Pandora Hearts 8

Cover 8

Release Date March 27, 2009
Character (s) Cheshire
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Pandora Hearts 8 is the eighth volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume CoverEdit

Cheshire is featured on the cover and Echo is on the back. The pieces of papers on the cover are Alice's memories that scattered, and Cheshire's responsibility is to guard them.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The snow-white maiden encountered once upon a time in the depths of the Abyss by the clown christened the Red-Eyed Specter...who was she really? As there are two sides to every story, could it be there are two sides to the existence known as Alice? Duke Barma may have provided a sordid outline, but Break colors the tale with vivid swathes of bloody crimson as he opens up about his past. Will these tragic truths long secreted away isolate Break further from his allies once he has revealed them?

Chapters ListEdit

Retrace XXXI: Countervalue of LossEdit


Cover of Retrace XXXI: Countervalue of Loss

A flashback begins in which Alice talks about how she was always alone despite having many dear friends and that her heart sought for something to fill it with. She looks out the window and meets Jack who asks if her name is Alice and calls it a darling name. Jack tells her he had no idea there was a tower on the Baskerville grounds and asks if Glen was keeping her locked up there. Alice answers that she doesn't know but she was sure that everyone hates her. Jack says that couldn't be true but Alice tells him she's happy he came while cradling Cheshire. Jack decides that he'll take Alice to his house to play and look at the Vessalius rose garden. Alice tells him Glen would never allow it but Jack tells her he just didn't need to find out. There are scenes of Jack braiding her hair and playing the piano for her. Alice smiles thinking about Jack until Vincent interrupts her thoughts calling her a simpleton. He comes from behind a curtain and explains to her that she's only being pitied and if she kept dreaming like that she wouldn't be able to see anything like her cat. After showing Alice her dead pet cat after having it's eyes torn out she screams and the only thought that runs through her head is how much she hates him and that she'd never forgive him.
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Retrace XXXII: Snow DomeEdit


Cover of Retrace XXXII: Snow Dome

Oz looks on in shock as he has just learned that Alice and the Intention of the Abyss are twins. Duke Barma tells them that it doesn't make much sense but Jack's writings didn't contain anything more on the matter but his regrets in which Jack asked them not to call him a hero. Duke Barma calls it utter nonsense comparing a friend to an entire nation but tells them Jack did mention once that Glen intended to make the Intention his own and at his family home he had imprisoned a girl with a tie to the Abyss. Barma explains that in order to obtain the Abyss Glen needed Alice and grabs her by the arm. He asks them if they should conduct an experiment at Pandora in regards to Alice's true identity and bond with the Intention of the Abyss along with Break. Duke Barma threatens Break to turn him in until Oz stands in his way. The Duke tells him to move and Oz says he wouldn't. Duke Barma asks if he is protecting the villain to which Oz replies that he didn't have to put it that way but rather he finds the Duke more annoying than Break.
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Retrace XXXIII: Echo of NoiseEdit


Cover of Retrace XXXIII: Echo of Noise

Gilbert goes to visit Vincent, and Vincent is surprised to find Gilbert visiting him. He then remarks that Gil is in luck since no one else is at the mansion today. Gilbert says he doesn't care about that, but then Vincent says he can tell Gil is only thinking about his "young master". Gilbert then says Oz is having a great time at the festival, Saint Bridget's day. Afterward, Gilbert starts saying that what Vincent said was a lie before... That Vincent actually does remember stuff from a hundred years ago. Gilbert then goes to ask that Vincent is hiding something from him. Vincent then plainly says no. And that he would never lie to his brother. Gilbert then remembers what Break had told him. That Break saw Vincent in the abyss.
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Pandora Hearts One ShotEdit

Special One Shot

Cover of Special One Shot

Harris Watson, a priest living in Reveil, is mortally wounded, lying on the ground gasping for air. A voice is asking him if he wants to survive, to which he responds affirmatively, and so the voice tells Harris to allow him in. The voice then states that an agent of "God" would send the Abyss to the grave. On the streets, several people are discussing that the serial killer "B-Rabbit" has struck once more. Harris is angrily yelling to a policeman that the murderer is no ordinary human, and that the killer must have been possessed by an "Abyss". The policeman, bewildered, asks what an Abyss is, to which Harris replies that an Abyss is a resident of a world of darkness that is attracted to a person's wishes.
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