Pandora Hearts 24

Vol 24 - Alice

Release Date June 27th, 2015
Character (s) Alice
Volume Guide
Pandora Hearts 23

Pandora Hearts 24 is the twenty-fourth and final volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume Cover Edit

The volume cover for Pandora Hearts 24, much like its predecessor, features Alice - only this time she is featured in her traditional B-Rabbit garb and appears to be exuding an aura of golden light. Though still content, this version of Alice appears to suggest a calmer happiness in the form of acceptance of fate as she holds open her arms to what her future holds for her. Another similarity to the volume cover of Pandora Hearts 23 is the theme of flower petals surrounding Alice in the background - possibly to link to the manner in which The Intention of the Abyss and Cheshire left the world after being exposed to Oz's destructive power - however these petals are materializing from the disentegrating chains that can be found on either side of her. The golden light also seems to be symbolic of the golden light in which Alice and Oz disappear in after Oz destroyed his Contractor - an act which destroyed themselves in the process. One could also suggest that the golden light represents the reforming of the harmony of the Abyss following The Intention's demise, as well as the running theme that "The Golden Afternoon" poem has in the Retrace CIV: Will. The silhouette of a tree can be seen behind Alice, which represents the tree within Lacie's Tomb where Alice and Oz reunite with Gilbert after he waited more than 100 years for their return. 

Publisher's Summary Edit

Someone once said that all they would find there was darkness that swallowed everything whole. But that never meant that light was nowhere to be found -- They finally arrive at an answer to the question of how to save their world. It is the product of many months, even years. Cruel yet kind, it is a simple formula. Now, led on by the cogs of destiny, it spells the end of but one story ... as if it were no more than a ridiculous fairy tale.

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