Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 4


Release Date October 23, 2009
Region 2
Discs 1
Languages Japanese
Subtitles English
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Pandora Hearts DVD Retrace 4 is the fourth Pandora Hearts DVD released.

DVD CoverEdit

The cover features Sharon sweeping her gown as she turns around, a blush adorning her face.




Cover of Question

Oz wakes up in Gilbert's house, and ponders on the questions the Will of the Abyss had asked him earlier. Break then enters the house, and talks to Oz and Alice regarding the topic of chains, and why he and Sharon had not aged. Thus, Oz realizes that as an illegal contractor, his clock had already begun moving. Break then comments that although he can see Oz, he cannot 'see' his presence. This had annoyed Oz. A girl comes into the house and drops a letter in the name of Vincent. Later, Gilbert takes Oz and Alice outside, where her crave for meat starts. Oz stays back to wait for them to buy food.
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Cover of Malediction

Oz saves a boy named Phillip, a kid from a noble family that just became poor. A flashback came to Oz when Philip asked about Oz's parents. 10 years ago, young Gilbert was about to ask why Oz's father couldn't talk to him. He responded that Oz is too filthy and unfit to be his son. After three days in the dungeon, Gil apologizes to Oz for interfering in his life, but Oz says it doesn't matter and accepts the fact that his father just hates him. After the flashback, the girl how brought the flowers, named Echo, comes to take Philip as a hostage, whose father is revealed to have become an illegal contractor. Pandora member, Reim (Liam), explains that Grim escaped their grasp unharmed, which is distressing.
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Cover of Grim

Oz somehow manages to suppress Alice's power, and confronts Phillip's father. Amid memories of his own father's coldness, Oz tells him that being by Phillip's side will be enough even without changing their past tragedies. Their conversation is cut short as Vincent Nightray shoots Grim's contractor and sends him back to the abyss. They return in Vincent's carriage and ride to the Reinsworth manor, where Alice asks Oz why he was so worked up over Phillip's father, and Vincent claims to be a blood relative of Gilbert. Break shows Vincent to the door while discussing a theory that somebody inside Pandora was responsible for allowing Grim to escape. It is clear that Break suspects Vincent.
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Special FeaturesEdit

  • Special Episode 4
  • Alternate DVD jacket (limited edition)