Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 7


Release Date January 22, 2010
Region 2
Discs 1
Languages Japanese
Subtitles English
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Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 7 is the seventh released Pandora Hearts DVD.

DVD CoverEdit

The cover features Jack Vessalius sitting in a casual sitting position, with his left fist propping up his chin while gazing at the viewer with a small grin.


Hello my sister!Edit


Cover of Hello my sister!

Break goes to save the kidnapped Sharon from Vincent, but in doing so, must destroy Cheshire's bell (the truth of the Tragedy of Sabrie). Vincent poisoned her as well so Break would have to do what he wanted quickly. He holds the antidote over the edge of his balcony, calling Break a fool, but as it falls, Echo saves the it. Meanwhile, Oz learns about Break's past, and how the Rainsworths found him at the Abyss' door and his acceptance. Later, Oscar receives a letter from Ada from Latowidge, her private academy, indicating that she has a crush on someone. In order to find out who that is, Oscar makes them sneak into the school.
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Eliot & LeoEdit


Cover of Eliot & Leo

At Lutwidge Academy, Oz encounters two students named Leo and Elliot in the library, and soon gets into an argument with Elliot. Whilst trying to avoid him, Oz and Ada are captured by some Baskervilles and taken to a secret chamber beneath the school. However, luckily for the siblings, Leo and Eliot arrive to help them escape. While in the tunnel, Elliot confronts Oz, asking him why he would give himself up so easily to save someone else, saying his sadness would just be placed on the ones he leaves behind.
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The pool of TearsEdit


Cover of The pool of Tears

Oz, Eliot and Leo are trying to get Ada back to the school. Eliot continues to confront Oz about his willingness to sacrifice himself for others, asking him if he'd ever really saved anyone that way. Lottie releases her Chain, Leon, which looks like a large lion with a crown on its head. When the Baskervilles catch Oz and the others a battle erupts. B. Rabbit appears and so does Jack Vessalius. Then it turns to Lotti's memory of Jack Vessalius, over 100 years ago.
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Special FeaturesEdit

  • Special Episode 7
  • Alternate DVD jacket (limited edition)