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This article is about Oz's original existence as a Chain. You may be looking for Oz Vessalius, Oz (Chapter) or Alice&Oz.
No... Alice. I don't want to see you look so sad. So... please smile... my dearest Alice.

—Oz subconsciously addressing Alice

Oz the B-Rabbit
B-Rabbit Form | Original Form
Oz emerges from Abyss
Name Oz the B-Rabbit
Race Chain
Birthday December 26th (Capricorn)
Age 136 (Approximate Age)
Gender MaleMale
Eyes Red
Hair Black (Fur)
Professional Status
Affiliation Vessalius Dukedom
Personal Status
Alias Bloodstained Black Rabbit
Current Jack Vessalius
First Appearance
Manga Debut Retrace LXX: Oz

Oz the B-Rabbit is the most deadly Chain to both the harmony of the Abyss and humanity that the world has ever seen. Unintentionally given life to in the Abyss by Lacie, Oz began his journey as a Chain with a joint consciousness spread between twin black rabbit dolls. Unfortunately, one of Oz's bodies was destroyed, and his second body was transformed by the Intention of the Abyss into a powerhouse Chain known as B-Rabbit. From here, Oz formed an Illegal Contract with Jack Vessalius and was forced to sever the Chains of the World and slaughter numerous people. In the end, Oz's guilt ended when Alice committed suicide and stole his powers and body as a disembodied soul, leaving Oz as a mere soul existing in Jack's body, which would later come to be known as "Oz Vessalius".



Initially, Oz appeared simply as a pair of rabbit dolls completely black in color with tiny beaded red eyes, a small stitched mouth, and a large bow on his chests. Both dolls had round bodies, stubby arms, and disproportionately long arms. They were kept in a seated position, staring ahead of themselves vacantly.

As B-Rabbit, Oz appeared as a massive anthropomorphic rabbit that retained his black fur and red eyes. However, in his new form Oz was clad in a larger version of the outfit Alice provided him when she brought him to the 1st Dimension. This outfit was a red overcoat with a white collar and diamonds formed in a line going down the arm to white cuffs that ended triangularly; all while maintaining the bow Oz had since his creation.


In the beginning, Oz was unable to feel or think anything, simply observing life as it played out around him. However, as time progressed, Oz developed enough of a consciousness to allow him to form such emotional ties; feeling grateful that Lacie provided him with the life he was living and also feeling a great sense of happiness toward both of Lacie's daughters for his connections to them. Even so, Oz's biggest emotional tie was to Alice, whom he treasured above all else and wanted to see happy at all times. Oz was caring and protective, and so when Jack introduced the darker side of humanity to Oz, he became fearful, guilty and broken; hating Jack for forcing him to spread such pain and tragedy. Since then, Oz has had his powers stolen from him and returned, allowing him to fully experience both the tragedy and the beauty of the world to its full extent and prompting Oz to opt for oblivion rather than changing the past in order to maintain that balance of beauty and tragedy.


After learning about The Core of the Abyss from Levi, Lacie knows not to be afraid of the dark heart of the Abyss any more. As she could sense The Core's loneliness during her last visit to the Abyss, Lacie made sure to grab twin black rabbit dolls before descending into the Abyss to meet with The Core. Bringing the dolls into the dark heart of the Abyss, Lacie greets The Core and tells her that one of the dolls belongs to The Core whilst she keeps the other so that they may remain connected. After Lacie puts down one of the rabbits, The Core plays with it, prompting Lacie to ask if she liked her rabbit. Lacie then vowed to bring another friend with her the next time she came to visit The Core so that she wouldn't have to be lonely when Lacie was gone. At that moment, the black rabbit dolls gained a joint consciousness between themselves, coming to life but lacking the experience to act; thus making leaving the dolls to observe events as they unfolded. As Lacie left the Abyss with one of the dolls, the other doll could observe not only The Core, but also the 1st Dimension where Lacie was, watching her grow as the years went by and forming a connection between hims and her.

Eventually, Lacie returned to the Abyss with her black rabbit doll, greeting The Core and explaining that it would be the last time she'd be visiting her. This announcement made the black rabbit doll feel his first distinguishing emotion, as he felt something within him tightening. Lacie continued by saying that she'd disappear, though she revealed that she was pregnant and asked that The Core seek out her child and be friends with it. Then placing her black rabbit doll beside The Core's own, Lacie left the Abyss, never to return so casually again, and so the consciousness between the dolls fell into a deep sleep.

Sometime after, the consciousness awoke to the sound of crying. Though he couldn't see what it was that was making such noises; the doll's consciousness could sense The Core smiling and encircling two small bundles, which happened to be Lacie's children. After the children instantaneously aged as a result of the power of the Abyss, one child grabbed one of the black rabbit dolls and left the Abyss. Coming through one of the Doors to the Abyss, the child bit into the cheek of the doll in order to confirm that he was awake; something which confused Levi and Oswald greatly as they arrived. At first, the doll mistook the child for a smaller version of Lacie, noting how Lacie seemed to be both in the 1st Dimension and the Abyss (albeit completely white). Levi soon named the child "Alice", and so Alice brought the doll with her as she joined the Baskerville Clan. Over time, Alice played with the doll in a rather rough manner, and although the doll found Alice to be "terrible in all kinds of ways", he loved to see her smile. In fact, seeing Alice's smile made the doll feel a sense of warmth from within which he hadn't experienced before.

Alice names Oz

Alice names Oz

One day, while Alice was with Levi, she drew the doll and officially decided to name him "Oz" (Levi figuring that Alice had decided to name the doll after her uncle Oswald). Levi was the one who informed Alice that if Oz was to be the doll's name, then it was male, and who also corrected Alice's spelling of Oz's name from "Os" to its current form. When Oz realized that he'd been given a name and identity, Oz was delighted. Oz's sense of self was growing more and more at an unbelievable rate and he wanted to know more and see more with every passing day; Alice even helped further Oz's growth by providing him an outfit of his own for his 1st Dimension body. Though Oz soon realized that The Intention copied him, and switched places with Alice in order to see the world outside of the Abyss. However, Oz also noticed that since the arrival of both incarnations of Alice, the Abyss had lost its golden glow, and The Core no longer smiled through The Intention; something which saddened Oz.

Later, Alice came into contact with a man named Jack Vessalius. Having heard Jack's voice through her connection with Alice, The Intention rushed to retrieve a piece of Lacie that she'd saved from the darkness of the Abyss. This piece of Lacie included Lacie's thoughts and feelings toward Jack, which The Intention requested that Oz take into his Abyssal body in order to deliver to Jack through his 1st Dimension body. Complying, Oz took in the fragment of Lacie and delivered it to the 1st Dimension as a means of saying "thank you" to Lacie, only to have his 1st Dimension body begin to break apart because of the darkness of the Abyss that clung to the fragment and sought to finish off the last piece of Lacie. Jack happened to be nearby and grasped Oz in his hands, obtaining the fragment of Lacie while Oz fought to avoid his one body's imminent destruction. Oz experienced Lacie's thoughts and feelings for Jack as he did, feeling a sense of accomplishment for delivering what Lacie had wanted Jack to see. Alice came in to find Oz nearly completely destroyed in Jack's hand; much to Oz's chagrin, asking Alice to smile because he didn't want to see her so sad.

Unfortunately, seeing Lacie's thoughts, feelings and memories through Oz made Jack lose his sanity. Jack was convinced now that if Lacie could not be brought back to his world, then he would just have to destroy the chains that prevent the world from being swallowed by the Abyss which Levi had told him about, in order to bring the world Lacie loved to her, thinking that she was one with the Abyss rather than completely destroyed. Formulating a plan, Jack approached Alice one day when he knew The Intention of the Abyss was the one in control of her body and explains what Levi had told her about the Chains that held their world together. The Intention asked what Jack meant, and he explained that there were a great number of Chains that held their world together, he then asked if her power could destroy the Chains. The Intention asked why Jack wanted to destroy the Chains, and Jack lies, telling her that the entire point of it was to visit The Intention, as she only shared Alice's body, meaning that it wasn't her own. The Intention was very excited about Jack wanting to visit her, but she said that she couldn't as using that kind of power would destroy Alice's body, which was already breaking down because of The Intention's presence in Alice's body. As such, The Intention didn't want to further damage the body which Lacie had left behind. Jack then realized that The Intention of the Abyss was really the Core of the Abyss. The Intention was still concerned with Jack's intentions, but instead, Jack asked The Intention if she could use her power to create a Chain that could destroy the Chains of the world instead.

The Intention vowed to do as directed, but told Jack that in order for the Chain to get to the 1st Dimension, it would need a road much larger than most Chains needed, meaning that Jack would have to open one of the Doors to the Abyss. Then, Intention then approached Oz's Abyssal body and told him of how Jack said he'd come and be with her forever, asking that Oz to guide Jack down to the bottom of the Abyss for her. Suddenly, Oz's body transformed into a monstrous form as he became Oz the B-Rabbit, with The Intention sending him to meet Jack after he opens one of the Doors to the Abyss. Jack was successful, managing to use The Intention, Gilbert and Vincent through various forms of manipulation to wrench open one of the Doors to the Abyss while the Baskervilles were busy with the Gilbert's first Succession Ceremony.

With the Door to the Abyss open, Oz proceeded through, finding Jack as he greeted Oz with excitement. Jack stated that he'd been waiting for Oz and that he wanted to make a Contract with Oz, though this made Oz was wary; thinking of how he wanted to repay Lacie for giving his his life by delivering the fragment of her to Jack and whether or not it was actually a mistake. Reluctantly, Oz formed an Illegal Contract with Jack as The Intention had told him to do, with Jack immediately ordering Oz to sever Chains of the world with his scythe. With the successful severing of the Chains, Oz faded back into Jack's body, and Jack carried an unconscious Vincent throughout the Baskerville estate, listening to the crumbling of the Chains. Suddenly Jack came across a hallway full of corpses, belonging to the noble men and women who were visiting the mansion for Gilbert's Succession Ceremony. Jack then hard that the sound of the crumbling chains had ceased, and after seeing the wings of one of Oswald's Black Winged Chains, Jack understood that Oswald was preventing the destruction of the Chains. Jack screamed angrily before setting out to find Oswald.

Oz the b rabbit

Jack reveals Oz to Oswald

Jack arrived just as Oswald had killed another guest, and so he asked why Oswald was doing something so horrible. Initially, Oswald ignored his old friend, though Jack demanded an answer, and is met with another question. Oswald asked if Jack was referring to him ordering the Baskerville to slaughter any humans they found on the estate, explaining that Sablier was going to fall into the Abyss as a result of the breaking of the Chains, and so by killing them, the humans would not drop alongside Sablier and become Chains; instead entering The Rule of 100 Cycles as they were meant to. Correcting himself, Jack yelled at Oswald for mending the Chains of the world; making Oswald come to the realization that Jack was the cause of Sablier's fall. Oswald yelled at Jack for what he'd done, though Jack only reiterated his question as Gil ran in behind him in an attempt to stop Oswald and Jack from fighting. Seeing the opportunity, Jack sliced through Gil with his sword in order to use him as a bargaining chip against Oswald. Rather than comply with Jack's demands, Oswald went in for the kill instead, which lead Jack to summoning Oz and having him cut through Oswald's body and sever his sword. Shocked, Oswald insisted that Jack explain what was going on and so Jack introduced Oswald to his Chain. Upon hearing Oz's name, Oswald finally understood that Jack couldn't accept Lacie's death and was using Oz's ability to sever the Chains as a coping mechanism.

Numerous Baskervilles arrive in order to aid their master, only for Jack to once again call on his Chain. Oz slaughtered all the Baskervilles before him and rendered Oswald powerless. Jack had Oz recede back into his body as Miranda Barma arrived, offering Oswald to her as part of a deal they'd previously made. Oswald mustered up enough strength to defend himself however, and so Jack grabbed Gil and ran; heading toward Alice so that The Intention could stop the mending of the Chains. Before Jack reached Alice though, Oswald managed to catch up and confront Jack once again. Tired and detached from himself, Jack summoned Oz and used Oz's bladed chains to cut Oswald into 6 pieces - killing him.

With Oswald dead, Jack ran to Alice and slammed his palm into the door frame of her room. Alice ran to Jack and asked him what was wrong and if he was hurt. Wasting no time, Jack grabbed Alice and told her to stop the Black Winged Chains, and if she couldn't do that then she should recharge Oz's powers so that he can sever the Chains once again. Satisfied, Alice revealed to Jack that she was herself rather than The Intention, having pretended to be The Intention in order to get information from Jack because The Intention wouldn't answer her questions. Now crying, Alice asked what Jack had done to Oz, wondering how he can be so unaffected when Oz was constantly screaming in agony through his tears.

Oz's suffering

Oz's suffering

Jack finally realized that Oz was projecting himself behind Jack, traumatized by all the murder he'd committed and begging someone to end his pain. Alice had to cover her ears because of how horrible Oz's suffering was, but Jack only voiced his lack of concern for Oz and pinned Alice to the ground to demand that Alice switch places with Alice. When The Intention tried to force Alice to switch places because she couldn't resist Jack's calling to her, Alice grabbed a nearby pair of scissors and stabbed Jack in the arm so that she could inch away from him. Alice then asked if Jack was really trying to make Oz destroy the world, calling Jack an idiot for thinking that she'd let him do such a thing. When Alice realized how dire the situation had become and how she'd be unable to hold off her sister for much longer, Alice thanked Oz for being on her side all this time and that even though she and The Intention are the same, Oz belonged to her. Alice refused to let anyone take away what was her's, vowing to protect Oz with her own hands and proceeding to stab herself in the heart with the scissors. By committing suicide, Alice would able to sever Jack's bond with The Intention, thereby making it impossible for him to hurt Oz further by making him sever the Chains and murder again.

Alice's soul meets The Intention in their mental junction, and though Alice is happy to see her sister was brought out of the trance Jack seemed to leave her in, The Intention knew that even without her connection to Jack she'd one day yearn for him again and be put at his mercy. The Intention then suggested that they destroy her memories so that Jack's hold over her would be ended, but that meant that she'd have to use Oz's powers to do so since The Core wouldn't allow her to hurt herself. As such, The Intention made Alice's dying body to grab onto Jack, using this connection so that she could reach Oz. Unfortunately, The Intention was stopped by Jack, who was overjoyed to see her, allowing Alice to soar past her. Alice apologized to The Intention because she wasn't going to let Oz destroy anything ever again. Alice then dove into Oz's body, stealing both his physical form and his powers in order to destroy The Intention's memories herself rather than Oz; who would remain dormant as a misplaced soul within Jack from then on.

Unexpectedly, when Alice went to destroy The Intention's memories, The Core stepped in because she believed Alice intended to hurt The Intention. Even when Alice tried to explain that she only wanted to destroy The Intention's memories, The Core would not let such a thing come to pass and stood in Alice's way when she used Oz's power for the first time. This left Alice detached from her memories, but more importantly exposed Jack to powers from the Abyss that made him seem foreign to it. Jack was removed from The Rule of 100 Cycles and didn't fall into the Abyss alongside the majority of Sablier because his body had been thrown into a process of reverse rebirth. This meant that Jack's body froze at its age and began growing younger until it reached infantry, when it would age back to Jack's age at the time he made contact with The Core and Oz's power. Ultimately, this set the stage for Oz, as even though he remained dormant, Jack's soul was torn apart with every cycle, making Oz's complete possession of Jack's body an imminent actuality.

With this in mind, Jack plotted over the course of the next 100 years to reunite Oz with his power. Eventually, Jack confronted his descendant, Xai Vessalius, and explained to him that the power of B-Rabbit existed in his body as it progressed through the cycle of reverse rebirth. Jack explained the Tragedy in a way that was ideal for him in order to peak Xai's interest, allowing him an opportunity to ask his descendant to switch his oncoming child (who Jack said would be stillborn) for him when he reached his fetal form. Though Xai was interested in Jack's information, he refused and awaited his child's birth. Unfortunately, Jack had made it so that the doctor overseeing Xai's child's birth would ensure the child was stillborn, which then forced Xai to switch his dead son with Jack, naming the child "Oz Vessalius" as suggested by Jack before his soul faded.

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Jack's Intention Arc

Gilbert shoots Oz

Gil shoots Oz

After being forced to recall his memories by Jack, Jack takes control of Oz's powers and severs the Chains once again himself. As such an act was too much for Jack to handle as a broken and fragmented soul, Jack faded back into his subconscious once his goal has been realized, leaving Oz in possession of Jack's body again in order to deal with the Baskervilles that arrive on the scene. With Oz on the ground, pained by what Jack had done, Alice attempts to run to Oz in order to help him; only to fall and discover that her body is becoming transparent because Oz's power is being drawn back into his body. Gil arrives and tries to defend Oz, only to be approached by Leo - now possessed by Oswald - and ordered to shoot Oz. With Jury's spell on him still in tact, Gil has no choice put to shoot Oz, sending him tumbling to the ground.
Alice disappears

Oz casts Alice from his body, becoming B-Rabbit once again

As Oz is a Chain, his wound immediately begins to regenerate, and Alice calls out to him as she attempts to reach Oz again. This time however, Xerxes Break pushes her out of the way as he initiates combat with the surrounding Baskervilles. Regaining himself, Oz tells Alice that she's done enough for him, believing it to be his fault that she ended up committing suicide during the Tragedy of Sablier. As such, Oz doesn't wish to hurt Alice anymore, casting her out of his body and making her disembodied soul fade into light, reuniting Oz with his full powers. Rufus Barma arrives on the scene suddenly as Oz loses consciousness in order to heal his wounds, attacking Break as he attempts to protect Oz. When Rufus sees that Sharon Rainsworth is intent on transporting Oz somewhere safer using Equus, he throws down the Sheryl Rainsworth's earrings which are said to contain the Rainsworth Key. Summoning Dodo, Rufus destroys the Key, and Break and Sharon's ties to Mad Hatter and Equus are severed, allowing the Baskervilles to take Oz, Break and Sharon into custody.

Oz is brought into the dungeons of Pandora Headquarters, where a magic circle has been carved into the stone in order to keep Illegal Contractors like Oz tame. Over the course of 3 hours, Oz remains unconscious and relives his memories from his time as "Oz Vessalius", all while healing the wound Gil had given him when he shot Oz. Eventually, Oz wakes up to find Lottie, who's happy to talk with Oz again as they hadn't done so since their encounter at Lutwidge Academy, guarding him with another Baskerville. Lottie teasingly asks if Oz had a nightmare while he was unconscious, prompting Oz to speak of his past and how he'd gone into Oscar Vessalius' room a long time ago to steal his camera; also being the first time Oscar ever struck him. Unable to fully understand what Oz is talking about, Lottie ignores his rambling in favor of explaining the situation to Oz.

Lottie reveals that the Baskervilles have seized Pandora, which was in disarray without the Four Great Dukes, with help from Rufus using the information he'd unearthed from Arthur Barma's Memoirs. In addition, Lottie mentions that the Baskervilles have also captured Break and Sharon (something which shocks Oz), as Break is now no longer a threat to the Baskerville Clan. In truth, Lottie admits that she's surprised to see that Oz is still overly concerned with the well being of others, when in fact he should be more concerned about what's going to happen to him; though Oz in unconcerned.

Then, Lottie and her companion hear the sound of approaching footsteps, with Lottie demanding to know who was there. From the shadows, Echo emerges, and Lottie nearly identifies her as "Zwei", only to have Oz talk over her and address Echo as "Echo-chan". Hearing this, Echo angrily yells at Oz, telling him that her name is just "Echo", as she always does. Lottie asks what business Echo has in the dungeons of Pandora, motivating Echo to unexpectedly rush up to Lottie and pull out her Jyanta doll. After flashing Jyanta in Lottie's face, Echo tells her in a threatening way that the doll was a limited edition version of Jyanta that'd been released on St Bridget's Day this past year in Reveil; stating that she's going to give Jyanta to Lottie. After Echo requests that Lottie gives her a little time alone with Oz, Lottie realizes that Echo's trying to bribe her. Playing with Jyanta excitedly, Lottie accepts Echo's bribe and claims to have wanted to get some fresh air anyway before she leaves Pandora's dungeons, with her Baskerville companion chasing after her in confusion, telling Lottie to wait while Lottie continues walking and whistling.

When the two are alone, Echo asks if Oz is okay, confusing Oz as she explains that he can't be okay before Oz can even say anything; apologizing for her outburst shortly afterwards. Oz remains silent, and so Echo panics when she doesn't know what to say next, making her question Oz's actions even more. Thinking to herself, Echo remembers something and pulls out her observation diary, flipping through and asking if Oz had heard the story of The Farmer and his Wife before. Though Echo begins telling Oz the story, she ultimately ends up slumping down to the floor in shame when she realizes that the punch line is missing. Oz begins laughing uncontrollably, which Echo questions as she ponders whether or not the punch line is actual meant to be the lack of a punch line. Through his laughter, Oz asks if Echo heard that story from Gil, because he remembers that Oscar told him that story once before, and it was just like Gil to forget the punch line; thanking Echo in the process. Echo tries to convince Oz that Gil didn't mean to shoot him, as she'd heard that Gil was bound to Oswald more strongly than other Baskervilles. However, Oz justifies that Gil loathes Jack, so he'd be able to understand if Gil shot him because he could see Jack inside him. Despite Echo's objections, Oz carries on by explaining that Gil must be able to understand that he and Jack are the same, revealing the truth behind his and Jack's existence to Echo in the process.

Echo dan Oz

Echo and Oz's embrace

During this time, Oz explained that even though Jack's body has been rewound by the powers of the Abyss in a constant cycle for more than 100 years, a soul can't be rewound itself. Because of this, some of the shattered pieces of Jack's soul clung to Alice's own torn memories, while what remained in his body withered out of existence with ever repeated cycle. Soon, Jack's soul was absent enough that all that seemed to remain was the soul of B-Rabbit that had lost it's powers, body and memories as well, making Oz nothing more than a Chain; a doll masquerading under a facade. Immediately, Echo embraces Oz through the bars of his cell, asking him why he would say such cruel things about himself. Before Oz can answer, a large crashing sound is heard as a result of the destruction of the final Sealing Stone. With this, Lottie reenters the scene with two other Baskervilles, telling Oz that he's coming with them.

Gil defends Oz

Oz is dragged to Pandora's grand hall and set before Oswald. Oz knows that the person standing before him isn't Leo and asks him about his identity, prompting Oswald to explain that he doesn't intend on allowing Leo to appear anymore. Furthermore, since Leo can't fight anymore, once he collapses inside his subconscious he'll never be able to rise again. Oswald takes responsibility for the Tragedy of Sablier, but now he's intent on fixing his mistakes himself; knowing well that killing Jack and mending the Chains of the World are only temporary fixtures. Instead, Oswald justifies that as long as the Intention of the Abyss exists, distortions will continue to generate themselves. Thus, Oswald has decided to deny the Intention's birth by changing the past through the murder of Lacie prior to meeting Jack. This way, Alice, The Intention and Oz himself will never be born, and so he intends on getting rid of those who presently stand in his way before journeying back in time; with Oswald finally motioning to execute Oz.

Before this can come to pass however, Gil arrives and shoots Oswald in the arm, standing between Oz and the Baskervilles as he explains that he can't return to Oswald's side as his valet. At that moment, Oz realizes that Gil's left arm is gone, as he used Raven to sever it and thereby release him from his oath to Oswald. Yelling at Gil, Oz writes him off as an idiot, which Gil agrees with, but explains that he's already made the choice to protect Oz because, even though he's a Baskerville, Oz is his master now and he's not going to let anyone change that fact; as that alone is an absolute.

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Swan Song Arc

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Powers and Abilities

  • Oz is the only Chain in existence with the ability to expose and sever the Chains of the World. His power appears to be rooted within his scythe, as it is what makes the Chains visible, by slamming the base of its handle into the ground, and what he uses to sever them.
  • Additionally, Oz has the power to destroy any object by concentrating said power into his weapons and reducing whatever they come into contact with into nothing more than sand. The results of this power mirror Mad Hatter's own ability to destroy any Abyss born being, only Oz's aren't restricted to the powers of the Abyss.
  • In battle, Oz can also summon and control seemingly endless lengths of bladed chains, an ability which is identical to Lacie's Chain's own.
  • Mastery of the scythe



As the person who gave Oz life in the first place, Lacie is loved greatly by Oz. Oz watched Lacie grow up and felt happiness because of Lacie - even though he was unable to express such an emotion yet. Although, Lacie was the reason why Oz could distinguish his first emotion on his own, as her announcement that she'd never return to visit The Core made Oz feel very depressed and prompted him to go dormant. Later on, after Alice and The Intention's births, Oz felt grateful toward Lacie and obligated to return her favor to him, which is why he delivered Lacie's thoughts and feelings to Jack; as he felt it was what Lacie would've wanted. After experiencing Lacie's opinions and emotions, Oz was happy to have finally learned Lacie's name, but moreover was mesmerized by Lacie's beauty which she expressed through her song, "Lacie". Much like with Alice, Oz was willing to do anything for Lacie, though he never got the chance to do so; potentially making a hole of guilt in Oz that can never be filled.


Alice has always loved Oz dearly, being the one to bring one of his bodies out of the Abyss again after he was born. Oz cherishes Alice, not only because she resembles Lacie greatly, but because her happiness brings him happiness. Oz is willing to endure whatever physical pain Alice puts him through so long as it makes her happy. Additionally, it was Alice who gave Oz an identity of his own, which he values as it allowed his emotions and individuality to grow. To Oz, nothing is more important than maintaining Alice's happiness and keeping her safe. Alice is the same way, which is why she went to every possible measure in order to ensure that Jack couldn't do Oz any more harm by forcing him to murder and wreak unnecessary havoc. Though not a romantic relationship, both consider one another to be the most precious components of their lives and would never allow anything to harm their beloved better halves.

Intention of the Abyss

Oz's relationship with The Intention hasn't been explored in too much depth. The Intention was shown to be rather friendly with Oz, though no where near the magnitude of Alice, as shown when she forgot Oz's name after drawing Jack a picture of him. Oz did indeed care for the Intention, as he was distraught when she became lonely in the Abyss and couldn't smile any more. Furthermore, Oz followed through with anything The Intention asked of him, which included sacrificing one of his bodies and forming a Contract with Jack. However, it could be that because The Intention lacked the roughness that Alice had that she wasn't as important to Oz.

Since then, The Intention's memories have been torn apart, and she now hates Oz because she blames him for taking away her beloved twin sister. This was why the Intention later kidnapped Alice and seemingly hated her, as she wanted the powers of B-Rabbit to be torn from Alice so that she could have her Alice back again.

Jack Vessalius

Initially, Oz didn't know anything about Jack, apart from the fact that he was supposedly important to Lacie. It was this that made Oz decide to sacrifice his 1st Dimension body in order to deliver Lacie's thoughts and feelings about Jack to him. However, after Oz begins a new journey as Oz the B-Rabbit as a result of Jack's overly ambitious meddling with the Intention, he begins questioning Jack's sanity and whether or not delivering the last fragment of Lacie was a mistake. Despite his wariness, Oz proceeded to form a Contract with Jack, only to have his suspicions confirmed when Jack forces him to commit heinous acts against humanity. As such, Oz has grown to hate Jack not only for hurting him and being so selfish, but also for sacrificing innocent people and the people that Oz loves for his own personal gain.



  • "Oz...? Is that supposed to be my name? I have a name?" - '(As a rabbit doll) 
  • "Lacie, back then I didn't even know the name of the person who gave me life. I want to show you how grateful I am even though my words can't reach you anymore. But at least...!" - (As a rabbit doll)


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