatter finish Cheshire off and Gilbert uses Raven to create a path to Earth. (Cheshire ).

Oz and Alice (in her released form) are dropped in the middle of the meeting between the Dukes. Bernard Nightray sends Pandora after them. Oscar has Reim look out for Oz. Break goes to his room in Pandora Headquarters and finds a black knight chess piece in a destroyed room with black roses scattered everywhere. Break puts on his Pandora uniform and goes after Vincent. The General and another Pandora Member attempt to apprehend Oz and Alice using Snap-Dragon-Fly and Rocking-Horse-Fly. Jack forcibly emerges from Oz's body and tells the ranks of Pandora who he is and about Glen Baskerville's imminent return. Break finds Vincent cutting black roses in the Pandora rose garden. Vincent takes Break to the Nightray estate, revealing that he'd poisoned both Sharon and Echo to set a time limit on the deal he was about to propose. Vincent showed Break that the antidote he had worked by healing Echo, then he requested that Break use Mad Hatter to destroy Alice's memories (Cheshire's bell) from 100 years ago. Break did as instructed, and Vincent dropped the antidote over the balcony. Echo saves the antidote for Sharon and Vincent goes to slap her. Break protects Echo and leaves with Sharon and the antidote. Break later explained what had happened to Oz and Reim. Break reveals to Sharon that Cheshire's eye was the eye the Intention of the Abyss stole from Break.

Lutwidge Academy Arc

Oscar receives a letter from Ada detailing someone she is infatuated with. Oscar brings Gilbert, Oz and Alice with him to Lutwidge Academy on a 'mission' find out what's going on. Vincent also informs Lottie, Fang and Dug about Oscar's 'mission' and the Baskervilles embark to Lutwidge Academy as well. Oscar, Gilbert, Oz and Alice sneak into the Academy and get separated when they're deemed intruders. Lottie, Fang and Dug do the same, but remain hidden from the student populace. Ada finds Oscar and Gilbert when Oscar starts smoking, as Snowdrop and Kitty follow the smell of smoke. Oscar, Ada and Gilbert find Alice and Oz and reunite. Alice in angered by Ada's closeness with Oz

(To Be Concluded!)

Break's Past Arc

(To Be Concluded!)

Sablier Arc

(To Be Concluded!)

Re-Emergence of the Head Hunter Arc

(Rytas †) (Marie †) (Gruner †)

(To Be Concluded!)

Second Coming of Age Ceremony Arc

Isla Yura approaches Pandora's country after being assigned to look into the power of the Abyss that is in control of Pandora's country. Yura visits the Nightray estate first, greeting Vanessa and Elliot as he arrives. Break meets Yura at Pandora, having Gilbert steal Reim's day planner in order to intercept a private meeting between Rufus and Yura. Gilbert disguises himself as a valet of Rufus', whilst Oz and Alice are forced to dress as maids of Rufus'. Break chooses not to wear a disguise because he didn't want to play along with Rufus' game, allowing Gilbert, Alice and Oz to do all the work, despite Oz knowing that the entire plan was a charade created by Rufus. The three spy on Rufus' meeting with Yura, where Rufus asks about Yura's true reasoning for approaching Pandora. Yura explains his task given to him by his country's leaders to Rufus and how he's meant to look for a way to decimate the threat of the Abyss. However, Yura reveals that he doesn't care about his orders, more so about obtaining information from Rufus. Gilbert leaves to search for Alice (who had wandered off on her own sometime before), but Oz stays after hearing Rufus ask Yura whether he'd invited Bernice Nightray to join his Cult in the pursuit of knowledge as well. Yura pretends not to know what Rufus is talking about, and so Rufus complies and offers to introduce Yura to Oz in exchange for information. Rufus points out Oz's location to Yura, getting up and seeking out Break and Alice, telling them that they should come out now as well. (James †) (Hans †) (Vanessa Nightray †) (Fang †) (Bernice Nightray †) (Isla Yura †) (Humpty Dumpty †) (Elliot Nightray †)

(To Be Concluded!)

Jack's Intention Arc

Oz, Alice, Gilbert and Sharon learn from Rufus and Sheryl that Bernard had been decapitated, and due to Elliot’s recent death, the killer has to have been someone else. A shocked Gilbert questions if that means that Elliot wasn’t The Head Hunter, to which Sheryl corrects herself; as that wasn’t what they were saying at all. Rufus suggests that they review the nature of The Head Hunter: an Illegal Contractor who’d been killing the members of the Nightray Dukedom one-by-one. This prompts Oz’s interjection as he realizes that anyone who fit the profile could be considered The Head Hunter.

Elsewhere in Pandora, Vincent arrives at Leo’s interrogation, having slit the throat of the Pandora member attempting to force information out of Leo about what he’d know of Isla Yura’s plans. Greeting Leo, Vincent is suddenly surrounded by Pandora members, all holding him at gun point, amusing him as he summons Demios, who decapitates all but one of his assailants. Vincent then hurriedly takes Leo with him to his carriage, the two making their way to the Nightray estate.

Confirming Oz’s assumption, Rufus says that whoever killed Bernard was either a copycat of Humpty Dumpty, or rather Humpty Dumpty was imitating “The Queen of Hearts” herself. A distressed Pandora member then pounds on the door, calling for Sheryl and explaining that Leo had been abducted by Vincent and that the Pandora members guarding him had all been beheaded. Back in the interrogation room, The General stands in the middle of the carnage, wondering how Vincent could’ve done so much damage and whether Dormouse really had that kind of power. The lone survivor quivers in the corner, correcting The General by explaining that Vincent hadn’t used Dormouse, he’d used “The Queen of Hearts”.

On their way to the Nightray estate, Vincent explains to Leo that he is the original Head Hunter, and that “The Queen of Hearts” was merely a nickname given to Demios. Furthermore, Vincent had learned from Bernard that Leo had within him the soul of Glen Baskerville. Arriving at the Nightray estate, Leo is wary because he’s sure that it’d be the first place that Pandora would look for them, though Vincent instead rushes him, giving Leo enough time to notice that Noise has the Pandora members stationed there under Duldee and Duldum’s control.

Soon enough, Vincent has Leo change his clothes, explaining to Leo that the Baskervilles had been searching for the one who had Glen’s soul, but since Bernard knew that he attempted to hide Leo in The House of Fianna to be use as a trump card. Continuing, Vincent reveals that he’d killed Bernard and his two valets after he’d learned all he needed to about his relation to Isla Yura as well as Leo, doing so in an act of frustration when Bernard tried to justify his actions with Elliot. In addition, Vincent reveals to Leo that Elliot had told him his last words, revealing them to Leo; who doesn’t understand what Elliot was getting at. After Leo asks Vincent why he’d revealed so much to him, Vincent explains that he wishes to obtain The Intention of the Abyss so that he could have her erase his existence, so that Gilbert could smile forever. Offering Leo a deal, Vincent states that he’d obey Leo’s every word and protect him, so long as Leo helps him achieve his goal. Realizing the similarity between him and Vincent, Leo agrees and breaks down in tears, with his first request being for Vincent to cut his hair; not wanting to hide from the world anymore.

Vincent complies, leaving for Sablier with Echo and Leo shortly afterward, where Leo approaches the Baskervilles’ Door to the Abyss and forms a Contract with Jabberwock. With the Contract complete, all released members of the Baskerville Clan bow, recognizing Leo as the new Glen Baskerville.

At Pandora the following day, Rufus and Sheryl review the situation regarding the Sealing Stones with Oz, Alice and Gilbert, revealing that they’ve located the final 2 Sealing Stones by using the locations of the first three. Rufus shows that one of the Sealing stones is located within Pandora Headquarters, explaining that the building itself has numerous hidden passageways unknown to Pandora, so it’s plausible that the Sealing Stone’s always been there without their knowledge of it. When Oz relates the layout of Pandora to Lutwidge Academy, Rufus makes a point of tapping Oz’s shoulder and smiling as he confirms that Pandora is just like Lutwidge. Finally, Rufus explains how the final Sealing Stone is located in Count Airy’s jurisdiction, meaning that they should just give up on it because it’s more important to focus on the Sealing Stone at Pandora rather than spreading themselves thin; especially with the near extinction of the Nightray Dukedom and the Baskervilles seemingly endless army of Contractors.

Later that day, Rufus calls Oz, Alice and Gilbert to his office at Pandora in order to tell them that he’s giving them 1 day of reprieve, which he claims is for Sheryl’s sake because he doesn’t want to have Sheryl see them worn out all the time, and Oscar would also be making a big deal about their condition later anyway, so it was within his best interest. However, Rufus makes it clear that after their day off, he intends on sending them back to retrieve the remaining Sealing Stones.

The next day, Oz, Gilbert and Alice enjoy their free time in Reveil, where a festival of some sort is being held. In the meantime, Rufus and Sheryl traverse Pandora’s garden, with Sheryl wondering if Oz, Alice and Gilbert had made it to Reveil yet, only for Rufus to assure her that they likely had and it will cure them of their monotony. Additionally, Rufus takes the opportunity to ask Sheryl whether she was aware or not that Break had woken from his coma, which entertains Sheryl because Rufus is always the first to know everything.

Sharon storms into Break’s room, having heard that he’d awoken from his coma, only to find that he’s nowhere to be found. Confused, Sharon realizes that Break is sitting on the floor beside his bed. After Sharon asks how Break’s doing, Break claims that he’s all right, though Sharon knows this is a lie because Break’s been unconscious for more than a week; asking Break to take things slowly. Break takes the time to ask if Reim is awake yet, which Sharon denies, though she explains that Break has nothing to worry about because Reim’s condition is stable. Changing the subject, Sharon wonders why Break’s hiding out in his room, to which Break says that he’s embarrassed about his behavior at Yura’s estate. Sighing, Sharon asks how long Break’s felt so self-conscious about all this, stressing to him that he’s not as invincible as he thinks he is; going on about how Break does nothing but belittle the people around him and flaunting his knowledge and perfectionism even though he's neurotic. Laughing, Break states that it can’t be helped, and that in the long run he knows he’ll be all right even if he’s a bit of a failure. As Break leans on Sharon, Sharon voices how unhappy she is that Break no longer relies on her, and so she only really knows Break for what’s on the outside rather than his true self.

Back at the festival, Oz reveals to Gilbert that his Incuse has progressed again, making Gilbert rather frantic because it now seems that whenever Oz uses B-Rabbit’s power even slightly, his Incuse makes another progression. As they each argue about the importance of Oz’s progressions, Alice interjects that their concern for each other only means that they care for one another in the same ways. This prompts Oz and Gilbert to speak about Elliot’s death and how they both feel about it, with Gilbert mentioning that he’s sad, while Oz explains that even though he’s sad too all he can really feel is a sense of loss; making Gilbert wish that they could’ve spoken about how they felt before and in depth.

Leo then greets Oz, having been sitting at the table behind Oz with Vincent and Echo the entire time, claiming that he’s glad that they both got to have the day off, announcing that he’d “come for Oz”. Distracted, Leo then breaks down in playful laughter because a petal had fallen on Oz’s nose. After Oz removes the petal, Leo asks what Oz thinks of his new haircut courtesy of Vincent, with Oz saying that Leo looks great; something which Leo’s glad to hear. Concerned with that Leo’s suggested when he said he’d “come for Oz”, Gilbert questions just what Leo is getting at, and so Leo elaborates that he was just trying to get to the point. As such, Leo stands and asks if he and Oz could take a walk so that they could talk privately, which Oz agrees to. At this moment, Sharon receives notice about the situation from Equus, who’d she’d placed in Oz’s shadow just in case. With this in mind, Break asks Sharon to explain everything that’s happened while he was unconscious.

As Leo and Oz talk, Gilbert, Vincent, Alice and Echo follow in suite behind them, with Vincent asking Gilbert if he’s worried, which Gilbert confirms, though Vincent explains that there’s nothing to worry about because Leo wouldn’t attack Oz out of the blue. However, Vincent did mention that, despite his mild mannered appearance, his master – Leo could be surprisingly brutal, revealing to Gilbert that Leo carries the soul of Glen Baskerville within him; something which Rufus must have already figured out.

Leo explains his past to Oz, specifically how he’d met Elliot and how that related to Yura. Ultimately, Leo had attempted to keep Elliot away from Yura as much as possible because he felt that Yura was a man shrouded in darkness; however he now wonders if that was a mistake. Unable to help himself, Leo contemplates whether or not Elliot would still be alive if he’d only been told what Yura was doing at The House of Fianna. Wary of what Leo is suggesting, Oz yells at Leo for suggesting that it was his fault Elliot died, but Leo remains unmoved by Oz’s anger, and explains that he intends on destroying The Intention of the Abyss.

Immediately after Sharon finishes her explanation, Break gets dressed and rushes through Pandora, but not before revealing to Sharon that he intends on fulfilling The Intention’s wish. Sharon, following closely behind Break asks what he meant by fulfilling The Intention’s wish. Though Sharon is frustrated because of everything Break’s kept hidden from her, Break justifies that he had to do so because Pandora wants to obtain The Intention, so if they’d learned of his goal then he would’ve surely been killed. Understanding, Sharon wonders why Break decided to tell her now, with Break reminding Sharon of how she’d told him he wasn’t as invincible as he liked to think he was. Furthermore, he understands now that he needs to borrow the strength of youth to help him accomplish his goal, as too much had happened while he was unconscious. Break asks for an update on the situation with Leo and Oz, with Sharon explaining that they’re just talking casually and that she’s not supposed to intervene until the situation becomes dire and at the last possible moment.

Having realized that they’re being followed, Break pivots suddenly, only for their pursuer to run off before Break can confront them. Though Sharon is confused, Break asks if she’d not noticed that they were being followed by Rufus’ valets the entire time. This prompts Sharon to suggest that they need to find Sheryl, whose location her valet’s were even oblivious to, but Break thinks they should instead help Oz. With Break’s condition in mind, Sharon attempts to deny Break the satisfaction because he’d only cause trouble. As such, Break reluctantly complies and the two begin their search for Sheryl, though Break is overwhelmed with a bad feeling.

At the same time, Sheryl asks what Rufus is planning this time, catching Rufus off guard as he attempts to cover up his worry by laughing and asking what Sheryl’s talking about. Even so, Sheryl says that she knows Rufus better than anyone else so he can’t hide his feelings from her. Instead, knowing Rufus’ reluctance, Sheryl says that if Rufus isn’t planning something, then she would like to know what’s troubling him so much. As Rufus tries to explain what’s going on, he’s interrupted by Lottie, who descends onto the scene with numerous Baskervilles as they surround Rufus and Sheryl. Lottie reminds Rufus of the conditions of their agreement, stunning Sheryl as Rufus draws his bladed fan and concentrates Dodo’s power into it, slashing through Sheryl’s torso and stealing the Key to the Abyss she held before setting off to lead the Baskervilles to the Sealing Stone hidden in Pandora Headquarters.

Having heard the impact, Break and Sharon rush toward the gardens of Pandora alongside numerous members of Pandora, where they find Sheryl collapsed. Barely conscious, Sheryl explains that she’d put her trust in the wrong person, revealing that while her guard was down Rufus attacked her and stole the Rainsworths’ Key to the Abyss. Sheryl then gives Sharon a thread woven by Owl that would lead them directly to Rufus, losing consciousness shortly afterward. Consumed by his rage, Break follows Owl’s thread, leaving Sharon to watch over Sheryl in his absence, leaving her distracted from the situation with Oz and Leo.

Surprised by Leo’s plans, Oz remembers how Jack had once told him that Oswald’s goal was to destroy The Intention as well, which lead him to instigating the Tragedy of Sablier. Confirming this, Leo mentions that regular civilians are oblivious to the fact that the Abyss was once a dimension bathed in golden light, only to have that harmony of the Abyss destroyed when The Intention of the Abyss came into existence; making The Intention’s birth is the origin of all the world’s tragedies. Behind Oz and Leo, Vincent tells Gilbert that the Baskervilles are attempting to restore the harmony of the Abyss, as it’s what they were chosen for, unlike Pandora, who are simply lusting after the Abyss’ power.

Leo then asks Oz to join the Baskervilles in their cause, justifying that now that Oz knows the truth, it’s the right path to take. Laughing, Oz says that he’s not really into people going around brandishing the banner of justice because no matter what their reasoning for it may be, there’s no such thing as simply “good” and “evil”, there’s only a person’s will. Oz questions if Leo intends on instigating another event like the Tragedy of Sablier in the name of “justice”, which Leo says is a possibility if it’s the only way to destroy The Intention. Hearing this, Oz refuses to join Leo’s cause because he never wants to lay witness to such a horrifying carnage again. Oz states that he doesn’t want to fight Leo and that it’s up to Leo to decide which path he takes, but he won’t stand with Leo to help him fulfill his wish.

Accepting this, Leo states that he has no other choice, summoning Jabberwock as he admits that he’d never wanted it to end this way, though if Oz is intent on hindering his mission he would have to drop Oz back into the Abyss with his Chains of Condemnation. Bidding Oz farewell, Leo has Jabberwock lay his seal and summon forth the Chains of Condemnation, with Gilbert only just managing to save Oz in time by tackling him out of the way. Pandora members flood onto the scene, having been stationed to watch Oz from afar, though as they attempt to take hold of the situation, Jabberwock charges his energy beam and targets the Pandora members. Gilbert then summons Raven and has him attack Jabberwock, asking what Leo thinks he’s doing by summoning his Chain in the middle of Reveil in front of so many civilians, vowing not to lose Oz to the Chains of Condemnation ever again. Seeing that the situation has gotten deadly, Alice attempts to intervene, only to be stopped by Echo – who’s been ordered to keep Alice occupied for the time being.

Leo starts to waver, with Vincent catching him from behind and explaining that since he’d only Contracted with Jabberwock a few days before, it’s likely that his body is unable to withstand the stain it’s putting on him. Instead, Vincent suggests that Leo allow him to take over the situation, summoning Demios to take Jabberwock’s place. Even though Gilbert is worried about Oz, Vincent tells his brother that he’d better focus on him and that since they’re brothers, they’re allowed to fight every once in a while, triggering a battle between Demios and Raven. After Jabberwock’s last attack, Oz is thrown to the ground, making his pocket watch fall out and onto the ground. As it opens, its melody plays and Oz realizes that Leo is standing in front of him, fixated on the melody. Leo runs away almost immediately, leaving Oz confused as he wonders if Leo really does want to drop him back into the Abyss, as he just had the perfect opportunity to do so; Oz questioning whether Leo’s goals differ from what he’d claimed. As Oz chases after Leo, Sharon reveals what had happened at Pandora through Equus, urging him to return immediately. Realizing that Leo’s attack had all been a diversion, Oz prompts Sharon’s assistance, Equus emerging from his shadow in order to go back and retrieve Gilbert and Alice.

While Gilbert and Vincent fight, Gilbert demands that Vincent stop involving the citizens in their battle, prompting Vincent to applaud Gilbert for his kind heart. Angered, Gilbert probes further, questioning why Vincent is cooperating with the Baskervilles, which Vincent claims is because of his love for his brother. Unable to take anymore, Gilbert tackles Vincent to the ground and insists that Vincent can’t know anything about what truly makes him happy, especially when he should be more focused on his own life instead and ending his alignment with the Baskervilles. As Vincent tries to interject, Oz arrives with Equus and asks Gilbert and Alice to hurry, as they’re going back to Pandora. Equus opens a portal which Oz, Gilbert and Alice all escape through, with Leo arriving in time to witness their departure. Amused, Leo claims that the game isn’t over yet, summoning Jabberwock and flying with Vincent and Echo to Pandora in order to confront Oz once more.

Running through Pandora Headquarters, Oz asks Sharon how Sheryl’s condition is. Sharon explains that Sheryl’s condition is stable and that all her vital organs had been missed, though she’s still unable to comprehend how Rufus could’ve done such a thing, prompting Gilbert to ask if Rufus is leading the Baskervilles to the 4th Sealing Stone. Confirming this, Sharon gives Oz Owl’s thread and asks him to make use of it in order to stop Rufus and the Baskervilles, mentioning that Break has already gone to take Rufus down. Additionally, Sharon mentions that Rufus has apparently stolen the Rainsworth Key, shocking Gilbert. However before anyone can wonder about Rufus’ motive, Alice senses something and directs everyone’s attention to the sky, where Leo, Vincent and Echo have arrived on Jabberwock. After dismounting Jabberwock, Leo takes to locating Oz while having Jabberwock wreak havoc throughout Pandora, prompting Oz to give Gilbert Owl’s thread to protect the 4th Seal while he takes care of Leo.

After Gilbert’s departure, Oz and Alice take to the assault on Pandora, where Oz severs one of Jabberwock’s hands. Alice, worried about Oz’s use of B-Rabbit’s power, attempts to stop Oz, only to be confronted by Echo once again so that she can’t help Oz. As Oz worries about Alice, he implores Leo to stop what he’s doing, which Leo refuses to, wanting justification for Oz’s suggestion. When Oz says that Leo needs to stop because they’re friends, Leo laughs hysterically because in his eyes, the two of them were never friends because they’d only met by being mutual friends to Elliot; noting that they don’t even know anything about one another. As Oz’s Incuse makes another progression, Alice thinks of how, more than anything, Oz can’t let the Incuse progress any further. As Alice calls out to Oz, Echo notices that Alice’s body is starting to become transparent, confusing Echo. As this happens, Leo explains that because Elliot’s gone there’s nothing to stop them from being enemies, and so they need to fight each other. As Leo welcomes another attack from Oz, Oz realizes that Leo doesn’t want to destroy him, Leo just wants to destroy himself. Telling Leo that he’s being unreasonable, Oz throws down his scythe and refuses to fight Leo anymore.

At the same time, the Baskervilles have located the hidden entrance to the temple where the 4th Sealing Stone is hidden. Suddenly, an angered battle cry echoes throughout the secret halls of Pandora, as Break jumps into the air and attacks Rufus, who manages to defend himself. After being thrown back by Rufus, Break states that he’s disappointed in Rufus because he never thought he would dare lay a hand on Sheryl. However, Rufus justifies that Pandora will soon capitulate, and so he intends on keeping the Barma Dukedom alive by aligning himself with the winning side. Seeing Break, Lily wants to enact her revenge for what he did to Fang, only to be stopped by Lottie, who stresses the urgency of their need to find and destroy the Sealing Stone. A bullet whizzes past Lottie’s face, Gilbert leads Pandora onto the scene, Gilbert following Lottie through the passageway and into the temple, finding it to be overflowing with natural life generated by the power of the Sealing Stone. The majority of Pandora fends off the Baskervilles, while Gilbert takes his post in front of the Seal, realizing that it contains the head.

Unfortunately, Gilbert is plagued by pain as he experiences clouded fragments of memory, only to then be confronted by Vincent, who has his gun drawn and asks Gilbert to move out of the way. When Gilbert refuses, Vincent asks if Gilbert is truly happy as he is now, knowing well that Gilbert has always feared that his memories would return. Vincent urges Gilbert to consider how, if he remembers his past, he won’t be able to be as he is now because he’d be forced to remember everything, including who he used to be and his master. Denying Vincent, Gilbert says that he’d prepared to confront his past, and that he knows he failed Jack, which is why he’s so eager to protect Oz, and just by doing that is enough for him. Concerned with Gilbert’s confusion, Vincent tries to reach his brother is his deluded state, only for Gilbert to realize that a wounded Pandora member is about to shoot Vincent from behind. Intent on saving his brother, Gilbert steps in front of Vincent and takes the bullet in his place.

Outside, Oz tells Leo that there’s nothing wrong with their coincidental meeting, that he’s glad to have met Leo, and that even after everything they’d been through together he’s still hurt when Leo says something like how he wishes they’d never met. Thinking that, if Elliot was there, he would surely knock some sense into Leo, Oz runs up to Leo and punches him in the face, forcing Leo to see the error of his ways. Leo drops to the ground and starts to cry, having Jabberwock fade back into his body, only for Oz to look up and send one of B-Rabbit’s bladed chains through Leo’s body. As Leo falls to the ground, Oz demands an explanation from Jack, who he realizes was the cause of the attack.

Back in the temple of the 4th Sealing Stone, Vincent worries about his fallen brother, who takes the time to review his memories, only to realize that he was mistaken because Oswald is his true master, not Jack, and that he’s a Baskerville. Standing, Gilbert is vacant because of the shock the revelation has laid onto him, unable to stop Lottie as she draws her throwing knives and uses them to shatter the 4th Sealing Stone, unleashing Oswald’s head. Seeing this leaves Gilbert in a broken state, falling to his knees and grasping his head as he screams in agony over the idea that his master is dead.

In another part of the temple, Break has retrieved the Sheryl’s earrings (the vessel of the Key), as well as disarming and pinning Rufus to a nearby tree. Realizing that the screams he’s hearing are Gilbert’s, Rufus remarks on how that must mean that the head inside the Sealing Stone was Oswald’s. Hearing this confuses Break, who then demands that Rufus explains what’s going on. Rufus admits that mere days before he’d deciphered the last of Arthur Barma’s Memoirs, which included Arthur’s confession about having helped Jack cover his tracks. With Arthur’s confession, Rufus finally understands the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier, explaining it in-part to Break.

Elsewhere, Reim has only just awoken from his coma, wondering if something had happened and exactly how long he’s been unconscious for. Then, Reim realizes that there’s something tucked in between his bandages, wondering who could’ve done such a thing. At that moment, Reim hears an explosion and an earthquake rolls through Reveil as a result of the 4th Sealing Stone’s destruction. With a sense of urgency, Reim opens the note that was tucked in his bandages, though it only said “St. Luca’s Gate” and “Lutwidge Academy”, while also finding a rusted key in his pocket. Wasting no time, Reim escapes from Pandora by taking advantage of the chaos that’s spread, making his way to Lutwidge Academy.

Jack grips tightly onto Oz from behind, claiming that they have to use B-Rabbit’s power to finish off Leo before he puts Glen’s power to use; being too dangerous to be left alive, yet Oz refuses. Dropping Oz, Jack steps forward, intent on taking his rightful place as the lead consciousness in order to accomplish his goal, allowing Oz to look into his memories and unearth the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier. Staring at Leo, Jack asks if Oswald’s able to see him, revealing that he’s been waiting for the Incuse to progress further before making an appearance, having planned on allowing the power of B-Rabbit to take over the body. Sadly, because of recent events, Jack had to intervene, meaning that his plans will have to progress sooner than he would’ve liked. Picking up B-Rabbit’s scythe, Jack bids farewell to Oswald as he prepares to deliver the finishing blow to Leo.

Unexpectedly though, Jack is stopped when Oz grabs onto his ankle, stating that Leo’s his friend and so he won’t let Jack hurt him, and that his body is his own, so he won’t allow Jack to do as he pleases with it anymore. Amused, Jack says that he though Oz was able to see all of his memories, but it seems as though Oz has purposefully looked past the most essential ones. Correcting Oz as he forces Oz below, Jack claims that Oz is wrong to say that this body belongs to him, as Oz’s existence is nothingness, meaning that Oz can’t really exist. Jack urges Oz to remember everything, but Oz still tries to deny it, confusing Jack because the very thing Oz is trying to deny is the “sin” he’s been trying to uncover all along. Commending Oz for doing what he was meant to when he searched for Alice’s memories (thereby making Cheshire intervene and leading Oz to join with the fragmented piece of Jack’s soul in Cheshire’s Dimension) and later working to prevent Oswald from returning, Jack states that it’s now time to accept everything he’s been trying to avoid, forcing Oz down into his subconscious. Jack forces Oz to experience the memories regarding the Tragedy of Sablier, where Oz remembers his true existence as Oz the B-Rabbit as well as his true origins.

In the temple, Break rushes into the room, looking for Oz, while Gilbert grips Oswald’s head tightly in his arms and explains that he’s remembered everything from his past, reaching for his gun when the Tragedy of Sablier flashes before his eyes. As Gilbert attempts to stand, Vincent begs him not to strain himself, knowing that Gilbert had only just retrieved his memories and that his wound is still healing. Joining Gilbert and Vincent, Break asks what’s happened and where Oz was, only to realize that Oz isn’t actually with Gilbert as Gilbert chuckles and murmurs Oz’s name. Stopping Break’s as he questions Gilbert, Rufus summons Dodo and has him pin Break to the ground. With Break trapped, Rufus advises Break not to lose interest in his opponent, demanding proper compensation for the information he’d supplied Break. Though Break, he’s unable to move, and so Rufus demands that Break return Sheryl’s earrings to him, stomping on Break’s chest in order to ease his grip on the earrings. As Rufus goes to take back Sheryl’s earrings, he notices Oswald’s head sitting in the middle of the temple. Turning to address all those who remain, Rufus announces that the story involving Jack’s sacrifice of body in order to seal away the soul of Glen Baskerville is a farce. Elaborating, Rufus reveals that Jack wasn’t the hero, having only created such lies to cover his tracks as he was in fact the true mastermind behind the Tragedy of Sablier.

Outside, Jack thanks Oz for having sacrificed his body in order to deliver Lacie’s memories more than 100 years ago, admitting that it was the entire reason why he did then what he intends to do now: plunge the entire world that Lacie loved so much into the Abyss in order to end her longing; believing firmly that Lacie has become one with the Abyss. Jack admits that, regrettably, he was stopped more than 100 years ago, though he insists that this time will be different, as he orders Oz to use his destructive powers to sever the Chains of the World. Suddenly, Alice dives down from above and drop-kicks Jack to the ground, writing Jack off as an idiot for thinking that she’d allow him to sever the Chains, explaining that she’d finally beaten Echo and asking who gave Jack permission to meddle with “her property”.

Laughing, Jack asks if Alice intends on getting in his way again, to which Alice replies that even though she doesn’t fully understand what’s going on right now, she’d heard Oz calling out for her as if he was in pain because of Jack. Ordering Jack to get out of Oz’s body, Alice declares that she’s the only one that’s allowed to make Oz cry. Entertained by Alice, Jack explains that it’s all a big misunderstanding because B-Rabbit is his Chain, and if Alice were to leave Oz’s body, she’d disappear altogether; meaning that her statement that he should vacate Oz’s body should really be directed to her. Jack then raises B-Rabbit’s scythe and sends the bladed chains after Alice in order to end her life one and for all.

Back in the temple, Lottie asks if Rufus had known that Oswald’s body was used to make the Sealing Stones; making such an assumption because of Rufus’ declaration that Jack was the true instigator of the Tragedy of Sablier. Denying that he’d known indefinitely, Rufus explains that he’d known ever since he decoded Arthur Barma’s Memoirs mere days before, though he’d kept it to himself because he lacked any physical evidence to support the claim. At any rate, Rufus was like all others, having believed Arthur’s Memoirs to be the truth rather than a fantasy Jack had forced Arthur to write in order to portray himself in a better light; only for Arthur to admit his regrets in the final chapter. Rufus then proceeds to reveal what Arthur had written about the Tragedy to those in attendance.

After hearing how Jack had purposely lied to Alice about Gilbert’s alleged death in order to use Vincent, Vincent steps forward and insists that it must be a lie. As a result, Rufus explains that Jack had used Vincent’s powers as a Child of Ill Omen in order to make contact with The Core, suggesting that as soon as Vincent touched the Door to the Abyss, it forced The Intention to pry The Door open; though Vincent still doubts Rufus’ tale.

Unfortunately for Jack, just as he’s about to kill Alice, Echo recovers from Alice’s attack and rushes in to save Alice. When Alice questions Echo’s motives, Echo explains that even though Alice hadn’t asked for help, had she not received any Alice would be disintegrated and turned into dust by the powers of B-Rabbit, further more in Echo’s case, her body moves of its own accord. Alice and Echo’s arguing is put on hold suddenly when Jack notes that Alice always gets in his way, slamming B-Rabbit’s scythe into the ground Jack reveals that he’s run out of time because of his early intervention draining him of all his energy. Claiming that it’s unfortunate that he was unable to rid the world of Alice and Oswald once again, Jack decides that that such a dream will have to be put on hold for the time being, as he uses B-Rabbit’s power to make the Chains of the World visible. Apologizing to Lacie for making her wait so long, Jack states that he’s finally going to bring the world to her, cutting the Chains of the World with B-Rabbit’s scythe, causing a massive explosion of light followed by cracks forming across the sky, coupled with the sound of the shattering Chains and massive earthquakes rocking Reveil in its entirety.

Shaken by the memories the explosion of light brings him, Gilbert rushes out of the temple, ignoring Vincent as he begs him to stop. Noting the urgency of the situation, Break announces that he’s had enough as he slams his palm into the floor, using Mad Hatter’s power to injure Dodo enough to allow his escape. Rufus simply glares at Break as he leaves, sitting down defeated while remarking on how he had not finished speaking with Break yet, Dodo fading back into his body. Even with his concern about Rufus’ possession of the Key, Break knows that he can’t let Gilbert get to Oz, trailing Gilbert as fast as he can, with the majority of the Baskerville Clan following close behind.

Just then, Leo's eyes open as he regains consciousness, watching the Chains shatter in the sky above him. Jack celebrates the destruction of the Chains, while explaining to Alice how he had done the exact same thing 100 years before in an attempt to destroy the world, however Alice and Oswald had managed to put a stop to Jack's global destruction together. Jack forces Oz to see Alice's suicide, but tells Oz not to despair, because he's a Chain and so he has nothing to call his own. Jack disappears and allows Oz to take control of his body once more. Oz falls to his knees and is surrounded by Baskervilles. Alice attempts to run to Oz, but falls as he legs become transparent. Gilbert reaches Oz instead, stepping before him and asking if Oz's hurt; as he prepares to fend off the Baskervilles with his gun. Oz grabs onto Gilbert's coat and begins crying and apologizing repeatedly.

Leo, having now been taken over by Oswald, steps forward and orders Gilbert to shoot Oz, which Gilbert does against his will because Jury’s spell still has an active hold over him. As Oz falls to the ground, Alice screams out in agony and Break arrives on the scene, finding that he’s too late to stop Gilbert from reaching Oz. Commending Gilbert as he slumps down to his knees, Oswald voices how glad he is to see that Gilbert hasn’t changed even after more than 100 years. Putting a hand on Gilbert’s shoulder, Oswald suggests that it’d be in Gilbert’s best interest to once again take his place as Oswald’s valet, a point which Gilbert is unable to argue.

Briefly baffled by the fact that Gilbert shot him, Oz realizes that Gilbert’s become Oswald’s valet once again, and that everything is settling back to the way it’s meant to be. Yelling out for Oz, Alice insists that Oz stop making such a “weird face” as she runs toward him, only to have her path obstructed by Baskervilles. Break pushes past with his sword drawn, clearing the way for Alice and ordering her to get Oz. While Alice continues, Oz reviews everything that Alice has done for him, encouraging him to tell Alice that she can’t stay by his side anymore. Without warning, Alice falls to the ground as her body becomes more and more transparent. As Alice questions what’s going on, Oz shows her his memories, prompting Alice to beg Oz to stop. Instead, Oz internally agrees with everything that Jack had said about his existence, refusing to withdraw because he feels guilty about not being able to protect Alice more than 100 years ago. Wanting to set everything back to the way it’s meant to be, Oz retrieves the last of his power from Alice, resulting in her complete disappearance in a burst of light particles. Oz’s actions confuse Break as Sharon approaches to join him, while Echo cries out over the loss of Alice.

Rufus arrives alongside Lottie, Dug, Lily and numerous Baskervilles, wasting no time as he dives into battle with Break. Sharon announces that Oz has now lost consciousness, and so Break orders her to use Equus to get Oz somewhere safe, whilst he tries to summon Mad Hatter in order to defend himself. Unfortunately, Break is stopped short when he sees the Baskervilles apprehend Sharon, allowing another Baskerville to tackle Break down and pin him to the ground. Throwing down Sheryl’s earrings, Rufus summons Dodo and uses Dodo’s power to destroy the earrings, thereby destroying the Key to the Abyss they’d held as well. In reality, since Rufus had destroyed the Barma Key rather than the Rainsworth Key, Rufus had to also use the Rainsworth Key in his locket to suppress the power of the Rainsworth Chains in order to make it appear as though he’d destroyed the Rainsworth Key. Mad Hatter and Equus fade away, and Rufus attempts to justify that by destroying the Key, he’d saved the Baskervilles the numerous casualties that they most definitely would’ve had if Break were free to use Mad Hatter. Even so, Oswald is furious with Rufus, as well as suspicious of Rufus’ motives, unaware that everything that had happened was all a part of Rufus’ master plan. With no apparent threat before them, the Baskervilles carry Break and Oz off to the dungeons of Pandora; taking Sharon to be held in the room where Sheryl is resting. With Pandora capitulating, the Baskervilles take over Pandora in the absence of the Four Great Dukes.

Oz awakens in a cell three hours after being apprehended by the Baskervilles, having dreamed about the time he was struck by Oscar. Lottie greets Oz, having been watching him alongside another Baskerville, reminding him of their last encounter at Lutwidge Academy and playfully asking if Oz had a nightmare. When she’d not answered clearly, Lottie informs Oz about what’s happened while he was unconscious, only to be interrupted when someone makes their way around the corner at the end of the hall. Running to Lottie, Echo pulls out her Jyanta doll and uses it as leverage in order for Lottie to allow her and Oz to speak alone for a short while. Accepting, Lottie takes the doll and leads her partner out of the dungeons so that Echo can speak with Oz. During their time together, Echo attempts to tell Oz a joke, but she forgets the punch line, and generally try to cheer Oz up. Although she doesn't succeed, Oz is thankful anyway. Instead, Oz explains the situation to Echo in his own way. Oz had also explained the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier to Echo, and was in the process of denying his own existence - when Echo embraces him in an attempt to stop his cruelty towards himself.

At the same time, Oswald sits with Rufus and listens as Rufus explains to him exactly what happened during the Tragedy of Sablier by reading excerpts from Arthur's Memoirs; passing the time while two Baskervilles seek out the 5th Sealing Stone. Rufus explains how Jack created the Four Great Dukedoms and fabricated a lie to cover up the Tragedy of Sablier, and even explains how Jack had manipulated Arthur into doing his bidding because of the role which Miranda had played in the Tragedy of Sablier. Oswald, in-turn, explains to Rufus the cause of Jack's body aging in a repeating cycle of reverse rebirth. Just then, an earthquake rolls through Reveil, signifying the destruction of the 5th Sealing Stone, releasing Oswald’s soul from its bounds completely. Standing, Oswald’s soul comes to the surface completely, and rather than fighting Oswald for dominance, Leo simply stands by within his own subconscious and lets Oswald take his body as his own. While he does this, Levi greets Oswald's soul, smiling. Levi's actions are not returned however, as Oswald's free soul means that he's regained all of Glen's memories. Oswald decides then and there to execute Oz and Jack in the present, and then travel back in time to kill Lacie before she can lead Jack to the Baskervilles. Jack will die on the street, and then the Tragedy of Sablier will never happen as a result.

Meanwhile, Oscar attempts to sneak Ada out of Reveil because of all the chaos spreading from the severed Chains. Instead however, the two are intercepted by Xai and surrounded by Baskervilles, with Xai suggesting that it’s time for them to have a nice long family chat. While Baskervilles maintain a perimeter around the Vessalius estate, Xai informs both Ada and Oscar of how he’d helped Jack more than 25 years before by allowing Jack to pose as his son when the child was stillborn; also specifically blames Sara’s, Rachel’s and his and Oscar’s sons’, deaths on Jack. Xai then orders Oscar to retrieve Oz for him, intending on holding Ada hostage in order to encourage Oscar’s compliance. Though reluctant, Oscar agrees to go after Oz, but refuses to kill him as Xai would like. As her uncle leaves, Ada’s own strength builds and she forces herself free from Xai’s grip in order to catch up to Oscar, requesting that he allow her to fight alongside him, before the Baskervilles apprehend her once more.

Oswald calls the majority of the Baskervilles to the main hall of Pandora, with only those guarding Break, Sharon, Sheryl and Ada meant to remain on guard. As such, Xai also makes his way to Pandora to witness what Oswald intends on being Oz’s execution.

Having felt the effect of the 5th Sealing Stones destruction, Break regains consciousness to find himself shackled in one of the cells in the dungeons of Pandora. As Break questions what’s going on, Lily makes her presence known as she explains that Break deserves everything he’s going to get. Elaborating, Lily reveals that above them, preparations for Oz’s execution are being made, and as soon as Oswald finishes with Oz she intends on asking that Break be executed as well. With Oswald making preparations, Rufus takes advantage of the situation and organizes a box of letters from Sheryl that he’d kept, altering the dates so that they’ll spell out a message for Reim, who was the intended recipient of the box. Additionally, Rufus places the Rainsworth Key in the box and sends it off with one of his younger valets through a tunnel in Pandora that’s only large enough to fit a small child and leads directly to Lutwidge Academy. Two of Rufus' valets help seal the tunnel so the Baskervilles cannot follow it, with one of his valets explaining to Rufus that the Baskervilles are assembling. As an added precaution, Rufus sends a female valet to Lutwidge Academy with a message to explain the situation to Reim, just in case his package doesn't make it to Lutwidge.

At the Nightray estate, Gilbert sits and mulls over the fact that he’d shot his master, leaving a vulnerable Vincent to wonder what he can do to help his brother in his time of need. Unable to take much more of his brother’s state of self-hatred, Vincent journeys to the Vessalius estate, where he learns from the Baskervilles guarding Ada that Oswald has decided that Oz’s existence is far too dangerous to be allowed to continue existing. Upon his return to the Nightray estate, Vincent finds that Gilbert is nowhere to be found. Running outside, Vincent finds Gilbert standing in a clearing while it starts raining, where he breaks down; only for Vincent to attempt to convince Gilbert to go back inside. Having finally decided what he’s going to do, Gilbert summons Raven and reminds him of how he’d warned Gilbert that he’d be bound to his left hand again when they reunited 10 years ago. Gilbert mentions that everything had played out just as Raven had predicted, continuing to say that throughout the generations of Glen Baskerville their bond has been passed down using the left arm. Through their conversation, Raven understands what exactly Gilbert’s asking for, spewing forth his blue fire to envelop Gilbert’s left arm – severing it to end the spell Jury had cast on him more than 100 years ago.

Vincent runs to his brother’s side, asking why Gilbert had done something so rash - explaining to his brother that this was the exact reason why he’d never wanted Gilbert to regain his memories; knowing how much pain it would’ve caused him. Instead, Gilbert justifies that he’s glad to have remembered everything, before turning away from Vincent and shattering his Carcere. Then, Gilbert proceeds to reform his Contract with Raven the way that the Baskervilles are meant to. Still wanting to help Oz, Gilbert takes the time to ask that Vincent come with him and join him in his fight against Oswald. Refusing, Vincent adds that he knows he couldn’t ever do something like that, sending Gilbert to run back to Pandora while he sits in the clearing and questions why things had to turn out like this.

(Rocking-Horse-Fly †)

(Unnamed Lizard Chain †)

(Oscar Vessalius †)

(To Be Concluded!)

Swan Song Arc

After escaping Pandora through St. Luca's Gate, Oz, Gilbert and Alice get into a small boat and drift downstream to the outskirts of Reveil, where they are found and tended to by Reim and Turner.

The Baskervilles have Pandora control the public in wake of the recent chaos by branding Oz as a terrorist and placing a bounty on his head. In addition, Pandora subtly announces that if Oz were not to surrender himself within 24hrs, Break, Sharon and Sheryl would be executed one by one. Finally, Pandora manages to win the favor of the knights for extra muscle in the pursuit of Oz.

Oz wakes the next day, learning that he is a fugitive from Reim and Turner - ultimately deciding that he should turn himself over to Pandora and the Baskervilles for the sake of those whose lives are at risk. Oz reasons that something serious must have happened (based on what Lottie had told him earlier) if Break isn't a threat to the Baskervilles anymore, and refuses to admit that Oscar was murdered - prompting Reim to take action in order to calm Oz down so that they can review what sort of action they need to take. Gilbert then explains how Rufus had betrayed Pandora and destroyed the Key within Sheryl's earrings, neutralizing all the Rainsworth Contracts in the process. Confused by Rufus' betrayal, Reim reveals that Rufus had been the one who had guided him to Lutwidge Academy and St. Luca's Gate in order to save Oz, Alice and Gil - encouraging Reim to attempt to decipher Rufus' true motives. Just then, Oz remembers how Rufus had acted when he confirmed the relation between design for both Lutwidge Academy and Pandora Headquarters. With this in mind, Oz brings up the possibility that the old key that Rufus gave to Reim could open a hidden path that connects both Lutwidge and Pandora. Turner reveals that Rufus and Calum had scoured Lutwidge Academy in order to unearth its secrets, and even disappeared instantly on one occasion where he'd attempted to follow him. With this in mind, Oz, Alice, Gilbert and Reim follow Turner as he guides them to the spot where Rufus and Calum had "disappeared" years before.

Meanwhile in Sablier, Rufus, Vincent and Oswald make their way into The Hole, where Rufus rests while Oswald cuts his way through The Residents of The Hole who stand in his way. Oswald orders Vincent and Rufus to follow him without haste based on how quickly The Chains of the World are shattering. Though Rufus objects, he is soon pummeled by boulders when an earthquake rattles through Sablier, proving exactly what Oswald had expected. Immediately drawing the rapier, Oswald attacks Rufus and questions why he hadn't saved himself by using Dodo's power - revealing that he's pieced together that Rufus can't access his Contract because the Key he's destroyed was actually the Barma Key. Rufus attempts to defend himself with his fan, but is easily dispatched by Oswald, who admits that he'd only brought Rufus with him to Sablier to figure out his motives because he knew it was too dangerous to leave Rufus in Reveil. Suddenly, the ground falls out from underneath Rufus and he's brought even further down into The Hole. Hurriedly, Oswald and Vincent pursue Rufus, eventually managing to corner him on a nearby cliff.

When the group reaches the dead end where Turner had lost track of Rufus and Calum, they investigate the area. Soon, Gilbert discovers a keyhole in a nearby statue and uses Reim's key to open a secret passageway underneath the statue. Descending, the group finds a hidden room, where a Barma pageboy sits in wait of their arrival. The pageboy reveals that Rufus had sent him through a tunnel that lead directly from Pandora Headquarters to that room, all so that he could personally deliver a box to Reim. Within the box, Reim finds letters from Sheryl to Rufus, and so Reim takes it upon himself to uncover what Rufus' intent is.

Back at Pandora, Lily returns to Break's cell - though when she sees the condition Break is in, Lily can't help but wonder if Break has died. Lily approaches Break to investigate, only to be kicked across the cell by him. When Lily voices her surprise that Break is still alive, Break admits that he was waiting to administer a final blow to Vincent when Lily had arrived. Lily then reveals that she'd brought something for Break, pulling out Emily and asking Break to look. Break tells Lily that he can't see, citing his old age as the reason for his blindness, pitying Break, Lily comes closer to Break so that he can see Emily, but instead Break kicks Lily across his cell once again. At that moment, Dug arrives with another Baskerville - and so Lily justifies her actions by stating that she'd intended on ripping Emily apart in front of Break to make him suffer even more. Dug and his comrade release Break from his bonds, allowing Dug to throw him over his shoulder. When Break asks where Dug is taking him, Dug reveals that the Baskervilles are under orders to collect him, Sharon and Sheryl in the grand hall of Pandora to be executed should Oz not arrive within his 24 hour limit and that Oscar had died when he helped Oz escape Pandora.

(Unnamed Bird Chain †)

(Xerxes Break †)

(Noise †)

(Echo †) 

(To Be Concluded!)

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