Pandora Hearts 17


Release Date March 27, 2012
Character (s) Lacie
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Pandora Hearts 17 is the seventeenth volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume CoverEdit

A younger Lacie is featured on the front cover with a seemingly irate expression. She is bound by various deep blue colored chains that are wrapped around her wrists, possibly representing her contract with the unnamed rabbit-like Chain or her 'imprisonment' within the isolated tower on the Baskerville estate. Lacie is also surrounded by what appears to be a flurry of falling snow, a reference to her first meeting with Jack Vessalius during the Winter. Levi is featured on the back cover in good health, sitting on a ledge and peering down.

The special edition cover features Alice, Oz and Gil wearing all black with various orange accents. The trio is surrounded by cream-filled biscuit sweets and are tied together by a light orange ribbon that wraps around Alice's left leg, Oz's right arm and thigh, and ends around Gil's left arm.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The earnest emotions of one man cross the divides of space and time, laying bare his past life, which was lone hidden in the depths of memory. But when these revelations come to pass, the reality Oz has known begins to change and shift into something wholly bewildering. Could the desire in one man's heart have been the very darkness gnawing at everything all along...?

Chapters ListEdit

Retrace LXVI: JackEdit


Cover of Retrace LXVI: Jack

Break and Rufus had just finished fighting, Break has disarmed Rufus and pinned him down to a tree while Gilbert is heard screaming in the background. Rufus laughs at Gilbert's screams as he knew that it meant that Glen's head had come out of the Seal, instead of Jack's and the only reason he knew this was because a few days beforehand Rufus had fully completed decifering Arthur Barma's journal. Rufus explains that the journal revealed to him the truth of the Tragedy of Sablier and who Jack Vessalius really was.

Oz lies down with pain inside of his head, while it appears Jack is still in control. Jack asks if it's because Oz is tired or if he's looking at Jack's real memories...
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Retrace LXVII: LacieEdit

Chap67, 2

Cover of Retrace LXVII: Lacie

The chapter opens with Lacie sitting in a tower similar to the one Alice was kept in, talking about starlight dancing about to herself when she is approached by a blonde man. The blonde man tells her that he can't live up to his promise of taking Lacie outside with him that day. Lacie continues her rambling before asking if the blonde man was going to meet with someone, also reminding him that he had already broken nine promises to her. She identifies the blonde man as Glen Baskerville. Glen says that being so close to breaking a tenth promise, the two of them should savour the moment. Glen suddenly remembers that one of the Barmas is coming to the mansion that day. Lacie mulled about how ever since the Barmas had lost their power struggle in their country and been kicked out, they've been sucking up to the Baskervilles constantly.
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Retrace LXVIII: GlenEdit


Cover of Retrace LXVIII: Glen

Jury spots a young Lacie running through the Baskerville mansion. She asks why a Child of Ill Omen is in the mansion and orders Lacie to fall back into the darkness of the Abyss quickly. A young Oswald appears beside Glen behind Lacie and calls her to him and Lacie runs towards her brother. Glen asks Jury not to threaten the two in such a way as they were new to the Baskerville Dukedom. Jury asks Glen if the boy was to be the next vessel of Glen Baskerville, to which Glen confirms as he ruffles Oswald's hair. He exclaims that he planned on transfering Raven into Oswald soon, soon to be followed by Owl, then Dodo and Gryphon and Jabberwock would soon follow. Overall the process of transfer may take some time, possibly ten or twenty years, to be fully completed and as such, Lacie would not 'fall' for a while and so Jury would just have to bear with Lacie's existance for the time being.
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Retrace LXIX: AliceEdit


Cover of Retrace LXIX: Alice

Jack is shown lamenting about how everytime it snows he remembers the day that Lacie found him, and the day that he found her.

Jack asks Oswald to repeat himself again, and Oswald explains that Lacie died, and that it was he who killed her. Jack is taken with the pure shock as he stares at the earring that Lacie gave him and thinks about how once again, Lacie had managed to dissappear before him, except that this time it was indefinite. After learning of Lacie's death, Jack said that he lost his integrity and that he hadn't known how he ended up back at the Vessalius estate or how long it had been since Lacie's death.
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Retrace LXX: OzEdit


Cover of Retrace LXX: Oz

Oz is shown falling deeper within himself... Oswald asks Jack what he's doing as he comes across Jack climbing a tree beside Alice's tower. Jack explains that because Oswald wouldn't let him inside of the tower that he was trying to see if he could just climb in through Alice's window instead. Oswald asks Jack if he's an idiot and what he thought would happen to him if he fell. Alice hears Oswald and Jack's banter whilst she plays inside the tower with her dolls, the black and white rabbits, and her cat Cheshire. Jack explains that he didn't have any other choice because Oswald wouldn't tell him anything about Alice, as he continues to climb the tree. Suddenly Jack loses his footing and falls to the ground from the tree, infront of an annoyed Oswald, just as Alice makes it to her window. Oswald asks Jack if he's alive, which makes Jack laugh as he confirms it. Alice asks who's there from her window, Jack exclaims as he sees Lacie instead of Alice, though he soon realises that she wasn't really Lacie.
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  • It was thought Volume 16 was the only one with an alternate cover, Volume 17 has one as well making the two the only to have limited edition covers.
  • This was the first volume since Volume 4 to include 5 chapters rather than the usual 4.
  • Levi's hair and eye color were revealed.
  • The chair page for Volume 17 reveals the last seat which is occupied by Lacie, Jack in Volume 7 and Oswald in Volume 10.