Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 9


Release Date March 25, 2010
Region 2
Discs 1
Languages Japanese
Subtitles English
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Retrace 8

Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 9 is the ninth Pandora Hearts DVD and the last to be released.

DVD CoverEdit

Oz is carrying the B-Rabbit doll while scratching the back of his head and regarding the viewer with a grin. Several broken chains are situated around Oz, hovering.


A Warp in the WorldEdit


Cover of A Warp in the World

Oz, Alice, and Gil have been seeking chains for memory fragments for a while now with no success. Ada visits Oz during her holiday break and finds dozens of Pandora guards escorting him; Jack had ordered for Oz's protection when he last appeared (Episode 16). Oscar sees Ada making eyes at Gil and drags him off. Break directs the guards to another task, since he doesn't like being watched. Sharon believes that if the Baskervilles wanted Oz dead, they would have taken care of him already. Gil visits Vincent to ask about Sabrie, but Vincent denies remembering anything.
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Cover of Kyrie

The group hurries to the burning city, where a large-scale Chain attack is taking place. Gil thinks the Baskervilles are to blame for the Chains coming loose, but Alice tells them the Will of the Abyss is calling out, which is upsetting the balance of the Abyss. Gil unleashes Alice's B.- Rabbit powers and each of them joins the fight. Oz saves a boy from a burning building and as the building falls to the ground, Alice saves them and the boy is returned to his mother. Oz collapses and Alice reverts to her other form since she had used too much power. Break says it's time to get serious and takes out his Mad Hatter, which causes the Chains in the area to crumble away.
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Beyond the winding roadEdit


Cover of Beyond the winding road

Oscar tells Oz that his father has been out of reach for ten years. Sharon and Break discuss what happened earlier, and Break says Oz really does have the power to control the Abyss and that the Will of the Abyss had a "special feeling" towards Jack. Break tells Sharon that there's a rumor about Oz being the reincarnation of Jack, and he also tells her they may have to reconsider the Baskerville's true intentions. Gil, Oz, Alice, and Oscar return to Oz's home and at dinner Oscar reveals that before Oz's father disappeared, he signed a contract with a Chain called Griffin, which turns out to be the same Chain that dragged Oz into the Abyss. Oz locks himself in his room, and when Alice and Gil come, Oz questions who he is and Alice says that's the reason they're working together - to find out who they are.
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Special FeaturesEdit

  • Special Episode 9
  • Alternate DVD jacket (limited edition)