Pandora Hearts 14

Cover 14

Release Date March 26, 2011
Character (s) Eliot Nightray
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Pandora Hearts 14 is the fourteenth volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume CoverEdit

Elliot is resolutely standing on the front cover, his fists clenched in anger, his father's black-bladed rapier being held in his right hand while a chain wraps around Elliot's right forearm. In the background, the symbol of the Nightray Dukedom can be seen, appearing to be made out of black metal with a silver outline (meant to symbolize Bernard Nightray's black-bladed rapier). On the back cover, Fang is shown giving Lily a piggyback as Lily plays with Fang's mouth and Tove sits on Lily's head.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Isla Yura's plans are revealed to be to recreate the Tragedy of Sablier by destroying his Sealing Stone and sacrificing both Alice and Leo. Meanwhile Break is struggling to fight Fang and Lily after the two exhibit the Baskervilles unique ability. Oz and his friends race to stop Yura, but things get complicated when Elliot has to face his own mother and the Head Hunter is still on the loose...

Chapters ListEdit

Retrace LIV: Blank SmileEdit


Cover of Retrace LIV: Blank Smile

Ada chases after Sharon through the chaos spreading quickly throughout the mansion, asking if Sharon was sure that Vincent was going to be all right. Sharon tells Ada that there was no need to worry, and that their priority right now should be to get Ada out of harms way. Ada objects, noting how odd Vincent had been acting earlier. She explains that while anyone would be shocked after seeing someone get decapitated, Vincent acted differently, almost as if he was seeing something completely different at the time.

Vincent clasped his hand over his mouth in shock after Yura's valet was decapitated, hallucinating that he was once again in the middle of the Tragedy of Sablier. Ada followed Vincent as he staggered down a hallway, calling after him, however when Vincent turned to see Ada, he instead saw a hallucination of Miranda Barma reaching out to him.
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Retrace LV: Back to BackEdit


Cover of Retrace LV: Black to Black

The chapter starts off with a scene from the past. Xerxes Break tells Gilbert Nightray that he has to remember his priorities, and that while they are currently in a "collaboration", Gilbert should not hesitate to cut ties with Break if he becomes a burden. Likewise, Break would do the same. He then says that, "if there is only one (here he is referring to Oz) person you wish to protect, you must be cruel enough to get rid of everything else. Because no one can get back what they have lost."

The scene then changes to the present, with Gilbert firing his gun at the Chain, Humpty Dumpty. However, Humpty Dumpty deflects the bullets, causing Gilbert to become irritated. Suddenly, Elliot Nightray blocks Gilbert and tells him to stop.
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Retrace LVI: Rabbit EyesEdit


Cover of Retrace LVI: Rabbit Eyes

As Raven releases his blue flames, the Baskervilles flee. Lily recognizes Raven though as Glen's Chain and orders Fang to bring her back so they can "free Raven from Gilbert".

Meanwhile, Break is being tended to by Gilbert, who scolds Break harshly for attempting to do something as dangerous as facing the Baskervilles alone, especially in his condition. Break accepts this and asks Gil to help him defeat the Baskervilles.

The two confront Fang and Lily and a battle ensues, though Lily sees an opening, Gil covers for Break and cuts Fang off with Raven's fire. Break prepares to stab Lily with his sword, which has the concentrated power of Mad Hatter, but then Lily pulls out Reim's gun and aims for Break.
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Retrace LVII: Humpty Dumpty had a Great FallEdit


Cover of Retrace LVII: Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall

After Fang's death and the retreat of the Baskervilles, Gil heads back towards the burning mansion to get to Oz like he promised, though Break tells Gil that he and Sharon will join him shortly, Break informs Gilbert that there's something he needs to tell him before he goes. Oz, having brought forth B-Rabbit's power has drawn the scythe and is wildly slashing with B-Rabbit's chains while Alice watches from the sacrificial table. Alice begins crying and questions why Oz usurps such a power evern though it does not belong to him. Alice also experiences a flashback, during which Isla Yura asks her if she's really just Oz's friend or if she's the same Alice that was murdered mysteriously 100 years ago during the Tragedy of Sablier.
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