Pandora Hearts 7

Volume 7

Release Date December 27, 2008
Character (s) Jack Vessalius
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Pandora Hearts 7 is the seventh volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume CoverEdit

Jack is on the cover and Ada is on the back. The pools of water that are gray on the cover represent how Jack is sometimes referred to as water. The chains around him are broken to signify how he attempted to break the invisible chains that prevented the world from falling into the Abyss.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The past holds everyone in its thrall, and Oz, Alice, Raven, Break and their acquaintances are no exception, especially as recollections of the tragedy of Sablier elude even those who were present. Indeed, with his own body playing host to Jack Vessalius, the hero of Sablier. the likelihood of Oz escaping the past seems nigh impossible. But given a renewed lease on life by Elliot Nightray- the legitimate heir to the Nightray dukedom, of all people- Oz is eager to keep moving forward by learning all that he can about the events that came to pass all those years ago. To this end, he and his friends seek an audience with another of the four great duke- Duke Rufus Barma. But it is not a glimpse into a hundred year-old disaster that is revealed to them in the Duke's presence, but rather one into Break's lamentable, shockingly unforgettable past...

Chapters ListEdit

Retrace XXVII: Get out of the PoolEdit


Cover of Retrace XXVII: Get out of the Pool

Charlotte hears the tune of a music box and wanders on the Baskerville grounds trying to find it. Coming to the edge of a forest she is surprised by a hooded man and pulls her blade on him. She asks his name but he only replies with 'I'm no one of import' only to have her retort that words such as those would only make one more suspicious. Another man who was leaning against the tree tells the hooded man not to tease Charlotte and calls him Jack. Jack then introduces himself as Jack Vessalius and proceeds to ask Charlotte if he may call her 'Lotti' for short and tells her he is but a humble artisan of music boxes. Charlotte would constantly find Jack roaming in and around the Baskerville estate confused as to how someone like him could get in so easily as not just anyone was allowed on the Baskerville estate. Jack tells Lottie that 'Glen' gave him a map of all the secret passages in and out of the estate and that he could use them anytime. Surprised Lottie asks Jack what his relationship to Glen is and Jack confirms that Glen is his best friend. Lottie blows this off as no one can get close to Glen and believes him to by lying.
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Retrace XXVIII: ModulationEdit


Cover of Retrace XXVIII: Modulation

Oz and Gilbert are both down in the dumps, much to Break's confusion. Sharon then explained to Break what had happened. Back at Lutwidge Academy, Elliot had asked Oz his name. Oz was unsure of how to respond since Elliot has a hatred for all Vessalius', but things were taken out of his hands when Gilbert called his name. Oz was annoyed and began to beat up Gilbert. However, the fight came to a halt when Gilbert and Elliot recognized each other. Elliot became enraged and began to attack Gilbert with his sword. Oz intervened in an attempt to stop the fight. When Oz was threatened however, Gilbert revealed Oz's true identity. Elliot refused to believe that, saying Oz was thrown into the Abyss ten years ago and walked away with Leo. Break was quick to conclude why Gilbert and Oz were upset, then went on to ask why Alice was upset.
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Retrace XXIX: Rufus BarmaEdit


Cover of Retrace XXIX: Rufus Barma

Oz and company travel to the Barma's opera house to meet up with Duke Barma. Gilbert and Oz mention how they're surprised that Barma had agreed to meet with them while Reim takes to them Duke Barma. Alice asks Oz what he will do once he sees him and Oz tells her he wants to ask him about the Tragedy of Sablier, the Baskervilles who caused it, Jack Vessalius, who prevented it's global spread and the Four Dukedoms that were created as a result of all this. While Oz is thinking about all this Break interrupts him by saying "The Intention of the Abyss?" Oz then realizes that he was mumbling to himself the whole time and walked off in an opposite direction than Gilbert and Alice. Reim tells Duke Barma that the guests have arrived and Sharon's grandmother, Sheryl Rainsworth, suprises them by suddenly exclaiming that it's a perfect day to have tea. Reim along with Oz, Alice and Gilbert look on in shock as she explains that Duke Barma had also invited her to the opera.
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Retrace XXX: Snow White ChaosEdit


Cover of Retrace XXX: Snow White Chaos

Oz and Gilbert run up to Break as he's hacking up blood. Rufus calls him unsightly and catches Break's suddenly attacking hand which is revealed to be holding a piece of candy which he steps on. Rufus tells them that the Duke they saw beforehand was only an illusion, something that can only trick a 'child'. Rufus then swipes at Break while Reim tries to block the attack, only to be hit across the head, with his bladed fan to show the illegal contract on Break's chest that had always been hidden beneath his clothing. Rufus confirms this, as a statement, that this seal was his second illegal contract. Break replies that he didn't need to be told he was a sinner before he passed out into Reim's arms. While being held Reim saw another illegal seal, this one on his left arm. Rufus Barma then asks them if they've heard of a man named 'Kevin Legnard'. Alice asks if he is talking about 'that clown', Break. He then tells the story that fifty years ago an illegal contractor wandered about town night after night. While doing so he offered up everyone he encountered to his Chain for his own desires. This man had red glowing eyes and the people called him the Red-Eyed Specter.
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