Pandora Hearts 24 + 1: Last Dance

24 + 1 - Gilbert Oz Alice

Release Date June 27, 2015
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Pandora Hearts 24

Pandora Hearts 24 + 1: Last Dance is the third and final guidebook for the Pandora Hearts series created by Jun Mochizuki - currently scheduled for a release in Spring 2015. The announcement for Last Dance was included alongside the release of Retrace CII on January 17th, 2015.

Content Edit

  • A special side story will be released within Last Dance, having been drawn for Last Dance specifically - meaning that it will not be released by any other physical means.

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  • The announcement for Pandora Hearts 24 + 1: Last Dance was released alongside Pandora Hearts Chapter CII, along with the announcement of an additional release intended to come out around the same time. This release is in fact, the final art book released for the Pandora Hearts series, Pandora Hearts: There is.