Pandora Hearts 10

Cover 10

Release Date November 27, 2009
Character (s) Oswald
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Pandora Hearts 10 is the tenth volume of Jun Mochizuki's Pandora Hearts manga series.

Volume Cover

Oswald is on the cover and the Intention of the Abyss is on the back. The grave on the cover is Lacie's grave, as he was the cause of her death.

Publisher's Summary

A century before, in Sablier, a forbidden portal was flung wide by a boy, Vincent, in his single-minded desire to protect his brother, Gilbert. And thus did that foolhardy desire lead to the corruption of that innocent boy's soul like a sweet poison... Now, as Gil, Oz, and Alice wander the ruins of the former capital, they are assaulted by illusions from the past. But how much of it is real? And how much of it illusion?

Chapters List

Retrace XXXVIII: Scapegoat


Cover of Retrace XXXVIII: Scapegoat

Gilbert reminisces about how his little brother, Vincent, has a red eye and hence was a child of Ill Omen. He remembers how other people always used to bully them, saying that "those with red eyes will attract misfortune", and that the two of them had to live on the streets because of it. That they had to steal to survive and that they were later adopted by strange wealthy people. He wonders why his brother had to endure all of this, vowing to protect him.

Gil feels a sharp pain in his head. He looks around and observes his surroundings, knowing that he was seeing an illusion made by the power of the Abyss. He begins thinking about how his head hurt and that he should be returning to Oz's side. As he ponders on how to dispel the illusion, he sees a much younger version of himself and wonders whether he really wanted to get rid of it, citing that how he had always wanted to know who was his former "master".
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Retrace XXXIX: Gate of Blackness


Cover of Retrace XXXIX: Gate of Blackness

Vincent is asked by a woman in a black cloak if he wanted her to teach him how to open the Door to the Abyss.

Vincent asks Jack who Alice is, and Jack explains that Alice is a charming and lovely girl with black hair who is always alone in the tower on the Baskerville estate. He tells Vincent and Gilbert that because they were around Alice's age, so Jack wanted to bring them with him to talk to Alice. Vincent thinks about how whenever Jack opens his mouth, all he ever talks about is Alice, which Vincent thought was boring, showing his jealousy over Alice's relationship with Jack.
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Retrace XL: Blindness


Cover of Retrace XXXX: Blindness

Gilbert reflects on how he truly hated Xai. He remembers how ten years ago, he despised Xai so much that he had pointed his gun at him but something stopped him. While he and Oz stare at Xai, Gil thinks to himself how he will never forgive "that man" for all that he had done.

Oz calls out to his estranged father, shocked, and Xai steps towards them. Gil wonders why Xai was here, right in front of Oz, vividly remembering the time when Xai had blatantly rejected his own son to his face. Xai simply brushes past a stunned Oz, continuing on towards Elliot and Leo. He greets Elliot and tells him that his father, Duke Bernard, had requested him to lead Elliot away from the area, as Bernard himself was not physically able to do it. He states that it was dangerous here and offers his hand out to Elliot, telling Elliot to come with him. Elliot however, refuses his offer, saying that he will never accept help from a Vessalius. He thanks Xai but tells him that he should be offering his help to his son instead.
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Retrace XLI: Where am I?


Cover of Retrace XXXXI: Where am I?

Rufus Barma is found sitting in the library of the Barma estate. He is reading about how when a soul loses its body, it turns into light and begins a journey that lasts one hundred years before a new journey begins. Rufus complains about the text he is reading being hard to translate and how it was placed out of reach, but finally Rufus had found Arthur Barma's memoirs.

After Oz's encounter with his father in Sablier, he once again falls into a crazed state. Oz begins to summon B- Rabbit's power again, vowing to destroy everything as the ground beneath his feet begins to shatter. Oz is only brought back to reality when Alice throws a rock at his head.
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  • Omake 1: Gilbert's observes Alice as she butchers Chains and uses the word 'lament', Gilbert questions whether or not Alice really is as stupid as she seems. Gil asks Alice if she knows what laments means, and although she states that she does, she only shows that she likes to use large words.
  • Omake 2: A chibi version of Gilbert, Xai and Gryphon's confrontation is shown.
  • Omake 3: Emily and Jyanta gain human forms.