Pandora Hearts 6

Volume 6

Release Date August 27, 2008
Character (s) Lottie
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Pandora Hearts 6 is the sixth volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume Cover

Lottie is on the front, and Elliot and Leo are on the back. The crown on the cover in gray is Lottie's chain, Leon's crown.

Publisher's Summary

Though Oz's sudden appearance in the midst of Pandora wreaks havoc, the initially chilly reception to the prison-breaker runs more than warm when Jack Vessalius, hero of the tragedy of Sablier and the man from Alice's memories, manifests in Oz's body. Sensing Oz's resultant inner turmoil, Uncle Oscar drags Oz and company on a "mission" to Lutwidge Academy, where Oz's little sister, Ada, is a student. But some carefree fun and a tearful reunion ten years in the making is not all for which Oz must prepare himself: crimson-cloaked foes are lying in wait to torture him for answers about the events of a hundred years ago...

Chapters List

Retrace XXIII: Conflict


Cover of Retrace XXIII: Conflict

Break is constantly yelling out that he'll kill 'her' until someone calls out to Lady Sharon that a person covered in blood has collapsed and that they may be dangerous. Break opens his eyes suddenly and sees a younger Sharon and Reim looking over him before he passes out from his wounds.

In the present Oz repeats Break's words that Sharon had been kidnapped by Vincent and Break tells him to keep it to himself as no one outside of the Rainsworth family knew of this. Oz asks how she is donig and Break tells him that she's fine but he had to exchange what he stole from the Cheshire Cat in order to take her back. Oz questions him as to what he stole and Break replies that they were Alice's memories from 100 years ago and asks him if he had witnessed any of it. Reim suddenly kicks in the door yelling at Break and calling him all sorts of names while shaking him asking him what he had done recently. Break merely tells him to calm down and that he had planned to give a proper explanation later only to be called a liar by Reim. Break tells Reim that Oz is dead and Reim, after seeing a seemingly dead Oz Vessalius, bows down and apologizes.
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Retrace XXIV: Hello my sister!


Cover of Retrace XXIV: Hello my sister!

Oz, Gilbert and Alice are all dressed up in Lutwidge Academy uniforms and Gilbert asks Uncle Oscar where they're being taken to. Uncle Oscar tells them they are on an important mission that only they can accomplish. The other day he received a letter from Ada that she had fallen in love with someone during her time at Lutwidge and Uncle Oscar said he would not condone such a thing. Uncle Oscar wants them to confirm if Ada really had fallen for someone and in order to do so they would have to sneak into the academy themselves. Uncle Oscar reveals a secret passageway, that had been created by the Vessalius Family in secret, which would lead them inside the academy. Once they're inside Gilbert feels guilty about sneaking in and Alice tells him to suck it up while two students come around the corner. When Oscar sees the young female students and scares them off with his perverted antics two administrators call them out as intruders and chase them. In another room within the school a boy named Leo asks a fellow student what was going on and is given the answer that intruders had entered the academy.
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Retrace XXV: Elliot&Leo


Cover of Retrace XXV: Elliot&Leo

The chapter started with Gilbert Nightray and Alice resting after losing their pursuers. Gilbert then expressed his desire to find Oz Vessalius and the others as soon as possible, as well as take of the school uniform he was forced to wear. Alice wondered if Oz was still with Ada Vessalius, and seemed unhappy with the thought. Gilbert tells Alice to hurry up, but she ignores him as she senses the presence of the Baskervilles. The lower half of a woman -- presumably a Baskerville's -- face is revealed, and she says that it's time to "go and meet the cute young master Oz." In the music room, Ada asked Oz what was wrong with the music. Oz replied that there was nothing wrong, he just wanted to ask the player of the song a question. Ada then revealed that the ones who had played the song were Elliot Nightray and Leo. Oz asked his sister where he could find them and Ada answered that due to the time of day they would likely be in the library. Oz thanked her and ran off.
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Retrace XXVI: The pool of Tears


Cover of Retrace XXVI: The pool of Tears

Oz calls for Elliot to stop but Lottie pulls him down with her, reminding him that she wanted to discuss the Tragedy of Sablier with him. While Elliot is fighting with Fang the later comments on Elliot's fighting style before throwing him into a wall. Elliot is angered by this and resumes fighting while Oz questions Lottie about the Baskervilles being the ones who started the Tragedy. Lottie confirms this telling him they carried out a great massacre killing many people and that to her it felt like it was just yesterday. She continues that they didn't know the details but they followed Glen's orders regardless. Oz is shocked that they did all that despite not knowing the reason for it and Lottie smiles telling him Glen reigns supreme and that once he issues a command it is impossible to disobey him and that was just how they were made. Lottie explains that the reason she came to Lutwidge was because she wanted to ask the details from the 'person within Oz'. Oz lets out a laugh and tells her that Jack disappeared after using his body once and that since then he hasn't sensed him at all. Lottie stomps her foot on Oz's chest and calls Jack's name taunting him by threatening to mess with Oz if he didn't come out quick. Oz asks Lottie about the promise to not hurt him and she claims Fang was the one who made the promise not her.
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