Plague Doctor
8 - Charlatan Two
Name Plague Doctor
Race Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Eyes Unknown
Hair Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Charlatan
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Memoire 8: Louis
The "Plague Doctor" is a placeholder name for a member of Charlatan from Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. Alongside Naenia and the Arachnid, the Plague Doctor infiltrated Marquis Machina's bal masque in an attempt to eliminate Luca as the Grand Duke Oriflamme while the Beastia were distracted with the four Curse-Bearers Naenia had afflicted with the Malnomen Dissonance. Due to Noé Archiviste's intervention, the efforts of the Plague Doctor and the rest of Charlatan proved to be unsuccessful, and they were forced to flee before the Beastia could catch up with them.

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Bal Masque Arc Edit

Upon infiltrating Marquis Machina's bal masque - the Plague Doctor, Naenia and the Arachnid witness Vanitas proclaiming himself as a kin of the Blue Moon looking to utilize the power of The Book of Vanitas to save Vampires in order to tarnish the reputation of Vanitas of the Blue Moon, whether they are of willing party or not. This prompts a riot among the guests, leading to the Beastia Veronica de Sade revealing herself to be among the crowd. Veronica attempts to kill Vanitas herself - but when he is saved by Jeanne, Veronica calls for a human hunt - rallying the Vampires to help find and kill Vanitas. Seeing this as an opportunity, Naenia remarks on the luck of the situation, as she, the Plague Doctor and the Arachnid prepare to carry out their mission to eliminate the Grand Duke Oriflamme, Luca.

Naenia lets out a dirge that affects four Curse-Bearers in attendance with the Malnomen Dissonance, providing the Beastia with a distraction. With everyone else busy, the Arachnid and the Plague Doctor confront Luca - killing both of his personal attendants in the process. When the Arachnid goes after Luca, Noé defends him and demands to know what the assailants are. A concerned Luca calls out to Noé, only to be told by him to stay back as he continues to fend off the vessels. As the Plague Doctor attacks Noé, Noé successfully manages to break his sword and cast him back.

Plague Doctor remains out of commission from this point forward, until after Naenia is cast back and the Arachnid addresses that it is time for them to leave - as they had already gone over their allotted time and the Beastia would soon catch on to them otherwise. As such, Plague Doctor vacates the premises with the Arachnid and Naenia, however, Naenia looks back and addresses Noé, stating that she'd decided she likes him - asking him that the next time they meet, he give her his true name. Confused and furious, Noé asks what Naenia is and why she's been creating Curse-Bearers, even mentioning his confusion in relation to her and Louis - but rather than answer Noé, Naenia simply bids him farewell and follows her associates off of the balcony. Though Jeanne follows Charlatan out the window - the Plague Doctor, Naenia and the Arachnid manage to escape into the night.

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  • Enhanced speed, strength and endurance.

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  • Due to the fact that the Arachnid adorned his costume with a cross, it is possible that Plague Doctor and the rest of Charlatan have some sort of tie with the Chasseurs.

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