Pandora Hearts 23

Vol 23 - Alice

Release Date June 27th, 2015
Character (s) Alice
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Pandora Hearts 22
Pandora Hearts 24

Pandora Hearts 23 is the twenty-third volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume Cover Edit

The front cover of Pandora Hearts 23 features Alice in a blue theme, complete with a blue dress and a blue-purple sheen on her normally black hair, accented by a black choker around her neck. The content Alice is shown holding up her dress as she jumps into the air barefoot whilst holding Oz in his plush form. The links of chains commonly featured on the covers of each volume appear to be projected in front of Alice's body, not touching her - as is the style used with many other Baskerville covers. In the background, The Tower can be seen among a flurry of petals and what appear to be shattered pieces of The Tower next to Alice's right side.

Publisher's Summary Edit

The cogs of destiny guide Oz, Alice, and Gil to the final chapter. Someone once said that what awaited them at the end was all-encompassing darkness that would swallow their world whole. But never was the possibility of a warm glimmer of hope just beyond the dark, waiting to pierce through the shadows, disavowed...

Chapters Edit

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