Pandora Hearts 9

Cover 9

Release Date July 27, 2009
Character (s) Echo
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Pandora Hearts 9 is the ninth volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume CoverEdit

Echo is on the cover while Duke Rufus Barma is on the back. The two hair accessories on the cover in gray is the one Oz gave Echo at the Festival and Noise's own accessory that she wears.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The incuse on Oz Vessalius's chest ticks onward, but the young heir to one of the four great dukedoms directs his gaze back, seeking the facts behind a centuries-old tragedy. Intent on examining the ruins of Sablier despite warnings to scare him away, Oz and his makeshift party of explorers wander through the remnants of the former capital in search of clues to shed light upon the consuming darkness of the past. But in the yawning void where the opulent city once stood, will Oz come face-to-face with the truth? Or will he find misery the only resident...?

Chapters ListEdit

Retrace XXXIV: Noise of EchoEdit


Cover of Retrace XXXIV: Noise of Echo

The chapter opens with Echo panting in pain. Somebody appears and offers Echo their hand... but then Echo starts running away in fear. Then she falls down. That person catches up and steps in front of her. Vincent then walks in. He welcomes Echo back... And Noise. Elsewhere, Sharon and Break go to see Oz. There's an uncomfortable silence around Oz and Gil. Oz tries to say something to Gil, but then Gil just gets up and leaves, while slamming the door. This makes Sharon excited saying there's a refreshing distance between the two. Oz wishes she didn't say it so happily. Oz then proceeds to say he didn't tell Gil or Alice about his incuse moving forward.
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Retrace XXXV: Madness of Lost MemoriesEdit

Poor echo

Cover of Retrace XXXV: Madness of Lost Memories

Gilbert lay in his bed, thinking about Vincent had asked him before, about why didn't he just kill Alice. His thoughts are interrupted by a sound and he sees a letter next to his door. He picks it up and reads it, judging from the handwriting that it was from Oz. In the letter, Oz apologized for the previous day, citing that since Gil wouldn't listen to him, he had to use this method. Oz called himself useless and said that he no longer had the will to live, making Gil feel bad for getting so angry. Gil then sees the part where Oz wrote that he was "better off dead", emphasizing greatly on it, and he bursts through the door shouting at Oz, who happened to be crouching outside, for being "emo". Gil stares at Oz, gradually calming down, while Oz simply smiles. He tells Gil to prepare himself as they're going on a trip. Gilbert asks him where they were going and Oz replies, "To Sablier".
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Retrace XXXVI: SablierEdit


Cover of Retrace XXXVI: Sablier

Elliot attacks Oz asking him why he's in Sablier and Oz only responds by telling him that was a close call and asks why he's attacking him. Elliot tells him to shut up and that they weren't friends. Elliot notices Gilbert and the later tells him to put his sword away. Leo hits Elliot for letting his temper get the best of him and greets Oz and his friends. Leo reprimands Elliot and tells him that they shouldn't make a mess here. Gilbert notices that Alice is acting oddly and asks her what's wrong but she simply tells him it's nothing. Oz and company arrive at the The House of Fianna, The White Angel and Elliot explains it's a facility that was built by the Nightrays to care for children who ha lost their parents to illegal contracts and contractors. An elderly woman named Mrs. Finn appears and welcome Elliot telling him she would have sent someone if she knew he was coming.
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Retrace XXXVII: Glen BaskervilleEdit


Cover of Retrace XXXVII: Glen Baskerville

It all started at the day they met on the streets. A memory tormented like a grieving song. A little girl is shown humming a tune and smiling at a boy covered in a blanket with dirt. She said that she loved this tune. The Lacie watch is shown falling and playing the tune. This marks the day when Lacie and Jack met for the first time. Not ever knowing of the fate that awaits them at the near distance.

The back of a person is shown holding and playing Lacie's watch. Oz then remember what Jack said. Oz remembered the memory that he seen while Jack was using his body. "Oz..I hope that you can stop him, my one and only friend...Glen Baskerville." Oz was panicking while thinking this. Glen slowly turned around to show himself. Memories started to flow as Oz stared at him. Then a gaint winged creature came flying by. Oz was shocked by this. However Glen stopped Jabberwock from attacking Oz, as Jack is not the enemy.
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