Count Parks Orlok
Orlok head
Name Count Parks Orlok
Race Vampire
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Eyes Crimson (Naturally)
Unusual Features Large scars across face
Professional Status
Occupation Lord of the other world
Base of Operations Paris
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Memoire 2: In the City of Flowers

Count Parks Orlok is a Vampire from Jun Mochizuki's The Case Study of Vanitas. Parks Orlok is the appointed representative of the Vampires by The Queen following the war between humans and Vampires; tasked with maintaining a balance between the human and Vampire worlds by watching over Vampire-related activities. Following the event on La Baleine, Orlok confiscated Noé and Vanitas' personal belongings alongside Amelia Ruth and Murr. Upon discovering The Book of Vanitas, Orlok attempted to unlock its power, but failed. When Vanitas and Noé arrived at his office in Galerie Valentine, Orlok withheld The Book of Vanitas and Amelia from them - prompting Noé's frustration when he learned that Orlok intended to have Amelia executed and outright denies the validity of The Book of Vanitas. As a result, Noé struck a deal with Orlok - volunteering to prove The Book of Vanitas cured Amelia by curing the curse-bearing Vampire presently terrorizing Paris.

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  • Count Parks Orlok's name seems to have been inspired by the the Vampire from Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's 1922 film, Nosferatu, "Count Orlok".

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