Pandora Hearts 24

Vol 24 - Alice

Release Date June 27th, 2015
Character (s) Alice
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Pandora Hearts 23

Pandora Hearts 24 is the twenty-fourth and final volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume Cover Edit

The volume cover for Pandora Hearts 24, much like its predecessor, features Alice - only this time she is featured in her traditional B-Rabbit garb and appears to be exuding an aura of golden light. Though still content, this version of Alice appears to suggest a calmer happiness in the form of acceptance of fate as she holds open her arms to what her future holds for her. Another similarity to the volume cover of Pandora Hearts 23 is the theme of flower petals surrounding Alice in the background - possibly to link to the manner in which The Intention of the Abyss and Cheshire left the world after being exposed to Oz's destructive power - however these petals are materializing from the disentegrating chains that can be found on either side of her. The golden light also seems to be symbolic of the golden light in which Alice and Oz disappear in after Oz destroyed his Contractor - an act which destroyed themselves in the process. One could also suggest that the golden light represents the reforming of the harmony of the Abyss following The Intention's demise, as well as the running theme that "The Golden Afternoon" poem has in the Retrace CIV: Will. The silhouette of a tree can be seen behind Alice, which represents the tree within Lacie's Tomb where Alice and Oz reunite with Gilbert after he waited more than 100 years for their return. 

Publisher's Summary Edit

Someone once said that all they would find there was darkness that swallowed everything whole. But that never meant that light was nowhere to be found -- They finally arrive at an answer to the question of how to save their world. It is the product of many months, even years. Cruel yet kind, it is a simple formula. Now, led on by the cogs of destiny, it spells the end of but one story ... as if it were no more than a ridiculous fairy tale.

Chapters Edit

Retrace XCIX: ShadeEdit

99 - Jack Oswald Alice

Cover of Retrace LXXXVIII: Answer

Oswald is shocked to see Jack arrive at the tower. Jack grins maliciously and summons Oz in full, having Oz slash through his target, which appears to be Alice. Fortunately, Oz's claws go right through Alice and instead make contact with the past incarnation of Oswald.

As Oswald is jolted to his knees, he voices his surprise to see Jack there with him. Alternatively, Jack says that he thought he might find Oswald at the tower, noting the blood covering Oswald's clothes and establishing that it came from other people - which Jack claims is an awful thing for Oswald to have done. Oswald simply tells Jack that he doesn't want to hear his babble, launching himself at Jack - only to have Oz step forward to take Jack's place in battle instead. With Alice and Oswald fixated on the ongoing battle in the past, Levi explains the situation to Leo, revealing that all of the Black Winged Chains are out mending the Chains of the World at this point, so Oswald really stood no chance against Oz.
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Retrace C: OssiaEdit

Pandora Hearts ch100 003

Cover of Retrace C: Ossia

After Alice tells The Core that she intends on releasing her sister from The Intention of the Abyss, The Core takes her time to try and decipher what Alice means.

Outside The Tower, Oz and Oswald continue their battle, with Oz stating that in order to stop the Chains of the World from being completely destroyed, they need to use The Core's power, but in order to do that they need to revert her to her original form when she could use her powers without any limitations. However, there's only one way that they can do that, and so Oz reveals to Oswald that he intends on using his powers as B-Rabbit to destroy the body of The Intention of the Abyss. Realizing what this means, Oswald asks for confirmation that Oz is really going to kill the other Alice with his own hands.
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Retrace CI: OswaldEdit

101 - Oswald Oz Lacie Lottie Dug

Cover of Retrace CI: Oswald

In Oswald's memory, Lacie explained to her older brother how she'd been thinking about The Core of the Abyss and how she's had to be alone deep in the darkest depths of the Abyss. Thinking of this, Lacie voiced how such a burden must make The Core very lonely.

"It's only into the Abyss... that memories of the past flow..."

Both Oz and Oswald are stunned as the world around them shatters, as if it was nothing more than glass. Though Lottie calls out to Oswald, he continues to fall, remembering his conversation with Lacie about The Core mere days before Oswald's final Succession Ceremony.
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Retrace CII: The NurseryEdit

Chapter 102

Cover of Retrace CII: The Nursery

As he prepares to allow his Incuse to make its full revolution, Oz remembers what Gilbert told him about the Incuse that an Illegal Contractor receives upon the forging of their Contract. Gilbert had stated that the Incuse acts as a time limit to signify an Illegal Contractor's remaining time in the 1st Dimension. Once the Incuse makes its full revolution, the Contractor would be dragged down into the lowest level of the Abyss as punishment for the sin they'd committed by forming a Contract outside of the Abyss' chosen few.

Intrigued, Levi realizes that Oz had been using his powers as B-Rabbit so willingly and without reserve in order to purposely progress the hand on his Incuse as quickly as possible. While Levi gives the plan merit, as using the power of B-Rabbit will undoubtedly open The Path to the heart of the Abyss, but he wonders if Oz is fully aware of what will happen to his existence in the process.
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Retrace CIII: Call Your NameEdit

103 - Jack Leo Vincent Dug Lottie Gilbert Core

Cover of Retrace CIII: Call Your Name

When Oz first called upon Jack in order to strike up a deal after he'd been isolated in the dark city projected in Sablier, Oz told Jack that he didn't like him - more accurately he hated him. But even so, he requested that Jack make a deal with him. Jack was initially confused by Oz's sudden preposition, and so Oz explained how the Incuse for the Contract between Jack's body and the power of B-Rabbit would soon be complete, at which point Jack would regain control of his body. However, Oz asked Jack to seek out The Intention of the Abyss when that happens, knowing that she's still waiting for him all these years.

Facing The Core, Jack directly attempts to contact The Intention, shocking her as experiences a memory of The Intention's time with Jack. Suddenly, The Core screams out in agony, pressing her hands against her ears as her tendrils move to attack Jack - leaving him and everyone else watching from afar rather confused.
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Retrace CIV: WillEdit

104 - Oz

Cover of Retrace CIV: Will

"Someone once said that that place was consumed in darkness, but that doesn’t mean… that there was never any light."

As the trees sway in the wind a sleeping Oz is awakened by the sounds of his friends calling his name. As he looks up he sees Alice and Gilbert rushing to his side, with Alice scolding him for wandering off without telling her first and Gilbert noting that no matter how warm it may be, Oz will catch a cold if he falls asleep outside. Apologizing, Oz admits that he must have been so comfortable that he dozed off - prompting Gilbert to wonder if they should just call it a day if Oz is so worn out, though Oz assures him that he's fine to carry on. For a moment, Oz becomes transfixed on the world around him, mentioning how happy he is that it's a bright sunny day.
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