Pandora Hearts 20


Release Date May 27th, 2013
Character (s) Oscar Vessalius
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Pandora Hearts 20 is the twentieth volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume CoverEdit

The volume cover shows Oscar Vessalius wearing the suit that he wore most commonly in the series, also having a wing (symbolic of the Vessalius Dukedom) in his breast pocket. However, both the suit and Oscar himself are covered in an orange-yellow aura. Oscar is standing to his right with his hand extended towards a picture falling towards him, whilst five other pictures rain down around him (one of which is the picture which Oscar took of himself, Oz, Alice, Gilbert, Elliot, Leo, Ada, Echo, Break, Sharon and Reim in Retrace XLVII: Unbirthday). Meanwhile, in the background, Oscar's camera and tripod are shown; as the camera was Oscar's most prized possession. Behind the camera are four lines of chains hanging down, which are shown to be crumbling towards the bottom of the chain links.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The pathetic farce that has unfolded in earnest is no more than an absurd yarn spun by the man who caused the Tragedy of Sablier by following his heart's desires. The players in this tale begin dancing with abandon, their emotions bottled up inside, as though they are marionettes manipulated by a master puppeteer...


Retrace LXXIX: FallingEdit


Cover of Retrace LXXIX: Falling

As the rain falls, Vincent runs to his brother, asking what Gil had done after Gil had Raven sever his left arm. Gil simply laughs, he tells his brother that he's sorry and that he had always been afraid of regaining his memories and not being able to face him. This confuses Vincent, and as Gil reaches out for his brother with his right hand, Vincent slaps it away. Raven still stands behind the two, as Vincent demands that Gil stop talking like that, because he didn't like it, demanding to know why Gil had done what he did. Vincent elaborates, telling his brother that he didn't want him to remember because if he had to see Gil's body in such a pained state because of what he'd remembered, he would... Vincent trails off as he thinks to himself, remembering how he had begged his brother not to remember, because Vincent was there with Gil, and so he knew how painful Gil's past was.

Gil grabs Vincent's arm and tells Vincent that he's glad to have remembered, stating that if he hadn't, he would never have been able to face Vincent like this, and so he's okay with it, no matter how painful it becomes..
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Retrace LXXX: Oscar VessaliusEdit


Cover of Retrace LXXX: Oscar Vessalius

Oscar has a flashback of his wife, remembering being approached by a nurse who told him of his wife's demise. Oscar went to see this with his own eyes, standing before Duchess Vessalius as she lay lifelessly in bed, surrounded by weeping nurses.

Oscar remembers when Duchess Vessalius told him of her pregnancy, Oscar picked her up and spun her around in his excitement. Oscar is also later shown listening to his and Duchess Vessalius' child in the womb. Throughout these memories, Oscar explains that his wife was born as the child of a commoner, and so he had lied about his social status as the heir to the Vessalius Dukedoms in order to be able to meet with her. Together they met often in the slums of Reveil, where Oscar visited often. Over time, Oscar and his wife had fallen in love with one another, however because she had been born as a commoner's daughter, the Vessalius family did not approve of their union. Oscar married her anyway because together they existed happily, and thus she became Duchess Vessalius.
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81 - 8

Cover of Retrace LXXXI: CHILDREN

Gil aims his gun, demanding that his target not move a muscle. It is then revealed that his target is Jack rather than Oscar. When Oscar notices this, he remembers what Xai had said about how Jack was the cause of the deaths of Xai's son, Oscar's son, Rachel Cecile and Duchess Vessalius. Oscar questions when Gil noticed that Oz wasn't himself. Gil explains that ever since they met Oscar he had noticed something strange about Oz's behavior. Jack doesn't deny Gil's accusation and praises Gil on his amazing ability to identify things that are out of place. Oscar remembers Xai's orders to kill Oz with his own hands. Jack states that he's certain that if it hadn't been for Oscar, Gilbert would've most likely continued to be deceived by him.
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Extra Episode: It makes all kindsEdit


Cover of Extra Episode: It makes all kinds

Whilst sipping tea with Sharon. Alice, Gilbert and Reim, Oz suddenly declares that Reim and Gilbert are a lot alike. Both Gil and Reim are confused by this, and so Oz explains how both of them are tall, have almond-shaped eyes and nervous tics which are brought on by their general nervousness, as Oz comes to this point he realizes that Reim and Gil really aren't all that alike to one another, but he adds how they 'both look after Break commonly' as his fourth point.
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Retrace LXXXII: WishEdit


Cover of Retrace LXXXII: Wish

Oscar exclaims that he has come to silence Jack Vessalius. Oz begs Oscar to leave, worrying that Jack's going to kill him. Oscar explains that it was exactly as Jack had said, Xai had told him everything, including how much of a cowardly man Jack really is, speaking spitefully towards Jack about how he had forced Xai to live alone. In a flashback to Jack's meeting with Xai, Jack explains to Xai that at the moment the majority of Sablier fell into the Abyss during the Tragedy, Jack laid witness to numerous potential futures that had been recorded in the Abyss. In one of these potential futures, the Baskerville Clan would rise up once again and steal the power of B-Rabbit from Jack, surely bringing destruction to the world. Jack states that because of this he has to prevent that potential future from happening, believing that it was the reason that he had been spared from being dropped into the Abyss along with the rest of Sablier, and permitted to live for so long, and why he had been allowed to view this glimpse of the future as a key. Thus, Jack states that for this reason he must exist in place of Xai's child, meant to be stillborn; and because Xai had been born into the same lineage as Jack, Jack wanted Xai to succeed him in his mission to prevent the Baskerville rule over the world.
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  • Volume 20 is the first volume to feature an actual picture from the manga on the cover, this being the photo that was taken during the Unbirthday party.
  • This marks the second time Ada has been featured on the back of a volume cover. The first being volume 7.