Parallel Hearts

Opening - break and sharon

Title Parallel Hearts
Artist FictionJunction
Opening Song # 01
Starting Episode Episode 01
Ending Episode Episode 25
Opening Song Guide

Parallel Hearts is the opening theme of the Pandora Hearts anime, sung by FictionJunction.

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Full VersionEdit

Bokura wa
Mirai o kaeru chikara o
Yume ni miteta

Noizu no naka kikoete kita kimi no nakigoe
Waratte ita boku no yowasa o abaita

Kimi no yuku michi wa kimi ni shika wakaranai
Chigau sora oikakete

Bokura wa mirai e mukau yuuki o
Hoshigatte kako ni mayou
Kimi ga warau hontou no
Ima e kaeritsuku made

Kimi no koto o shiritai to omotte hajimete
Yorisoenai kokoro no kyori ni obieta

Wakariaenai to wakatta sore dake de
Futari ga hajimatte yuku

Namida mo itami mo subete dakishimete agetai kedo
Hashireba) hashiru hodo tooku naru ki ga shite (fuan ni naru)
Doko made yukeba ii no……

Noizu no naka kikoete kuru kimi no utagoe
Nakushite ita boku no sugata ga ima mieru yo

Hitori de yuku hazu datta mirai o
Kaeru chikara o kudasai
Kimi ga warau sore dake de
Takaku toberu

Bokura wa kokoro o tsunagu yuuki o
Hoshigatte ai ni mayou
Kimi to warau hontou no
Boku ni kaeritsuku made

We saw the power to change the future
In our dream

In the midst of the noise, I heard your cry
It exposed my weakness as I was laughing

The road that you go on is only known to you
So chase after a different sky

We desire the courage to face toward the future
So we get lost in the past
Until I return to the true present
Where you laugh

Thinking that I want to learn about you, for the first time
I was daunted by the distance between our hearts that can’t come together

We understood that we couldn’t understand each other, so with just that
We’re starting

I want to embrace your tears, pains, and everything
But I feel that the more I run, the farther I become from you and I get worried
Where should I go…?

In the midst of the noise, I hear your singing
Now I can see my form that I’d lost

Please give me the power to change
The future that I would’ve gone through by myself
You laugh, and with just that
I can fly high

We desire the courage to connect hearts
So we get lost in love
Until I return to my true self
That laughs with you

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  • Parallel Hearts was used for the whole series as one opening.

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