Pandora Hearts 22


Release Date April 27th, 2014
Character (s) Oz
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Pandora Hearts 22 is the twenty-second volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume CoverEdit

This volume cover shows Oz donning red eyes, instead of the usual green, and B-Rabbit's scythe whilst wearing a tattered Baskerville cloak over his normal attire. His face carries an expression of anger while holding the scythe, at the angle from which its held he seems ready to swing at an opponent opposite of him. Several chains spread out in multiple directions behind him, only one chain can be seen in front of him, along with a silhouette of his plush self before the Tragedy of Sablier in the upper right hand corner. The Back cover shows Alice.

The Special Edition cover shows Lacie and Jack. Jack is there hugging Lacie and Lacie herself stares at the viewer and carrying Oz's plush body.This meant to symbolize Jack's obession for Lacie. The back cover shows Levi and Oswald.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

A question is posed to Oz Vessalius once more. The answer he deduces after overcoming the chains of infinite despair that bound him becomes a blinding light, piercing through the jet-black darkness. As though hope can be spun out of the fragile threads of one’s heart…


Retrace LXXXVIII: AnswerEdit

Chapter 88

Cover of Retrace LXXXVIII: Answer

During a flashback, Break remembers his conversation with Shelly while she rested on her deathbed. Shelly made Break promise her that he would continue fighting until the very end. She told Break that if he's going to hold onto the wish only he knows about, then he should make the most of his life; claiming that if he keeps going then one day he'd surely obtain his goal.

This memory makes Break laugh to himself as he remembers the Intention of the Abyss' wish and the deaths of Roman Sinclair and his family. Meanwhile, numerous Pandora members rush to Sheryl's side. Sheryl orders the Pandora members to brief her on the current situation in Reveil, also requesting that messengers be sent out to every organization in the city; not caring if her name is revealed in the process. At that moment, another Pandora member rushes to Sheryl's side to inform her of something.
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Retrace LXXXIX: Staccato DropEdit

Staccato Drop

Cover of Retrace LXXXIX: Staccato Drop

Sharon approaches Break, reuniting him with Emily after not having the opportunity to give Emily back to him when they were at Pandora. Break places Emily back onto his shoulder, assuming that Lily had dropped Emily at some point and not realized it, voicing his happiness to have Emily back by his side once again. Sheryl pipes up suddenly, noting how Break's regained his composure, how they have all exchanged information, and how she's finished her wonderful cup of tea - wondering if it's about time that she, Oz, Alice, Gilbert, Sharon, Break and Reim leave for Sablier; which Oz enthusiastically confirms.

Elsewhere in Reveil, citizens are shown talking to each other, one asking if an official statement hadn't been released by the government the day before, stating that the reward had been collected already. Another citizen states their disappointment, as they had thought of framing someone innocent in order to claim the award. Meanwhile, earthquakes continue to shake Reveil, frightening the confused citizens, who hope that the earthquakes are bad omens for the future.
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Retrace XC: Clock TowerEdit

Chapter 90

Cover of Retrace XC: Clock Tower

Ada slowly regains consciousness after hearing a clock tower's bells tolling from somewhere else in Sablier. Suddenly, Ada's eyes snap open as she sits up, knowing that there's truly nowhere that's safe. Pain grows in her left arm, as Ada remembers how she got to Sablier.

While riding on the back of Gryphon (thanks to Noise's control over Xai), Noise grabs Ada by her hair, demanding that Ada wake up. Ada is shocked to see where she is, terrified beyond belief that Noise is going to hurt her. Noise just laughs and assures Ada that she has nothing to worry about, because she won't be letting Ada die just yet. Meanwhile, Lottie, Dug and Lily are hanging on to Gryphon's tail for dear life, with Lottie insisting that Noise help them now that they're all free from Pandora. Noise ignores Lottie and looks Ada in the eye, explaining that they're going to be in Sablier soon, and when they get there she's going to find Vincent and kill Ada before his eyes. Noise's ultimate goal is to teach Vincent that as a human, Ada differs from them as Baskervilles because of an absolute difference. Noise turns suddenly after hearing a scratching sound, trying to discern what's happening. Though Noise doesn't fully understand, she manages to grab onto Gryphon with Xai while Ada, Lottie, Dug and Lily are all thrown off of Gryphon into the streets of Sablier below.
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Retrace XCI: JurorEdit

91 - Levi Leo

Cover of Retrace XCI: Juror

Oswald, Vincent and Jury stand before the Baskervilles' Door to the Abyss, with Oswald asking if Jury fully understands the current state that the world is in. Oswald elaborates that the world will be destroyed if it carries on the path it's heading down, and so there's no time for them to use the Core of the Abyss as an intermediary. Instead, they must work together and force a path to the past open in order to prevent the destruction of the world. Jury absorbs the information presented to her, before finally stating that in order for the way to the past to be opened, she must first obtain the opinions of the 'others'. As Jury says this the consistency of her body ripples and becomes more viscous.

Oswald doesn't understand what Jury means by the 'others', and so Jury tilts her head and explains that she must convene with the other Jurors so the can decide how the 'story' should end. Jury's head then falls out of her hood as her entire body becomes viscous and explodes outward. Confused, Vincent asks Oswald what's going on, and so Oswald stares in shock and notes how the dimension is distorting (thereby revealing that Jury's departure is what caused the black city to appear in The Hole).
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Retrace XCII: A StoryEdit

Chapter 92

Cover of Retrace XCII: A Story

Prior to leaving for Sablier, Break extended an apology to Oz and Gilbert, as he'd always known about Noise and Echo's connection, but never said anything. Sheryl attempted to object to Break "coming clean", but Break simply continued to say that even though he didn't know what exactly Echo and Noise are - had he said something sooner maybe Oscar wouldn't have died. Hearing this enraged Gil, who grabbed Break by his shirt and demanded to know why he would stay quiet about Echo and Noise for so long.

Sheryl had Reim bring her over to Gil so that she could explain that she ordered Break to keep the information to himself. As well, Sheryl revealed that she knew Vincent was working apart from Pandora, though she wanted to leave the matter untouched so she could sudy his actions. Sheryl elaborated that she knew if she'd told them about Echo it would've been difficult for them to act naturally with her, which would have ruined her attempt to use their relationship. Thus, Sheryl stated that if anyone should be blamed for Oscar's death, it was herself for making Break stay mum about the existence of Zwei.
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  • Pandora Hearts 22 is also meant to include a Drama CD featuring more recent characters whose voices have yet to be heard, such as Levi.
  • At the end of Volume 22, Mochizuki stated that Volume 23 will be the last volume