Pandora Hearts 23

Vol 23 - Alice

Release Date June 27th, 2015
Character (s) Alice
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Pandora Hearts 23 is the twenty-third volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume Cover Edit

The front cover of Pandora Hearts 23 features Alice in a blue theme, complete with a blue dress and a blue-purple sheen on her normally black hair, accented by a black choker around her neck. The content Alice is shown holding up her dress as she jumps into the air barefoot whilst holding Oz in his plush form. The links of chains commonly featured on the covers of each volume appear to be projected in front of Alice's body, not touching her - as is the style used with many other Baskerville covers. In the background, The Tower can be seen among a flurry of petals and what appear to be shattered pieces of The Tower next to Alice's right side.

Publisher's Summary Edit

The cogs of destiny guide Oz, Alice, and Gil to the final chapter. Someone once said that what awaited them at the end was all-encompassing darkness that would swallow their world whole. But never was the possibility of a warm glimmer of hope just beyond the dark, waiting to pierce through the shadows, disavowed...

Chapters Edit

Retrace XCIII: AbyssEdit

Abyss (Chapter) - Gil & Oz

Cover of Retrace XCII: Abyss

In the crumbling Courtroom Dimension, Sharon screams in agony over Break's dead body, surprising the Baskervilles beyond belief. Lily asks if Break truly died, which Lottie confirms, much to Lily's chagrin. Reim attempts to draw back Sharon's focus, but is reminded of the deal he made with the Baskervilles earlier.

Reim asked to speak with the Baskervilles, telling them not to kill him until afterwards so that he could propose a temporary truce. Reim explained how the Baskervilles had come to support Oswald in his journey to kill Lacie and change the past, thereby destroying the way they exist now, and that it was similar to his own goals. Continuing, Reim claimed that he wanted to become a strength for Oz and the others, having entered the black city in order to support them fully. Therefore, since both of their priorities were rushing to their masters' sides, what they were doing was nothing more than a waste of time.
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Retrace XCIV: BlazeEdit

Ch94 Cover

Cover of Retrace XCIV: Blaze

Noise is seen sobbing within her's and Echo's subconscious, leaving Echo confused as to why, wondering if it's because of how much she's hurt everyone around her. It's then that Echo realizes that Noise is crying because the more she was hurt by everyone surrounding her, the more uneasy she's forced to feel because she's afraid of the isolation, being alone and herself. Echo attempts to move toward Noise, only to slip and fall to the ground, finding that her body within their subconscious won't move. This forces Echo to remember when Noise told her that it was about time that she disappeared, leaving Echo stunned and confused as to what her next move should be.

Outside of her subconscious, Noise makes her way into the Courtroom Dimension through the hole created by Break's power as a Child of Ill Omen, hanging her head with disappointment. Lottie is shocked to see Noise once again, though Noise doesn't care and asks where Vincent is. Attempting to explain to Noise that Vincent has gone with Oswald through the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss doesn't work for Lottie, as Noise loses her patience and reiterates her through screams, summoning Duldee's strings from the ground in a burst of anger.
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Retrace XCV: VincentEdit

Ch95 Cover

Cover of Retrace XCV: Vincent

After seeing the Tragedy of Sablier once again, Vincent is plagued with horrible memories and feelings of guilt towards himself, as he believes that he's the reason the Tragedy happened in the first place. Vincent thinks to himself about the red all around him, the horrible color of blood and fire, the same color as his eye.

After Cheshire confronts Oswald and Vincent in Sablier, Vincent voices his confusion as to how Cheshire actually managed to survive his encounter with Oz in his dimension, though Cheshire remains silent on the matter. Elsewhere, Oz, Alice, and Gilbert are running through the Baskerville estate, when suddenly they hear a bell ringing. Coming to a stop, Alice asks if Oz and Gilbert heard the bell too, which Oz confirms as he comes to the realization that the ringing matches the sound of Cheshire's bell.
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Retrace XCVI: DisagreeEdit

Ch96 Cover

Cover of Retrace XCVI: Disagree

Ada sits in front of the past incarnation of Vincent, listening to him as he cries. Vincent assures himself that he's not bad because he'd only wanted to save Gilbert; noting that he'd followed everything that the woman (Miranda) said, though none of this disaster was meant to happen. This prompts Ada to remember when Noise told her that Vincent is a Baskerville like her, as is Gilbert, in addition to Vincent's peculiar behavior during Isla Yura's Feast.

Realizing what it all means, Ada sits back and starts to cry, confusing Vincent as he asks if something's wrong or if she's hurt somewhere. Ada shakes it off and leans in to Vincent, formally introducing herself and explaining that, as she is, she can't so much as give Vincent a hug because she's like a ghost to him. However, she mentions that in the future, she receives many things from Vincent. Ada gave a kiss on Vincent's forehead, much to Vincent's surprise. As Ada stand up, she tell Vincent that they will most definitely be meeting one another again someday. Ada gave a smile to Vincent while Vincent stare in shock. Ada then runs through Sablier as the city burns down around her, bent on helping her friends.
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Retrace XCVII: I amEdit

97 - Alice Oswald

Cover of Retrace XVCVI: I am

For a brief moment in time, Oz, Gilbert and Vincent are drawn away from their fighting as Noise enters the room, completely under Duldee's control; stating that if she can't have Vincent, then she'll destroy everything, including Vincent.

Within Noise's subconscious, Duldee is ecstatic and laughs maliciously at her triumph over Noise. Seeing that Echo is horrified, Duldee attempts to justify her actions to Echo by explaining that Noise no longer has the will to act as her Contractor anymore. This meant that Noise couldn't control Duldee, who believed that Noise was merely keeping her bound before, anymore. Now, Duldee could simply tangle Noise in her strings and influence her mind by whispering to Noise, and Noise would do as directed helplessly and without question; making her more like a marionette than a human as she is now.
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Retrace XCVIII: ReverberateEdit

98 - Alice Intention

Cover of Retrace LXXXVIII: Answer

To start, while being carried by Cheshire, Alice asks what's going on with The Intention right now.

In the heart of the Abyss, The Intention lays among her toys, only to hear a song with a familiar sound. The kind of melody that's both gentle and nostalgic, a song that was for the Alices a long time ago. Suddenly, The Intention sees someone (Lacie) behind a curtain nearby. Though The Intention attempts to ask the person who they are, they turn and leave, and as The Intention reaches out for her mysterious visitor, the world around her begins to crack. As her world collapses, The Intention covers her eyes and asks that she not lose her world alongside the 1st Dimension as she plummets alongside the fragments of her world.

In Sablier, Pandora has retreated, only to find another Chain devouring a child. As the Pandora members decide that there are too many Chains for them to deal with, Sheryl notes how grim the situation has gotten, saying that their cause appears to be hopeless and that as it stands, their world really does seem to be done for, the Chains of the World visibly shattering all around her.
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