Pandora Hearts 18


Release Date July 27th 2012
Character (s) Levi
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Pandora Hearts 18 is the eighteenth volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume CoverEdit

Levi is featured on the front cover in his appearance shortly before his death. On the back cover, Rufus, Arthur and Miranda are displayed, with Rufus' entire body being shown while a translucent image of Miranda's profile is displayed above, and above this is the translucent image of Arthur with his back turned, keeping his face from view.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The tragedy that befell a bustling city a hundred years earlier. Eyes of ill omen. Stone seals. The warped gears that have continued turning since long ago play out a requiem for one who was much loved. The solemn sound of the dirge colors the world that hears its notes a melancholy gray…as though it was always meant to be…

Chapters ListEdit

Retrace LXXI: Black RabbitEdit


Cover of Retrace LXXI: Black Rabbit

Oz finally comes to the realization that something so tiny and insignificant as Alice's black rabbit doll was his true form. Jack watches as Oz is forced through his memories of 100 years ago.

Alice tells Oz that he is very special to her, her very important friend. Together they make a promise, for that when she's in pain or if someone's hurting her, that Oz would come and save her.

Oz still gathers himself, and thinks of how he is infact Oz the B-Rabbit, but he then dives into the memories of how it began...
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Retrace LXXII: Bloody RabbitEdit


Cover of Retrace LXXII: Bloody Rabbit

Alice runs to her crumbling Oz, crying out and asking what Jack had done to Oz. Jack remains vacant, thinking about the memory he had just seen and how he'd heard Lacie singing her melody. Jack then decides that seeing Lacie's memories changes everything.

Jack asks Lacie the title of the melody she sang, as he'd remembered that Lacie had sung it when they first met as well. Lacie reveals that she had heard the song from Oswald and that she'd just added lyrics to his melody.
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Retrace LXXIII: A NoteEdit


Cover of Retrace LXXIII: A Note

The Intention of the Abyss is speaking to Jack through Alice's body and questions what he means by chains. Jack explains that there appears to be a great number of chains that spin around the world constantly, Jack then asks if the Intention could use her power to destroy these chains. The Intention asks why jack would want to destroy the chains, and he explains that he wants to do it so that he can be with the Intention. Jack explains that even though the Intention can appear through Alice's body in their world, it still isn't her actual body, and so if the chains were destroyed, Jack could come and visit the real Intention when the world and the Abyss became one.
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Retrace LXXIV: Broken RabbitEdit


Cover of Retrace LXXIV: Broken Rabbit

The Alice twins say that their black rabbit had always been by their side since the very beginning, forever.

It has started to rain, and Alice comes to in Echo's arms and asks her what she thought she was doing, ordering her to let her go. Echo explains to Alice that if she had not saved her, Alice would have been turned to dust because of B-Rabbit's power. Alice states that she didn't ask for Echo's help, also stating that she would drop-kick Echo. Echo says that she knows Alice didn't ask for her help, although she doesn't get to finish what she was saying because Alice tells her that she would grind Echo into mince meat, Echo finishes by telling Alice that when it comes to herself, her body moves of its own accord. Echo's attention is suddenly drawn as she asks herself what she's seeing. Oz is standing in a crater with B-Rabbit's scythe, still overcome by Jack's own soul, Echo asks herself if that truly was Oz.
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  • Pandora Hearts 18 is the only volume after Pandora Hearts 16 that doesn't have a paired special edition cover.