Pandora Hearts 21


Release Date November 27th, 2013
Character (s) Noise
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Pandora Hearts 21 is the twenty-first volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume CoverEdit

The volume cover shows Noise wearing her thin under-dress that she commonly wears underneath her Baskerville cloak. Noise's Baskerville cloak is draped over her right shoulder, flowing out behind her in tattered strands. Noise's left arm is shown reaching above her head, where a black chain is shown to be hanging down from above, wrapping around her forearm, while she stares toward her left side rather relaxed. Two other black chains cross one another in front of Noise, while Noise's hair ornament is also shown to be in motion in front of her Baskerville Cloak. In the background, an ethereal marionette can be seen behind Noise, physically worn and broken as it hangs loosely from numerous threads; meant to symbolize Echo.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

What you have been granted is the "possibility" of survival.

"I want you to be 'happy'..." With these parting words, one man sacrifices himself to save Oz and his companions, who have been chased into a corner. That sentiment succeeds in awakening Oz's heart, long held captive in the depths of his own soul, as though breaking all the chains that bind him.. But when Oz learns the heavy price of his revival, can his resolve withstand it?


Retrace LXXXIII: After the rainEdit

83 - 1

Cover of Retrace LXXXIII: After the rain

Oscar is shown telling Oz his wish, that he only wants Oz to be happy, when Oz notices someone behind Oscar. Oz is confused to see Echo, when it is actually Noise, as she tells Oz that it's no use as they are all meant to die here. Noise says this as she stabs one of her short swords through Oscar's torso. Oz reaches out for his uncle, but the cliff he's standing on crumbles beneath his feet and he falls into a crevice screaming for his uncle.

Oz finds himself sitting up in bed, screaming, as he comes to realize that it was merely a nightmare. As Oz looks around, he sees Alice sleeping on his left side, and Gil just waking up on his right side. Oz steps out of bed and goes over to the window, looking out and questioning where he is. Oz can hear someone ask from outside his room what the state of Reveil is.
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Retrace LXXXIV: TricksterEdit


Cover of Retrace LXXXIV: Trickster

After Oswald demands to know where Rufus' intentions lie, Rufus finds himself speechless.

Rufus' thoughts are instead drawn towards the past, where he thinks of how every year the flowers bloom the same way; yet the people never stay the same. Rufus presents a bouquet of roses to Sheryl, and proposes to her. Unfortunately, Sheryl rejects Rufus' proposal. Rufus drops his bouquet and tells Sheryl that she's always so incredibly blunt. Sheryl asks if Rufus ever listens when people talk, explaining that she already has a husband. Rufus doesn't understand what the problem is, because he can arrange for Sheryl and her husband's divorce right away.
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Retrace LXXXV: ReverberateEdit


Cover of Retrace LXXXV: Reverberate

Oz is tormented with memories of his last visit to Lutwidge Academy as he passes its library. Specifically, Oz finds himself recalling when he first encountered Elliot, and Elliot asked if Oz also enjoyed the Holy Knight series - as well as when Leo bid Oz farewell in anticipation of their next encounter. Oz lingers outside of the library for a while longer, prompting Gilbert to question whether something was wrong with Oz. Oz claims that he's fine before he runs to catch up with the rest of the group as they search Lutwidge Academy.

As the search continues, Oz thinks back to before they had set out - Oz had stood up and voiced his opinion on what the group's next move should be: seeking out a hidden passageway. Reim questioned this, and Oz explained that Rufus had mentioned once that the Baskervilles used to own both the estates that are now used for the Pandora Headquarters and Lutwidge Academy when they were still in power more than 100 years ago.
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Retrace LXXXVI: WagerEdit


Cover of Retrace LXXXVI: Wager

Reim is looking through the box that had been carried to Lutwidge Academy by the Barma Page that Rufus had sent, finding the box to be filled with letters which Sheryl had written to Rufus. Oz attempts to gather Reim's attention, but instead Reim pieces together that Rufus must want him to read the letters, based on Rufus' actions of sending him to Lutwidge to rendezvous with Oz and receive the box from the Barma Page.

Elsewhere, Break is being carried through Pandora on Dug's back, thinking of how his body is so incredibly weak at the moment and how it's almost as if he's falling to pieces. Break remembers when Lily asked if he was dead in his cell, reminding him of the time Shelly asked him if he just wants to up and die, wondering if Break didn't just want to be saved.
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Retrace LXXXVII: Starting PointEdit


Cover of Retrace LXXXVII: Starting Point

Reim thinks to himself, remarking of how he was right about how the ownership of the Rainsworth Dukedom's Chains has been renounced; meaning that it should be easy for him to use the Key to give the ownership back to Sheryl, Sharon and Break. Reim grabs Sheryl's Silver Pendant and concentrates to reconnect the Rainsworth Chains with their respective Contractors, also grabbing a nearby dagger off of the table. Alice asks Gilbert what Reim just did, with Gil explaining the situation to Alice.

Back at Pandora, Break has just killed the Baskerville who slapped Sharon, and fully unfurled Mad Hatter. Lily is confused, asking how Break can use Mad Hatter because she thought his ability to do so was taken away. Xai observes from a far, thinking of how Rufus wasn't meant to submit so easily - Lottie laughing and voicing her opinion on how nicely played Rufus' plot was. Sharon asks what's happened and why he can use Mad Hatter again; Break explaining that it was likely Rufus doing something he'd planned on his own, without thinking of their circumstances. Break then grabs the sword of the Baskerville he just killed, intending on retaliating against the Baskervilles.
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Extra Episode: TogetherEdit


Cover of Extra Episode: Together

Oz tells the others of a possible hidden passage, hinted to him by Rufus, connecting Pandora and Lutwidge Academy. The group quickly decides to get ready to search for the place mentioned by Turner (in Reverberate). Turner offers to lend Gilbert a new coat but Gil politely declines and Alice notices something. Gil, supported by Reim and Oz, laters staggers slowly up some stairs, as Alice watches him. She notes that Gil's left sleeve is swaying.

At their room, Oz notes that they should probably hurry up, but is shocked to see Alice sobbing. Typically, this shock soon spreads to Gilbert, and the boys are left dumbfounded as Alice's crying intensifies. As they frantically try to calm her down, Alice mourn Gil's late arm, and how he can't cook food for them anymore...Wailing some more, she laments that Gil had so much life left ahead of him, much to his chagrin.
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