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Pandora and some of its members

Pandora members as shown.

Pandora is an organization created by the Four Great Dukedoms and then expanded to include many more people all across the country. Their goal is to obtain the intention of the abyss, to manage illegal contractors, monitor chain outbreaks, unravel the mysteries surrounding the Abyss and the Intention of the Abyss, and also to stop the Baskervilles from ressurecting Glen Baskerville, which would lead to another disaster across the country, putting the world in chaos once again. Naturally, the organization hides its true purposes from the civilians.


The badge that members of Pandora wear.

Pandora was previously the Baskervilles' opposition until Rufus Barma informed Pandora and the Baskervilles of the truth behind the Tragedy of Sablier. Pandora had been in chaos because of the impending disaster when the Chains of Reveil were cut, and there were no Dukes to be found (Bernard was dead, Sheryl was in critical condition, Oscar was elsewhere and Rufus was with the Baskervilles). This made it simple for the Baskervilles to come in and take over Pandora. Presently, Rufus is explaining to the members of Pandora what really happened at the Tragedy of Sablier in order to calm everyone down.



  • Duke Raymond Nightray - No Chain, failed to form Contract with Raven (Presumably died of old age).
  • Duke Bernard Nightray - No Chain, failed to form Contract with Raven (Assassinated by Vincent Nightray).
  • Duchess Bernice Nightray - No Chain, failed to form Contract with Raven (Assassinated by Elliot Nightray).
  • Duke Arthur Barma - Previous Chain: Dodo (Died of high fever).
  • Rufus Barma's Grandfather - Previous Chain: Dodo (Implied to have been murdered by Kevin Legnard).
  • Duke Oscar Vessalius - No Chain, unfit to form Contract with any Chain (Assassinated by Xai Vessalius).
  • Duchess Sara Vessalius - No Chain (Died during child birth).

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